watup reddit !!!! wit my guy 2 chainz Bow Wow n we ready to turn reddit up

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UPDATE thx 4 hangin wit tha boss. fnd me in /r/trees as their new moderator [10]

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Here_Comes_The_King3426 karma

shout out 2 captionbot tho! he fooled all yalll ha ha !!

CKJMA2812 karma

Bow wow wow

Here_Comes_The_King3391 karma

yippee yo yippe aye

freshkush2739 karma

Hey snoop I asked you this question last Ama you did and I didn't get an answer. I figured I might as well try again. I've been told you went to highschool with Cameron Diaz, if so did you ever hit that?

Here_Comes_The_King4477 karma

nah but u could tell she wanted it

mtbsean2318 karma

Snoop, every time you do an AMA I stay up for hours reading every one of your responses.

You seem like a really good guy, and you have made thousands of fans very happy on Reddit.

Keep on making amazing music, and keep coming back to see us.

Here_Comes_The_King2870 karma

chuuuuuuch !!!!! ima make deez worthwhile !!! sit bacc put ya feet up n put 1 n tha air.

Here_Comes_The_King2936 karma

n throw on some james brown and move ya feet n them house shoes u dig me ??!?!!

SubtitledSpace2300 karma

The legend of AMAs returns!

Here_Comes_The_King3354 karma

neva left

JasonDunna2239 karma

How often do you browse reddit?

Here_Comes_The_King3562 karma

cant go a day wit out my /r/trees


What other subreddits a do you enjoy?

Here_Comes_The_King3890 karma

Here_Comes_The_King2555 karma

like every single day

TheAnt062158 karma

Hey Snoop!

I don't have a question, but you gave my friends and I a blunt from the stage at Dave Matthews in Denver. I just wanted to say thanks. That was the dankest shit I've ever smoked.

Here_Comes_The_King2507 karma

enjoy playrr

deltron_1992 karma

If you could form a band with any four people, who would they be?

Here_Comes_The_King3704 karma

yo mama, yo daddy, yo ballheaded granny and riff raff

flounder191982 karma

Your concert is attacked by a group of vampire Juggalos. How do you save the day?

Here_Comes_The_King3145 karma

faygo is da only way

rememberthatone1927 karma

At what age do you think it is acceptable for parents to let their kids smoke weed?

Here_Comes_The_King2941 karma

oh wow!! good question! when they grown up!! less they prescribed for medicinal reasons and thats real jacc.

bigbubbaseb1823 karma

Snoop dog, you made bestof for commenting on /r/naturaltitties, what is your opinion on fake titties?

Here_Comes_The_King2753 karma

i luv em

reddit_throwaway12341789 karma

2 Chainz, do you think you could outsmoke Snoop?

Here_Comes_The_King2727 karma

nope - 2 chainz

MrMeridew1722 karma

Mr.Snoop, how do other rappers feel about your transition into Snoop Lion? Do they even care?

Here_Comes_The_King2724 karma

everyone got an oppinion ! just do what u feel ya digg

jelsin1622 karma


Here_Comes_The_King2827 karma

gurl can twerk sumthin

theFaceCat1601 karma

Hey Snoop, on your last ama you told me to smoke 100 blunt sized joints... What is your next task?

Here_Comes_The_King2291 karma

u do it??

its_prex1591 karma

Snoop, can i burn one with you?

Here_Comes_The_King2532 karma

u spply it ill puff it !!

sneakysantino1588 karma

Snoop Lion who would you say smokes the most weed in the music industry?...... honestly

Here_Comes_The_King2918 karma

Willie Nelson

LiamHubbard1573 karma

Snoop, how do I grow a beard like you?

Here_Comes_The_King3013 karma

eat bacon

thatotherskyrimnerd1415 karma

Why the name tityboi?

Here_Comes_The_King2347 karma

2 tits lookz lyke 2 chainz.

internetisfunny1396 karma

Snoop! You crack me up on instagram man. And you just rule in general. Every winter I have to listen to Rythym & Gangsta. I fucking love that album... and you. No further questions, or any at all really.

Here_Comes_The_King2498 karma

why only winter cuz? that shit bangs n da summer

nitram4081357 karma

Are you you going to be playing GTA V?

P.S. Enjoyed your music in grand theft auto san andreas!

Here_Comes_The_King2197 karma

2 weeks !!! da online looks raw!

aidankiller41237 karma

Who could smoke more, you or 2 chainz?

Here_Comes_The_King2336 karma

u already know tha answer to dat one - snoop

dietdoctorkelp1218 karma

Yo Snoop!

You've been killing it for a long ass time, but even still when Doggystyle came out you were young as fuck. What's it like being that famous and successful at such a young age? How is it different from being successful later in life?

Thanks for doing another AMA!

Here_Comes_The_King2138 karma

i was afraid of fame when i was young now i have embraced n i know tha power of it fame dont last forever

asforus1202 karma

Who, other than you, can roll the best blunt?

Here_Comes_The_King2836 karma

i been smoking these g-pens lately. its 2013 neff. step yo shit up


Snoop Dogg, how high are you right now?

2Chainz, how did you get inspiration for your name?

Here_Comes_The_King2233 karma

u wnt me 2 say [10] huh?

aceinthehole451022 karma

Just wanted to say that you're awesome, Snoop! Smoke a few for me

Here_Comes_The_King2048 karma

doin so not now but rite now

HEATROCK1016 karma

When are you two dudes dropping by /r/hiphopheads for an AMA?

Here_Comes_The_King1629 karma

ill b ovr theresoon

Alkap0wn973 karma

Serious question: How many hours do you reddit every day, Snoop Lion? Does 2 Chainz reddit?

Here_Comes_The_King2043 karma

I reddit a couple of times a week


Hey Snoop, how did you feel about that time you guest hosted WWE Raw and speared Chavo Guerroro?

Here_Comes_The_King1518 karma

looked tough didnt i?

Tolbert_McCoy849 karma

Snoop, do you like Daft Punk? :)

Here_Comes_The_King1826 karma

love em. pharrell got em right

One_Huge_Skittle824 karma

If you were a burrito, what would you be full of?

Here_Comes_The_King2367 karma

cilantro lime rice, vegetarian black beans, chickn, salsa, cheeze, sour cream, da green stuf, n hash oil.. wit a horchata on da side

Judejaegarn819 karma

Still up to 81 a day?

Here_Comes_The_King1470 karma

goin green n a real way jaccc !!

iburnshit799 karma

2 Chainz, what do you like to be called in professional scenarios? Is it Mr. Chainz?

hisnameisntimportant509 karma

Dr. Chainz

iburnshit1756 karma

If he wasn't a rapper (or doctor) he should be a lawyer.

Chain & Chain, Attorney at Law.

Here_Comes_The_King2126 karma

truuuuuuu - 2 chainz

manchs07796 karma

If you were to star in a romantic comedy-- what actress would be your costar?

Here_Comes_The_King1616 karma

megan goode

0100110101101010785 karma

Hey Snoop, what do you think of Odd Future? Are they taking rap in the right direction?

Here_Comes_The_King1835 karma

they my nefews go cop doris !!

Pan_is_pierced763 karma

Snoop have you fucked a midget? :D

Here_Comes_The_King2476 karma

Yes and a real fat bitch

19209727 karma

Snoop whats ur favorite pair of socks and why!?

Here_Comes_The_King1339 karma

sockgame watch in on my instagram

jjwalla715 karma

snoop can I borrow like 30 bucks?

Here_Comes_The_King1573 karma

only need 20 2 buy a sacc

Seb420713 karma

Snoop, blunts or joints?

Here_Comes_The_King1737 karma


ACHIEVER949557 karma

What was your first time smokin' like, Snoop?

Here_Comes_The_King1352 karma

really fuccn good

_schizo554 karma

Shout me out on GGN ... Good lookin' pimpin' @SKITWOSKE

Here_Comes_The_King1278 karma

happy c-day nefew

feloniousthroaway538 karma

High as fuck right now, Mr. Lion. What should I do?

Here_Comes_The_King2574 karma

put ur face in mayonaise

butter_my_fingers416 karma

Wanna light up and play Madden 25 with me?

Here_Comes_The_King900 karma


magicdonkeystew366 karma

I like your overstock commercial

Here_Comes_The_King894 karma

they got da good good

prof_rattigan348 karma

were those volley ball tities in the Nuthin but a G Thang video as nice as they are in my dreams?

Here_Comes_The_King617 karma

ahahah u brought it way way way bacc

doubletaco00300 karma

Beyonce or Katy Perry?

Here_Comes_The_King1648 karma

Beyonce Perry

hummus69295 karma

Can you come to London please?!

Here_Comes_The_King658 karma

be there the uk this weekend. bestival

BenStillerIsAFaggot292 karma

What was it like working with Eddie Murphy on his reggae album?

Here_Comes_The_King521 karma

it was great! Eddie is on fire right now

sleeplessorion277 karma

What's your favorite cereal?

Here_Comes_The_King973 karma

lucky charms

fuck_they_found_me271 karma

Why did you change your name from Snoop Dog to Snoop Lion? I mean what happened that made you decide to change it?

Here_Comes_The_King1057 karma

tha spirit called me

danilll266 karma

Yo snoop! Can you acknowledge my existence?

Here_Comes_The_King769 karma



Yo Snoop, can you give a shout out to my Grandma Jane? she loves you!

Here_Comes_The_King794 karma

shout out to grammy jane

GreenGuy20219 karma

Yo snoop, mac and dev is one of my favourite films to watch then fully blazed! When's number 2 coming out bro?

Here_Comes_The_King406 karma

comn soon !!!

hraklis1203 karma

Snoop, can you write me a reference letter for medical school

Here_Comes_The_King343 karma

yes! what skool?

shoebat193 karma

If you went back to school, what would you study?

Here_Comes_The_King834 karma

calculas and law

Deadbeat_Scumbag193 karma


Here_Comes_The_King565 karma

Doggystyle Remixed

I_Joke_I_Kid177 karma

snoop what was going up into the blue mountains like ?

Here_Comes_The_King361 karma


SIRmackenzie171 karma

Snoop, you're the only musician who went from being a cold-as-ice rapper to a warm-as-jamaica Rasta. Since I'm assuming you've always smoked sweet buds with the homies, what prompted this shift from dog to lion? Much love

Here_Comes_The_King393 karma

watch reincarnated

thaiangel9008168 karma

When you went to the Seahawks game, did you light one up afterwards since trees are legal in that wondrous state?

Here_Comes_The_King850 karma

do fat be greasy??

Matt_Dawg161 karma

Is there any hope for a Mac and Devin go to highschool 2??

Here_Comes_The_King411 karma

its in production as we speak

filthydex148 karma

Snoop my dude love your old music. Thanks for coming back a third time!

Here_Comes_The_King452 karma

n imma be bacc again

SgtCrinklecream141 karma


Here_Comes_The_King915 karma

truuuuuuuuuuuu chainz

bdubyageo128 karma

What do you think of De'Anthony Thomas tearing it up for Oregon instead of staying put in SoCal?

Here_Comes_The_King230 karma

I am proud of him!

bustednugget103 karma

Snoop,who did you album work on doggy style?

Here_Comes_The_King182 karma

my cousin tha legend Joe Cool!

jobyboy90 karma

Hey Snoop. Have you had your 81 blunts of the day yet?

Here_Comes_The_King224 karma

im over tha 2day!! Chainz took it past tha 81 marcc

drumrave79 karma

2 Chainz, what's poppin, bro?

Here_Comes_The_King272 karma

chainz, booty, and bands - 2 chainz

roland_tigerman72 karma


Here_Comes_The_King183 karma

he was rappin on both. lots of tha homies chipped in on those classics. don't forget dogg food tho. under rated

endless___bummer62 karma

Snoop and 2Chainz this is for both of you....how do you think California Government could better handle the legalization of Marijuana? I just got my card today, and the whole process is kinda whack. There's no style to it. There's no class. It bums me out. What do you think could be done to turn this shit around into something respectable?

Here_Comes_The_King240 karma

hire Sanjay Gupta

giggidywarlock44 karma

What's your favorite food to eat with the munchies?

Here_Comes_The_King183 karma

im fuccn wit chocolate pretzal n matzoh ball soup right now