My short bio: Most of you know the story considering reddit was one of the ways my story went viral in 2011, but for those who don't know, my name is Ted Williams. I used to be homeless and struggled with drugs, but after someone at the Columbus Dispatch recorded a video of my "Golden Voice" and posted it online, my life went viral.

Since recovering, I started a The Ted Williams Project, a not-for-profit organization. We raise money to support homeless communities by providing necessities for homeless shelters, and outreaches.

I also co-wrote a book.

Recently, I narrated a compelling documentary called Houseless.

I'll start answering questions around 4PM EST. Also, thanks for the reddit gold from yesterday.

My Proof: Here's proof for the internet

Just wanted to provide an update on why nothing has been answered yet -- We decided to do the AMA in an audio interview style since so many of you love the "Golden Voice" -- Just finished up with the first batch of questions and we'll be leaving them in the comments!

EDIT: Just finished up the first and second round of questions -- We'll be taking a break for a bit but look through the responses and see if your question is answered! special thanks to /u/grant0 for transcribing these.

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FunkmasterJoe1928 karma

Will you record my outgoing voicemail message?

squirreltastic950 karma

are you still in contact with the one who uploaded your video?

virak_john211 karma

You mean Doral Chenoweth? Great guy.

GoldenVoiceTed459 karma


Plov708 karma

is this the morgan freeman ama we all wanted?

GoldenVoiceTed1119 karma

I hope so

glitzyjan571 karma

After you found some fame, your daughter caused you some crazy problems. How did that all work out?

Icamequicly465 karma

What were the circumstances that led to you being homeless? What are some common issues that homeless people face that the average person does not know of?

Broke_stupid_lonely463 karma

Just throwing it out there, you should do a monologue competition like Samuel L. Jackson did to raise money for The Ted Williams Project.

apparatuslevel210 karma

How much privacy do you get these days? Are you living comfortably?

cravyvv198 karma

Hey Ted I kind of randomly heard about your progress yesterday,...glad to hear you're doing well. What's one thing you've always wanted to say on the air, but haven't had the chance? Blessings...

i_hate_usernames_170 karma

can you talk a little about your charity work

Kebira117 karma

Hey! I see you at the Grove City Cane's frequently. What do you usually get?

BreweryBaron99 karma

Congratulations first.

Question: How would you describe the change in attitude and mindset you have now, compared to when you were being homeless?

I'm somewhat unstable myself. How would you describe the transition to a "stable" life?

Valstone457088 karma

Did you ever get laid while being homeless?

Nadtastic75 karma

Can you say hi to me in your voice?

EDIT: to clarify, I mean a recording of your voice. Something simple like, "Hello Nadtastic!".

referencedesk71 karma

Congrats to you and your continued success!

Two questions; What is the most difficult aspect of being homeless? I am a librarian, and my library sees a fair amount of the indigent population. I often wonder if there is anything I could personally do to ease their time a bit.

Also, do you have any other philanthropic pursuits in the works?

Vmoney133766 karma

Not a question, but you're amazing. But if you have any cool stories, id love to hear them!

EDIT 2: Never mind, thanks ton Ted!

GoldenVoiceTed133 karma


Hell yes. Any stories from street?

petethepusherman59 karma

Howd you get clean? How do you think you'll stay that way?

Yiib55 karma

Your life got a huge twist, are you happy?

scalzo1942 karma

What was your first big, luxurious purchase you made once you got the essentials covered (shelter, food, car, clothes, etc)?

One_Man_Two_Shadows41 karma

What is your favorite thing that most people take advantage of on a day to day basis?

uberlad35 karma

Thanks for doing this! And glad to hear you're doing well!

Question: Given your extremely unique life experiences, what would you say is your very best life advice?

BarackEmRack20 karma

How was it like working with Pirate and other "Houseless" people in IV (I'm a UCSB alumni)? What common denominators do you all share in common and how do you think you can help turn their lives around? Edit: Forgot to mention that I'm looking forward to seeing the documentary!

Fitzburger19 karma

Would you ever read something requested by a redditor in your Golden Voice?


What are some up coming projects that you are involved in?

Moonburner16 karma

Relapse is a very scary thing to a lot of my clientele. You're very successful now, how do you maintain your own sobriety in the face of challenges and now huge success?

yochaigal14 karma

What do you see as the first necessary steps to solving the homeless crisis in major cities around the US?

Congratulations on all your success.

nicoekkart28 karma

Have you got any money thanks to the youtube video itself?

wu-tanging7 karma

What's the biggest downside to being Internet famous?

vlue_belvet1 karma

Looking back at where you were in your life, prior to your success, what did you think you would be doing in 2013?

leafbender0 karma

Do you feel closer to your family now, than few years ago?