Hi! I'd like to have a virtual caricature gig by drawing redditors today! It's all free of coarse, the only thing I need is a picture of yourself. The better the quity of the pic, the better. Just imagine you're sitting a few feet across from me where I could see your entire face. Please try to avoid cropping portions of your head so you have a higher chance of getting drawn (I'm looking at you... ladies who take close-up pics of your eyes). Also, I prefer the picture you submit is actually of YOU (sorry redditors with privacy concerns).

Any other artists out there who'd like to join, please do so! That'll be awesome

Proof: http://instagram.com/hecklopez

deviantart: http://heckthor.deviantart.com

...or check my reddit history

Edit: wow! It's blowing up in here. I'm on it!! Check out /r/redditgetsdrawn while you're waiting :)

Edit: further proof http://i.imgur.com/guMJkkS.jpg



Edit 2: I'm jumping all over the thread picking the ones that catch my eye right away. Please don't be offended if I haven't drawn you. I'll be sporadically drawing through out the day while doing other "everyday" thing such as eating and running errands.

Edit 3: that was fun! I know I missed a lot of you guys but I think I drew close to 40 drawings. Not bad for a few hours. I might do another one of these in a few weeks. I noticed I would submit a drawing and it would disappear for no reason. I left a comment to each person that I drew where this seemed to happen. I was using "alien blue" for my phone the whole time so maybe it was that. Thanks again and hopefully you guys enjoyed it :)

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This is cool of you. :)

Ooh ooh. Meeee!



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Hope you don't mind, but I took a little time and colored your great drawing:


Thanks, again!

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This is so cool!!! :D

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You can add more flowers if you want! Thanks! My self and my Beard

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Not sure if this will work but worth a shot. Thanks for this btw


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OH OH OH, Draw me and my boys please!!!!


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I drew you but my reply disappears. Let me know if you got it

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Great idea - hopefully you get some good material.


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http://i.imgur.com/JLKFahu.jpg I will replace my LinkedIn photo with your caricature!

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I'm a college girl. http://imgur.com/IVP93qP

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The sign is irrelevant but could be a fun detail


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Pick me please! http://imgur.com/wCQx1Go

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One of your more sexy/seductive/pretty subjects. Thanks for doing this BTW! How did you get into this line of work? Did you go to school for it?

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This is so neat. Do you like your job?

http://i1124.photobucket.com/albums/l571/ZeezZeez/DSCN1352_zpsdb9835a5.jpg Here's mine, haha. Your art is so cool.

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I'll a question. What kind of living do you make from this? I mean, are you able to support yourself doing this alone? Are you one of those people that set up shops at different venues like fairs and concerts? Have a nice day.

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The OKC Thunder pretty much is my biggest client and I'm able to support myself thanks to them. During off season I work only events such as weddings and corporate picnics. By no means am I rich, but most bills are covered :)

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Can you do one of my husband and I?


Thank you very much!

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Probably a bad pic for a caricature but I didn't really have any better ones.

Xezzy4 karma

That's an awesome idea. This is me: http://i.imgur.com/pPW9sbo.jpg

jolls4 karma

Ahaha how delightful! Here is me! http://i.imgur.com/wraV1Hv.jpg

Also, for a question part... I've recently started doing caricatures for parties and whatnot, after a lot of friends expressed interest in some of the fast & loose ones I do for them on Facebook. My first time doing it at a party was kinda nerve-wracking. Have any tips for doing better caricatures in party type settings? Thanks!!

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http://i.imgur.com/TlQBo38.jpg get a shot and it'll make things much enjoyable :)

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Maybe draw a Pakistani?

DiscoHeaven4 karma


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please and thank you!

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Can you do one of me and my dog?


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I'm a breakdancer and I'd love to get a caricature of this elbow tip freeze! Should be interesting to draw xD http://i.imgur.com/FsigCJH.jpg EDIT: here's a shot of my face http://i.imgur.com/ftAD1Ns.jpg

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I drew you but it doesn't appear on the thread. I think you replied with a thank you so you might've seen it :)

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Some great caricatures you have done! Could you do me and a friend in NY looking sad? Many thanks.


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wow, thats so cool... since this is an ama...

  • have you ever worked at an amusement park? that's the main place i see caricature artists.

  • have you ever had someone get offended at what you drew

  • do you do any other non stylized art?

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Oh oh pick me please! I've never had a caricature before.

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Try this one out ! :D nice drawings btw

ThisistobeDeleted2 karma

Can you do this one of my boyfriend and myself? It's his birthday soon and I think he'd love it. http://imgur.com/Zt0NBMw

If you would prefer, here are two more which I'd also really love :) http://imgur.com/D7nXfjk http://imgur.com/fxrslRa

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That would be neato: http://imgur.com/a/Ls2ij

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http://i.imgur.com/IhXaSnX.jpg Please give it a go. It'll be my profile pic.

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how much $ do u make per event? How do you get gigs from normal average ppl? How long does each caricature take?

I am a caricature artist too :D its fun and all I am slower though it takes me 10 minutes each caricature full color.

Artector7 karma

I charge around $100 an hour. The kind of caricatures I do are just head and shoulders so I can draw as many people I can. I did start at theme parks but it's not as profitable. Craigslist ads and also doing weddings for free (with tip jar) is how I started when I left the theme parks

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Great work man, and thanks!


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I drew you but my reply disappears. Let me know if you got it

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I can't wait to see mine!


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These are fantastic... I hope you choose to do this one of me, but if not thanks anyway and keep up the good work! http://i.imgur.com/eJSNkMU.jpg

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I drew you but my comment disappears. Let me know if you got it

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One asymetrical face for Count Toofu please! :D http://imgur.com/sf5j26b