Natasha Leggero

is an American actress and stand-up comic from Rockford, Illinois. Contents 1 Life and career 2 Filmography 3 References 4 External links Life and career Leggero was born in Rockford, Illinois, of Italian descent.

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Natasha_Leggero591 karma

You have an unfortunate gum line.

Natasha_Leggero493 karma

Well the joke was male comics always ask me "Aren't you a little attractive to be a comedian?" and I say "Aren't you a little ugly to be talking to me?" Thank you!

Natasha_Leggero391 karma

I put tassels on everything. Toothbrushes, lighters, I put one on my vibrator but it just turned into a dreadlock.

Natasha_Leggero319 karma

Thank you, we actually had to re-shoot because the first time we did it I got so drunk I fell asleep in my bathtub after 4 minutes.

Natasha_Leggero302 karma

"I hope that wasn't acid."

Natasha_Leggero259 karma

no the whole thing please.

Natasha_Leggero248 karma

My accent is made to insult servants.

Natasha_Leggero228 karma

Yes, I wanted to tell Jay that his monologues are so boring he should be named Jay-Z but with ten z's.

Disclaimer- I love Jay I don't care what anyone says. It's just a joke NBC.

Natasha_Leggero215 karma

Manicured bush.

Natasha_Leggero207 karma

I almost forgot Todd Barry is one of my favorite comedians!