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Guitar_fool83 karma

What inspired you to play the bass only like Bootsy Collins can play the bass?

iGiveAFunk295 karma

That guy Old Gregg told the story pretty well

PoliceAcademy430 karma

Verified from the source! The world would have been so different if you'd never found that intergalactic funky ball of tits.

iGiveAFunk15 karma

And I still got it baba

bryant67814 karma

"Its attached to your rod, mutha licka."

shirtleneck9 karma

Still use "mutha licka" as a term of endearment. So good.

iGiveAFunk13 karma

So so good

GirPanda915 karma

God damn it Bootsy Collins, I Fucking love you. Do you still have that farm that medicine ball covered in tits landed on? lol

iGiveAFunk8 karma

I'm sit'n on it right now!

Jesters94778 karma

Can we have an update on Buckethead :)

iGiveAFunk97 karma

He's doing better, I'll see if I can pull him out of the Chicken Coop for y'all soon

the_slunk6 karma

We at r/Buckethead just collectively creamed our pants.

iGiveAFunk22 karma

Now that's just Funky!

purple_sage264 karma

I just learned that your name is William Earl. One of my uncle's was William Earl. He wasn't black though nor could he play music.

iGiveAFunk421 karma

That was me before I caught the Funk

brachiators11 karma

Was it the Bop Gun what saved you? Is Sir Nose D'void of Funk still lurking about somewhere?

iGiveAFunk27 karma

he's on here down voting my thread as we speak!

TheFastAndDerFuhrer38 karma

How's it going, Bootsy?

iGiveAFunk77 karma

It's going good baba...u?

TheFastAndDerFuhrer26 karma

I can't complain about anything now. Thanks for letting me ride on the Mothership for all these years!

iGiveAFunk23 karma

It ain't no fun without the Funkateers!

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iGiveAFunk68 karma

Always On the One baba

MissyQuoi37 karma

What is your favorite song to make love to?

iGiveAFunk97 karma

Stretch'n Out...because...well u know...

thatdank35 karma

What's your favorite thing to play when you practice the bass?

iGiveAFunk101 karma

Me and the Space Bass just become One and I slap it until it just feels right

ingrum28 karma


no questions, just fucking love you

iGiveAFunk16 karma

I love u too baba! Keep it On the One!

wikkedwhite25 karma

Hows it being in the music indistry for so many years? What music do you personally listen to?

iGiveAFunk46 karma

It's been a crazy ride...u just gotta make sure u stay grounded, committed to The One and the rest falls into place. I listen to all music because I love the art/craft of it.

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iGiveAFunk60 karma


haddockcpt5 karma

I once saw you at the Cincinnati Airport. You were decked out in purple if I can remember correctly. I said hi not knowing if you heard me. And you looked at me and have me a smile. This big funky smile.

One of those moments that remind you that it's all good if you smile

iGiveAFunk8 karma

That's what we all need to do baba, give each other some love and love will show us it is all alright

jimjoebob20 karma

surely you get this question all the time, so could you settle it for us once and for all?

Get UP, or Get Down?

iGiveAFunk39 karma

Jump around and u got both baba

TadNugent19 karma

Any more music collaborations between you and buckethead in the near feature. Those songs are still my favorite buckethead tunes:)

iGiveAFunk31 karma

We might have to pull some of that Funk out of that Boot-Drive for y'all

Unsinkablesam19 karma

Thank you for making funk so approachable and fabulous for a pasty white guy like me. I dig Parliament/Funkadelic a whole lot, and Maggot Brain is the closest I've ever come to experiencing religion.

Thanks again.

iGiveAFunk7 karma

Thank u for believing in the funk baba

PorcupineDream17 karma

Who is the greatest unknown musician that you've ever played with?

iGiveAFunk26 karma

We've all got our own special talents that help us stand out...I got some BAD musicians/artists in my band that y'all are gonna b hear'n a lot more from soon

tuna_safe_dolphin16 karma

Holy Shit Bootsy! Thee Bootsy Collins?!?

Wow, can't even think of what to ask you. . . I've been a huge fan of yours since I first stepped on the Mothership years ago.

OK, here's one for you - what's your favorite baseline in a song that you didn't play?

Also, I really love all your stuff from the JB's and House Guests to PFunk/Rubber Band to Praxis and beyond. Do you have unreleased material from back in the day? They released a bunch of old PFunk stuff a couple years ago on a record called Toys and it makes me wonder if the labels have more gems hidden away in some vault somewhere.

iGiveAFunk49 karma

I am creating non-stop so I've got some stuff to Pee in your ear holes for years to come.

codytownshend16 karma

I know this isn't entirely topical, but what did you think of doing the original songs for the Superbad soundtrack? I always thought the music for that movie didn't get as much recognition as it should have.

iGiveAFunk42 karma

Some times great work takes a little time to get recognized...As long as it touches a few souls it is worth doing...Live ya life with no regrets baba!

troll_haiku15 karma

Do you got the funk? Can you still see around corners?

iGiveAFunk36 karma

I can see thru em now!

Socksonthelawn15 karma

Bootsy I've been Funkin out to ya for a couple years now and I really just want to say thanks. People just don't seem to know how to get funky anymore.

iGiveAFunk23 karma

I'm gonna change that soon baba...we take'n #iGiveAFunk to the front lines!

triplegolddaytons15 karma

If there were three things you would want to sponsor what would they be and why

iGiveAFunk76 karma

Unity - Because we are nothing without eachother.

Hope - Because there is so much negativity that a lot of people lost sight of it.

Music in Schools - Because music is the key to the top two things and much more...it is a universal language and a door to creativity!

culunulu13 karma

What was working with Buckethead like? What was the recording process? Also do you have any advice for a teenage musician whos trying to "make it"?

iGiveAFunk31 karma

We had some trouble at first with them Chickens pluck'n away at the studio equipment but one we got that squared away it was all Pure-Uncut-Funk-The-Bomb!

My advice is to stay committed, don't be in it to make it...be in it to make a difference and ppl will notice!

quejuanjelly12 karma


iGiveAFunk18 karma

All of my RubberFans and Funkateers -that's who baba!

Landoval11 karma

Bootsy, how do I discover my inner funk?

iGiveAFunk41 karma

Lemme P on u

travtravs11 karma

You rocked the fuck out at Bonnaroo 2011. You were a little late to your set what was up? Don't worry me and my buddies hung around for ya, we weren't gonna miss it!

iGiveAFunk21 karma

I was probably refueling the FunkShip baba...but I'll be back around your way to make it up!

Velvet_Buddah10 karma

To what extend did popular rock groups (Hendrix, Zepplin, the Who) influence the music Parliament played?

iGiveAFunk37 karma

I looked up to Jimi..all those cats made us want to be Rock stars even more..

Odesseiron10 karma

What's your opinion on stars and star shaped items?

J03YW7 karma

Hey! Where can I get some sunglasses like yours? But anyway, what's the bass rig like? Gotta know how to make my bass sound like space without being Bootsy :D

iGiveAFunk12 karma

I'm Give'n away a Space Bass to one of my random backers so you might wanna jump on that!

sillylung11927 karma

I don't have a question but I just wanted to say thanks for the funk.

iGiveAFunk14 karma

Thanks for the thanks!

throwaway6899087 karma

Bootsy, I love you.

  1. How is Buckethead doing?

  2. How are you so funky?

iGiveAFunk15 karma

Buckethead is Good, and the Funk just overcame me..I don't know how to describe it baba

core905 karma

Bootsy, I imagine your life has been very interesting, what is the craziest thing you've ever seen/done?

iGiveAFunk9 karma

You don't want to know!

mfkennedy5 karma

Is groove still in the heart?

iGiveAFunk6 karma

thats's where it all starts!

sindustrial7775 karma

What's Bootsy doing?

iGiveAFunk16 karma

Taking over Reddit

jpflagg5 karma

What do you mean by "The One"?

Vorpal_Hammer8 karma

It's the formula, man. The secret to the funk is to hit it on The One.

jpflagg6 karma

Thanks man!

iGiveAFunk3 karma

That's right baba...u gotta get the basic funk formula down first!

xampl94 karma

Is funk something you're born with, or can anyone learn it?

iGiveAFunk10 karma

It's in all of us, you just gotta give in and P it out to keep spread'n it!

tonysandwich3 karma


Firstly thank you for all the funk.

Secondly, please can you clear up the rumour that you were thrown out of James Brown's band for running off stage after taking acid and thinking your bass turned into a snake mid set.

It's an old story, going around for years, but I'd love to hear if there is any truth in it.


iGiveAFunk14 karma

pics or it didn't happen

hwman3 karma

Bootsy mf Collins.

A dental foundation?

I wanna hear that story, Bootsy.

iGiveAFunk9 karma

My nephew passed away from the lack of treatment so we wanted to get involved and bring awareness to what is needed to take care of people out here. You never know the pain someone is in because a lot of times we're too embarrassed to let others know need help and often times we don't find out until it's too late. That's why Unity in our commUnity is so important, we gotta get back to knowing it's ok to lean on each other!

Jfrizzlefry3 karma

You and freekbass still get together? Spoke with him last fall. Great guy and musician.

iGiveAFunk8 karma

Cinci always stays tight baba!

_Grill_Me_A_Cheese_3 karma

You mean I only have to put $1 down on an album that will cost the same no matter how much I put down? Can I put $30 down?

iGiveAFunk7 karma

Put down your dollar and then get 29 other ppl to do the same...this is about getting everybody involved!

fvalela13 karma

Where did you buy/get all your funkadelic clothing from?

iGiveAFunk8 karma

I have a trusted group of Funkbots programmed with the task...or else I'll shoot em wit my Bop Gun!

whysowhite3 karma

Bootsy. We're a Chicago 8-piece funk band that FUNKS UP stages anytime we can. Thanks for the grooves that inspired us.

iGiveAFunk7 karma

Keep spread'n that Funk, it takes all of us!

Orthae2 karma

Did you seriously milk the funky ball of tits from outerspace? Because that would be awesome!

iGiveAFunk5 karma

Every day baba

x86_64Ubuntu2 karma

Hey Bootsy, just wanted to say whatsup. I'm 28, and my parents always listened to funk. Of course I am just getting back into it and rediscovering the funk genre. I'm absolutely enjoying this new journey you and your contemporaries set out.

iGiveAFunk2 karma

I appreciate it baba, we've got to do it so that there's no more excuses

jric2 karma

  • What is your opinion on someone that uses electronics to make music?

  • Do you think they have it easy or hard compared to someone playing a hands-on instrument like a guitar or in your situation, a bass?

Thanks for the IAmA today, Bootsy, awesome to see someone like you here to spice things up. Maybe stop by /r/Music & /r/Bass when you have a chance! :-)

iGiveAFunk2 karma

I don't have a problem with people using electronics, but we got to make sure we don't loose the appreciation for the REAL DEAL...ain't nothing like holding a REAL instrument and making REAL music!

munchiesforyolove2 karma

Hey Bootsy, I just wanted to tell you that I was conceived to "Munchies for your love" and my mother would play "I'd rather be with you" to put me to sleep. Thanks for the funk, baba!

iGiveAFunk2 karma

Love the username baba! Glad I cld be of assistance! lol

Stevejkth2 karma

What advice do you have for a funk-loving band with no idea what to do?

iGiveAFunk7 karma

The only idea u need is TO DO - if u don't believe u know where ur going how are others gonna know to follow? Get it On the One and lock it there baba!

iGiveAFunk3 karma

now that's funky

cyancynic1 karma

I'd buy that for a dollar.

I just watched Stranger DVD about Bernie Worrel and I saw him speak ate ASCAP expo. Seems like a sweet guy. Are you guys still in touch/working together?

iGiveAFunk1 karma

Bernie is a Class act, he's out touring right now so make sure u ck him out: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bernie-Worrell/217445804944683?fref=ts

joe040700-2 karma

Mr. Collins, would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or one hundred duck-sized horses?

iGiveAFunk20 karma

Bring em all on, I'll shoot em wit my Bop Gun!!