I've spent the last 7 months working on the 1.2 update for Terraria on PC. It will be available for free on Steam for anyone who owns the game.

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Baih182 karma

I heard there has been an easter egg since 1.0 that has never been found, is this true?

Redigit425 karma

It is true that I am a troll. This is something that started in IRC as a joke.

enareich168 karma

I've always wanted to ask if you've created a place-able object which would lure monsters to your home?
I've built large fortresses in the past, but due to all the other NPCs in my house (I think that's what causes the monsters to stay away) I hardly get attacked.

Redigit361 karma

No but I have now. Good idea :)

thehomerus132 karma

I am amazed that you have been able to make so many updates to a game i already loved on release all for free, i would have been more then willing to pay for an update of this size. I'm happy but what made you decide to give all the updates out for free, but what made you decide to do that?

Redigit521 karma

I am updating the game to update the game, not make money. Also, in charging for an update it would split up the community and I don't want to be that guy.

NotSoEvilDead33 karma

I mean, you could always buy another copy if you want to support him. I bought my 5th or 6th copy last night for a friend.

Redigit60 karma

That is awesome man, thank you.

chippygaming125 karma

What made you add such a fantastic item like the Orange torch

Redigit237 karma

This really persistent nagging brit. :P

Keyword2295 karma

Hey there Redigit, Are there any new ores that aren't alternatives?.

Redigit166 karma

Yes and they are all at the end of hardmode.

RumZ51291 karma

Hello Redigit,

As a long time player with over 3k hours between two machines, I am curious about the early expectations of Terraria. As a gamer what were you really trying to do, create a game that could just pass some time? Something that was going to be a little more immersive? The success of Terraria seems to stem from being somewhere in the middle of attempting to give a hardcore feel to those who wanted it, and making things as casual as possible as well (I made a house that I right clicked, surely I am doing this right.)

Also, is 1.2 the last patch?

Thirdly, for my gaming community, we kind of look at Terraria as the baseline and whether it's intended or not my group has decided that Starbound is the natural progression after you kill the last boss in Terraria, that all hope for man-kind seems to have spiraled downward out of control and a spaceship scoops you up. Is this cannon?

The last questions, not so serious, everyone at Helix Gaming loves the game, we went from a hardcore group of WoW heads to a bunch of "I'm gonna go dig blocks, fuck you" group of people, thanks to you and the team. Thanks for the great times!

Redigit168 karma

As a gamer I was trying to create a game that I myself would enjoy playing. A lot of the elements in the game are things that I find to be the most fun. I have had a lot of feedback from the community and I have tried to cater to everyone in this update. There will be a lot of new elements for builders, the hardcore players, and the casual players.

1.2 will not be the last patch. Due to time constraints there are things I left out of the update that you will see in the 1.2.1 update and if time permits I am also planning on adding a Halloween update.

From the little I have seen of Starbound I do not think that it will continue the progression of Terraria and it really seems to be trying to separate itself from Terraria as much as possible.

Thanks for your support! I am glad that so many people play the game and enjoy it as much as I do!

Lecktarser84 karma

What do you think of SteamOS and the Steambox? Thanks for doing this :)

Redigit147 karma

From the little I have seen so far it seems a bit iffy but we will have to wait and see what happens!

PZMQ79 karma

Is Terraria 2 still something that's happening?

Redigit213 karma

I actually planned to be halfway through the progress of creating Terraria 2 but ended up getting distracted with life. It is definitely something I am wanting to do and already have a lot planned for it!

The_Singing_Vort69 karma

What persuaded you to come back to Terraria?

Also, on average, how long does it take you to implement something from start to finish? Like, say you wanted zombies to drop edible pie 2% of the time, how long would it take you to have it in and working? What's easiest and hardest to implement?

Redigit151 karma

Cenx. Her and I were playing the game in December...By the time January came around she had me convinced that the game needed more content and brought me back to the community.

Once I have the sprite I could do this process in less than 5 minutes. The easiest thing to add is placeable objects the hardest things are things that have new mechanics and require lots of tweaking. I spend a lot of time on the attention to detail to new mechanics/items.

Redigit95 karma

Starting out it was just me doing graphics for the game and I was limited to what I was able to draw. That was the best I could do.

Itzwessyg46 karma

Hello Redigit, there has been rumors on /r/terraria about 1.2 being mac compatible. Is that true?

Redigit98 karma

We have looked into doing a mac port in the past using mono XNA but had several problems porting it properly. This is not something that will be in 1.2 but it is something we are going to continue looking into.

Serpher39 karma

Red, you thought about making possible to get to the Moon and/or fight an alien invasion? In Terraria of course.

PS. Thank you so much for your hard work! You're bringing people so much happiness!

Redigit94 karma

I have thought about bringing the moon to you and I have always wanted to add an alien invasion.

Flippi27336 karma

First I absolutely love this! So thank you so much for working so hard on the original game, 1.2, and all else that's to come! I want to give back to you for the great game and hours I have put into it. so I have been working on a multiplayer client that allows players to easily find/create servers/multiplayer games. It's called Terraria Connect. Do you think that this is a good idea, and that it will help the community? I just want know if you support this idea and know if it is worth continueing. I personally am having fun working on it and think it is a great tool!

Redigit38 karma

Sounds awesome and I am all about it! Keep me posted on TerrariaOnline with your progress!

Mister_Tulip35 karma

How many new songs are being added in the 1.2 update?

Redigit115 karma

There are 13 new songs and 2 songs from the console version.

Loki_ISP35 karma

A quick non-gameplay set of questions (sorry I couldn't resist):

As you worked through the update....

What did you enjoy the most? What frustrated you the most? What surprised you the most? What excites you the most as the Terraria universe moves forward?

Finally, what was your favorite drink throughout the update work?

All the best to you and the team - here's to the much-deserved new success you will enjoy starting next week!

Redigit45 karma

The best part of development for me is adding new content and being able to play test it immediately with the beta testers. The most frustrating part of development was fixing damn multiplayer bugs. The thing that surprised me the most was the positive feedback from the community. I was not expecting the response I received when I announced that I was going to start updates again. Man that is a toss up between Killians and Rockstars.

mightyfigter34 karma

Hi Redigit, Honor to meet you! :)

Is there plan to include controller support for PC?

Redigit57 karma

There is a fairly large demand for this and it is something I am looking into but I am not making any promises on that one.

nswa2232 karma

Hey Redigit! I was wondering if in 1.2 there are more uses for gems/heart crystals?

Redigit114 karma

There are a lot of new uses for gems! There will be early magic gear, tools, and building materials that can be crafted using gems. Heart crystals do not have any new uses in 1.2 but it is something I want to look into. Maybe some heart torches or heart lanterns with life regen when you are close to them.

Tuxlar28 karma

Do you think Terraria should (eventually?) come together with some sort of cohesive, centralized, underlying lore? Or are you satisfied with just content for the sake of content, like a 2d Garry's Mod-with-gameplay?

Redigit77 karma

No, that is something for Terraria 2.

chouryujin28 karma

Will the consoles get the 1.2 patch? If they are, when can we expect them?

Redigit63 karma

505 and Engine will be porting 1.2 to consoles but I do not have a time frame for that.

blacklodgebaby27 karma

Did you ever play Chip n Dale on the NES? The game has a great mechanic where you can pick each other up. This would be great to throw NPC's in fires. Don't you agree?

Also, how do you feel about a mechanic to stand on each others head? If you implement this, will you make a tower with me? So we can reach for the sky?

Redigit50 karma

Hell yes! I loved this game! It would be fun and it is something that I did in SMBX but I am not sure how the physics of Terraria would allow it.

I can see people standing in halls and blocking each other to troll and I think it would piss off a lot of people.

blustyle26 karma

Hi Red!

I am really excited that you've come back to bring new content and revitalize the game, which I've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of since June 2011. I want to say once again, thank you so much for everything! You've given a lot to the community, you and Cenx have been awesome, it's always great having you guys around and involved, and Terraria is one of the best PC games I've ever played.

I do have two questions:

1 - Being a moderator over on Terraria Online during your initial retirement, I've seen some of your fans say some really terrible things, and I'm just curious, after getting so much hate, what made you decide to come back and continue development?

2 - I'm also curious about Terraria 2. Do you think you'll make an "ending" to the current Terraria, or will T2 just be the newer, clearer, shinier version?

Redigit33 karma

First off, thank you for the work you put into TO! The thing I have learned about the community is that the minority can be extremely vocal and I have learned to take that with a grain of salt. Though I have received a lot of hate, the positive feedback has been far greater and those are the people I am looking to thank with this update.

Terraria 2 will share some of the elements from Terraria and expand on the idea. I have learned a lot from Terraria and plan on using that in this next game.

No no, Thank you! /cheese

SampleRadical25 karma

Hey im just curious of your opinion of Hero and such Youtubers?

herotv74 karma


Redigit107 karma

Ugh, not this guy

Redigit42 karma

Hero has done a lot of awesome for the community and I am very appreciative of that. Same goes with other youtubers, I think they are awesome. :)

KNakamura24 karma

Oh, why not. Will Terraria ever come to Linux?

Redigit55 karma

To be honest, probably not. I will be looking into a more portable language for Terraria 2.

TheGamingReaver24 karma

Hello Redigit thanks for your time I was wondering a few things

  1. About how many new items are in 1.2 and how many were there before?

  2. How many new mobs are there in 1.2?

  3. Will our 1.1.2 worlds work in 1.2?

Redigit80 karma

  1. The last update had 603 items. There are currently 1613.

  2. Previously there were about 145 mobs. There are now 236.

  3. Your old worlds will still work but they will be missing a lot of specific features.

Hey_Bro_Cmon23 karma

Hey there Redigit, massive fan, I'm literally dying here waiting for 1.2, cannot wait! But anyway on to my question.

  1. What was your experience/education with coding before Terraria?

  2. What language do you feel most comfortable with?

  3. What do you recommend for people wanting to go in the same direction as you in terms of coding an awesome game such as Terraria?


Redigit58 karma

  1. I was kicked out of high school junior year and am mostly self taught. I picked up a few things while in the Air Force but most of what I know has been learned through research and trial and error.

  2. The language I am most comfortable with is C#.

  3. Start small and work your way up. When I was learning C# I made a text adventure game and worked my way up to pong.

Zornithorinque23 karma

Hello Redigit :)

Is there an item or an idea or anything that you wanted to add to the update but can't add to the 1.2 ? And if the answer is "Yes" can you tell us what's the item/idea/concept and for what reasons you didn't add it to the update ? :)

PS: You have a lots of french fans !! :p Merci beaucoup pour ce jeu :)

Redigit43 karma

There are a few things that did not make it to 1.2 that I am planning to put in 1.2.1

Malbio21 karma

Will there be a spider pet? :D

Redigit57 karma

Possibly in the Halloween update but no promises.

Lp575721 karma

I tried asking on the forum site but had no luck, back when the new lighting system was added it killed us low end system users being able to play till it was changed. I've noticed loads more lighting goodness and particle effects have been added, which is great.

My question is, has all these been optimized for us poor low end users playing on Retro lighting?

Redigit33 karma

It will work more or less the same you just won't get the smooth colored lighting.

Geckoman4320 karma

Hey there Red. My friends and I are very competitive when it comes to games and we all love Terraria, are there are new PvP features/updates for 1.2?

Redigit73 karma

I have added large gems for a Capture the Gem style gamemode. If you have a gem in your inventory it will draw an image of the gem above your head. If you die while holding the gem it drops where you died.

RT-Pickred16 karma

Redigit here are my Questions: 1.) What Inspired you to start coding and the inspiration to make Terraria? 2.) What is the Origin of Your Name and why is it different on different Media sites? 3.) Will you continue your Let's Plays you did like in the Past after the new update is out? 4.) Finally what is your Favorite NPC/Weapon/Armor Set/Thing in the game and why?

Redigit48 karma

  1. Scroll up
  2. Because Redigit was taken by imposters. I used Demilogic a lot as my gamer name so that is my backup.
  3. If I can talk Cenx into doing them with me.
  4. NPC: Party Girl Weapon: Vampire Knives Armor: Shroomite Thing: Bubble Machine...because....bubbles.

DJKinggo1316 karma

Yo Red, I love the Extractinator, but how does it work once hardmode is enabled, are you able to get the higher tier ores?

Redigit28 karma

It only works on prehardmode ore but there are things that you can only find through using it.

Veridoomed16 karma

Hey Red! First of all thank you for developing such an awesome update for an such an amazing game! Now a couple of questions: I know what inspired you to make Terraria, but what I don't know is what inspired you to develop 1.2? And also, ever considered fishing as a possible feature in Terraria? And what is the wall of flesh? Is it the demented spirit of the guide coming to take revenge on you for sacrificing him? Or a side effect of voodoo?

And of course, if you don't mind, an obligatory fan suggestion. I think it would be cool if there was a hardmode weapon that directly uses the hallow or corruption as ammunition. For insance: every shot from the "Corruption Gun" would consume 0.0001% of the corruption and deal damage based on the amount of consumed corruption (But not the actual amount, just a number based off it).

Thanks for listening and making such a great game! and sorry for the overwhelming amount of questions.

Redigit92 karma

I am on board with you on the fishing feature, I think it would be awesome and have brought it up several times. The Wall of Flesh is the creation of my imagination. The reason I made it so you sacrifice the guide is because I wanted to give the community a way to take revenge on that jerk for opening the damn door all the time!

DJKinggo1316 karma

Red, did the server without hamachi thingie work, and is it in 1,2?

Redigit31 karma

It does work and it is in 1.2 :)

Zarkdion15 karma

You've been talking about this Bubble Machine here a lot. What is it? And What purpose does it serve?

Redigit43 karma

It blows bubbles...that is all.

culturedrobot15 karma

Hey Red, you've made a great game that has given my friends and me many hours of enjoyment. I think Terraria is going to be one of those games we'll be talking about well into the future, so way to freakin' go.

Since there are already a bunch of questions specifically about 1.2, I'll ask a more general question: if you had unlimited time and resources (meaning your fanbase wasn't constantly breathing down your neck to release an update), what would you turn Terraria into? What would be the ultimate iteration of Terraria in your eyes?

Redigit52 karma

Terraria 3D: The best game ever made. Stay tuned for details. ;)

DVS_scheme15 karma

I love you(?)

Redigit28 karma


Aeroblop14 karma

Bro... :)

EDIT: I should really ask a question, will there be any more major content updates like 1.2?

Redigit37 karma

I think I want to stick to smaller and more frequent updates rather than massive ones.

Imallskillzy14 karma

Hey Redigit! Thanks for doing the AMA, I'm very much looking forward to the update! Again, let me thank you for putting so much time, energy, love, sweat and tears into the update to make it as amazing as it is sure to be.

Now, questions!

Now that 1.2 is out of the way, what are you planning to do? I believe you said something about spending time with your family?

As a developer, what would you suggest to people in HighSchool / early college with little programming background to do in order to start developing games? (Ex: developing software, languages to pick up etc)

If you had to guess, how many hours total did you put into 1.2? (9001?)

What language/software is Terraria created in?

If you could go back and change one thing that you did with Terraria in the past, what would it be?

What is your favourite vacation spot?

Do you watch sports / e-sports? If so what sport / whats your favourite team?

Name one random object on your desk!

I think thats enough from me, thanks again for all you've done for this community, and keep being awesome!

Redigit26 karma

After 1.2 I have another update planned but after that I want to take some time off to relax and do some traveling.

Fun fact, I was kicked out of high school junior year. First I would find what skill set suits you best in development be it art, programming, music, or game design. My graphics people are invaluable to me and the music provided by Scott Shelly makes the game! Really just be patient and stick with it, it is not something you will master over night.

I started with QBasic then moved to Visual Basic. I wrote SMBX in Visual Basic and am now using C#. I am planning to move to C++ for my next game.

More than 1,000 hours were put into 1.2 for sure.

The main thing I would have changed was my choice in beta testers. The game being leaked put a huge rush on development and forced me to leave out a lot of features.

I do not watch sports, my favorite vacation spot is Hawaii, and I have a little stuffed penguin with a spike collar on my desk.

damos121213 karma

How much new stuff is there in hardmode? :D

Redigit60 karma

Too much!

ArcaneArcher12 karma

Hey Redigit, I follow the spoiler thread on the TO. I read somewhere that there is no "Alternate" to the hallow like Crimson is to Corruption.. Is this true?

If so, a couple of us from TO have come up with a pretty solid idea for a possible alternate if you would consider it. I will leave you a link. http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/veridian-alternate-hollow-counterpart-crimson.106269/page-2#post-2266590

Redigit21 karma

Awesome idea but I already have this alternative planned out! :)

souldown12 karma

You are a fucking crackerjack. You will never work for EA you son of a bitch. i love you.

Redigit31 karma

They actually offered me a job once... I am sure you know what I told them. ;)

Jubjubers10 karma

Thank-you for your labor of love. Will your green hat be available in-game?

Redigit11 karma


Hertki9 karma

Now that my first question is out of the way here are some more that I would like answered!

-How is your family doing? I haven't hear you talk about them much, and I'm just a little curious on how you're doing. ;)

-What are your plans in the coming future for terraria? Quest systems, More dimensions/worlds to explore? I'd love to see what that would turn into!

That's all I got for now, I'll probably edit this post if I have any more questions. Stay awesome!

Redigit16 karma

The kids are good, added a few MLP references for the eldest as he is a huge fan. I don't want to give away too much but I do intend on adding quest systems and several other new features. You will have to wait and see!

Jzion209 karma

I've asked this in other spots but will the official soundtrack be updated with the new tracks or will it be its own soundtrack?

Redigit10 karma

It will be its own soundtrack.

theuselessgeneration9 karma

Will Terraria ever be done? I mean in the sense that you can step away and look at the game and say to yourself, "I've done everything I wanted to do. My masterpiece is finished." Or will there always be new ideas that you want to implement?

Redigit27 karma

I could probably update Terraria for a while but I really want to get started on my next venture. I feel like even if I personally stop development of Terraria the game will continue through mod support and potentially by another team to continue it while I learn C++ !

Eyrgos9 karma

Hi Red, thank you so much for 1.2 :), Questions:

  • BONUS1: healer equipment, a full-fledged class (armor sets, accessories) or a mini-class (a handful of "weapons")?
  • BONUS2: is there a mega-secret mechanic or feature yet unrevealed that you're sneakily withholding from us?
  • BONUS3: are you interested in adding an "alternative-hallowed" in the future? Have you heard of our idea for the VERIDIAN?
  • BONUS4: did anything hush-hush make it into 1.2 regarding PvP? I notice you've been very quiet on this topic...
  • BONUS5: any interest in further pushing the ambience/aesthetic? E.g. glowing eyes blinking in the background, birds flying out of trees when brushed through, vines swaying when walked through, creating a cannonball splash.

Redigit16 karma

  1. There is a healer class at the end of hardmode.
  2. I am not telling.
  3. I had one planned for this update but decided to do it in another update due to time constraints.
  4. Just the capture the gem features.
  5. Yes! This is something I definitely want in the game.

MisterAdventure9 karma

What was your favorite thing working on in this update?

Redigit15 karma

Waterfalls. It was a lot of hard work (36 hour venture) but probably the most fun.

Catastrophe6668 karma

Have you nerfed the broken armor debuff?

What about cave bats being more threatening than other monsters, did you do anything about that?

Will you still have to grind skeletron/twins/destroyer for gear in hard-mode?

Redigit10 karma

The giant cave bats were nerfed a bit and there are several things to provide immunity to debuffs. If you do it correctly, you should only have to kill one of them to progress depending on the weapons you want.

AlMightyA8 karma

Hey Red,

What languages are you translating Terraria to? Have you added more features for heart crystals? <3 A Huge Fan.

Redigit20 karma

Right now we are using the ones that were already in there but we are talking to a professional translator to get several new languages added.

timelyparadox8 karma

Ive got a question about game difficulty , do you feel the game got harder/easier in some of the stages ?

Redigit12 karma

The beginning of the game can be easier if you find some of the new items but not significantly. Hardmode can be a real pain sometimes.

XBLchorasden7 karma

It has been said officially on different places on the net, console updates are coming soon after. We saying Q4 2013 or after Xmas?

Redigit13 karma

This will be determined by Engine and 505 Games. They have a lot of work to do to get this ported over to consoles.

Alenonimo7 karma

Hey! I have some questions!

  • How are you doing? Everything OK? I hope so.

  • The game allows a god deal of customization of the controls, but I found easier to grapple in game using the middle mouse button. Have you tried that? Kinda neat. Is it possible to change the game to allow remapping key bindings to mouse buttons and make my $200 mouse a better investment?

  • It's currently impossible for me to buy the Collector's Edition of the game. Any chance it could end up in a DLC for Steam? I sure could use a bunny pet.

  • Why are games released on a tuesday on US? Wouldn't be better to release them at fridays so we could play at the weekends? Americans are weird people.

That's it for now. Thanks for being here.

Redigit15 karma

I am doing great, thank you for asking. I will definitely consider allowing mouse remapping.

Unfortunately the collector's edition will only be sold as physical copies. There are a ton of new pets way cooler than the bunny in this update anyway. ;)

I chose Tuesday over Friday because it would be harder to do any patch updates if necessary for the launch. The only reasoning I can think of for America releasing games on Tuesday is Movies come out on Friday.

chartinboy6 karma

The wiki mentions you had plans to include alternate world modes, such as alien planets and alternate dimensions, yet I've not heard anything since - Did these end up not working out, or are they a delicious feature we've yet to discover?

Redigit12 karma

I have added a lot of the things from that list of features but decided that others would not work well. I have always wanted to add an alternate world option so who knows.

4b726f67676c69646f726 karma

Redigit, as someone who hosts servers will the default server have any more options than in 1.1.2? If not, do you have any plans to add anything or should I continue to rely on TShock?

Redigit24 karma

Aside from some bug fixes and uPnP feature there will not be any new options for 1.2 . Tshock has done an awesome job providing secure servers and I am planning on giving them early access to 1.2 so they can have TShock up and running as soon as possible.

Sovekop6 karma

Hey Red!

I love the pulsing glow of Demon Torches in Terraria, do they still "breathe" in version 1.2?


Redigit9 karma

If you are asking if they do different colors still the answer is yes. :)

M2TheT6 karma

Hey Red :) Is Plantera the final boss, or did you still make the "whole world" one you told me about?

Redigit46 karma

Plantera is not the final boss, there is one more after him. 1.2.1 will bring the moon to Earth.

stirshit6 karma

What are some of your favourite games to play? Favourite indie developers?

Redigit9 karma

Symphony of the Night, Link to the Past, Dwarf Fortress, Trine 2, Diablo 2/3, Orcs must Die 2, FTL, and Borderlands 2. Derek Yu the creator of Aquaria and Spelunky is probably my favorite if I had to choose one.

Trencha5 karma

Question is accompanied by quite a long justification, I provided a tl;dr summary at the bottom for your convenience, should you wish to use it.

Terraria has a lot of grindy parts to it. I don't mind so much in the early stages of the game when you're trying to grind out enough Copper, Silver, Gold etc to make more armour and weapons. You're exploring and discovering new places so you don't really notice the grind. Then when you get to Demonite and Meteorite and such it's ok because these are acquired via events in the game like boss fights and destroying Shadow Orbs, not via mining, and when you're acquiring jungle gear you're still exploring at the same time. New gear like Murakumo and the Rocket Boots are acquired by exploration and more game events.

But then when you get to hell and you have to grind out a lot of Hellstone and Obsidian, I always start thinking "I've already done a bunch of grinding at the start of the game, this is one of the last parts of the 'normal mode' game, why does this game start and end with a grind?". Then once I've unlocked "hard mode", mining all the new ores, grinding the various Souls, including boss souls, this all seems like so much of an anticlimax and not particularly fun, especially since a lot of it occurs in areas that I have already explored and I have no motivation to go back and explore them again just to find new ores. I can make lots of Spelunker Potions to help out, but that's a pretty substantial grind in itself.

I feel like this end-game grind puts off a lot of people who play Terraria, and is the reason why a couple of people like TotalBiscuit/Jesse Cox and Tobuscus did very popular YouTube playthroughs of the game but never even fought a hard mode boss.

Has anything been done in patch 1.2 to address this perceived issue? If yes, can you tell us some of the things? And if no, why not? Do you even think it's an issue?

tl;dr I think that a lot of the end-game in Terraria has too much grinding (mining ores and acquiring souls) and is quite dull compared to the rest of the game. Thoughts?

Redigit12 karma

Looking for ore is a major part of the game, without ore how would you get new gear to progress? With going back to underground in hardmode things have changed a bit. With the new content you are not required to get souls for new items/armor, there are a lot of new rare drops, mini bosses, and rare creatures.

KwwB5 karma

Hi Redigit!

Thank you so much for making Terraria and providing free content updates! You are AMAZING! Now for my question :)

For you. What was the hardest part of creating the 1.2 content update?

Redigit9 karma

Finding a place to stop and release it.

Smeeza5 karma

Hey Red, what do you think about this?

Redigit13 karma

Looks pretty fancy.

CatPasta5 karma

Is there a technical limitation behind the 1920x1080 resolution limit (as I understand it), or it's a pure gameplay decision?

There's a guy who got it to work on 3 monitors but I'm pretty sure it didn't just work like that out of the box.

Redigit9 karma

I considered anything bigger than that cheating as it would show too much.

He was able to get it to do that by simply removing 2 lines of code.

Zarkdion5 karma

What was your favorite part of designing the new 1.2 update?

Redigit23 karma

Seeing it come to life.

facafake5 karma

When and where will the new musics in the soundtrack be made available?

Redigit11 karma

It will be available for purchase on bandcamp soon and I am thinking of uploading them all to my youtube channel.

death2bots5 karma

Is there going to be a moon boss? :3

Redigit13 karma

That sound outrageous! ;)

Delta7x4 karma

Back in January you had posted this thread: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/something-about-a-possible-pc-update.95324/

How did you decide on what to add, and what not to add from all the responses?

Also, about how many of those responses actually made it in the update?

Redigit8 karma

I already had a pretty good idea in my head of how I wanted the update to go. I read through all of the feedback to get a feel for the general progression people wanted and things that I thought would be a nice feature to Terraria.

doughnutking4 karma

Red could you please tell me what the quest system. I havent seen any of the live streams mention any thing about it so im starting to think that there isnt one.

Redigit13 karma

The quest system is something I want to add in a future update.

JeTheAdventureer4 karma

Hi Redigit I want to ask if terraria will be sometime ...um...uh...ported for the DS? it would be a huge achievement! P.S:you are the best!

Redigit13 karma

Unfortunately the DS does not have the memory to run the game. It is something we looked into and the specs just don't work.

ZabuzaBZ3 karma

When can i pay you money so i can play this bad boy on my PS vita?!?!?

Redigit5 karma

Eventually, yes.

DarkWolff3 karma

Previously you had announced that there would be no new content for Terraria after 1.1, and then you announced the 1.2 patch. What was the driver for the change in plans and are you considering a 1.3 patch as well?

Redigit4 karma

Cenx was very persuasive. I want to do several smaller updates moving forward but do not want to make any promises. :)

tanjoodo3 karma

I've heard that Terraria started as an experiment in C#/XNA. How did you find XNA?

Redigit10 karma

I was going through all my options and sort of just stumbled upon XNA. Initially I wanted to sell it through the xbox marketplace but the game became too mouse oriented.

Anton_Martin3 karma

Hey Red! Thanks for the fun you have brought into the world! How did you come by your handle? Lose a finger? Re-digit. In a hurry? Redi-git. Red headed ignoramus? Red-igit. ;)

Redigit9 karma

There is an episode of the Simpsons where Bart says his name is Rudiger. When I heard it I thought he said Red-ih-get (that is how you pronounce it.) I have been using the handle ever since then.

heresyprogram3 karma

What prompted you to release the 1.2 update in the first place? What do you think of Starbound?

Redigit8 karma

There was such a huge demand from the community and I wanted to give them something back for their continued support. Not only that but I absolutely love developing Terraria and I found myself in a place where I could dedicate the time needed to do so.

I will let you know when it comes out.

DatLXGFrost3 karma

Where you surprised by how many popular Youtubers took up the game? (Jesse Cox and Total Biscuit springs to mind) - and how important was that in the rise of the game's popularity?

Redigit11 karma

I was pretty surprised when I first started seeing popular youtubers playing the game. It is free and awesome advertising!

DanielMeltzer3 karma

Hey Redigit, I am curious on how the hamdrax/hamaxes will work with the new block functions? (sloped, half blocks)

Thanks :)

Redigit9 karma

The hammer is what switches tiles between normal, sloped, and half blocks. To make this function well with the game I have made it so that hammers are only used for changing tiles and removing backwalls. Axes will still chop down trees and giant mushrooms. The hamdrax is now just a drax and the hamaxe still works the same.

jwc1122 karma

Do you ever plan to have a pet that aids you in some way?

Redigit9 karma

There is a summoner subclass that has creatures that will aid you.

kenthok2 karma

Did you miss working on Terraria after you stopped the development after 1.1.2?

edit- spelling

Redigit9 karma

Every bit of yes.

begoodbegood2 karma

Hey Redigit I don't know if my questions have been asked already but still:

  1. What other games do you enjoy?

  2. Did Terraria's secsess proven your expactation or all those sales and popularity were a big surprise?

  3. What do you think about pirating games? Is this good thing or a bad thing from your point of view

Redigit6 karma

  1. Dwarf Fortress, Castlevania:SOTN, Borderlands 2, Diablo 2/3, Orcs must Die 2, FTL, Link to the Past, and Saints row 3. I can't wait to have time to try out Saints Row 4 and Cubeworld.
  2. Everyone hopes to be successful but I did not anticipate this level of success.
  3. Piracy is morally wrong but everybody does it. Piracy hurts consumers the most because they have to deal with more intrusive drm, more expensive prices, and get treated like criminals. I understand not everyone can afford a game, want to try it early, or can't turn down the chance to get something for free.

boas12342 karma

When will Terraria be availible for windows phone, and when multiplayer comes will it be availible for windows phone and will we be able to play with iphones?

Redigit3 karma

Unfortunately I do not have definitive answers for mobile questions as I am the PC developer.

Xsodus2 karma

How will u manage the patch notes?

i heard u said it was too big to release just as a simple block of text since there are new systems and stuffs, including posible spoilers.

Redigit6 karma

I am not intending on releasing a full list of patch notes as it would spoil too much of the game. I will do a brief overview and leave it at that.

randomnameABC2 karma

Hello Redigit here are some questions i wanted to know for a long time
1.what are the new uses for gems?
2.will you make a terraria lets play again?
3.is there a new grapling hook? if there is what does it do?
4.what are the new ores?
5.what are the new bosses?
6.how manny new items where added in the game(1.2 uppdate)?
7.can you name 10 new enemies(or less if there is less new ennemies)?
8.what is the best armor?
9.how manny new wing will there be?
10.how manny new musics will there be?
11.will we ever get steam achievements or ingame achievements?
that is all and keep up the awesome work Redigit

Redigit7 karma

  1. Tools, armor, weapons, stained glass.
  2. If I can convince Cenx to do them with me.
  3. Yes and no.
  4. Yes.
  5. Spoilers
  6. Over 1,000
  7. More Spoilers
  8. Depends on your play style.
  9. 12
  10. 15
  11. Possibly

tehflambo2 karma

Hey Redigit, could you go into more detail about your ideas for the Underworld biome in the future? I saw a screencap from an IRC chat where you mentioned wanting to make it like Dante's 9 layers of hell.

I really enjoyed the difficulty of the earlier, fire-imp infested, iteration of the Underworld. While it's now easier, the flavor of the new enemies in the Underworld is amazing. I'm really excited about anything you might do that would add more difficulty, flair or depth to the underworld! Thanks!

Redigit9 karma

I am thinking for future updates Hell will get deeper with new levels and challenges you must overcome to continue downward into the abyss. I am not intending this to be a copy of Dante's Inferno that was just the easiest way to describe my crazy thoughts to people.

m0k3tAl1ty2 karma

What is probably your favorite part of the update?

Redigit9 karma

It is a toss up between Shroomite armor and the bubble machine.

PookiePi2 karma

Will a 1.2 server executable be available at launch?

Redigit3 karma

Yes. It will come with the game and I will put it on Terraria.org

jwc1122 karma

Hey red first off i want to thank you for giving us this massive update for free your an awesome dev i also want to thank you for how active you are with the community.

1) What is your favourite new item?

2) What was the longest coding session you had whilst coding 1.2?

3)What do you think of the terraria community compared to others?

Thanks for everything.

Redigit11 karma

  1. Bubble Machine
  2. 36 hours
  3. The Terraria community is really the only one I am involved in and they are awesome!

jwc1123 karma

Bubble machine sounds fun. 36 hours is a long time how did you stay awake? and im glad you like us XD

Redigit4 karma

Caffeine and determination. Working on waterfalls was a pain!

Hackyzach2 karma

How long did it take, start to finish, to balance 1.2 and remove all the bugs? Or are you still working on that? I know that stuff can take a really long time.

Redigit3 karma

We have been bug testing for months now as new builds were ready for testers and I tend to test/tweak a lot while adding new things to the game. Balancing has been about 20 playthroughs so far and we are still going at it to make sure everything is as awesome as possible!

Lumj2 karma

Hello I just wanted to say I love your game! Did you ever expect it to become so popular?

Redigit6 karma

I hoped for it to be popular but did not expect it to hit this level.