I work at a sex store in a city with a population of 1.2 million.
Feel free to ask me anything. I understand everyone has their kinks, so don't be scared! I have heard it all.

My Proof: http://i.imgur.com/MH9RZ36.jpg
My Spoof: http://i.imgur.com/SpMRysR.jpg

I will continue to answer questions as long as they keep coming in.

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MrFlagg98 karma

I had a kidney stent installed last Wednesday. When will I stop seeing blood in my urine?

Tapecaster178 karma

Please consult a doctor, I work retail I do not have a medical degree.

Willster197974 karma

How are the benefits? All you can eat undies or anything like that?

Tapecaster93 karma

I tend to get anything I want at cost or free.

SillyMacey74 karma

What is the absolute weirdest thing any one has done or said in the store?

Tapecaster181 karma

This 50 year old really, really, really creepy guy bought a Miley Cyrus blow-up doll. Which is fine, but he seemed like the kind of guy that would keep me tied up in his basement for months.

marcm624692 karma

They made a Miley Cyrus blow up doll? Oh god, innocence gone.

Tapecaster9 karma

Couple of good ones. http://i.imgur.com/uowgxk6.jpg

Tk1438866 karma

I imagine many people are nervous when buying things for themselves like men buying dildos and etc, is there any reason for that or do you Just not give a shit?

Tapecaster95 karma

I honestly do not give a shit. I just want to make sure that everyone gets the product that they're looking for and are happy with it. People tend to be nervous because of the stigma that our kind of stores tend to carry. But, honestly we are just here to help and really don't judge.

clarque58 karma

No questions. Just wanted to thank you for doing what you do. You seem like a quality salesman.

Tapecaster39 karma

Thanks I really appreciate that!

ActionAdam57 karma

Has anyone ever hit on you while they were shopping?

If so, what did they say and what was your reaction?

Tapecaster114 karma

I'm gay, I have had quite a few women try to hit on me. This one chick came behind the counter and dirty danced on me and got her friend to tell me that she thought that I was "smoking". I had to politely tell her that I was not interested in that vag.

chirisu9 karma

Score one for the gay team. Not bad looking.

Tapecaster8 karma


creepy_doll2 karma

Men never try to hit on you?

Tapecaster3 karma

No, it's not an optimal place to meet people.

Dirty_Dingus_McGee54 karma

Largest dildo you've ever sold. Metric and imperial units, please.

Tapecaster107 karma

That would be the Great American Challenge. A total of 15.5 in with 11.5 of those being insertable. It has a 9" circumference and weighs 5.4 lbs. If you want metric, go to a converter.

nacho_balls7 karma


Log out of amazon before clicking.

How would you compare this monster to that? With 17 in from base to tip, and an 8 in circumference.

Tapecaster20 karma

If you are going to go big you might as well get one with a suction cup so it doesn't fall over.

ElderCunningham47 karma

Most memorable experience on the job?

Tapecaster87 karma

So one time I was working with a coworker and this college guy came in. He went into the lingerie room, and then proceeded to get naked.

CTRL_ALT_RAPE143 karma


Tapecaster95 karma

Upvote for your name. We had to call the police, but I think it was just a kid that lost a bet.

crossbow78941 karma

Have you ever used one of the store's products?

Tapecaster153 karma

If I didn't, I would not be very informative, would I?

FramesTowers33 karma

Is it common to sell leather clothes and gear at regular sex shops? I can't find any!

aari3115 karma

I brought the leather jogging pant to that store 6 years ago. They said no. How many motha f*ckas you done seen wearing the leather jogging pant!

Tapecaster30 karma

Most sex stores only sell products bought from national vendors. I've had a lot of people come in and try to sell their products to us. My advice to them is to try to sell it to one of the national vendors in the adult novelty business. Oh, and make sure you get it patented.

Tapecaster26 karma

That is a good question. Our stores mainly just have specific brands of lingerie such as Dreamgirl, which is generally made with pleather and things like that. For more hardcore individuals looking for leather gear and handcuffs without a quick release switch should look for a local LeatherMasters. Most sex stores sell beginner fetish products.

pieofdeath12333 karma

During an average day how many sales do you make?

Tapecaster46 karma

Weekdays 2 - 3k Weekends around 5k or more.

Iammyselfnow32 karma

  1. You seem like an adorable dork.

  2. Most entertaining thing you've had happen on the job?

Tapecaster57 karma

Awe, thank you. Well, I once met a homeless man who was wearing one shoe, and a football jersey and claimed to be the CEO of Harley Davidson. He seemed busy as he had a radio show to do in the morning.

monkeywithlego10 karma


Tapecaster18 karma

Not even close.

jsm8529 karma

Have you ever had to deal with minors sneaking into your establishment?

Tapecaster73 karma

Underage people are generally very obvious. They go around giggling at everything and that's when I ask for their ID. So advice for 17 year olds that want a toy, don't be an idiot.

Shpinged35 karma

I'm 21 and I started laughing last time I checked out one :/ couldn't help it after reading Mother/Daughter Exchange Club 13

Tapecaster47 karma

Laughing is not forbidden, I still laugh at things. There are a lot of funny products and things that are meant to be funny. My post earlier was referring to people that laugh uproariously at every single thing in the store.

docnar27 karma

"Laughter is forbidden, No sexy toys for you!" Dildo Nazi....

Not you Tapecaster, but the stupid scene that just played out in my head.

Tapecaster7 karma

Thanks for sharing, made me laugh pretty hard.

Tapecaster26 karma

UPDATE: I am going to bed. Thank you all for your great questions and comments! Feel free to keep posting questions and I will get to them when I wake up.

NonBlocking18 karma

Have you ever heard of someone using a the baby Hitler dildo? http://imgur.com/v78iK

Tapecaster37 karma

There was a question earlier that asked if any of the products scared me, and I said no. Man was I wrong.

peachsicle26 karma

My boyfriend and I joke around that I have a massive, 20" dong that I'm one day going to fuck him silly with. My question to you is: What's the name of that enormous, black, unicorn-dildo-horn you're rocking, and where the hell can I buy it?

Tapecaster24 karma

I'm glad you knew I was going for unicorn and not dickhead. Also, it's a Doc Johnson Hung Vac U Lock. Here's the link http://www.docjohnson.com/vac-u-lock-2/attachments/hung-realistic-black.html

SmoofedUp25 karma

What was the worse customer you've had to deal with?

Tapecaster84 karma

This woman came in wearing a fur coat. She complained loudly and rudely to everyone in the store and me about how hot it was. It was the middle of summer and the thermostat was set at 70 as usual. I then helped her find lingerie for two hours, all the while she continued being a total bitch. I let her in the dressing room to try stuff on, I then continued to ring up customers. She ran out of the dressing room with all the product and darted for the door. I went outside after her and she tried to run me over with her fucking car.

2percentbodyfat25 karma


Tapecaster71 karma

Fleshlights are the highest quality masturbator sleeves that we carry. All the fleshlights are made of the same material (patented SuperSkin) but, they have different faceplates and interior textures. The Pure interior style probably has the most realistic vaginal texture. Be sure to use lube and clean properly after every use. :) Dishwasher Safe!

EDIT: Not actually dishwasher safe.

clarque34 karma

Dishwasher Safe!


Tapecaster28 karma

I would still recommend the sink, heat and silicone don't do well together.

Herduliekmudkip21 karma

Have you ever had any super creepy customers?

Tapecaster31 karma

Simple answer: yes.

grimies199223 karma

not so simple answer?

Tapecaster48 karma

We get plenty of creepy customers, it's just something you learn to deal with working in one of these stores. Some are worse than others, but most are at least tolerable. Then again, you get the guy that drops crack on the counter and tries to get you into the bathroom. Because, you know, who can resist crack?

darkrider9920 karma

What's the weirdest item that any customer has asked for ? And do customers ask you for sex advice ? What's the ratio of first timers : returning customers ?

And did you ever feel uncomfortable selling an item ? If yes, what was it ?

Tapecaster29 karma

OMG yes. First question: This guy came in and asked if we had something to make his dick smaller.

2.I'm happy to give advice as long as it remains a professional conversation.

3.I would say about half our customers are returning customers.

4.No, I've been here a long time, it takes a lot to freak me out. I would not work here if the products made me uncomfortable.

darkrider999 karma

Ok any unique items which surprised you ? I mean any item which made you think "Gosh, there is an item for that ? People actually use that?"

Tapecaster26 karma

When the Squeel came out I thought it was pretty innovative. It is a wheel of tongues that spin and simulate oral sex on a woman.

marcm624620 karma

Most popular item sold in store? And how many men do you get weekly asking for Fleshlights, on average?

And, the pay? Is it good?

Tapecaster17 karma

The most popular item sold in the store would be stamina pills for men. On average I would say anywhere from 10 to 20 people. Many find without asking (they have their own special stand). The pay is typical for any retail store. I'm not rich, but I can pay my bills.

AmstrLoL19 karma

Whats the ratio male/female that goes in that store?

Tapecaster26 karma

More women than men, I would say 5 women to every 3 men.

spiffyness18 karma

Best type of lube?

Tapecaster31 karma

Most prefer silicone lube because it lasts 5 to 10 times longer than water based lube. However, silicone is harder to wash off. My personal favorite silicone lube: Swiss Navy.

JPree15 karma

Greatest named sex toy?

Tapecaster59 karma

Definitely the Ass Master, if that's too much we also have the Ass Servant.

hoilst22 karma

Is there an Ass Apprentice?

Tapecaster38 karma

No, but that sounds like an awesome tv show.

Derpfish38214 karma

How often do you have minors come into the store?

Tapecaster31 karma

Not often enough to be a problem.

KPpunchesbabies12 karma

My boyfriend wants to have anal so bad, but I've always been against it. I heard if lube that numbs your butthole. Does this make anal easy or...? This is a silly question, I'm sure.

Quarterpinte34 karma

Don't using a desensitizing lube for anal. In case there is anything wrong that may happen you won't know about it for a while.

Tapecaster26 karma

Totally forgot to address that. Quarterpinte is correct in saying that using desensitizers such as Anal Ese can be dangerous because you need to feel what's going on. If it hurts too much you should stop. I would say only use Anal Ese if you have had anal sex before, and only use a little to ease the pain of initial penetration.

Tapecaster28 karma

Anal can be enjoyable. First, make sure to have lubrication, it is essential for anal sex. If it is your first time for anal you should get a small butt plug. This will help get you ready for the real thing, just get used to the feeling of being full. It will relax the sphincter and allow for easier entry afterwards. Many don't want to talk about it, but if you feel uneasy about cleanliness you can enema. It is important to feel comfortable and relaxed.

slayeraa22310 karma

What do you like/hate about your job the most?

Tapecaster37 karma

I like the satisfaction of helping people improve their sex life and/or marriage. It is so nice when people are actually super appreciative of what I do. I hate when people seem to think the store and me are just a complete joke. Also, when people assume that the employees that work here are just perverts or whores.

Weenercopter20 karma

So true.

You know, sticking something up your ass for the first time can be daunting.

We're lucky that we have consultants like you to help us!

Tapecaster17 karma

That's what we're here for, so thanks!

mont_blanc9 karma


Tapecaster9 karma

Really couldn't put an accurate number to that one. I sell a lot of dildo's.

Tapecaster8 karma

UPDATE: I'm awake!

LordeAndTaylorSwift7 karma


Tapecaster15 karma

Being overly affectionate. I understand that this is a sex store, but we want all the customers to feel comfortable and you macking on your lover does not help. Customers opening packages without our assistance. If you would like to see anything we are more than happy to take it out and show you or power it up so you can see how it functions.
Customers laughing at literally every single thing we have.

Sn1ffdog6 karma

What is the strangest item you sell?

Tapecaster4 karma

The superhero themed dongs that we got were pretty surprising.

Sn1ffdog3 karma

To be honest, that's much more tame of an answer than I was expecting.

Tapecaster6 karma

I can't remember the name of the 17" one we had at one point. The gigantic ones don't sell very well and we tend to carry only one or two at a time.

thiswood6 karma

2 part question: Did your store rent DVDs, and if so, Did your store have mandatory employee rentals, for recommendations?

Tapecaster36 karma

We don't rent, we sell. Personally, I would not want to rent porn to people.

Chlorophyllosaurus5 karma

Serious: What does your family think about your job?

Tapecaster6 karma

I don't think any of them have ever said anything negative about it.

RancorPT4 karma

Regarding hygiene in sex shops; what kind of safety procedures and/or quality control do you have in place to ensure everything is safe to be used in the human body. Or does each item come with its own set of instructions on how to maintain/clean? Probably sounds very naive, but I don't have any sex toys; though apparently a friend got me one for a present recently..

Tapecaster9 karma

You should always clean your toys with a toy cleaner before use after you buy them. Not because it has been used, but because of dust and other things that can get on it during manufacturing. It should also be cleaned before and after each use. You can use toy cleaner or any non-alcoholic unscented soap. Most toys do come with instructions. Also very important, do not use silicone lubricants with silicone toys because silicone reacts with silicone and heats up which can deteriorate the toy.

toyquestioner12314 karma

Best sex toy for men (both anal and sleeve)? Best sex toy for women (both vagina and anal)?

Tapecaster7 karma

Personal preference is huge in this industry because everyone is turned on by different things. You must get the one that sticks out to you. The most popular toys for men would be a prostate stimulator, and the most popular sleeves would be the cheaper $20 to $30 UR3 sleeves (best would be Fleshlight or Tenga). For women many decide to go with a bullet, which is used for clitoral stimulation. Anally, butt plugs are definitely the most popular buy.

YlisseanKitty4 karma

Hey, just wanted ask something fairly similar to what mont_blanc said, but a bit more broad: How often do you get guys/girls buying something 'for a friend', when you know it's for their own use?

Tapecaster3 karma

Maybe once or twice a week. Many times once they see that we are helpful and friendly, they get more comfortable.

seeksaltcreek4 karma


Tapecaster9 karma

It all pretty much evens out. Maybe a tad less elderly. So If I had to put a number on it I would say 35% youth, 40% middle aged, and 25% elderly.

towelie903 karma

i'm uncircumcised so when i have sex with a woman my foreskin retracts and hurts like hell. they say people who have phimosis is rare, but i'm sure i have it. are there any numbing lubes out there that'll completely numb the head during intercourse?

Tapecaster3 karma

Phimosis can be painful, but can be manageable. Gentle stretching over time can help long term. You can also use delay sprays or creams to desensitize the area. When using desensitizers, be careful because foreskin can tear if put under too much pressure. Wearing condoms can be even more unpleasant for guys who are uncircumcised, but they make condoms that are larger at the head of the condom to make it more comfortable. I would recommend gentle stretching most of all. Pull your foreskin back as far as you can, than just go a little farther each time. Over time this will help immensely, you can even pair the stretching with a desensitizer.

BadGirlSneer3 karma

Honest thoughts on the Feeldoe?

Tapecaster7 karma

Feeldoe is a really high quality brand, and one of the few strapless strap ons. The only con I would have to say is that it doesn't stay as securely in place as some would like.

BreakfastWithReddit3 karma

What is the most unusual item in your store's inventory?

Tapecaster12 karma

Tough question, we have a lot of unusual items. But, here is a few. The liberator bed: http://i.imgur.com/lzLPXOP.jpg Infidelity tests The Accommodator (a chin strap dildo that attaches to your face) and some cool anime cock cages. http://i.imgur.com/lkhnhHu.jpg

BreakfastWithReddit6 karma

Yeah those chin dildos are weird. Is there a reason the bed is shaped that way or is it only a part of the design?

Tapecaster11 karma

The bed is shaped that way because it rocks back and forth. Also, the bars can be used to attach bondage products.

KYuJelly2 karma

How many people try to return products?

Tapecaster5 karma

Usually the same ones that make sure, before they touch anything, that we don't take returns.

1002922 karma

How many shoplifters do you get a week?

Tapecaster5 karma

Unfortunately, it is a constant battle.

Farkerisme2 karma

What, in your opinion, is the best lube on the market for all potential purposes (this side of the border)?

Tapecaster3 karma

Swiss Navy, Pink, and Sliquid <---All of these are leagues above most other brands.

GentlemenQuinn2 karma

What's your least popular item?

Tapecaster6 karma

The Ass Master that I referenced earlier. Although I did sell the slightly smaller Ass Servant once. I have yet to ever sell the Ass Master.