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Hi Cyndi!

You were in an episode of "Bones" and were absolutely phenomenal -- so sensitive and emotional, and such a different "character" than how you appear on stage and when singing. Did you enjoy working in that role? Are you considering acting more in the future?

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That sounds awesome! As someone who has worked for a daycare, though, I probably would have freaked out if a kid were running into the walls all the time.

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What made you finally decide to write a book? I've been trying for years to finish a story and I can never finish. They're not bad, but there's something that holds me back.

I'd love to check out your book :)

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OMG Cyndi Lauper talked to me! Cool!

A Sarah Palin hairdo on you would be fabulous. I recommend a slight strawberry blonde color, too. You go girl!

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I think this is the best question and response I've ever seen :) I'm wishing you the best of luck, BossXman123... You can do it!