Hi reddit. Maybe you saw me on the Franco roast. Maybe you bought my album "Coke Money." Maybe you subscribe to my Youtube channel, http://www.youtube.com/natasha

Regardless of how you know me, this is your chance to ask me anything.

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toddbarry372 karma

Do you remember when you opened for me in Arlington, VA?

Natasha_Leggero207 karma

I almost forgot Todd Barry is one of my favorite comedians!

B_jealous203 karma

Will you say something sassy toward me that will only hurt the more I think about it?

Natasha_Leggero591 karma

You have an unfortunate gum line.

roxymoxi159 karma

Hey Natasha, I just want to say that you're the reason I started doing standup. Every time I get booked somewhere and a dude says "it's just because they want to fuck you" it reminds me of your old closer, the "don't you think you're too pretty to do standup". Thanks for being awesome.

Natasha_Leggero493 karma

Well the joke was male comics always ask me "Aren't you a little attractive to be a comedian?" and I say "Aren't you a little ugly to be talking to me?" Thank you!

Hopalicious101 karma

Do you and Duncan Trussel still hang out?

Natasha_Leggero133 karma

Friends Forever.

kjco44590 karma

Hello Big fan, what was it like doing drunk history? you told the story beautifully

Natasha_Leggero319 karma

Thank you, we actually had to re-shoot because the first time we did it I got so drunk I fell asleep in my bathtub after 4 minutes.

JakeDewar85 karma

Will you go to my senior prom with me or better yet at least acknowledge my existence?

Natasha_Leggero183 karma

If there is press involved.

dougburr83 karma

Just came to say I'm a big fan of your fourth hole.

Natasha_Leggero199 karma

Is this my mouth or my butt?

Guerrilla176 karma

How often does Moshe bring up the fact that he's from Oakland or that he grew up with Chelsea Peretti?

Natasha_Leggero94 karma

Moshe is from Oakland?

theBigChillled75 karma

Serious - bush or no bush?

Natasha_Leggero215 karma

Manicured bush.

theBigChillled71 karma

Yessss. You fancy, huh?

Natasha_Leggero391 karma

I put tassels on everything. Toothbrushes, lighters, I put one on my vibrator but it just turned into a dreadlock.

Dobis_Inc74 karma

Natasha, how did you try to seduce James Franco after the roast? How did you feel when he said no?

Natasha_Leggero176 karma

I generally don't care for men with such symmetrical features.

H300068 karma

Hi Natasha. Congrats on being hot and funny.

  1. How was doing the Franco roast and were you secretly hurt by some of the jokes made? It seemed like they went pretty easy on you but you're a hard person to make fun of.
  2. Why should I buy Coke Money?

Natasha_Leggero140 karma

  1. Yes luckily I am slightly un-roastable.
  2. So I can take your money and get a new pair of earrings and a taco?

Natasha_Leggero25 karma

I am somewhat un-roastable. So I can have enough money to buy a taco and a new pair of earrings.

areodjarekput64 karma

What went through your mind when Ari Shaffir threw that glass of water in your face?

Natasha_Leggero302 karma

"I hope that wasn't acid."

DrManhattansDick56 karma

Just the tip?

Natasha_Leggero259 karma

no the whole thing please.

2fast2spurious50 karma

Comedians seem to act more naturally - more like themselves - the longer they do comedy. What's the story behind your accent? Do you expect you'll tone it down at some point or keep it?

Natasha_Leggero248 karma

My accent is made to insult servants.

bettyfriedan48 karma

when you were bottomless on burning love, can you describe what you were actually wearing under the pixelated blur?

Natasha_Leggero120 karma

Nude underwear! They photo-shopped in a gigantic bush under the pixilation as a joke. My gigantic bush is manicured.

ScoJBro41 karma

Was working on NTSF:SD:SUV as fun as it looks?

Natasha_Leggero74 karma

Yes! I love Paul Scheer!

gelatinous340 karma

Who is the guest on tomorrow's Tubbin' with Tash???

Natasha_Leggero78 karma

We are trying to get some nudity cleared so I still don't know! Either Eric Andre or Reggie Watts. You guess which one got naked.

EmbraceDarknous39 karma

What advice would you give to female stand-up comics just starting out in the comedy world?

Natasha_Leggero125 karma

Get a look and don't talk like a baby.

ohernan639 karma

What do you got against bros?

Natasha_Leggero177 karma

They are my natural enemy. Like how the mountain lion hates the leopard. It's just an instinct. (For the record leopards are way cooler than bros)

dwalin6437 karma

were there any jokes nbc would not allow you to say to jay leno?

Natasha_Leggero228 karma

Yes, I wanted to tell Jay that his monologues are so boring he should be named Jay-Z but with ten z's.

Disclaimer- I love Jay I don't care what anyone says. It's just a joke NBC.

Jewishwillywonka36 karma

Hey Natasha- what's the best place to get an enema in LA?

Natasha_Leggero94 karma

I give all of my enemas in the bathroom off of my library.

s13sliding35 karma

Do you find it annoying or flattering when guys hit on you at your shows?

Natasha_Leggero144 karma

Men are scared of me.

TILwhofarted31 karma

I've had a crush on you for 17 years.

Natasha_Leggero83 karma

Is this possible? How old do you think I am? (My age range is 11-31)

jtark3130 karma

Hey Natasha,

I'm a fan of your work. What I am curious about is why things ended with Duncan ended so abruptly. The Lavender Hour was awesome!

Natasha_Leggero121 karma

Do you think having a good podcast is the most important part to a successful relationship?

imitationcheese28 karma

What do you think is the solution to the government shutdown?

Do you think the Nobels are going to the best possible candidates?

Why do you think Chromecast hasn't let me watch Hulu yet?

Ok, for real now, would you rather get coffee in a car with Jerry Seinfeld or play yourself on an episode of Louie? (but like, yeah, feel free to answer the other stuff too)

Natasha_Leggero55 karma

Im a Royalist.

I hate classic cars so definitely I would rather be on Louie then in a car with Jerry.

NotMathMan82128 karma

What was it like working with Greg Giraldo on the final season of Last Comic Standing?

Natasha_Leggero50 karma

Greg was so smart and funny and I am so glad I got to know him on Last Comic Standing. A real gem!

Sisiwakanamaru27 karma

Is there any uncensored version of Tubbin' with Tasha?

P.S. I like your performance on Burning Love?

Natasha_Leggero73 karma

Yes, our next guest got naked but we are currently trying to clear "balls and shaft" with youtube.

rockydskyler24 karma

Who would you work with if you had the chance?

Natasha_Leggero56 karma

Kathryn Hahn, Liev Schreiber, Zach Galifinakis, John Waters, David Lynch, Woody Allen, David Wain and Pierce Brosnan

cats_suck22 karma

Where do you think you'd be if you never met that beachwhore?

Natasha_Leggero21 karma

Mayor Cutie?

turkeyinthecorn17 karma

Hey! Any chance you'd return to podcasting regularly? Lavender Hour was super cool and your couple of episodes with Duncan since have been great. Also Coke Money is hilarious and your Drunk History might be my favourite. Thanks!

Natasha_Leggero24 karma

Perhaps. It's a lot of work and Duncan did everything.

whatevah_whatevah16 karma

Hi, Natasha! First saw your bit on CC Presents a couple years ago and it was hilarious!

Where ever did you come up with Tubbin' with Tash? The Chelsea Handler episode was nuts and I can't wait for some other appearances from the teaser!

Natasha_Leggero106 karma

I recently bought a hot tub and I was looking for a way to make it a business expense for the IRS.

jesuz16 karma

What's your favorite strain of weed?

Natasha_Leggero63 karma

I like a little Chem-dog washed down with a vintage Chataeu Margaux.

Paul_Ciampanelli16 karma

I don't have a question. Your bit about "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" is one of my favorites of all time. I don't think I've ever laughed harder than the first time I heard it.

Natasha_Leggero36 karma

If you look up "toilet babies" on google I'm the first thing that comes up!

ZWhitford16 karma

Do you ever throw the catsuit back on? You know, for old time's sake?

Natasha_Leggero39 karma

I wear it to wash the dogs.

KushTheKitten13 karma

Regale me with a true tale of debauchery and mischief. I want to know where the strangest place you've woken up was and where was did the most unexpected place you've gotten wisdom from.

Natasha_Leggero58 karma

Once I woke up in a strange hotel room with a strange man to 45 new messages. I was sure my boyfriend found out I cheated on him. Turns out it was just 9/11. (The original)

Natasha_Leggero23 karma

If you wrote me a funny part that wasn't a prostitute or a madame then yes! But can we play Katamari?

Fehndrix13 karma

What are some of your favorite up-and-coming comics that you'd like to mention?

Natasha_Leggero57 karma

Zach Galifinakis, Nick Kroll, Kumail Nanjiani, Moshe Kasher, Tig Notaro, Sarah Silverman, Bill Burr, Chelsea Peretti, Amy Schumer

BorschtFace18 karma

You forgot to bold "up-and-coming"...

Natasha_Leggero31 karma


blindELATION13 karma

I just wanted to tell you that I have your autographed Swiss Holiday DVD and it's one of my favorite things ever.

Natasha_Leggero46 karma

Oh great! I'm pretty sure that my Swiss Holiday DVD breaks a lot of copyright laws so please don't show it to anyone.

BreadnCircus13 karma

Can I be one of your house/tub boys? Will work for no pay

Natasha_Leggero38 karma

All house boy positions are screened through my manager Geoff Cheddy at Brillstein. Please send pic and resume along with an essay on why you desire to serve me. Thank you.

Natasha_Leggero15 karma

All serious inquiries to be a domestic under my charge should be addressed to my manager Geoff Cheddy at Brillstein.

IamChicharon11 karma

Istanbul or Constantinople?

Natasha_Leggero25 karma


lipshus11 karma

Hey Natasha, I'm trying to organise a comedy night here in Australia and have everything ready but the comedians. Ive sent stacks of emails to agents yet never get a reply. It makes no sense to me, I have money, they have a product and we both want some profit...

Any advice for booking some good comedians? Do you wanna come and play were an hour north of Sydney? So far all your other questions seem to be from horny dudes so just in case you answer due to lack of choice...

Can you explain the time Ari tried to fight bobby Lee over you?

Natasha_Leggero35 karma

Question 1- I'll take your money. Email my agent. Although I am scared of Australia as I was abducted by a con-artist and taken to Sydney when I was 23. True.

Question 2- I used to date Ari, then I met this man who sent me flowers every monday and took me to the opera, ballets and musicals. I couldn't resist! I broke up with Ari. Bobby Lee introduced me and opera-lover. I'm glad there is opera in this story so it seems less white trash.

nathynwithay10 karma

I noticed your picture on the Lincoln Lodge alumni section. As a aspiring comic in Chicago, I was wondering if you can describe what the scene was like when you were here. What were the best shows to do, what were open mics like, and any notable names that you came up with?

Natasha_Leggero17 karma

I never did stand-up in Chicago in my formative years.

fathergreen10 karma

Loved the lavender hour. Are you working on or thinking about doing your own stand alone Podcast?

Natasha_Leggero61 karma

If you are really into podcasts you can listen to my new show Tubbin' with Tash with the video off.

czarcasticjew8 karma

Does your brother actually live in a van that he put an address on?

Natasha_Leggero12 karma

Not any more.

jgramm19898 karma

Was going to see your show in detroit recently but it got canceled, do you plan on coming back to the motor city? PS your very funny

Natasha_Leggero41 karma

I hear you can buy a house there for $30. Is that true?

deargodimbored8 karma

Do you love lobster rolls?

Cape Cod or Conneticut style?

I have wanted to be a comedian, but am scared to death to get on stage. One of my very few talents is I can be sort of funny with my mouth. How should I start?

Natasha_Leggero38 karma

OHHH! Whats the difference between Cape Cod and Connecticut style lobster rolls? I'm from a town in the midwest that gets it's sushi at Long John Silvers.

Occams_Revolver7 karma

Why do you hate bros? Do you use the term "bros" generally, or are you referring to a certain archetype?

Natasha_Leggero102 karma

I'm referring to the archetype of the testosterone driven male who has no style, shitty taste in music, loves sports, wears shower shoes in public and fucks to Evanesence.

a_cheney_advocate7 karma

Hi Natasha. Do women have to beautiful (and funny) to be successful in comedy these days? It seems like an unusual amount of successful female comedians (such as yourself, Whitney Cummings, Sarah Silverman) and comedic writers/actresses (Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling) are beautiful these days. Will the next Roseanne get her own sitcom these days?

Natasha_Leggero17 karma

Beauty comes from the inside! And money!

JGH87636 karma

You should make "Tubbin With Tash" longer.

I miss "The Lavender Hour".

Natasha_Leggero8 karma

I miss the Lavender Hour too! Trying to figure out how to archive it on my website!

jasoncrowcomedian5 karma

Hey Natasha,

I'm a senior in college and just completed the improv program at UCB. I also write a lot of sketch and stand up. What are some of the things you have learned OR have learned to avoid that has helped make you so successful?

Natasha_Leggero31 karma

That stand-up comedy isn't your product. Comedy is your product. And in regards to stand-up Mitzy Shore used to have a sign up at the open mikes saying "You don't have to be funny for 3 min you just have to be yourself." Well I guess she left out and hopefully you are funny. Good Luck!

theguy2275 karma

Hi Natasha, I'm a big fan. I think you're hot too.

Anyways, I was just wondering what made you want to get into comedy?

Natasha_Leggero34 karma

I was a child actress in the theater and I've always loved performing on stage. I went to college in New York and majored in theater criticism, which proved a natural transition for standing on a stage and criticizing the world.

youngmoneee4 karma

You should go on Who Charted more often. You are super funny. And you were awesome on the roast as well.

source:I work at earwolf.

Natasha_Leggero18 karma

Thank you I love Howard and Kulap and I seem to be in my element comedically when forced to listen to shitty pop music.

roshandala3 karma

Whose dick did you suck to get to where you are now?

Natasha_Leggero21 karma

Byron Allen

Frajer2 karma

How do you deal with people being misogynistic and do you think it's still an issue in the comedy scene?

Natasha_Leggero5 karma

We have entered the Century of the Woman and I am so excited!

Hedditation2 karma

Miss Leggero, did I remember your Ford Escape web series, I thought it was absolutely fantabulous, one question did Ford actually comp you with an Escape??

Natasha_Leggero9 karma

I should've asked! But let's get real I can't drive an Escape. I suppose I could've given it to my cleaning lady though.

OnlyGodForgives2 karma

Can you make me funny?

Natasha_Leggero18 karma

Just tell one of your parents to stop loving you.

littlemikee2 karma

Natasha, comedian James Inman has openly proclaimed his love for you on Facebook. He hates paying bills, but he loves being told what to do. So, in short, he's open to being a kept man. Is that position currently available?


Natasha_Leggero10 karma

Are you him?

ItsScubaSteve2 karma

How awesome was it working on Burning Love?

Natasha_Leggero5 karma

One of my best acting experiences. Erica Oyama wrote a hilarious script and Ken Marino is a dream to work with.

dbo842 karma

First, you're a stone cold fox and I love you. Second, Loved your Drunk History. What's your bar scene? Dive or club?

Natasha_Leggero7 karma

My bar scene is canned champagne in bed.

mucksticky1 karma

Hi Natasha, I am a comedic musician and I would love to have you in one of my music videos. Would you be up for that? I am a big fan of you and I would be honored :)

Natasha_Leggero20 karma

I stopped being in music videos in 1998. Unless you're Morrissey.

jubalfoster1 karma

What is your favorite line in the movie "Authur" with Dudley Moore and Liza Minelli. Mine was when he was talking to the waiter then asked his fiance, Susan, while he was getting soused and she was just eating: To waiter: "I'll have another drink. (Turning to Susan) "Would you like another fish?" And do you watch Bugs Bunny?

Natasha_Leggero5 karma

I have to re-watch that. Should I watch the Dudley Moore version or the Russell Brand? (JK)

TaoCosmopolitan1 karma

what is your process, what is your inspiration when it comes to writing jokes?

Natasha_Leggero5 karma

Hang out at bus stops and watch TLC.

natejorgy1 karma

Are you changing your name to Babs?

Natasha_Leggero3 karma

As much as I would love to I think this would be confusing.

mattcbfl1 karma

I'm a big fan. I made you that photo of you on the cover of O magazine with the afro. I tweeted it to you. I thought you might like it. Did you like it? Because I was thinking that maybe as a 'thank you' you would consider coming to Florida on one of your tours. Perhaps Orlando or The King Center in Melbourne because it is much closer to me. I'm hoping that you haven't sworn off performing in Florida like other people have, due to the gross misconception that it is legal to kill black kids. Because it's not.

Natasha_Leggero3 karma

I would perform in Florida if it was that pretty city where Hemingway used to write that has the clear water and feels like Cuba..? What's it called? Is there a Laugh Factory there?

Nzulick1 karma

I LOVE coke money! Some of the funniest shit I've heard. What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies? Also, what's the craziest thing that's happened in your life lately?

Natasha_Leggero6 karma

In my spare time I like to decorate my house, meditate, play piano, lay in my hammock, climb mountains and smoke cigarettes.

noplatformsripa1 karma

Are you keeping your heels high? You had a killer pair on the Franco roast, hon!

Natasha_Leggero3 karma

I'm 4'11.

BilboBagHands1 karma

Have you ever met a member of European royalty? If so, describe their scent.

Natasha_Leggero4 karma

caviar and condescension

doorhats1 karma

I'm a Purple Pope from the days of The Lavender Hour (which I miss a lot), do you have any plans to start your own podcast when your not doing the "podcast circuit"?

Natasha_Leggero3 karma

Instead of a podcast I am doing a youtube talk show from my hot tub: http://www.youtube.com/natasha

EmbraceDarknous1 karma

How did your very first stand-up set go?

Natasha_Leggero4 karma

Amazing! The laughter felt like waves engulfing me. Or maybe it was the xanax?

The second time was a disaster.

Mrblobbyuk0 karma

Have you ever seen Brad Wollack naked?

Natasha_Leggero5 karma

NTD (No thanks darling)

lentenlatkes0 karma

serious question:

do you ever resent the title of 'hot comedianne'? Like your work isn't taken as seriously, or people assume you only got where you are because of your looks?

Natasha_Leggero5 karma