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Yep, never ever ever trust a third party to keep your data safe. Because they won't.

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Anyone can get into the club, just not the VIP section.

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How long did it take? And did this weight loss help or hurt any relationships you had while being "calorically gifted".

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I'm on the same journey. I've done it before, but fell off the wagon. This time, I'm going to make sure it sticks because getting near 30 and being this heavy is a no-go.

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It's kind of interesting how you have to disclaim that by "counting" you aren't making a judgement. The fact that you are "counting" has made you some enemies and rubs some people the wrong way.

EDIT: I made this comment kind of in jest, but if you read the comments, you can see that many conservative redditors are up in arms over the counting. Tossing around accusations of an "agenda" or "bias". You would think that with all the right wing nuttiness concerning "Freedom" and "Liberty", that being killed by the state would be an antithetical prospect, but we see that it really isn't.