I'm Graham Hughes, 34, world explorer from Liverpool, England. Some of you might know me as the guy who has been to every country in the world without flying.

This week I'm learning from the best survival guy in the business, Les Stroud, as part of Samsung's online SOS Island challenge.

You can watch me and 15 other train LIVE TODAY at 1530EST / 2030BST FOR FREE by going to http://www.sos-island.com

One of us is going to win an island adventure worth $100,000, so big me up with the #TeamGraham hashtag!

Proof it's me and I'm really doing this: https://twitter.com/EveryCountry/status/385736097931608064

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TheLionsThat_I_Slew302 karma

Which country has the prettiest women?

EveryCountry534 karma

Iran, Colombia, Madagascar...

I0n5O27RjTsd276 karma

How do you fund your travels?

EveryCountry373 karma

I saved up and was given a fee for the footage I shot of the first year from Lonely Planet television. I spend around $10,000 a year, which isn't much when you consider how much travelling I did.

kidblast273 karma


EveryCountry447 karma

  1. Vans
  2. Dunno. I wore a leather jacket and used a brolly when necessary.
  3. Lowe-Apline
  4. TAKAMAKA RUM in The Seychelles! Tasted like alcoholic marshmellows!
  5. I've never taken illegal drugs. I consumed some iboga in Gabon, but it didn't touch the sides.
  6. Les swears by his Leatherman, but I'm more of a Victorianox kinda guy.
  7. MY HAT!!!
  8. Iran
  9. Oh come on, I had a girlfriend at the time. But Sweden.
  10. Russia (no offence Russia, but you could be telling me what a nice hat I was wearing in Russian and I'd be trembling!)

Nicologixs197 karma

What was the strangest thing you seen on your travels?

EveryCountry582 karma

Good question! I saw I load of cool stuff but strange...... OH I KNOW! A little old grandmother in Madagascar racing down a mountain road in a wooden go-kart.

denucacid190 karma

How many times did you have to get a new passport?

EveryCountry285 karma

I filled 4 bumper 48-page passports on my travels.

Hazomg185 karma

For someone in their early 20's what would be your top 5 MUST GO places and why?

EveryCountry461 karma

  1. Egypt - for the history (but not until things settle down)
  2. Bolivia - for the adventure
  3. Thailand - for the sheer fun
  4. Madagascar - for the animals
  5. Iran - for the people

NinjaDiscoJesus173 karma

Are people just the same everywhere you go?

EveryCountry481 karma

In my experience, the vast majority of people are good and what they want in life - security, friends, family, to be loved, a mobile phone - is pretty much universal. Because most news reports on the darker side of humanity, it's easy to think that the world is a terrible place where only bad things happen, but that's simply not the reality I saw while travelling.

deathandsandwiches172 karma

What's your least favorite country?

EveryCountry303 karma

Andorra! Boring!!!

blindseer160 karma

Which countries did you have the most difficulty with entry, and what were the entry processes like?

EveryCountry277 karma

Angola was a nightmare, Nigeria was difficult, Sudan (the second time) was a rigmarole, India is bureaucracy on steroids, but the most difficult to get a visa for was Saudi Arabia. It took six weeks!!

Once I had the visa, I generally had no problems getting in and out. But getting the visa... not the easiest!!!!

CakeofTruth141 karma

What's the scariest (unsafe) place you've been to that you can still recommend others go to?

EveryCountry313 karma

Papua New Guinea, without a doubt. While I was there, there was a plane crash, a riot, a massacre, an earthquake and a tsunami warning... but WHAT an incredible place - over 800 languages, tribes that are over 50,000 years old, areas so inaccessible that no filmmaker has ever been. Keep your eyes open, though!!!

tragic-waste-of-skin119 karma

What did you think of the Balkans?

EveryCountry201 karma

Love 'em! Went on a mad road trip to the Exit festival in 2007 and I've been to Croatia on four separate occasions. If somebody ever asks me where to go on holiday in Europe, I always recommend Croatia and Montenegro - beautiful, unspoilt coastlines... amazing.

Queeezy116 karma

How long approximately did you stay in each country and when did you start travelling for the first time to explore?

EveryCountry153 karma

On average I stayed a week in each country - some places I dipped my toe into, others I stayed for weeks waiting on visas or a ship to ferry me to my next destination... so it all worked out in the wash... kinda!

leoskelly99 karma

Will you EVER stop travelling?

EveryCountry228 karma

NEVER!! Although if I win this Samsung SOS-Island thing (www.sos-island.com) I will use the prize to see if I can live on my own on a desert island for a year... "THE YEAR OF GOING NOWHERE".

Leona_Lewis91 karma

Have you been to pacific islands like Naura or Tuvalu, how has climate change impacted them from your first-hand experience?

EveryCountry209 karma

Yes I've been to both Nauru and Tuvalu (I went to Tuvalu twice). Tuvalu is flooding every year when they have a 'King Tide'. It's only a few inches of water, but it's salty so it destroys the soil. They can't make concrete sea walls (like what they've done in the Maldives) because the ground is compressed coral - it's porous and the water just bubbles up. I was talking to the Prime Minister of Tuvalu about what they're going to do. New Zealand has offered the entire population asylum for when the soil quality has degraded to a point where nothing but palm trees will grow and the salt breaches the water lens.

Nauru isn't so affected by climate change as it's not an atoll but an island, but what happened there -the economic crash and environmental disaster from when the easy-to-get phosphate ran out serves as a microcosm of the challenges that face the world as a whole over the next few decades.

clockdog90 karma

Strangest local custom?

EveryCountry252 karma

In Georgia, I was told that if you toasted somebody with beer, it meant you were an enemy. In Turkmenistan you can be arrested for lip syncing in public. In Ethiopia "three in the morning" means 9am. I love these quirky little things, they make the world much more interesting!!

ElecTrav85 karma

Is it true that you can see the stars clearer than ever when in the Himalayan regions? It's my dream to hike those trails one day.

I envy the amount of time you've spent traveling. I feel like there is so much to see in the world. As a 22 year old, I don't want to be stuck working and living in one place my entire life. Any tips on how to get out there and experience the world?

EveryCountry128 karma

The clearest I've ever seen the stars was in the Australian Outback. Up in Nepal and Tibet it's often cloudy, but I imagine once you get above the cloudline, you'll see the brightest stars imaginable. The hardest thing about travel is deciding to go. As I said in another answer, if you speak English you can do TEFL in hundreds of amazing places. I made a vid about travelling on the cheap, just do a search for "travel" in YouTube search. I'm the guy with the hat!!

brooksybaby79 karma

Are you Liverpool or Everton?

EveryCountry104 karma


rxsheepxr78 karma

Is Les super serious all the time? He seems quite down to earth but I would imagine he's pretty stoic.

Also, if you were to recommend a specific place that you've been for the sheer beauty to see, where would it be?

EveryCountry105 karma

Les is a good guy, but he does take his survival stuff very seriously (unlike me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q52bBmOGTP4&feature=share&list=PLtyECpEQXDq_MXh-ypSaosVzC_I4ENMad). He has picked me out quite a lot, but I'm really not a proper survivalist - I'm more likely to be found sleeping in a bus shelter than in a jungle!!

As for sheer beauty, there's a lot to choose from on this wonderful little planet, but I'm going to say - for sheer force of nature - the Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iguazu_Falls

thebageljew74 karma

What country gave you the biggest culture shock?

EveryCountry147 karma

I dunno, I had travelled a lot before I did this thing, and I do a lot of research on places before I go. I think I'd have to say India, just because of the poverty, it's just so in-your-face. It's heartbreaking, especially when you consider the amount of money the governments of India (and Pakistan) spend on nuclear weapons that they can never use. And the caste system is horrible.

But that's not to say I don't love travelling around India, I really do - something you learn pretty quickly on the road is that you can't judge a country on the actions of their government.

vordster65 karma

Whats your favorite dish now?

EveryCountry117 karma

Ooh the sweet and sour squid with steamed rice I had in Jayapura, West Papua - fresh from the ocean, melted in the mouth. YUMMY.

Dac9758 karma

Hi Graham, I'm wondering what the most physically and mentally tasking situations you'd been in were and how you got out of them. Traversing the world had to come with some pretty serious and interesting situations that those of us who don't travel much would never have thought of. Thoughts?

EveryCountry118 karma

I'll give you a top five

  1. Six days in jail in Brazzaville, Congo
  2. Taking a leaky wooden canoe for 4 days over open ocean from Senegal to Cape Verde
  3. Six days in jail in Cape Verde
  4. Bush taxi through Guinea
  5. Trip in a minibus ('mauler') from Lagos to Calabar in Nigeria

Right! I'm back (mic'd up!). Here's how I got out of them

  1. The British honorary consul said he wouldn't leave the police chief's office until they set me free.
  2. Held on and hoped for the best
  3. Released after seeing a judge
  4. Held on and hoped for the best
  5. Held on and hoped for the best

jwcrx55 karma

Im planning a trip to every country in north/south america. The one country im not too stoked on is paraguay. What was it like when you were there? Is there anything there you'd reccommend? Thanks

EveryCountry94 karma

Well, at the risk of upsetting the entire nation of Paraguay, I spend a few days in AsunciĆ³n back in 2002 and didn't have the best of times - my cashcard didn't work and no hotel would take my emergency travellers cheque (since then I only have emergency US dollars!!) and I don't really know what to recommend, except not to stay at the same hotel as me. It had room rates by the hour, if you know what I mean...!

FlyingMachetes54 karma

Weirdest food you've ever eaten?

EveryCountry82 karma

Fertilized duck egg - or Balut - in Philippines was pretty gross. But this was the weirdest - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E41KpTTtlPs and here's me eating it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8w06p69XA8

abefroman2053 karma

What did you think of Canada?

EveryCountry64 karma

I went to Montreal, Halifax and Argentia in Newfoundland. I loved it. It was the end of winter, water cracking on the lakes, a frosting of snow on the pines, MOOSEHEAD and live music in people's living rooms.

Although driving in Canada is VERY dangerous - they only have one road and all their musicians are in the middle of it ;-D

aharashidy40 karma

How the hell did you get in Saudi Arabia. To get into Saudi Arabia you have to:

  • Have a Saudi or any Khaliji passport (Qatar, U.A.E., Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain).

  • Get an Umrah(islamic piligrimage) or Hajj(another kind of islamic piligrimage) visa.

  • Get a request or invite from someone "important" in Saudi Arabia.

EveryCountry44 karma

I got 'sponsored' by a company in the UK and a company in KSA. It cost $250 and took 6 weeks but I got a multiple entry business visa.

gsxr39 karma

How much is it costing you to take the course with Les? is it a tourist course where the draw is hanging with someone as awesome as Stoud or a serious survival course?

Also, ask Les about bigfoot...

EveryCountry71 karma

It's a promo thing for Samsung, so I'm not paying for it, but he is actually teaching the stuff you see on his shows first hand. Yesterday he started a fire in less than two minutes with a couple of sticks. Mighty impressive stuff, I tells ya. And yes, I'll be sure to ask him about Bigfoot.

suckbothmydicks35 karma

What did you think about Denmark. Asked the dane. And where were you?

EveryCountry76 karma

I have family in Denmark and I've been there more times than I can remember. I've also been to two Roskilde festivals (2001 and 2006) and love the bones of the place... I hope to be back before Christmas - I need a pint of Carlsberg Christmas Lager!!

SpartanAesthetic34 karma

I loved your video, but the only visit I found dubious was counting the little "step over the line" at the Korean DMZ as actually entering NK. Unless you also took a tour from the Chinese side of course...

EveryCountry75 karma

Yeah well, whatchagonnado? I went to Nauru and Seychelles without flying - the challenge of getting to those countries far outweighed the challenge of giving a Chinese tour company $1000 to take me to Pyongyang for a few days.

dwoody29 karma

Been following your travels from my B3ta days,

So which countries would you definitely like to go back and visit more of?

EveryCountry50 karma

Hey dwoody! Thanks for sticking with me! Top of my list of countries to return to (and spend a bit more time there) would be Palau, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Madagascar, Mongolia, Bhutan, North Korea, Russia, Mexico and pretty much everywhere in Central America.


Have you been to Pitcairn Islands or Tristan da Cunha?

EveryCountry26 karma

No. In a few years time, I want to do a follow-up adventure where I go to 101 territories around the world without flying... Pitcairn and Tristan (and Henderson) will be on there!

Amagical23 karma

Sort of a selfish question: Did you like Estonia? :p

EveryCountry58 karma

YES! The Estonian police that questioned me after I waded across a river into Russia were very polite! Another place I'd love to return to for an extended period, along with Latvia and Lithuania. And your woman are smokin'! ;-D

ArmenianG19 karma

What did you think of Armenia?

EveryCountry23 karma

Great kebabs!!! I spent a day exploring the ancient monasteries north of Vanadzor. It's a shame that the Soviets put all that concrete there - especially over the railway line, but I liked Armenia, I'd defo go back there.

truefacedmk18 karma

Have you been to Costa Rica? How long? What did you think? I live here and have different opinions than most who just visit...

EveryCountry23 karma

I was only in Costa Rica for a couple of nights, not long enough to draw a solid opinion about the place, but what can I say? The people are lovely, the scenery is stunning and the food is delicious! I want to go back there, I didn't spend enough time in Central America as a whole, to be honest.

ITL24i16 karma

Is there a momento, particular picture, collectible you bring back from each place you visit?

I hope you don't say snowglobe :p

EveryCountry64 karma


No, kidding. I got a banknote or a coin from every country. One day when I have a coffee table I'm going to lay them all out on top and cover with glass.

I also took a small stone from every country. I keep them in a jam jar.

gcta33314 karma

Which country has the best food?

In your opinion

EveryCountry33 karma

Tricky...... I think Ethiopia is going to have to win that one. Unexpectedly delicious!!

parallexter7 karma

Have you ever been to Sri Lanka?

EveryCountry6 karma

I have!! I spent three months there last year! You can read about it on my old blog site http://www.theodysseyexpedition.com/category/sri-lanka

MY NEW BLOG: http://www.grahamdavidhughes.com

SOS ISLAND BOOT CAMP GOES OUT LIVE 1530EST/1930GMT @ http://www.sos-island.com

Scarylazy5 karma

What are you doing in Puerto Rico ATM? How is it like?

EveryCountry10 karma

I'm taking part in Samsung's SOS Island challenge. It's a week of survival training with Les Stroud, and then if we pass boot camp, we have to live on an uninhabited island for two weeks - sleeping rough and foraging for food - we've been given Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Cameraphones and Samsung NX cameras to document it all, Les Stroud style.

You can watch our boot camp LIVE today at 7:30GMT (that's 3:30pm New York, 8:30pm London and 5:30am Sydney) at http://www.sos-island.com

You can also catch up with my latest blogs, tweets and whistles at http://www.grahamdavidhughes.com

Taouk2 karma

Another kind of selfish question, i really want to know though! How was your experience in Lebanon? what did you like/dislike?

EveryCountry3 karma

I liked the kebabs!! In fact, the food in general. I've got a lot of friends from Lebanon and I've been there twice, I've only got positive things to say about the place.

MY NEW BLOG: http://www.grahamdavidhughes.com

SOS ISLAND BOOT CAMP GOES OUT LIVE 1530EST/1930GMT @ http://www.sos-island.com