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batmansavestheday1438 karma

Have you tried using a sex toy on another sex toy? For example, a dildo on a fleshlight.

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So turned on right now.

iampocketsize614 karma

Me too.

iampocketsize516 karma

I've used a vibrator and dildo (with the help of my boyfriend) on myself although never a dildo and a fleshlight on its own.

moeza1325 karma

Why did you want to start selling sex toys?

iampocketsize2330 karma

so I can get them for cheap myself :P

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Do you sell something you refuse to try?

iampocketsize1945 karma

Yes, penis enhancements.

Koopa_Troop669 karma

Were those among the things you asked your boyfriend to try, though?

iampocketsize986 karma

He's tried the cockrings and sleeves and loved em!!! Refuses to try the extension and pumps though. Although secretly I think he does so I'm going to keep persuading him.

Death_has_relaxed_me1338 karma

Stop trying to persuade him! You don't want him thinking you're unsatisfied with his size, do you?

iampocketsize1306 karma

But it's for homework..

Ok you're right. The last thing I want is to make him all self conscious :(

Gumbogambit860 karma

When people ask what you do, do you word it any differently or soften the blow somehow? How?

Also what's the craziest reaction you've gotten after telling them your line of work?

iampocketsize1976 karma

It really depends on who I'm talking to. If the person seems very conservative or if it's a family friend, I just say I run an online store selling lingerie, which is technically true..

My friends all reacted how I knew they would. They all asked me for free dildos. Go figure.

dunehunter377 karma

Well, did they get any?

Hyrixoizin266 karma

This needs to be answered.

iampocketsize985 karma

Only two of my girlfriends were persistent about it, so I made sure they got it asap ;)

EstherHarshom856 karma

Do you ever find yourself wondering how many extra orgasms you've helped to bring into the world?

I always think if there was one unknowable piece of information I could have, that would be it.

iampocketsize1062 karma

That is something I now wonder about.

DiggerNicks13752 karma

Have you tried the great american challenge?

iampocketsize1076 karma

I actually haven't! It's definitely on my list of to try's, especially the vibrating one. I'll personally give you a review once I've tested it.

Rev_Honcho624 karma

My wife is always concerned with noise levels, what is the most powerful yet quietest clitoral vibrator.

iampocketsize425 karma

I actually haven't tried one that is quiet unfortunately.. they all make noise that is hard to ignore :(

dudewhoa321511 karma

Do you perfer toys or the real thing?

iampocketsize1226 karma

This one is.. hard.

The toys give me orgasms 100% of the time, but I like foreplay a lot (especially kisses all over), and toys can't do that, so I'd definitely go with the real thing even if it means an orgasm 1 out of 5 times.

PatchRat422 karma

Ever had anything returned in a particularly "well used" condition?

iampocketsize570 karma

Thankfully, that hasn't happened yet crosses fingers

theotterone273 karma

Adult toy stores have a strict no return policy due to the nature of the toys. That's why when you buy a vibrator in person, it is policy to put batteries in it to make sure it works. I don't know if it's different for online-only stores though.

iampocketsize436 karma

Yep, we only take returns on products that are defected. So technically, if you use it for a week and it breaks we will still refund it.

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I am a female.

superboy7787384 karma

What is your strangest customer like?

iampocketsize701 karma

There was one guy who kept calling me every. single. day. at like 9AM (pst) asking me questions on what his first toy should be. It didn't sound like he wanted to buy anything though, just a guy that wanted to chat.

aprilfritter338 karma

Best vibrator/dildo?

iampocketsize571 karma

My all time favorite vibrator is the Dorcel Baby Rabbit! Never have I experienced orgasms the way I do with this baby :p

Favorite dildo would probably be the 6" Ballsy Super Cock. I prefer ones that look and feel like the real thing!

chemical_mcfly287 karma

What was the most disappointing and the most strangest toy? Ever tried a cockring with your partner?

iampocketsize381 karma

Hands down the Fetish Fantasy nipple stimulators (http://dressupdown.com/fetishfantasyseriesspinningnipplestimulators-p-10335.html). I'm not really even a fan of someone stimulating my nipples with their tongue, so the toy didn't really do it for me. It feels like that feeling when you're cleaning your belly button? Just a weird sensation. Haha

Yes, my partner said the cockring enhanced his orgasms more than usual. And he did last a little longer which is always good.

OrganicCertified271 karma

As a male should I be worried about getting my partners electric toy equivalents to my equipment?

iampocketsize587 karma

No you shouldn't. We don't view toys as equivalent to a real penis. No way. Never.

CrashAndBurn69217 karma

So what would a guy have to do to get a pocket pussy thrown his way? for scientific reasons of course...

iampocketsize641 karma

I might eventually be able to give out free gifts as promotions, but I'm a little low on budget right now. Here is 15% off if you'd like to purchase one from my site.

Coupon code: REDDIT15 :)

ruffianstjames209 karma

What is the ratio of male to female customers that you receive? I ask because as a single guy buying for me it's a little weird still going into my store of choice despite enjoying myself and what I buy.

Follow up, do you ever see the sex toy market taking a bigger swing towards the male demo?

Thanks for your time!

iampocketsize290 karma

My customer demo is about 65% men / 35% women. I feel like women are more inclined to actually go into a store to browse whereas men would rather browse online (this is true for shopping in general actually). I do see the sex toy market having more male focused products. There seems to be a demand for them.

deputy_dog193 karma

My girlfriend and I have been talking about buying a wireless remote controlled egg. Can you recommend one? I've read mixed reviews about the Lelo, but that was the nicest looking one I could find. This would definitely be for public outings, so we want something relatively quiet.

iampocketsize285 karma

The Blush Play With Me Wireless Remote Control 10 Funtion Vibrating Egg is one that is relatively quiet and doesn't look too bad? Let me know if you'd like another suggestion.

cronkd183 karma

How did you get into the business? I always thought it would be a cool business to own and operate. At least you know you're customers will enjoy the products and be happier!

iampocketsize252 karma

It happened out of no where. I was just browsing some business forums and one click lead to the next and I found a supplier in the US that had great prices.

bigfighter23162 karma

what was the strangest question you were asked about the sex toys ?

iampocketsize590 karma

"Do you sell chode dildos?"

barncookiejar106 karma

Can you recomend a good, inexpensive vibrator?

iampocketsize128 karma

If it is your first vibrator, I'd suggest the most simplest one with no functions: http://dressupdown.com/4playmassager-p-5805.html

less_than_three_tits53 karma

Have you ever used one, boxed it back up and sold it off as new?

iampocketsize201 karma

No sir, I do not! My toys are mine.

semi-61 karma

How do you store what I assume is now a giant collection?

iampocketsize133 karma

They're everywhere. Sometimes I'll find a toy in my kitchen cabinet.

_hc_48 karma

I've purchased the Lelo gigi (v1) for a few female friends. It is now the go-to toy for every single one of them. Now the gigi v2 is out but i heard that the Vanity line from Jopen is comparable or stronger.

What are your thoughts on the new Lelo Vibrators (v2 waterproof versions) versus the Vanity by Jopen vibrators?

iampocketsize60 karma

Jopen #16!!!! The very very very best. It is a bit pricey which I wouldn't usually recommend to other people, but the little rabbit ears are what do the trick for me. The lelo gigi looks a lot nicer aesthetically though.

LAMcNamara48 karma

What is the largest dildo you sell?

iampocketsize69 karma

The Dick Rambone Cock at 18"

MrWiggles228 karma

What's your best seller? For men/women?

Personal favorite? Or boyfriends favorite?

How long have you been in the business? How long do you intend to stay?

iampocketsize41 karma

Our best seller for men would be the Ass Berries (http://dressupdown.com/assberriesraspberry-p-473.html)

Best seller for women would be 10 Function Risque Tulip (http://dressupdown.com/10functionrisquetulippurple-p-1668.html)

Personal favorite is the dorcel baby rabbit (http://dressupdown.com/dorcelbabyrabbit-p-4454.html)

I've been in business for 2 years total, but this site has only been around 7 months because I had to re-brand since my other one wasn't doing so well.

twistedtrick18 karma

What are you relying on to promote your website? (Social traffic, SEM, SEO?)

I have never worked in the adult niche, and am curious what you find does and does not work in your industry.

latinlovermike9 karma

I'm interested in knowing this too... Plus... How good is business in this niche? Too many competitors or are you making good moolah from it?

iampocketsize16 karma

I am using social traffic (fb, twitter, blogging, forums), SEO, and paid advertising (Google Adwords, Traffic Junky). The adult niche is extremely hard to market because a lot of companies refuse to work with you, but you just have to get creative and find ways around it without using blackhat methods of course.

This niche is extremely competitive, and I knew that going in, but I wanted to be different by offering free shipping and a clean uncluttered site, unlike most of my competitors (a lot are affiliate sites). I think as long as you have your value proposition, you can get into any competitive niche.

the_hunted_112 karma

What is your most popular lubricant? How does it compare to your personal favorite?

iampocketsize15 karma

To be honest, I actually hate using lubricant. It just gets too wet and lessens the friction. I have tried them before though, and my favorite would have to be the strawberry moist cause I loooove the smell! http://dressupdown.com/flavoredmoist1ozstrawberry-p-12145.html

anachronic5 karma

Try coconut oil. Best lube you'll ever use.

iampocketsize2 karma

Yum. You can even eat it :P

fire_bending_monkey7 karma

Ever tried a sex swing? I heard they're really uncomfortable and awkward to use, but in theory they just sound great. Are there any that actually work the way you'd hope?

Edit: WTF? This is a serious question about the practicality of a sex toy in a thread about sex toys. Why do I get downvoted?

iampocketsize9 karma

Omg yes, it was the funniest and most uncomfortable time ever! It's hard to get in sync your partner and because it's unstable and keeps moving you're spending most of the time trying to find a position that is comfortable for both people. The rest of the time you're giggling at how unsexy it actually is. Or maybe it was just us. I'm sure it works for some since they're still around.

Andralynn3 karma

M & F couple, I'd like a nice powerful vibe that I can use on myself when riding on top. Any suggestions?

iampocketsize1 karma

I think this vibrator would be good if you want to use it when you're riding on top (http://dressupdown.com/bcuteclassicsiliconewaterproofmassagerjade-p-7236.html) because it is shorter in length (easier to use on yourself) and is multi-speed.

9to5reddit2 karma

My wife is very conservative but I would like to get her to try something new. She's never had any sort of toy before. Any suggestions?

iampocketsize1 karma

Does she masturbate? Or would you prefer getting a toy where you can use on her?

kreimerd2 karma

Do guys come in and ask you your opinions/advice on the toys in the store? If so does that get awkward?

iampocketsize6 karma

I get calls from older men all the time for advice on what toys to get their wives. Yesterday a man called me telling me his wife loves this glass dildo and he wanted to replace her old one. What a sweet gesture I thought.

kreimerd2 karma

Have you ever had crazy religious nuts protest outside or try to shame people going into the store?

iampocketsize6 karma

Oooo I'm an online stone. Sorry for not clarifying.

Purple_Phoenix-28 karma

So in other words you're just trying to get traffic to your site.

iampocketsize1 karma

Or your personal consultant on sex products?

CanadasAMyth1 karma

Do you ever try to promote your products by telling them how well they worked on you?

iampocketsize7 karma

Well sometimes my customers (usually older men) will call me over the phone for advice on what toy to get their wives and I'll give my opinions then. I guess in a way that is promoting.

iampocketsize6 karma

But with friends and family, no. They don't know I have this site.

sleepisnotapriority1 karma

Oh, your poor boyfriend /s

What's the most surprising thing you've ever seen on the job? (i.e., a customer buying something unexpected, a strange couple, etc.)

iampocketsize5 karma

I received a message from a female (I'm assuming) customer asking if I had any products she could use to buttfuck her husband good. I'm just glad that person didn't call me otherwise I wouldn't be able to contain my laughter.

batmansavestheday0 karma

Elsewhere in the thread you mentioned that your friends and family don't know about your site (=shop, I guess). How come?

iampocketsize4 karma

Simply put, I'm Asian and Asians aren't as open minded about this kinda stuff.

trench_welfare0 karma

What's the best seller you didn't expect to do so well?

iampocketsize2 karma

Ass Berries. I never realized how much guys were into anal play.

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iampocketsize4 karma

Try online dating :)

NigNewton4 karma

Show your cock to every girl you see

iampocketsize2 karma

Do the Naked Man.