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Since op hasn't got around to this:

I'd assume the mother didn't know. I mean, really, so little information goes through to NK, why would they know? People that leave illegally don't generally return

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I googled your books and on amazon they had good reviews. Are these faked by the publishers?

Do you have any idea what it is that got the agent and publishers so excited that just didn't work with the general public? Are they really that clueless? It seems like you got a deal with several different publishers?

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This is the biggest benefit in my eyes.

IMHO it FIXES capitalism. It turns the job market into a fair market where there's a genuine choice without the downwards pressure of desperation to make ends meet.

It's going to have some negative effects too: mcdonalds will get more expensive; when you can't get people to flip burgers for minimum wage anymore, they will ask for better working conditions and pay. That may link up to automatisation(this is only a bad thing if you think full employment is ipso facto good), bringing the prices back down.

It could well lead to a cultural revolution as more people find themselves freed up to pursue careers in the arts, as well as fresh small scale innovation as people can strike out on their own and take risks knowing that in the worst case BI will catch them. This is very similar to the invention of limited liability companies which allowed for the humongous growth of NYSE as people wouldn't be liable for more than the purchase of the stock into a company.

BI will change the way business is done, and it will unlock a genuine free market where opting out is a genuine choice and we can reach a balance point between employers and employees that is not dictated by desperation.

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Some people love to vilify unions, but this is exactly what they're there for. Happy to hear you got some semblance of justice.

The world is pretty slow to change, but it's happening

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God damnit.

I love games, but I do see a lot of people that gradually get detached from the real world. Often they're playing games an escape, so I guess when someone comes along and gives them someone else to blame their issues on they're just happy to lap it up.