I went on Figure It Out, the 90's Nickelodeon TV show, when I was 11 during the Family Style season. My hidden talent was "Hangs Six Bottles From Face". I ended up winning a trip to Jamaica that actually changed my life. I got certified to scuba dive there and I now am a professional diver. Ask me anything!

My proof: Here's me after the show finished taping and they slimed my cousin: http://i.imgur.com/1Z70pXI.jpg

and here's a screenshot of my "talent": http://i.imgur.com/OnpfEZT.jpg http://i.imgur.com/gA23sfH.jpg

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Shalashaska31524 karma

Summer Sanders always seemed really friendly. What was she like off camera?

DangerWafflesIII56 karma

I hate to pop that bubble but she was the least friendly person I met. Everyone was so nice there. I was the alternate so I went there for a week and was even tutored with the charade brigade so I wouldn't get behind in school. She was the only person who wouldn't really meet with contestants and my only interaction with her (besides taping) was when I walked by and she was throwing some fit about not having the right flowers in her dressing room.

infinite_goats19 karma


DangerWafflesIII19 karma

I'm sorry! She was really nice when the cameras where on!

AdVictoremSpolias20 karma

I'm a Marc Summers guy myself. Screw Summer Sanders.

DangerWafflesIII21 karma

Who do you think would win in hand to hand combat?

Shalashaska31523 karma

Hey, we'll ask the questions around here!

DangerWafflesIII10 karma

My dearest apologies Shalashaska315.

AdVictoremSpolias7 karma

Good question, she's got that gymnast ability/agility but Marc Summers just recovered from a car accident. hmm... I'll give my vote to Marc Summers lol.

DangerWafflesIII7 karma

Obviously my vote is with Marc as well. Summer was in good shape athletically but if the fight went dirty she wouldn't stand a chance.

ZombysRreal3 karma

And now she's a health advocate for the healthcare company I work for...

DangerWafflesIII5 karma

What's the word on her temperament now?

jakuu23 karma

Can you still preform this amazing feat?

DangerWafflesIII26 karma

I haven't in a few years but I believe I can still master the art.

jakuu14 karma

We need picture proof.

DangerWafflesIII26 karma

My parents have the original bottles in the china cabinet, next time I visit them I'll grab them lol.

whynotboidzerg16 karma

Trick bottles

DangerWafflesIII50 karma

No, but I was using performance enhancing drugs.

omegatheory17 karma

Pixie Stix is a helluva drug.

DangerWafflesIII18 karma

Why can't I stop?!?

spent2minutesonaname17 karma

How realistic is the show? Do you think they're actually making attempts to guess?

DangerWafflesIII24 karma

Lori Beth is definitely trying, the rest kind of are. I know Mr. Belding felt really badly for guessing the kids talent before me, he thought he was purposely getting it wrong.

kashdjkf15 karma

That's always how I felt about the guessers. Lori Beth was the serious one and the rest were just screwing around. It was pretty obvious that they wanted the contestants to win. I always liked that about the show. If everyone was serious it would have been too hard to win.

DangerWafflesIII18 karma

Ya I don't know if they ever guessed it in the first round, the kids always got something. Plus any kid on the show got Sketchers shoes, I loved those things. I never washed that pair because they had slime on them.

DangerWafflesIII27 karma

Holy crap another person posted it?

I just found it on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Vr0AVOb0a6I#t=876

skrln15 karma

After 24 minutes I realized I actually spent 24 minutes watching someone hang 6 bottles from their face. That's it... I'm out.

DangerWafflesIII14 karma

lol sorry?

RyanMC1216 karma

How long was it between taping and going to Jamaica?

DangerWafflesIII27 karma

It took over a year. But it was perfect because by the time I got to go, I was 12. At the time 12 was the youngest they would allow to scuba dive so I'm glad it took a while.

Dick_in_a_b0x13 karma

As a kid I would dream about getting on one of these shows. What was the process like?

DangerWafflesIII24 karma

I made up my talent and wrote them a letter, then they sent a reply, I sent another letter, they sent a letter requesting a video, we sent the video then they called and interviewed me, then they asked me onto the show. That's when they started talking to my parents about details and I freaked out around the house.

Dick_in_a_b0x5 karma

Thank you for reply. Glad to hear about how the trip made you choose your career. Best of luck!

DangerWafflesIII6 karma

Thank you! I'll keep at it :)

glowingcloud10 karma


DangerWafflesIII2 karma

lol I think I do, was she a younger girl?

mattwrobel9 karma

How did you hang the bottles?

DangerWafflesIII31 karma

I sucked the air out then slid them across my face (which I would wet to make it easier). How I haven't used this talent more, I'll never understand.

shunna7522 karma

Most unexpected boner ever.

DangerWafflesIII8 karma

Ya I reread that... I could have written that differently

shunna750 karma


DangerWafflesIII5 karma

Someone had to be, this is the internet.

Kuronjii2 karma

With this information I will attempt to hang 8 bottles from my face.

DangerWafflesIII2 karma

I believe in you!

kinggutter9 karma

So take for instance the episode that you were on is going to air in two weeks, on Tuesday, at 4pm. Are you warned beforehand at all that it's going to be coming on, or do you just kind of stumble on it by chance because you happen to be channel surfing when your episode comes on?

I've always wondered this with people who have been in an episode of something.

And now I'll ask a SCUBA question!

So when you're underwater, let's say 35 feet, what's the atmosphere like? Do you feel a lot of pressure? What about the tranquility of it all? I imagine it's probably very peaceful to be down there with absolutely no senses other than sight. Well, and touch, too. But I'm assuming you're using your arms to move yourself around better, even though I know you can interact with your surroundings.


DangerWafflesIII3 karma

They gave us an approximation of when it would air, but I think I missed it. I remember them being very vague, and I didn't have a guide or anything to see which episodes would be airing. I saw it air when it was repeated though.

35 feet is a little over one atmosphere, fairly shallow. It's a good depth to look at reefs and see lots of animals. The changes in pressure you feel start within the first 10 feet, but that's just in your ears. You equalize them just like when you are in a plane. It is very serene and peaceful. I usually have Jacques Cousteau narrating about all the beautiful sea life in my head. You never touch anything and actually most divers have their arms crossed during a dive. You don't want to disturb anything, and arms are inefficient at maneuvering anyways. With fins on you don't need them. I actually am a very sloppy swimmer on the surface because for the majority of my life I've only used my legs. You can hear things underwater, you just can't speak. It makes for a very... almost cathartic experience. You can just let go of things and recharge your batteries.

msemilyx8 karma

How did you get on the show? How do most people react when you tell them now? Was Summer Sanders as cool in person as she seemed on TV? Did you get to meet the other contestants?

DangerWafflesIII20 karma

I saw an episode where a girl won a trip to swim with the dolphins, and I was like... I want to do that. So I invented this "talent" to win a trip. Most people think this is where I peaked in life, everything was downhill from there, I will never be that cool again. I wrote a similar reply to u/Shalashaska315 about Summer, but maybe she was in a bad mood my week. The other contestants were all just so excited to be there, it was an awesome environment. When I finished with my school work I got to go to the green room which was a room filled with Nintendo 64s and we all played Mario Kart together.

crass_cupcake8 karma

did you meet danny he seemed chill as hell

DangerWafflesIII15 karma

I did and he was completely chill. http://imgur.com/pGZSJLx

If I met him again today I'd love to grab a drink or burn one with him.

crass_cupcake2 karma

ahh your super lucky he was my favorite on the show

DangerWafflesIII3 karma

He definitely wanted the contestants to win so everyone liked him lol.

Poisonsmile5 karma

I had such a huge crush on him.

DangerWafflesIII7 karma

He did have a confidence about him, I could understand that.

N776AU7 karma

What the hell is that on Summer's head in your episode?

DangerWafflesIII9 karma

The 90's were a tough time on some of us. Maybe she was climbing a fence in Jurassic Park.

N776AU6 karma

I mean, Islands of Adventure is right next door and everything.

DangerWafflesIII7 karma

They were actually building that as we were taping. I would walk around the lot and I saw them painting the Cat in the Hat hat, they almost finished when I left.

fiffers7 karma

This cracked me right the fuck up. As an avid fan of the show in my youth, I'd like to congratulate you on getting on it. I know someone else who did as well—I think he made an exercise machine for his turtle or something. Anyway, how nervous were you knowing you'd be on national TV?

DangerWafflesIII9 karma

Honestly I wasn't as nervous as I was in a state of disbelief. It was very surreal and happened so fast. I didn't hear half the questions and I felt slow for not understanding them. It felt like it was over in a split second. Nothing too big came of it when it was on TV because it aired when I had already left elementary school and was in middle school. No one cared at my middle school lol.

N776AU7 karma

I totally remember this episode from my childhood.

What was the taping schedule like?

DangerWafflesIII7 karma

I hope you headed by the warning to "not try this at home". It was a gateway talent that led to me putting everything on my face and heroin addiction.

Anyways... they would normally tape a bunch of episodes in a day and people were filing in and out constantly. They would have an alternate person waiting to go for the day in case someone didn't make their flight. Since I was local I was the alternate for an entire week, which I don't know if it was the entire season but it was a huge chunk of it. I mean celebrity week was done in less than a day. I hung around Nickelodeon for a week, playing Nintendo 64 and meeting people (after I was tutored for the day).

N776AU9 karma

That sounds like pretty much a childhood dream come true.

DangerWafflesIII6 karma

It was, I couldn't believe it. Like I said everyone, for the most part, was incredibly nice. I was bullied pretty badly at my previous school and had to transfer. At the time, it made me down on myself. This really changed my outlook.

BlueMonkey19996 karma

What do you think of the new Figure it Out re-boot?

DangerWafflesIII17 karma

I tried to watch it but it wasn't the same to me. I think it's because I don't care about the new Nick stars lol. Also I doubt they would let my lame talent on there, it all seems more legit.

AskMeBromostAnything6 karma

What is your Social Security Number?

DangerWafflesIII11 karma

NSA is that you?

Accent126 karma

Who are the three people other than Mr. Belding? The one girl on the right looks vaguely familiar, but I have no clue who the two people are in the middle.

DangerWafflesIII11 karma

My cousin was on the panel because it was family style and the girl was from this show the Journey of Allen Strange. Her name character was Robbie but her name is Erin Dean. The big girl is Lori Beth Denburg, she was on All That, Dodgeball and even Workaholics now.

Accent125 karma

Right as I asked that, they brought your cousin out, haha. Congrats! I've never seen this show before. Looks interesting.

DangerWafflesIII6 karma

Thanks! It really was interesting, I was very lucky.

jasonskater4 karma

Did they let you do any cool behind the scenes tours of other sets while you were there? Did they put up your whole family during the taping and did they let you go to the park/parks for free?

DangerWafflesIII4 karma

Well I lived in Orlando so we just drove there lol. My mom dropped me off in the morning and then picked me up after work, except when it was my slot. My parents were both there to watch right to the side of the set. I think I did get some free passes to go to the parks but I didn't go while we were taping. I spent a good part of the day being tutored in their classroom where any of the underage kids that worked for the show had to go. After I did my work I was allowed to go to the green room with the other contestants and play Nintendo 64 while they waited to go on, and I walked around the set and got to see all things Figure It Out, but no other shows sorry.

ThePaisleyLady4 karma

Did you get slimed/get to touch the slime? What was it like? It was my dream to get slimed as a kid.

DangerWafflesIII8 karma

When it was being taped they ran out of time and couldn't slime my cousin. But I made friends with the crew that week and they had the panel stay in position after I was done for some "reaction shots". Then the slimed my cousin, Erin and I think Mr. Belding got some collateral damage in there. It is actually cake batter and tasted really good, but it was cold. I got some on me after my cousin chased me down and hugged me.


Cinual4 karma

how many bottles can you hang from your face now?
If you are still able to do it.
Can we get a picture for proof?

DangerWafflesIII5 karma

Last time I did it I got 8 on there, one more on each cheek. I don't have the bottles with me they're at my parents house. I'm supposed to visit them next week so, in theory, I could dig them up and post it...

parallelsandmoney4 karma

First of all gotta say this was my favorite show as a kid and I think I'm painfully jealous of you right now, I used to do this same thing as a kid with bottles, I might still do it now when I'm home alone but ya know whatever. My favorite episode was the kid who had a four foot long rat tail - I feel it really sums up the 90s well.

Anyways my question: Is Lori Beth really cool or what? I always wanted to be her friend, still do actually....

DangerWafflesIII3 karma

She was something else. She was flirting with my cousin and made him so uncomfortable, but he said she was really cool. She was kinda different from the other cast members because you could tell she wanted to grow out of her "kid" role, yet still did her job. She acted the most like an adult, but she was definitely a quick witted funny girl.

cward16953 karma

Diving pictures!?

DangerWafflesIII4 karma

This is from a cavern dive I did http://imgur.com/HMbTPAn and this was just for fun http://imgur.com/yDVzBY4

cward16951 karma

That looks so cool, i really want to try diving! :D

DangerWafflesIII1 karma

I always say if fat 12 year old me could figure it out, anyone could. As long as you don't panic, diving is really easy.

cward16951 karma

Oh i have no doubt i could do it... I just never actually went to, which is sad cause i live right next to the Ocean.

DangerWafflesIII1 karma

I know it's a bit expensive, especially starting off, but it's something everyone should do.

cward16951 karma

Thats honestly the only reason i haven't done that or skydiving. They're expensive. :/

DangerWafflesIII1 karma

Have you talked to a local dive shop?

cward16951 karma

no, i dont even know where one is. Ill google it :)

DangerWafflesIII2 karma

Sometimes they have specials. Slow season is about to hit so you never know what they have planned.

firegauntlets3 karma

How was training to be a diving instructor? I really enjoyed the sessions of diving i did but found out that my ex (who i was going with) had a heart condition before we could get into the full course properly. I'd really like to get back into it at some point but it can be so costly and cold, as im from the UK.

DangerWafflesIII5 karma

I'm actually not an instructor, I'm a dive technician. I'm working on my Dive master cert right now in hopes of a promotion at work. I don't want to be an instructor to be honest. There is a lot of stuff that comes with instructing that I don't want to deal with. NAUI and PADI will both certify 10 year olds, I feel that is too young, sometimes 12 is too young. Sometimes people of all ages just can't do it, but that's not how people make money. They make money by passing people.

Man the UK has some rough conditions. You can get certified in as few as 4 days if your instructor is willing. I would recommend going to an easier spot. We get lots of divers from the UK over here (I'm in Florida). Diving is easy, it's all about staying calm and respecting the sport. If you do that you'll be fine. I mean if spastic 12 year old me can do it, you obviously could.

N776AU3 karma

How long was the delay from taping to the actual airing?

DangerWafflesIII3 karma

About a year, that seemed like an eternity to me. I taped it beginning of 5th grade and it aired right after I started 6th grade.

N776AU2 karma

Wow. That is a long time. How long til you got your prizes?

DangerWafflesIII11 karma

I couldn't go on the trip till the show aired, so I went for my spring break in 6th grade. I never got the boat because I told them to keep it. The Toys R Us money came fast actually. I spent about $60 on myself and bought some amazing Legos, then I went Oprah and bought toys for a bunch of underprivileged kids... I felt like a baller lol.

MOSh_EISLEY3 karma

Wow - can't imagine that most kids would be as selfless as you in their big shining moment. Good on you! :)

DangerWafflesIII5 karma

Thanks! I wouldn't say I was the most altruistic kid, but I was a firm believer in Legos. I won second in a Lego building contest, and I think I just wanted more kids to come to the dark side.

NYKevin3 karma

Is Jay's mom actually Jay's mom?

DangerWafflesIII3 karma

When I asked he said of course! But I don't know if it was true or he was keeping up appearances for the show.

abelcc3 karma

On a scale of hanging six bottles from your face to 10 how useful is your talent?

DangerWafflesIII5 karma

I'd have to give it a hanging six bottles from my face, except for that day in 1998... that day it was a solid 10.

jsgibson3 karma

Please tell me you got some tail growing up because of being on this show.

DangerWafflesIII5 karma

lol I wish, I kinda got fat right after that (spiraled out of control from the fame). Then I went to a middle school with 92 kids. When I went to high school I tried to be cool, and I didn't tell anyone. I promise when I go out next I'll use it as a pickup line and I am pretty sure they'll line up for some of this.

airitout3 karma

What's cousin john up to nowadays?

DangerWafflesIII3 karma

He is an adult. He has a good job, a beautiful wife, and an adorable baby. He didn't let the fame go to his head.

TheWingnutSquid2 karma

Did you figure it out?

DangerWafflesIII3 karma

If "it" is life... I'm working on it lol

Astroman1292 karma

aww shit I remember this episode >_>

DangerWafflesIII2 karma

I hope my useless talent brought joy to your young heart.

Astroman1291 karma

It sure did, I actually tried the same thing after I first saw the episode and found that I could do it, too. Definite confidence booster for a good forty five seconds.

DangerWafflesIII2 karma

That right there made my night. I inspired you to ignore the "do not attempt this at home" warning... my life is complete.

Astroman1292 karma

It's all good. I did the same thing for GUTS when that was still on TV.

DangerWafflesIII3 karma

What was your Aggro Crag??

Astroman1292 karma

Nonono. I tried it for the Zero-G event where you run on the wall. I could never get it but I sure tried XD (I was dumb okay) and I also tried the long jump one.

DangerWafflesIII2 karma

You're an inspiration

sigsigsignify2 karma

Really cool. Did you get slimed?

DangerWafflesIII3 karma

No, but I got some on me after my cousin chased me down and hugged me.


MaximusTheGreat2 karma

You don't happen to be the instructor at Gran Bahia Principe in Jamaica by any chance?

DangerWafflesIII2 karma

No I am not, but how awesome would that be??

MaximusTheGreat2 karma

It'd be pretty crazy since the instructor working there also had a "changed my life and now I do it for a living" kind of thing. Congrats on the free trip! :D

DangerWafflesIII2 karma

Thanks! I'm glad there are more of us lucky jerks out there too lol

imabunny2 karma

How cool is Lori Beth Denberg? She seems awesome.

DangerWafflesIII3 karma

She was something else. She was flirting with my cousin and made him so uncomfortable, but he said she was really cool. She was kinda different from the other cast members because you could tell she wanted to grow out of her "kid" role, yet still did her job. She acted the most like an adult, but she was definitely a quick witted funny girl.

FinalStarman12 karma

Do you like ketchup?

DangerWafflesIII3 karma

I am afraid to where this will lead, but yes I do.

FinalStarman15 karma

Haha, I haven't seen the show in years, but I remember one of the guys would always ask that.

DangerWafflesIII3 karma

Oh right! I totally forgot about that!

fembot20001 karma

I'm watching the episode now... and I have to wonder, what did the Christmas trees and hockey players have to do with hanging the bottles off of your face? I'd be just as stumped I reckon... however it's awesome that you won! :)

DangerWafflesIII1 karma

The trees were for hanging and the hockey was a face off. I loved how stumped they were, I never broke a sweat! lol Thanks for the kind words :)

17thknight1 karma

Your expression at 21:07 of http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwd533_figure-it-out-family-style-40_videogames is absolutely priceless.

DangerWafflesIII2 karma

I was an expressive kid lol.

accio_chocobo1 karma

Hah, when I saw your third photo, I read the caption in my head in Jay's voice. Good times. What was he like in person?

DangerWafflesIII1 karma

J? He was a really awesome laid back guy. My season was family style so J's "mom" did my episode. I was on set for an entire week as an alternate so I went around and got to meet him backstage. He was nice to my entire family and took a picture with us and the stage manager who helped me slime my cousin.

Ciael1 karma

Did you figure it out?

DangerWafflesIII1 karma

I'm a 25 year old college student, I've figured nothing out.

awhsheit2 karma

Don't feel bad. Neither has anyone else.

Just wing it.

DangerWafflesIII1 karma

words to live by

Star_rider1 karma

Can you still hang six bottles from your face?

DangerWafflesIII1 karma

I'm not trying to brag here, but I can hang eight now.

bigniggabacon0 karma


DangerWafflesIII3 karma

Lol definitely. It was a great time to grow up, best shows on TV and no social media.

robasolo0 karma

I just watched the show. I think you could have done 8. Hanging bottles from your mouth is a cop out. Do you agree?

DangerWafflesIII1 karma

You're right, I did figure out how to get eight on there. I wouldn't necessarily call the mouth a cop out, I was just using what I had to work with. Those just happened to be the easiest two.

Mantan17010 karma

We see your pic as a kid...what do you look like now? And do you still have anything that they gave you from the show?

DangerWafflesIII3 karma

I look the same but 14 years older, also I got a haircut. And my parents have some of the letters they sent along with the bottles. I never received the boat, I think I told them to keep it, and I gave donated my Lego collection a while ago. I only spent about $60 of the Toys R Us money on myself (Legos), the rest I went all Oprah and bought underprivileged kids stuff.

SelfImmolationsHell2 karma

So... You got one haircut in the whole time fourteen years in between. That's some dedication to hair growth.

DangerWafflesIII0 karma

I take hair growth very seriously.

crass_cupcake1 karma

did you donate it to locks of love you better have >:O

DangerWafflesIII1 karma

I actually did, they send you a little thank you certificate... it's very nice.

Gl33m2 karma

2 Days late but I had to comment: I donate my hair once a year to Locks of Love and I've never gotten a certificate. What a ripoff. I'm never doing something nice for charity ever again!

DangerWafflesIII2 karma

That sucks! I haven't done it in years, I guess they stopped doing that :-\