We are Bryan and David of the band Red Fang. We're about to release our 3rd record on 10/15 (http://redfang.net). We also just created the Red Fang Beer Chugging Game: http://beer.redfang.net.

Ask us anything!

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/Nd8cL5Y.jpg

UPDATE: I type terribly. Signing off. Sorry if we didn't get to your question. Rock on people!! -B

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Hello people! -B

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I'm enjoying a red beer for breakfast in Seattle.

damagecase218518 karma

Does Aaron ever get pissed off when people mistake him for Seth Rogen?

RedFangBand14 karma

He gets furious!

stevenmw15 karma

Who are some major influences? What inspired Hank is Dead?

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Hank is Dead is actually about Aaron's cat Hank, who died. He was the best cat ever. -david

metalburger14 karma

Guitar nerd here: I am curious why you guys use the Sunn Beta series? Most people I know try to stay away from solid state amps. Also, in terms of playing music, who are some of the guitarists you guys look up to?

RedFangBand19 karma

Yeah, I used to think solid state amps sucked, but the Beta Leads are really sweet. Two identical channels that you can use individually or both at the same time, which is what i do for a 'boost' sometimes. They also have plenty of gain, I don't normally use any distortion or fuzz, just a tuner and a Phase 90. Buzz from he Melvins uses them, Cobain used them, etc... They're also nice and small compared to some amps. I carry mine on the plane with me and it fits in the overhead bin.

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Any new bands ya'll can suggest?

RaygunAlmighty12 karma

Did you guys keep your beer can weapons??

RedFangBand33 karma

I have some pieces of my armor, but not the actually weapons. The director, Whitey has the axe I used in the video. I have my helmet and chest piece. Sometimes I wear it as pajamas when i'm feeling really scared at night. -David

Joeygforce11 karma

Did the making of the "Wires" video really cost $5,000?

RedFangBand19 karma

I wish I could say it was real, but it actually cost more than $5000. You could definitely buy a beatup car and some stuff to smash through for 5k or less, but then the cost of filming it takes it over that budget. We had a lot of people helping set things up, welding the battering ram on the car, operating cameras, etc... That's the part that costs a lot. - david

handen10 karma

1.) How did Brian Posehn get involved with the video for Wires?

2.) How brotherly is the Portland stoner rock scene? I recently caught Black Pussy opening for Vista Chino in Calgary and had a chat with the guy doing BP's merch about the goings on of Portland's heavy music scene... Scott I think was his name? Anyway he said you guys either jammed or recorded just a few blocks from where they do their thing. I guess what I'm trying to ask is if there's any cross-collaboration going on behind the scenes between Portland stoner rock bands in the same way that we see the So-Cal stoner rock bands all sort of being involved with each other's projects, and if not, is it out of the question in the future? I'd love to see Black Pussy/White Orange and Red Fang split, or something that sets out to be representative of the Portland wizard/beer/fuzz-rock scene, ya know? Does such a compilation exist? Alternately, because you guys are on Relapse and Black Pussy/White Orange are on Made In China, is there anything stopping you at a bureaucratic/legal/red tape/record label level that prevents this kind of thing from happening? I.e., You're on Label A, and when you signed on the dotted line you forfeit any legal way to collaborate with a band on Label B? Just wondering how that works.

Anyway, keep on kickin' ass, and if you ever decide to come back to Calgary, I'll be there. Cheers!

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We should do that!

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What are you wearing? -B

RedFangBand11 karma

Hot dog suit -B

LunchboxHeRow3 karma

The old school Red Fang hoodie with the prehistoric dog! No joke.

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You guys were in math rock bands before Red Fang. What made you guys get together and play in the style of what you do now?

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After we did the math rock thing, we (David, Bryan & John) were in a band called 'Party Time' which was kind of a bridge between the weirder mathy freakout stuff and just straight up rock. It was really fun. Then when we started Red Fang we decided to just keep things simple. We still get a little weird in parts, but mostly if it rocks and it's fun to play, we just go with it. We try not to overthink it.

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On a scale of 1-10, how metal is each RF member?

RedFangBand26 karma

John - 3, John's air guitaring - 11, Bryan - 1.5, Bryan's Hair - 9, Aaron - 2, Aaron's glasses - 11, David - 1, David's Beard - 8

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Everyone in RF gets a 0. We are nerds. -B

galdurnit9 karma

What other shit did you guys destroy when shooting the video for Wires?

RedFangBand11 karma

There were a few other things that didn't make it into the video. I remember we smashed a big (like 8') mirror and it popped one of the front tires. There was also a huge (fake) wedding cake. And some other stuff I can't remember. - david

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It's no secret that in an age where music videos feel like a lost art and are no longer necessary to promote your band, you guys are doing it better than most bands out there. Who comes up with the ideas for the videos? Is there a certain director you work with each time who helps make that happen? Are the band members the main creative driving force behind them?

RedFangBand10 karma

The videos are done by Rob 'Whitey' McConnaughy. He's the creative genius behind all of them. We're so happy that he likes our band enough to make videos for us. The band does have some creative input, but basically it's all Whitey who is making the magic happen. - david


Hey guys! Huge fan of the band. Just a couple of questions:

  • Out of everything in your guitar rig what is your favorite thing to use?
  • If you guys could cover a whole album from front to back what album would it be?
  • Waylon or Willie?
  • My birthday is the release date of Whales and Leeches. Anyway I could get some sweet merch? Thanks guys.

RedFangBand5 karma

Willie and Waylon. In that order-B

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Hey Guys, thanks for doing this AMA! Last year in London my friend had his head cut open in the pit, you guys very kindly signed a flyer which was past to us while waiting for the ambulance, thanks for the nice touch and awesome gig btw!

RedFangBand6 karma

Hope your buddy is ok

RedFangBand8 karma

we use Sunn Betas because they sound awesome. No pedals required!

RedFangBand7 karma

My Mustang is a '64 and the modifications happened to it before I bought it for $40! -B

rmurn7 karma

Favourite: Food, Album, Beer, Movie.

RedFangBand24 karma

Pizza, Vol. 4, Black Butte Porter, The Thing - david

RedFangBand8 karma

Bladerunner -B

spacestation567 karma

What's the best meal(s) you've had on tour?

RedFangBand11 karma

Sometimes the catering at festivals in Europe can be amazing. Hellfest had great food and wine. Also Heavy MTL in Montreal was awesome, there was a smoothie bar and crab legs. In Iceland I ate whale which was really, really good, and I tried fermented hark meat, which tasted, literally, like piss. I had to spit it out and then go brush my teeth. - david

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Jesus! -B

justchillinandyou7 karma

What would you say is the best part of hitting the road with some of the people you guys have had the fortune of touring with?

RedFangBand14 karma

The chafing -B

thealisofsembia6 karma

What's your high score in the beer drinking game?

RedFangBand4 karma

0 I'm terrible -B


Hey guys, love your jams. Come to Knoxville, TN sometime!

Can I talk gear for a second?

Are you all familiar with Hovercraft Amps? They're made in Portland. I just purchased one and I'm super excited. Have either of you ever played a Hovercraft?

What amps will you be taking on your next tour?

RedFangBand7 karma

Yeah, I've never actually tried a Hovercraft but they look awesome. I've seen a youtube video or 2 of them and they seem really nice. We use Sunn Beta Leads and Beta Basses on tour with Marshall 8412 cabs (they're the smallish cheaper cabs, they're darker than a Marshall 1960 but I like the darkness). Sometimes in Europe Aaron will use a Marshall 900 with a 4x12 cab for his bass, he likes a 'guitar-ish' tone for his bass.

dni06 karma

You sprout glorious hair from your facial regions. Any tips for aspiring beardmen? Do you use beard oils or similar products?

RedFangBand10 karma

I occasionally put conditioner in my beard. Not sure if it does anything at all. -B

RedFangBand5 karma

Just let it grow! I basically started growing my beard because I hate shaving. At some point I just decided to let it grow. Every once in a while I put some conditioner in it, but other than that I've never tried using any special products in my beard. I just keep it natural.

hundredhands6 karma

Can you recommend us some up and coming names youve played with, seen or heard recently?

Gutted ye wont be in Ireland for the European tour this year :(

RedFangBand17 karma

Windhand, Lord Dying, Black Breath, Buildings, Lo Fat Getting High, Humours, Federation X, Wild Throne(Dog Shredder), Gaythiest, Big Business, Hark, Wolf People

Some of these might not really be considered up and coming, but whatever. - david

RedFangBand2 karma

i forgot SANDRIDER

RedFangBand5 karma

Low Fat Gettin High from NYC

galdurnit6 karma

One more...Fred Durst, Dave Matthews, and Michael Buble are in a knife fight with each other. How does it go down?

RedFangBand11 karma

It won't end well

caldric5 karma

First - if you could record a split album with any other band, who would you choose?

Second - seriously now, who's the best Scrabble player in the band?

RedFangBand13 karma

I'd love to do a split w Drive Like Jehu

Mizghetti5 karma

Any plans on touring with Black Tusk?

RedFangBand7 karma

We've toured with them several times. They're rad

morchella5 karma

What was it like touring with Mastodon? I noticed your art work is similar to their.

RedFangBand7 karma

Those dudes are awesome! -B.

Baluski5 karma

Matsumoku fan here. Do you plan on slapping some new pickups in that sweet Electra you just picked up or keeping it stock? If so, what do you think you'll drop in?

RedFangBand6 karma

I'm really into my Omega! It's the only Electra i've ever played but I think it's excellent. I do have some Lace Blue Gold Dually's that i'm going to put in it. Lace made me custom pickup covers with the Red Fang skull laser engraved on them. - david

Jboidy4 karma

Can I interview you next Sunday (Oct. 13) before your Albuquerque show? I think my on-line magazine editor has a request in, going through the 'proper channels,' but I thought I would throw this out here since I had the chance. Also: how cool was it working with Brian Posehn for the 'Wires' video?

RedFangBand4 karma

Pretty cool! He's a nice guy. -B

Jboidy2 karma

Awesome! Who do I bug about setting up an interview, if possible?

RedFangBand3 karma

Libby Coffee

alienlanes73 karma

Will you guys cover Deep Purple's "Child in Time" on tour?

RedFangBand8 karma

I wanna cover that song with the lyric 'She's as Beautiful as a Foot'

Pizza_Saucy3 karma

Hey guys! Thanks a ton for doing this AMA. What inspires you to write such kick ass songs?

RedFangBand10 karma

Chafing! -B

Smerphy3 karma

Do you have any good touring stories?

What's new about your 3rd album?

RedFangBand10 karma

The songs man! -B

RedFangBand3 karma

I type terribly. Signing off. Sorry if we didn't get to your question. Rock on people!! -B

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Dunno about a W? Mysterious

dirtybillclinton2 karma

David - since you've been building homebrew pedals for a while now, what have been your greatest "Aha!"/cool things you've learned moments? A couple years ago you played a show outside of St. Louis and I saw you going into a strip club afterwards with a girl on your arm. I know Brent left with Chanelle the stripper in tow. Any fun stories from that evening?

Bryan - your vocals in "Throw up" never fail to bring the fucking heat. I know you don't always sing, but damn do your backup vocals bring a lot to the table - especially live! Since you and Aaron do most of the singing, what made you decide on the stage set up with him in the middle? Symmetry?

Guys, come back to Memphis! Thanks.

RedFangBand2 karma

I'm still in noob stage with building pedals, still learning. So far I've just built some simple transistor fuzzes, a couple of boosters, and a Red Llama. As far as an 'ah-ha' moment, not sure, but I did have fun, chaining two ElectroHarmonix LPB1's together in one pedal for a gnarly boost. I don't think that was me you saw going into a strip club, definitely don't remember that. - david

Gaarulf2 karma

Dudes, you absolutely rock! I've been spinning your last two albums non stop and I can't wait for the next one.

I don't know how much you like to get categorized as stoner-rock/metal, but I feel you are on the same level and got the same sound as many stoner / desert bands. How do you feel about that, and if you embrace it, top 3 stonerbands of all time?

Cheers, and any plans on visiting Norway?

RedFangBand6 karma

Black Sabbath, Yob,Sleep -B

RedFangBand4 karma

We thought about it, but there was Norway! JK

RedFangBand3 karma

Thanks. I don't think of us as specifically stoner metal. We aren't trying to be any specific type of band. We just write songs that we like to play. There definitely is some stoner and some metal and rock in the mix, but there's also classic rock and even some pop in there too. - david

deathcharms2 karma

Sizzle Pie or Fire on the Mountain?

RedFangBand6 karma

For me (David) Sizzle Pie wins. I'm just not a huge fan of wings, i'd rather have a full sized piece of chicken, and I get the sauce all in my beard. Bryan might answer differently.

Sweeet_bass1 karma

Super stoked for the new album and for you guys to come to Slims in SF! Other than slamming down PBR what are your favorite Beers to drink?

And who comes up with the ideas for the Music Videos?

RedFangBand3 karma

I mostly drink IPAs but I really like all kinds of beer. From cheap yellow lagers to micro-brew hand-crafted fancy stuff. Ninkasi makes some really good stuff. I've been really enjoying Stiegel Grapefruit Radler recently. - david

aderptoremember0 karma

What's your favorite non-beer alcoholic drink?

RedFangBand4 karma

John loves wine, don't give him beers! I like vodka usually with soda and a splash of grapefruit. I think Bryan likes Jager. Aaron is currently not drinking alcohol at all! -david