I am Gina Gershon, actress, and I got shit to tell you. You can ask me anything, but please don't ask me anything about the bunny. AMA.

proof: https://twitter.com/RealGinaGershon/status/384698587726499840

update: I have to go now, but thank you for all the great questions. Take care, have fun, signing off.

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drocks2799 karma

As a lesbian I want to thank you for doing Bound. I was a freshman in high school when it came out and I was figuring out my sexuality. Having a main stream movie with that aspect in it was amazing to see. Thank you!

Edit: Thanks for the gold anonymous internet stranger!

ginagershon76 karma

You are welcome. You are most welcome. I'm glad I could help.

ginagershon74 karma

Someone deleted the question, but:

No. I never got Nic Cage and John Travolta confused. John would give me cake and espresso. He was always really nice, and he always had really nice cake and espresso in his trailer. And Nic and I would drive in his cars. He collects cars, and we were all shooting late night, and we would drive around downtown (because no one was around and the streets were empty).

badaboombip73 karma

Watching your lesbian scene with Jennifer Tilly at 3am on showtime with the volume turned all the way down and my parents asleep turned me into a man. Just wanted to say thanks.

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The_Quiche_Niche60 karma


ginagershon54 karma

Ver-sa-chay. Or like Che Guevara. Versace.

eldread43 karma

How do you feel about climate change? And by "how do you feel about climate change?" I mean YOU ARE SO FUCKING HOT.

ginagershon123 karma

My globes keep me warm.

djgirlfriday41 karma

Could you have imagined that we would now see lesbian characters and content everywhere on tv or film when you took on Bound?

ginagershon100 karma

No. I was told it would ruin my career because "people shouldn't do that." I'm glad that I took on that role.

djgirlfriday22 karma

Thank you for taking that chance.

ginagershon21 karma

You're welcome.

thatonegirlfromwork39 karma

Showgirls is one of my guilty pleasures! What was it like working with Paul Verhoeven?

ginagershon49 karma

Very intense. It was a difficult shoot.

quantum_guy28 karma


ginagershon56 karma

I have not played the Showgirls drinking game. And yes, I am a vampire.

heyfella27 karma

what do you feel you've brought to this incarnation of the teenage mutant ninja turtles?

ginagershon51 karma

A sense of style, and platinum blonde hair. Donatella would eat pizza, as long as it was made by the finest pizza maker in the land.

gsxr23 karma

I just watched "Killer joe" for the first time...The scene with the chicken leg....Holy shit that was intense, weird and sorta erotic. just wanted to say nice work and to ask if it was as weird for you to do it as it was to watch?

ginagershon28 karma

I would say it was probably WEIRDER to do than it was to watch. A very unpleasant scene.

CumeaterBob21 karma

There's a Russian porn star who calls herself Gina Gerson. how do you feel about this?

ginagershon77 karma

Oh, I didn't know. Is she good at what she does?

fuck_pavlov20 karma

i saw a trailer of you as donatella, just wanted to stop by and tell you how much of a badass i think you are.

ginagershon19 karma

Cool, thanks!

ArthurDigbyS20 karma

Hi Gina, I love seeing you involved in comedy (Eastbound & Down, The Goods, Maron, etc.). Do you have any future plans for more?

ginagershon36 karma

Just finished a movie with all the SNL people called "Staten Island Summer!" had the most fun EVER. All I want to do is comedy.

CumeaterBob11 karma

there's a truism in acting that comedy is the hardest thing to do. Is that true for you?

ginagershon22 karma

No, acting in comedies just seems fun. And more organic to me than acting in serious pieces.

Beat_Smith20 karma

First I just wanna say thank you and you are extremely beautiful.

Question 1: what is your favorite acting role

Question 2: what was it like working with William Friedkin

ginagershon27 karma

1 I don't have a favorite. I've been very lucky and I've gotten to play a lot of eccentric, interesting weirdos.

2 Fantastic. Challenging. I learned a lot. I love him.

Mikeaz12319 karma

Was the pool sex scene in Showgirls hilarious when you first saw it?

ginagershon31 karma

It was pretty weird to watch.

DirtpipeDan19 karma

You were awesome on Curb.

ginagershon12 karma

Thank you!

Friedso18 karma

Hi, Gina! How did your colaboration with Paul Simon come about? And have you been invited to play mouth harp on other albums?

ginagershon27 karma

I've only played the mouth harp one note in Bound (just cuz the guys wanted me to play it in jail). Paul Simon came about because Herbie Hancock was producing his track, and it was really with Herbie I wanted to play, but when he asked me to play he happened to be producing Paul Simon's track at the time. I've played on several other albums, I played with Christian McBride on his Duets album, I played on one of Rufus Wainwright's albums, I've played with the Scissor Sisters on one of their albums, on one of Leroy Powell's records, my kids record (called Beardo and Baddo: The Good, The Bad and the Hungry) and my own record, In Search of Cleo.

When my book came out, In Search of Cleo: How I found my pussy and lost my mind, the audio version I do the soundtrack with Christian McBride on the bass and me on the jew's harp.

Dropdatopz2414 karma


ginagershon54 karma

Tequila and chocolate. For Bound I brought Jennifer tequila and chocolate to loosen us both up, because we were both a little nervous. I thought it was the only gentlemanly thing to do.

muumuufats12 karma

you were hilarious in Curb Your Enthusiasm! what was it like working with larry david?

ginagershon13 karma

Super-fun. We laughed a lot.

Kilgore-troutdale12 karma

Did you sleep with President Clinton?

ginagershon25 karma

No, absolutely not. Don't believe what you read in Vanity Fair. That was an upsetting rumor. I only have the utmost respect and admiration for President Clinton and his fantastic wife, the great former secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

nailbiter11112 karma

Physically, you remind me of a female Elvis. Have you ever heard that before?

ginagershon23 karma

Yes. I have. I think that's awesome. It must be the snarl when I sing. But that is a great compliment.

Ethansmommy2311 karma

What is one actor/actress you would absolutely love to work with that you haven't already worked with?

ginagershon23 karma

Cate Blanchett.

DustMyByfuglien11 karma

You were my favorite part of How to Make it in America (You're Beautiful), wish it wasn't canceled!

How was your experience with HBO and the cast?

ginagershon12 karma

I had a fantastic time. I was really bummed out when the series got cancelled. That was an awesome gig.

reneearocco10 karma

First off - think you are fantastic. Saw you do The Vagina Monologues in NYC years ago and had an amazing time - you are just as gorgeous in person as on screen!!

Which role that you did not play do you wish you had played? (film or otherwise) What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

ginagershon14 karma

Silver Tequila. Jane in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

Edge7679 karma

I have to say it: I've enjoyed your work in film for many, many years and think your acting is always amazing. It doesn't hurt that you're one of the most beautiful women alive. Thanks for being you.

The question: Do you ever get tired of the Showgirl questions? You've done so much more, in much better films, yet Showgirls always comes up. Are you okay with it, or do you sometimes wish you never made the film?

ginagershon17 karma

I'm glad I made the film, and yes, I get sick of the questions.

Jessie_James9 karma

What burning question(s) do you have for your fans, if any?

ginagershon11 karma

What movies would you want to see me in? What would you want to see ME play?

nailbiter11113 karma

I'd love to see you play Catwoman. But that probably can't happen.

ginagershon46 karma

Yea, me too. I was just the voice unfortunately. But I'd like to guys to all start a Betty White-style campaign to help me host SNL. Y'all did it for Betty White. If you could do the same for me, I'd be super appreciative.

gjcbs13 karma

Upcoming Movie? You can cement your legacy by appearing in the next Star Wars film, and for TV, I would love to see you in The Walking Dead as a kickass survivor.

ginagershon18 karma

Well, start tweeting!

ginagershon21 karma

Don't you want me to host SNL? Help pull a Betty White and start tweeting!

nailbiter1118 karma

Were you ever up for a role in a comic book movie? If so, which role?

ginagershon17 karma

I wish! All I want to do are comic book movies. I've done the voice of Catwoman on the Batman series, and I played the Playing Mantis voice in the Spider-Man series. But so far no comic book movies. Keep your fingers crossed.

Hoppy_Bunny8 karma

Two words: Killer. Joe. The chicken scene was one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever seen. Which isn't to say it was bad, it was extremely well done. What was that like? I've never looked at Matthew Mcconaughey the same again. Also, I have to say the make-up and costume was amazing. They almost made you look trashy! Almost.

ginagershon13 karma

I've never looked at chicken legs quite the same way again either.

CumeaterBob8 karma

What's it like working on a Michael Mann set? He has a reputation for being a real hardass on crews, but how is he with actors? Do you think Cop Rock is due for a comeback? Have you ever wanted to direct your own film?

ginagershon15 karma

I loved working with Michael. I know he does a zillion takes, but since I trust him so much as a director I actually enjoyed it. Should Cop Rock come back? Any singing detective show should come back. Absolutely, I would love to direct something of my own. I'm just figuring out what that is.

biggyww7 karma

I just wanted to say thanks! I was 13 when "Bound" came out, and wow, very important movie in my life. :) You and Jennifer Tilly are pretty easily the most beautiful female couple in cinematic history (in my obviously biased opinion). Did you actually get along, or was it just business as usual? Are you still friends?

ginagershon9 karma

Jennifer and I happily became great friends from that movie, and we continue to be great friends as we speak. I love her.

gjcbs7 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA. As an actress who has maintained her beauty and expanded her roles through the years, what is the one role we would be surprised to find you wanted but did not get? Who is the funniest person you have ever worked with on a movie or show, just everyday funny?

ginagershon7 karma

I really wanted Oprah's role in the Butler. But it was Oprah. So they didn't give it to me (just kidding).

I've had the good fortune of working with TONS of funny people. I would say the list would be: Larry David, Jeff Garlin, Dennis Leary, Cecily Strong, Danny McBride, Bobby Moynihan, Michael O'Brien (new SNL cast member, funny as shit), just to name a few. Oh and I did Marc Maron's show too. He was hysterical as well.

davidy3237 karma

Just wanted to say lady, I love your work. Your Mark Maron podcast was brilliant. We have a mutual friend LJ. Thanks for the AMA...

Edit: spelling

ginagershon9 karma

Aw LJ is cool! Thank you.

CumeaterBob6 karma

When creating a character, does it affect your process if they're based on a real person (like Donatella Versace)? Donatella's been heavily caricatured and parodied before, do you have a temptation to take her in a camp direction or is naturalism your goal? Do you have a process for memorizing scripts?

ginagershon12 karma

For this project, it was essential not to make a caricature of Donatella but to flesh out a person that represented her truthfully. This is a pretty intense story about her family and her downfall after her brother died and herself picking herself up, finding her own voice, and thriving in this world. I don't have a process for memorizing scripts. I just work on it, and then the next thing you know, you know it! So every process is different.

tayloreffect5 karma

Hi Gina! Alexis told me to come say hi to you! What's your favorite song by Garth Brooks?

ginagershon10 karma

The one where he wears the hat.

Momar895 karma

How did you prepare for your famous scene in Killer Joe?

ginagershon14 karma

I didn't. I specifically said I didn't want to talk about it or I didn't want to think about it, I just wanted to do it. Once.

ishottheking5 karma

Will any of your upcoming projects be showing at any upcoming festivals? Sundance misses you! And how is Master Cleohold? :3

ginagershon6 karma

I miss Sundance as well! I never know which movie will end up there. Master Cleohold is fine, although he is getting up there in years.

ishottheking1 karma

You should come back soon, if only to ski. He's still a handsome guy, from what I've seen on instagram. I like when he pops up in pictures over there.

ginagershon2 karma

Aw thank you. He is a handsome devil.

reneearocco4 karma

What kind of shit do you have to tell us? And what things are you promoting?

Will you ever musically tour again?

ginagershon9 karma

I hope I musically tour again! I have to write some more music first. What kind of shit do I have to tell you? I'm just answering questions man! Ask me something! And what I'm promoting is House of Versace which airs October 5 on Lifetime.

MadMaxDingo4 karma

What was it like working with John Woo and watching yourself die onscreen?

ginagershon9 karma

I loved working with John Woo. I think he's a fantastic director. I wish he would do a musical.

It's always fun to watch yourself die onscreen. My mother doesn't seem to agree, though.

I love Jennifer. We laughed a lot.

nailbiter1114 karma

What is the best advice you ever got from a director, and who was it from?

ginagershon9 karma

David Mamet once told me "learn to direct yourself." I thought it was a cynical reply at the time, but as it turned out, it was great advice.

chooter4 karma

What attracted you to the role of Donatella?

ginagershon5 karma

When I actually read the book that it was based on, I found the family drama quite compelling. And there was so much about her that I didn't realize that I came to respect her, and thought she would be quite challenging to play.

notacrackhead4 karma

would you appear on season 3 of how to make it in america, if it ever happens?

ginagershon7 karma

Of course! I loved working on that show.

reneearocco3 karma

What are your top three artists you love listening to?

What would you be doing if you weren't so successful as an actress?

ginagershon6 karma

That's a tough question, I have so many artists I love listening to. The first three in my head: Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, and Annie Lennox.

Hopefully writing great books or making great music or painting really cool things.

nailbiter1113 karma

Which locals treated you the best when you were out on location filming?

ginagershon5 karma

Hard to say. I find people to be really nice wherever I go.

nailbiter1113 karma

Do you ever walk into a bar or a restaurant and pretend that you're not Gina Gershon, just someone that happens to resemble her, just to fuck with people?

ginagershon7 karma

I only do that when someone is not sure if it's me, and I just pretend I'm not me, because at that moment I'm not really me.

nailbiter1113 karma

Do you think your roles in Showgirls and Bound, with their lesbian qualities, kept you from landing more mainstream roles? As though Hollywood pigeon holed you?

ginagershon8 karma

People seem to think so. I have no idea.

CumeaterBob3 karma

Have you ever passed on a role and regretted it? If so, what was the movie?

ginagershon11 karma

I really wish I could have played Eve in All About Eve, but I wasn't born yet.

Update: I wish I could have played the role of Mammy in Gone with the Wind, but they said it might hurt my career (I don't know why I listen to these people!).

nailbiter1113 karma

Films based on fairy tales is still quite popular, at the moment, is there any fairy tale role that you would like?

ginagershon5 karma

I would like to be the witch in any of the fairy tales.

nailbiter1113 karma

Which actor or actress have you worked with, that had/has a reputation for being difficult, but you found them to be the complete opposite?

ginagershon5 karma

Raquel Welch. I love her. She's sweet and sassy and everything you want her to be.

nailbiter1113 karma

Were there any roles in television shows that you turned down so that you could focus on your film career, that you later regretted passing on?

ginagershon3 karma

There have been a lot of things I've passed on that in retrospect maybe I shouldn't have, but in retrospect maybe it was the exact right thing to do.

nailbiter1113 karma

What television show or movie would surprise us that you love to watch?

ginagershon7 karma

The Partridge Family reruns, whenever possible.

x2501x3 karma

If someone came to you and said "We will give you whatever budget you need, full creative control, etc," what would you do? Do you have some personal dream project?

ginagershon7 karma

I do. I would say, "thank you", take the money, and then make something that would freak you out and blow everyone away. But I don't want to say what because I'm superstitious.

Loves2watch3 karma

Absolutely love your work. I have always wanted to ask you -- with both showgirls and bound -- did you actively seek out lesbian leaning roles or did you just happen to get cast that way?

Finally, Face/Off -- that brother and sister kiss was really awkward. Another intense sexually suggestive moment in your career. After doing specifically these moments, do you ever feel that maybe producers and filmmakers think of you as the go to girl for envelope pushing scenes?

ginagershon9 karma

I have no idea for your last question. I have no idea how I get cast in any of these things. I guess people ask me and I just say yes if I like it.

antoniusmagnus3 karma


ginagershon12 karma

I think Bettie Page is interesting. I would not say I am a crazy fan, but I believe there was a movie already made about her. Gretchen Moll played her, and she did a great job: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0404802/

frodosbitch3 karma

Hi Gina,

You're aging gracefully, to put it mildly (...ahem), What's been your experience in the old story about female actors over 40 having more difficulty getting good roles?.

ginagershon10 karma

It seems like there are less and less roles the older you get, but I guess I've been lucky because my roles seem to be getting more interesting. Maybe it just forces us to write our own parts.

LoqnessMonster3 karma

You were on my favorite episode of Psych. Are James Roday and Dule Hill bffs in real life? And how was it working with them?

ginagershon5 karma

I have no idea if they are best friends or not. But they are both super-nice. I had a really fun time on that shoot.

gjcbs3 karma

Who are your favorite authors? Screenwriters? Favorite books?

ginagershon16 karma

I love Nabokov, Dostoyevsky, Paul Auster, Rilke, whoever wrote the Bible (whatever his name is), I like C.S. Lewis too. Emerson, I think he's a pretty great writer, to name a few.

Favorite books? I love A Wrinkle in Time, Lolita, Brothers Karamazov, Crime & Punishment, The Uses of Enchantment, The Final Testament of the Holy Bible by James Frey.

MatttDamonnn2 karma

Does McConaughey really run/work out all the time?

ginagershon5 karma

I'm not sure. You will have to ask him. He seems like a pretty healthy guy.

MinusTheFire2 karma

I've seen you in a few things with Denis Leary over the years, which made me assume that you guys were friends outside of the film/TV business.

Is that true and, if so, what was it like filming the awkwardly funny sex scenes in Rescue Me? You were great in that role, by the way.


ginagershon4 karma

I love Dennis. He has been a great friend and kind of big brother to me at times. It's great to work with him just so we can see each other and hang out, and yes, it was definitely a little awkward doing a sex scene with him. Luckily it was supposed to be kind of a funny scene.

nailbiter1111 karma

Which actor or actress that you've had the honor of locking lips with is the best kisser?

ginagershon21 karma

I do not kiss, judge, and tell. I am not the Yelp of kissing.

IAmDaBadMan1 karma

If you could pick any role that you've done where you could be that person in real life, which role would you pick?

ginagershon7 karma

With the characters I play, I'm really happy I'm not any of them! I'm very happy in my own life, thank you.

whiskey_slam1 karma

Showgirls was the first thing I saw you in. Seeing Jessie Spano naked was huge for me as a teenager. What was it like doing one of the most mainstream NC-17 ever?

ginagershon6 karma

I was just disappointed that it was an NC-17. I don't think it should have been. It would have done better as an "R."

quantum_guy1 karma


ginagershon3 karma

I try not to keep those bad memories in my head.

gjcbs1 karma

A couple of questions about acting in general: Do you typically stay in touch with friends you make during a shoot, or does the nature of the job tend to make that difficult?
How much of a given day on a TV shoot do you spend getting ready (make-up, costume, etc) versus time on-set shooting?

ginagershon3 karma

I keep in touch with the people I really want to keep in touch with. Depends on the role, and how much make up is needed to determine how much time is on set.