hi reddit. I'm a comedian, actor and musician. You might know me from The Office, or The Hangover movies (I'm the guy with the facial tattoo). I'm excited about a new webseries I just created called Tiny Commando - check it out here: http://screen.yahoo.com/tiny-commando/

I'm ready to get naked (metaphorically speaking).

Ask Me Anything.

proof: https://twitter.com/edhelms/status/383300367704150016

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TheWhiteeKnight2300 karma

I came here to see Ed Helms naked, left vastly disappointed.

Ed_Helms_2461 karma

Or would you be even more disappointed if you saw an actual naked picture of me? Hard to know. A mystery better left unsolved.

ChocolatePain2219 karma

I go to Cornell and am Vice-President of the Andy Bernard Club. Would you be willing to come as a guest speaker?

Ed_Helms_2985 karma

Vice President? Run for president next year. If you win, I'll consider it.

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PhillyBluntBitch1466 karma


Ed_Helms_1309 karma

Thank you! And I love that last line too. Got choked up saying it.

MmmNumNums1407 karma

Ed, what are your thoughts and concerns about Chipotle charging extra for guacamole?

Ed_Helms_2114 karma

What can I say, those shrewd bastards know the value of solid guac. I probably shouldn't say this, but I'd pay twice what they're charging.

Elphie_8191365 karma

Do you have a favorite cold open from the Office?

Ed_Helms_2913 karma

PARKOUR!!! PARKOUR!!! Hard core parkour!!!

Klass838 karma

I've always liked your wardrobe on The Office. Did you ever give your input on Andy's suits, ties, and shirts?

Ed_Helms_2418 karma

I had very strong opinions about Andy's wardrobe! I felt it needed to be a combination of Northeastern, yacht-club preppy and Southern District Attorney showing up for the Kentucky Derby. I loved Michael Scott's description in one episode where he said Andy "dresses like an Easter egg."

bellybuttonNinjaMan834 karma

how pissed are you that Charlie Hunnam took your role for Fifty Shades?

Ed_Helms_1738 karma

So pissed. I sent in tons of audition tapes...

keanekid813 karma

Tweedly tweedly tweet, tweedly tweet tweet. Tweedly tweedly tweet, tweedly tweet tweet.

Ed_Helms_1488 karma

Yes indeed! I recorded that whole ring tone on Garage Band at home by myself. I was so thrilled when they decided to use it!

Gamingviper771 karma

How was doing the Mumford video? Who's idea was it?

Did you just get to show up and have fun or was it pretty planned out?

Thanks Helms!

Ed_Helms_1528 karma

Super fun Sam Jones, the director came up with the idea It was pretty planned out, but we screwed around a lot once we got started. Also, it was filmed at Schrute Farms! No joke.

AJGreen21684 karma

Did you get to keep anything from the set of The Office?

Ed_Helms_1627 karma

Yes! I kept Andy's certificate from Anger Management training as well as his a Here Comes Treble photo.

Ed_Helms_679 karma

Hey Everyone - Thanks for all the questions! Its been a lot of fun, at times alarming, and also quite soothing. And if you like funny videos and/or tiny action sequences, check out Tiny Commando: http://screen.yahoo.com/tiny-commando/ Now lets all go get a beer and hang out! Cheers Ed

vingt_et_un571 karma

what are you like in bed?

Ed_Helms_2006 karma

Have you ever ridden a pegasus into the sunset? And said pegasus also has Barry White's voice and sings while Daft Punk plays on a nearby cloud? That's what I'm like in bed.

Doogy65512 karma

Who was funnier on the set of the Hangover-Zach Galifianakis or Ken Jeong? Be honest, Ed.

Ed_Helms_1395 karma

Everyone on the Hangover set agrees, Zach is simply the funniest person on earth.

bonerchamp316487 karma

Just want to thank you for being a big part of my favorite show and having a hand in my user name

Ed_Helms_615 karma

Awesome user name! It was always fun brainstorming nicknames for Andy. I think he eventually had close to 15 and each one gives you a little nugget of backstory or hints at something weird in his history.

sasquatch21482 karma

Your version of Drift Away is constantly stuck in my head. Thank you! Love your work.

Ed_Helms_713 karma

Free my li'l ol' soul!!!

chcgcbs452442 karma

What was it like going to High School with Brian Baumgatner? I hope he was like kevin

Ed_Helms_918 karma

Brian rules. Back in high school we used to ride around in convertibles and hit mailboxes with baseball bats. Oh no, wait. That was the movie "Stand By Me." We were in a couple of plays together. He is actually NOTHING like Kevin and is a smart, hilarious, down-to-earth fella. And a freakishly good golfer.

DarkEastwood387 karma

Who was the most fun actor to be around while you were on the cast of The Office? Who was most similar to their character?

Ed_Helms_947 karma

John Krasinski is one funny bastard. He could make me laugh at the drop of a hat. I would say everyone is generally much more low key than their characters. Except for Oscar. He has a very natural energy on the show its pretty close to who he is. But he's a lot less judgmental and more friendly in real life!

Pope_Alexander351 karma

What's the most funny/memorable part about filming the Hangover?

Did you get to touch Zach's beard?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

Ed_Helms_1003 karma

One very memorable part was the high speed boat ride down the Chao Phraya River right through Bangkok (at the end of Hangover 2). Just incredible. Regarding Zach's facial hair, I slept inside Zach's beard most nights.

netshow515314 karma

Was it a big challenge to replace Steve Carell as the center focus on The Office?

Ed_Helms_686 karma

I tried not to ever think of it as replacing Steve Carell. No character or person is replaceable. Everyone is different and we all bring our own set of strengths, skills, and foibles to the table. That mindset was really liberating and allowed me to focus simply on Andy and how he, as a character, would adjust to the new job. And that was definitely a big challenge. But a really fun and exciting one.

Trent_Boyett253 karma

What was it like in the room and backstage after Tig Notaro's epic cancer set last year?

Ed_Helms_380 karma

I sat in the wings watching her set just dumbfounded. It was totally amazing. I even texted a friend during the set "Tig is doing something historic."
She walked on stage and the first thing she said was "Hi! I have cancer!" Check it out http://www.npr.org/2013/07/26/205540155/tig-notaro-on-going-live-about-her-life

awesomeludwig248 karma

Would you ever consider getting a real Nard Dog ass tattoo?

Ed_Helms_455 karma

I have a giant nard dog tattoo on my entire back. So painful, but totally worth it.

madelenjohansen246 karma

How did you and the other actors become so small in Tiny Commando? Shrink pills?

Ed_Helms_482 karma

Yes. Shrink pills.

PhatPat394237 karma

Did you write the tiger song from hangover?

Ed_Helms_431 karma

Yes - I wrote the music and Todd Phillips and I wrote the words together. In Hangover 2, Todd wrote the "Alan Town" Billy Joel lyrics.

Swamp_ass69217 karma

What are you more passionate about your music or acting?

Ed_Helms_641 karma

Acting and comedy are my passions and have driven me professionally. Music is like an old friend who I will always love and keep close by.

Queen_LaQueefah206 karma

Can you still do BMX tricks in a half pipe?

ContinuumGuy185 karma

Ed: What was a funnier work environment- the set of "The Office" or your time on "The Daily Show"?

Ed_Helms_410 karma

Daily Show was a really intense grind. So much fun, but less about spontaneous laughs and more about building comedy and crafting jokes for the on-air segments. The Office was more about just trying to make each other laugh all the time. So the vibes were very different, but equally rewarding and exciting. And hilarious.

Matr1cks178 karma

Do you actually need glasses in real life? if so, how blind are you without them?

Ed_Helms_416 karma

Worn glasses since 2nd grade My prescription actually says "Mr. Magoo" I'm -6.0 in my left eye and -5.5 in my right But that's from a while ago and its definitely worse!

UnitedFanDes168 karma

Hi Ed! Huge fan of your work. I was wondering what drew you towards your role in 'Jeff, Who Lives At Home' as it differs so much from your other characters

Loved you in the Mumford and Sons video too!

Ed_Helms_234 karma

I think the Duplass Bros. are making some of the best movies out there. And I'm always looking for new challenges as an actor. And who wouldn't want to work with Jason Segal and Susan Sarandon? It was one of the best shooting experiences of my life. Really intense but fun.

TimeAndACrayon166 karma

Because of my job, I've seen the planetarium show Moons: Worlds of Mystery about 600 times, and I've gotta say, your narration is still fresh after all this time. Any plans to do more voice-over work? And did you learn anything from doing the narration for the show?

Ed_Helms_219 karma

Hey thanks! I'm so proud of that, and yet, I STILL haven't seen the final product. Planetarium shows were so exciting to me as a kid, so I was really flattered when I was approached about doing that. Glad you like it!

nottaclevername142 karma

What is something you wish more people knew about you?

Ed_Helms_442 karma

Its funny, I'm a fairly private person. So being in the public eye, I often feel like people know too much about me already. But I also like to live my life as open book and try to be transparent and authentic with people, so I try not to over think it. There's no one thing I wish more people knew about me, other than the fact that I am a trained ninja and often go on secret missions for the government. But that's top secret.

MichaelDoyle10133 karma

Tell us a funny, never-before heard story about Oberlin, please.

Ed_Helms_221 karma

One night I snuck into Peter's hall with some friends planning to repel off the roof. We got to the top and everyone went but I chickened out.

yeddiboy132 karma

Not so much a question, more or a request. Can you please work with Terry Crews? Please? I want to see the both of you in movies A LOT more!

Ed_Helms_779 karma

Funny you mention Terry Crews. I'm actually his personal trainer.

Mr_chao103 karma

The hangover is one of my favorite movies of all time. I have since been to Vegas and gotten familiar with the absurdity of the city. What was the strangest thing you saw while filming in Vegas?

Ed_Helms_287 karma

Strangest thing I saw in Vegas was a group of guys dressed up like the wolf pack taking pictures with tourists and charging $10! Too funny.

Ridditditdadoo96 karma

Fave Daily Show piece you did?
When does the Lonesome Trio album drop?

Ed_Helms_142 karma

So many favorites from the Daily Show. "Guns For Tots" was certainly one. Lonesome Trio got into the studio recently and had a blast - stay tuned...

twinmum88 karma

how was it working with Mindy Kaling?

Ed_Helms_171 karma

Awesome. Mindy rules.

SoadyDeerCamp86 karma

1) Just started playing the ol' banjo, which should I pursue; claw-hammer or Scruggs?
2) What is your favorite bluegrass band as of present?

Ed_Helms_217 karma

1.) Which sound do you like better? Pursue that 2.) Here's a few I love: Shovels & Rope, Infamous Stringdusters, Punch Brothers, Steep Canyon Rangers, Black Prairie and many many more!

Father_Mulghaney77 karma

Hi Mr. Helms, Fellow Wildcat here (Westminster Schools class of '09) just wanted to say you're one hell of an actor and I enjoy your performance in The office a great deal, what has your favorite role been so far?


Ed_Helms_173 karma

Tim Lippe in Cedar Rapids is one of my all time favorites. Such a good soul, but vulnerable and confused by the world. As well as Cesar Pequeno in Tiny Commando. Go cats!

Jorgeen71 karma

Do you plan on getting an Orca?

Ed_Helms_290 karma

I run an Orca rescue in my backyard. We currently have about 17. Its hard to find families willing to care for giant sea mammals.

kabbage12367 karma

I was watching the film 'Blackballed' and suddenly you appeared.

Was it your decision to be in the kayak? Was it a last minute decision? Was it a rental? Do you kayak often?

I need to know more about the kayak.

Ed_Helms_92 karma

Great question. I have no recollection why my character was in a kayak in that movie. I think someone just had one and we thought it would be funny or weird? But here's the irony, I was heavily into whitewater kayaking in high school and got back into for a spell in my late 20's.

num1zero38 karma

I think you should be in a celebrity band! Who would you want to be in the group with you?

Ed_Helms_241 karma

Drums: Sam Rockwell Guitar: Peyton Manning Tuba: Newt Gingrich

upvoter10129 karma

What kind of banjo are you playing right now? How much do you get to practice? Got any favorite players? (Outside of the obvious ones)

Ed_Helms_53 karma

I play a Titan banjo and I love it http://www.titanbanjos.com

Favorite players? So many. A few are Noam Pikelny and Jim Mills. Also check out Chris Pandolfi's solo albums. Really great stuff. Robbie McCoury. And Steve Martin just writes such wonderful tunes. I could go on and on!

gza_swords26 karma

Hey Ed thanks for doing this. What's a TV series you wish you had been a part of?

Ed_Helms_96 karma

Seinfeld! Or Kids In The Hall

McPick20 karma

Hi Mr. Helms! Congrats on the deal with Universal!

1.) New Yorker here. What do you miss most about New York City? Any recommendations for outside-the-box things to do/eat/see?

2.) Any funny stories you’re comfortable sharing from the sets of The Daily Show, or The Office? Loved you on both and thank you for the laughs.

Ed_Helms_54 karma

1.) I miss NYC ALL THE TIME!!! I had 10 wonderful years there.
2.) Recommendations - great music stores: Retrofret, Main Drag Music, and Mandolin Brothers (on Staten Island) Check out the bluegrass music scene in NYC - it is THRIVING Great Pizza - Arturo's (also has live jazz) on Houston and Anna Maria's on Bedford and 7th in Williamsburg - hope its still there! I survived on that pizza for 8 years

Rags_McTattershanty10 karma

I used to love seeing "Seth & Ed's Puppet Show" at UCB once a month. Sadly, you and Seth have been doing fewer and fewer of these each year. Why is that, and will you be doing another one any time soon?

Ed_Helms_20 karma

Hey thanks! I love doing that show. Seth Morris is one of the greatest comedians I know. We tried to do it once a month for a few years and it just became too hard to coordinate with our schedules. But we're always trying to fit one in, so keep your eyes peeled.

sincerelyandrew7 karma

Hi Ed! What are the chances of you and Rainn Wilson recording a full version of Country Roads?

That was truly one of the first moments where I thought, "goddammit, Toby."

Ed_Helms_13 karma

I would say the chances are extremely slim. But it was damn fun to shoot! And who knows...