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IhaveSomeQuestions5668 karma

1) What is the most creative sexual toy you have found?

2) How often is the average inmates cell searched? How long does a good one take?

3) What is something that happens often inside your facility that would surprise the general public?

4) What is the most horrific crime you have heard an inmate was convicted of?

5) How often do you smell inmates smoking pot?

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BossmanKC118 karma

1) A Penis Pump made from plastic gloves stolen from medical and a straw its hard to describe

2) A Good cell search takes around 10-20 minutes depending on how much property they have.

3) Female officers falling in love with inmates and getting fired because of it

4) Theres a guy I know of that killed a newborn and had sex with it's body

5) Not very often

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What's your opinion on the privatization of prisons?

BossmanKC89 karma

I don't really know much about them, but all of my co-workers that left units ran by the CCA "Corrections Corporation of America" said it was really bad there, for inmates and officers alike.

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What's the worst thing you've seen?

BossmanKC86 karma

A man's eyeballs beaten out of his head with a boot. Happened when I first started too.

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I dunno if you will listen, but worth a shot. Story?

BossmanKC58 karma

I legally cant tell you what happened, but it was bad.

EazyCheez19 karma

Can you at least confirm it being gang related?

BossmanKC37 karma

Not that I heard of. Two cellmates just got into it, and well, that happened.

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Why do correctional officers dislike the term "guard"??

BossmanKC217 karma

Because to "Guard" something means it has some value, it's hard to find value in baby rapists and murderers.

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BossmanKC55 karma

Our unit is mostly murderers and sex offenders, literally. The prison system, for officers and inmates is a mob-mentality. I dont really think all of the inmates are worthless, because I could easily be in their same situation. It's just like most inmates think us COs sign up to be the prison police and make their life hell.

Apiperofhades13 karma

Have you ever actually seen someone who was a baby rapist?

BossmanKC30 karma

Tons, senior officers and other inmates have pointed them out to me and I looked them up when I got off work. I think its just terrible.

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Is there an inmate that you believe does not belong in there?

BossmanKC58 karma

We're taught to teach them all the same, no matter what theyre in there for. There are a handful I think would be fine to let go, but for the most part, our unit is all trash

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Have you ever been attacked by an inmate?

BossmanKC77 karma

I've had piss thrown on me 3 times, and hot water twice. I've had a blowdart made of a paperclip shot at me, but it hit my puncture-proof thrust vest. Those are the only times Ive been assaulted.

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What is the procedure after someone throws piss at you?

BossmanKC87 karma

I called on my radio for my building sergeant to meet me on the cell block, we open the tray slot on the door, the sergeant puts the offender in handcuffs. The offender backs of out of the cell and is taken to pre-hearing detention "PHD" where they wait to be served a staff assault case, while I go to medical and get checked out by the nurses. They basically just check to see if it got in my eyes, ears or nose or mouth. I go out to my car and grab a spare uniform and use the shower we have in the locker rooms, change and go fillout a buttload of workmans comp packets and write the offender a staff assault offense report. The whole process is around 3-4 hours.

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Sounds like the worst part of getting piss thrown at you is the standard time-consuming protocol rather than the actual piss on you.

BossmanKC140 karma

The paperwork sucks, i'd say its about even with getting piss thrown on you

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2 more questions: how often are you drug tested? And have you ever caught a prisoner smoking something besides cigarettes? Like weed or crack

BossmanKC30 karma

Human Resources Prints out a list of about 30 random people every month to be drug tested.

Ive found marijuana and heroin, but never caught them smoking anything. Tobacco is not allowed inside TDCJ either

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COs are often the source of narcotics for inmates. Are you ever suspicious of co workers activity or relations with the inmates?

BossmanKC55 karma

All the time. You learn to figure them out as you go. When the newest pre-service class shows up, you can look at each one and tell if theyre here for the job or to help the inmates.

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What's the actual likelihood of a male being raped in prison? Is it exaggerated by the media and the like, or is that the reality?

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The media makes a big show of it, but it doesn't happen all that often. In prison, even consensual sex is "rape". And TDCJ has a zero tolerence policy called the Prison Rape Elimination act. Which can get them extra prison years for getting caught. Not saying it doesnt happen, but it's nothing like in the movies.

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Do snitches really get stitches?

BossmanKC93 karma

Everyone is a snitch. Everyone.

PounderMcNasty27 karma

How's the prison hooch down there?

BossmanKC72 karma

Summer Hooch smells terrible and looks like vomit, but the stuff they make in the winter around christmas smells better than most mixed drinks you'd find at a bar. It's the mint sticks they sell that turn it lime green, they call it "Green Monster"

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Did you want to go into law enforcement?

If a prisoner escapes, are you allowed to shoot at them?

Do you bring your own lunch or eat their... lunch?

BossmanKC37 karma

I started working for TDCJ because it's one of the only jobs that pays more than minimum wage in my town and I wanted to move out on my own. The other big employers run on the good ol boy system, where you gotta know somebody that can get you on.

If youre working in the perimeter towers and you see an inmate attempting to escape, you MUST shoot at him. You'll be fired if you dont.

We have an officer's dining room, The "ODR" with our own inmate cooks that prepare our food separately from the other inmates food. Its pretty unhealthy, but its free. The breakfast is all cooked fresh to order much like at Dennys or Wafflehouse. Most officers bring their lunch, but free is free

beefat9914 karma

Have you been in the perimeter tours?

Also, Do you have blood hounds for searching or standard German shepherds?

BossmanKC28 karma

Im not trained in Perimeter Security yet, they mostly give those spots to older ex-military vets since its one of them ore relaxed jobs. I did get to go in one on my unit tour when I first started, really neat. Im on the list to be trained to work the towers.

Most TDCJ Units have blood hounds in their kennels. We have inmates who train the dogs to track their scent and how to be incredibly vicious towards. It's really pretty neat to watch them train

beefat9914 karma

Have you had to release the hounds?

BossmanKC13 karma

Nah, we have the field force officers do all that.

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Are you ever worried that inmates are making the food your'e going to eat? what if they try to spit in it or worse?

BossmanKC39 karma

About as worried as I am when I go to McDonalds and eat. The ODR inmates are handpicked by our Food Service Manager. Plus, one of the perks of being an ODR worker is that you also get to eat better than the rest of the inmates. They eat what the officers eat while theyre at work, they arent going to mess with the food that they eat themselves.

MomentOfXen22 karma

Is there a problem with any of your fellow officers smuggling in goods for the inmates?

BossmanKC38 karma

We havent had a problem with it on my shift that I know of, but we're always suspicious. I hate that so much

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BossmanKC36 karma


TheGreatJeremy21 karma

What is the most creative you have ever seen an inmate be when creating a weapon?

BossmanKC46 karma

Slingshots made from underwear elastic and various other items, spears made from rolled up magazines. All sorts of things

TheGreatJeremy19 karma

Anything beyond what would be considered "usual"? I.E: Beyond what we see in movies and TV Shows? Thanks for the answer, interesting AMA!

BossmanKC41 karma

They sell plastic fans that plug into the wall in the commissary, completely plastic, except for the motor. That fan motor is terrifying in what it can do, no lie. I'd rather get shanked.

TheGreatJeremy12 karma

Now you've got my imagination running wild, and my full attention. Go on...

BossmanKC44 karma

Typewriters in the commissary are about 250 dollars, the metal piece inside makes one hell of a sword. No not a shank, that thing is a SWORD. It's crazy. If you cut up a 250 dollar typewriter for that, you must really want to get them.

Blowdart guns made from pen tubes, slingshots, you name it.

darksparten18 karma

When are weapons(firearms), carried. Is there a place on the prison where the "hardcore" weapons are stored, how is it guarded. Are guards trained in firearm usage? What weapons are routinely carried on the guards person?

How are prisoners guarded during large gatherings(lunch/exercise etc..)


BossmanKC49 karma

We carry a pretty potent mace, but other than that, nothing. Depending on where you work at inside, you get a pair of handcuffs.

We get trained to shoot AR15 assault rifles, Shotguns, and .357 revolvers.

Our "Hardcore" weapons are the pepper fogger that looks like a giant leaf blower, paintball guns that shoot miniature mace-pellets, grenades of several types of gasses along with a tube launcher to fire them with.

The best weapons are your mind and your tongue. You'd be surprised how easily you can stop a predicament with the right words.

oldspice7519 karma

Do you get maced in the face during your training?

BossmanKC51 karma

Oh yeah, three times. Pepper fogger wasnt too bad, the CS grenades are the worst choking sensation in your life, and I got hit with 3 cans of the stuff we use at work right in the face by our assistant warden. It sucked.

RobertLV18 karma

Inmates can see your name, right? What if someone from the inmates threatens to send one of his friends to hurt your family outside, if you will not do, what he tells you to do? How can you respond to something like that...

BossmanKC39 karma

Our last name is on our nametags and by law must be visible to offenders at all time. It's not a big issue, as our full names are available in the law library. threatening any type of harm on a staff member is a huge mistake for them, they can get in big crap for it.

DickAyliffe18 karma

This question isn't about your job specifically but what is your opinion on the death penalty?

BossmanKC50 karma

Mixed Feelings. I used to be 100% in support of it until I read a newspaper story a few years ago about the police figuring out through DNA evidence or something that they executed an innocent man.

PopeSleepy12 karma

On the subject of death, are there elderly inmates who were sentenced to life in your prison? If so, is there any chance they would be able to get out to see the outside one last time?

BossmanKC19 karma

Most inmates who are about to die go to a hospice unit, but we do have a lot of really old ones that live in the back of the infirmary.

TheHannah1715 karma

How often do incidents like riots or assaults (on either the COs or the inmates) happen? Have you ever been involved in a riot?

BossmanKC51 karma

Not often, but you can always tell when somethings about to go down, you can feel it in the air. Im not superstitious at all, but Im being honest.

TheHannah179 karma

Some more questions: How much does your job affect your personal life? What's the worse thing that an inmate has said to you?

BossmanKC26 karma

The job is incredibly stressful on the mind, and it's hard to say that it doesnt effect your outside life. I noticed I've gotten to where I have to sit with my back to a wall to where I can see the door to the restaurant, and I freak out when I get shaken by my fiance to wake up. But I have plenty of hobbies and stuff to keep my mind off work when Im off duty.

assflea11 karma

How long do you think you'll be doing this? Do you see it as a career?

BossmanKC21 karma

In my area, this is one of the better paying jobs, but still the pay is terrible. I can't see this as a career for myself, because I'm so young. The way our retirement works I'm going to have to be here 31 or so years until I can retire. I'm here until I find something else or my fiance finishes college, whichever comes first.

Geekosexual10 karma

Is there much violence on a daily basis? Are the "obviously" gay couples allowed to sleep together?

BossmanKC30 karma

No, not much on a daily basis. And inmates are not allowed to hold hands/kiss/sleep together. Even if its consensual, its not allowed. Not saying it doesnt happen, just saying its not allowed.

DickAyliffe8 karma

Would you say the majority of inmates are remorseful for their crimes?

BossmanKC27 karma

Not really, no. Lot of young guys my age in my prison with that "I dont give a F**k" attitude. not all, but most of them I would say they dont really even care that theyre in prison. Which makes it hard for us

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BossmanKC58 karma

This is a hard question to answer. I'm not friendly with them, but I don't curse or talk down on them. A lot of officers curse at them and talk crap to them all day, and then turn around and wonder why they have problems running their cell block. You have to be firm, but you also have to be fair. We are there to keep them in compliance, not be their babysitter or friend but at the same time we are not there to BE their punishment.

supermanman3 karma


BossmanKC18 karma

Not to be sexist, but if a female CO is overly friendly with an inmate, we tend to get suspicious.

They're people just like you and me, theyve made bad mistakes. We small talk with them and whatnot. They can be funny too.

DoctorTobias7 karma

Do you consider any of the inmates a "friend"? And if so do you give him any special treatment?

BossmanKC14 karma

No, I wouldnt consider any of them a friend, and I do my best to not show any favoritism.

Zomg_A_Chicken4 karma

Have you ever been on Lockdown?

BossmanKC14 karma

Our Unit goes on lockdown minimum twice a year, the most Ive seen was 5 times in a year for various reasons.

StayGold1174 karma

I'm from California and remember a bill trying to be passed where all the prisons and jails were to get all the weight lifting equipment removed since all the inmates did was lift weights for six hours a day (probably an exaggeration). All the guards pleaded with the courts not to do this in fear that all the prisoners would riot and would instead lash out on them. Since you're around these inmates all the time do you actually see them work out all day and get bigger as they serve their time? Also, do you believe they would retaliate like that?

BossmanKC7 karma

The only weights they have access to are on the recreation yards. Rec is ran 3 times a day for general population. 1 hour per rec session. Some inmates do cardio-taebo like excersize and lift stacks of books and stuff in their cells. It'd be a big problem if they took the weights, but I dont think a big riot would happen because of it.

DabMonger3 karma

Is the Texas Department of Criminal Justice more or less corrupt than other prison system's ?

BossmanKC12 karma

Probably just as bad if not worse than any other department of corrections.

zombiesingularity2 karma

Worst units in Texas in your opinion?

BossmanKC7 karma

Ive heard officers and inmates a like talk crap about Stiles, Telford, Coffield, Beto and Coffield

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BossmanKC6 karma

Death Row is located on the Polunsky Unit, I dont work at that unit. All offenders on Death Row are at polunsky. There's a short, but good documentary on youtube somewhere about the whole process of TDCJ's execution process.

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BossmanKC2 karma

It happens often, but not near as often as they show you on the TV shows.

palinsretardedbaby-14 karma

If you don't like a prisoner, can you get them transferred to death row?

BossmanKC2 karma

No, I dont have any say in where they go.