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I don't think it would have mattered much, TBH. Jeopardy uses consistent fonts and colors, and has nice contrast. It would be pretty easy to OCR it, and could have additional hardware added to do so as needed until the timing is such that it isn't noticeable.

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How do you store what I assume is now a giant collection?

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The actual numerical score is a decision metric, but there's nothing you can do to influence it but be responsible. That's really all there is to it.

I don't know if thats really true. My first credit card was through Wells Fargo. I've grown to hate just about everything about it and Wells Fargo. i've since closed my savings account with them to get rid of some of their bullshit fees, but I still pay bullshit fees to keep my WF credit card open. Why? Because if I close it, my average length of credit history plummets, and that is a factor in my credit score.

I think it'd be more responsible to just close the card, but not really in my best interests as I'm looking to take out a mortgage soon.

I mean, I'm with you on "just dont do stupid shit", but the stupidity of a black box system used to judge you does mean there are areas where the best thing you could do according to the system might not otherwise be in your best interests.

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If you're in to watching Ray and Adam do that stuff, theres always The Adam Carolla Project

I'd love to see them bring that back as a sort of video podcast/webisode model.

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I'm also not 100% certain, but it sounds like you just described Google's business model.

Technically google is more active about it, collecting it themselves rather than grabbing it from a third party, but I know they have much more info on me than weev had, and actually profit greatly from it.