I am a writer, director, producer, actor, and stand-up comedian. I created The Office, EXTRAS, The Ricky Gervais Show, and my latest creation is Derek, all episodes coming to Netflix September 12. Ask Me Anything. To save you some time, it's 3.5 inches long.

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update: thank you so much for everyone who took part in this AMA. I'm sorry I couldn't get to everyone's questions. I really tried. But it's now time for me to get out of the bath. Here's one last pic to tide you over until the next time.

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vicstudent2211 karma

What is the worst thing you've experienced in your entire life?

Also, thank you for your comedy.

_RickyGervais3230 karma

I saw Louie CK naked.

Girfuy1963 karma

Settle a Reading pub argument for us, Ricky. I live in Milman Road, Reading. Since you're from the area, my argument is that Andy Millman from Extras is named after this road.

Am I right? Please say yes. It'll put the value of my house up by £10k.

_RickyGervais2521 karma

That is where I first heard the word, yes. I used to catch the bus there to my dentist when I was little.

jpcrecom1728 karma

What was the first thing you splurged on when you first hit it big with The Office? And what was the first big thing you splurged on when you realized that what you initially thought was “hitting it big” was nothing compared to when you actually hit it big?

_RickyGervais3207 karma

What a disgusting question! How dare you ask what I've splurged on!

Oh sorry... I see what you mean.

I donated my money to an orphanage. (Only joking - I bought a mansion in the country. I must go there someday.)

allenahansen1308 karma

Hello Mr. Gervais.

How did you transition from Brit phenom to American fixture? Was there a magic gnome who "discovered" you?

_RickyGervais2618 karma

I guess winning the Golden Globes for The Office in 2004 against all odds started it all. When I went up to collect the first award, Clint Eastwood was overheard to say "Who the fuck is that?"

(*Haha, I so hope that's true).

SonnyMalone1292 karma

The Invention of Lying what an awesome concept. Oh, and you have the best fucking laugh.

_RickyGervais1211 karma

Thank you very much.

ecost1135 karma

Michael Scott and David Brent are sent back in time as Roman gladiators. Which one survives longest and why?

_RickyGervais2146 karma

Brent lasts longest. Because he begs for his life, and then stabs Michael when he lets him up.

Robertej921036 karma

Ricky, my manager looks like Derek and acts like Brent. I just wanted to say I fully blame you for the fact I could never ever take him seriously again after I realised this.

_RickyGervais1530 karma

You should never take your manager seriously anyway. Not yours, I mean managers in general.

I feel sorry for him now.

cahaseler988 karma


_RickyGervais865 karma


Marzman315920 karma

Thanks for doing this Mr. Gervais,I am a huge fan.

What was it like working on that episode you were in of Louie? It seems like a really relaxed atmosphere and a fun show to work with.

Also, is Louis CK's penis really that horrible?

_RickyGervais1941 karma

It was amazing fun. I discovered Louie online and cast him in The Invention of Lying. We became great friends and he returned the favour by letting me work on his first series of Louie. He said I could ad lib , so what was I meant to do but insult the big, fat, sweaty, bald, ginger slob?

[I love him]

im_swedish701 karma

How does it feel to be known as "The King Of The Atheists" by people? I've heard it here on reddit.

_RickyGervais3227 karma

I prefer "God of the Atheists."

charlimonster628 karma

What are you wearing?

_RickyGervais1388 karma

OPviously623 karma

Hello, Mr. Gervais ! I have one very important question to ask you and I would love to hear your opinion on the matter. Both evolutionists and creationists all over the globe are relentlessly arguing in their endless search for a definitive answer to this existential question. So Ricky, is wall in space ?

_RickyGervais678 karma

Hahaha! I wonder how many people get that reference. Isn't Twitter wonderful?

kimberkat81559 karma

I love you! Your laugh is more contagious than the chicken pox. What was the most amount of takes that you had to do because you couldn't stop laughing?

_RickyGervais1340 karma

Seventy-four. Me and Martin Freeman doing the scene in The Office where Brent had to say "And who knows? In a few year's time, you could be in the hot seat."

I did it slightly different every time because I knew he would lose it. He was getting angrier and angrier with himself.

apadden548 karma

What was the inspiration behind the very first "bath pic"?

_RickyGervais1115 karma

I like my baths really deep and hot. But washing everything only takes a few minutes. So I thought it would be a waste to just flush all that water away. So there was nothing else to do but take pictures of myself trying to look as horrendous as possible. Oh my, what have I started?

jazzyd38533 karma

would you rather be a cute kitten, or a manly dog?

_RickyGervais1370 karma

I actually started thinking about this one seriously.

Ammarzk509 karma

How did you like being in GTA IV?

_RickyGervais945 karma

It was great. I just did some stand-up in a tight green outfit with little white dots all over me.

th3greg501 karma

Is Derek based on a life experience?

_RickyGervais1024 karma

The situation certainly is. Half my family growing up were carers of some sort, mostly retirement homes (stroke, Alzheimers), and Derek is like my fictional superhero of an everyday gentle outsider. I suppose they're all little fables about kindness. And possibly, a love letter to my lovely, poor and humble family growing up.

spyderacidburn484 karma

Which side of the road is more fun to drive on?

_RickyGervais862 karma

That's a tough one. Can I come back to that on my next reddit AMA?

Gear_Second455 karma

Who are your top 5 stand up comedians of all time?

_RickyGervais1113 karma

Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Dave Allen, and a couple of new boys heading towards that list like Louie CK and Doug Stanhope.

rememberzack447 karma

We need you back hosting the golden globes! we miss you!

_RickyGervais607 karma

Thank you. I had such a great time doing that! And I'm sure I will do it again one day.

NippleMangler428 karma

I would just like to tell you that your bath pics are, in my eyes, the most divine form of art to grace mankind.

_RickyGervais1219 karma

In that case, here's one just for you.

RedHawk77393 karma

Would you again piss in a sink out of pure laziness?

_RickyGervais940 karma

Not my sinks. They're really expensive.

gracechristie381 karma

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

_RickyGervais1388 karma

Daniel Day-Lewis would play me as a baby. He can do anything. Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt are fighting out for me now. And Meryl Streep will play me after the sex change. I haven't told you about that have I?

CaptainChoppa324 karma

What's your favorite snack?

_RickyGervais920 karma

Cheese on toast has got to be right up there.

Jints488300 karma

whats some other shows your into right now?

_RickyGervais1020 karma

My favourite shows of the year are House of Cards, the Scandinavian versions of The Killing and The Bridge, and my guilty pleasure is everything MMA. Ultimate Fighter is amazing.

muffintumble300 karma

Do you still have the wheelbarrow your father traded for the go-cart?

_RickyGervais354 karma

Haha. Sadly, no.

Annie_P14283 karma

Are you ticklish? If so where?

_RickyGervais686 karma

Yes, terribly. High ribcage, near the underarm. I go mental, like a dog chasing its tail.

buttloaf255 karma

Hey Ricky,

I lost my virginity while watching Ghost Town. So I guess just thanks for that. I guess you really put her in the mood?


_RickyGervais760 karma

You probably haven't lost it. Check down the back of the sofa. Or behind the microwave.

AxisOfAnarchy244 karma

What is your favorite curse word?

_RickyGervais1127 karma


dakst3r208 karma

Which is your favourite soft drink and what is the first thing you would you do if you were the King of England?

_RickyGervais659 karma

Diet Sprite. I'd probably invade a country. A smaller, weaker country. One that can't defend itself and is helpless. With lots of gold.

rememberzack175 karma

Is there any Chance of a David Brent return in the near or distant future?

Love you by the way Ricky!

_RickyGervais456 karma

Yes. His internet series "Learn Guitar with David Brent" is currently on my YouTube channel. I'm in negotiation with major record companies to release an album of his songs. And I'm even going to tour. After that, anything could happen.

Benevolent1171 karma

Why haven't you recorded your laugh and made a ringtone out of it? Even if you sold it for $.10 you'd make millions!

_RickyGervais366 karma

I would feel sorry for the people who hated it having to hear it everywhere they went. Trust me, not everyone loves it as much as you.


Quillo91162 karma

If you could work with any actor/actress, who would you like to work with?

_RickyGervais438 karma

Jack Nicholson and Ryan Gosling spring to mind.

t3rrapins145 karma

Hello, Mr. Gervais. What do you view as your biggest accomplishment?

_RickyGervais570 karma

I fought a bear once. But it started crying, so I let it off.

Seriouslyyyyyyy141 karma

Who is your favorite MMA fighter?

_RickyGervais349 karma

Forest Griffin. Brilliant, brave, smart, funny.

mattstacks132 karma

Is it a dream of yours to one day go on tour (of any scale) to sing/play guitar?

_RickyGervais305 karma

Yes but I'm getting it out of my system by doing it as David Brent.

megafone130 karma

Is everything really funnier in the UK?

_RickyGervais574 karma

Probably not. But if you're British, you have to be able to see the funny side of everything.

jpcrecom80 karma

By nature of the fact that redditors browse this website all day, many of us are not entirely fulfilled with our careers. Your career in entertainment started later than most. Was there some major catalytic event that made you switch your career into radio/comedy/entertainment in the late 90s after 15 years following your music career?

_RickyGervais232 karma

I never had a plan. I just sort've ambled along, doing exactly what I wanted every day of my life. It turned out well. I could easily be sleeping in a ditch now. I'd say always follow your passions. Even if you fail, you've had a great time trying.

JustAdolf-LikeCher79 karma

Why is atheism so important to you?

Edit: Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of yours, I love the material you do on religion, but don't you think all the preaching on twitter and similar is a bit too much sometimes? Don't you think it gets a bit boring?

_RickyGervais282 karma

I get asked about my atheism all the time. I don't know why it's so fascinating to people. But I am always honest and open about it. Not to change anyone's beliefs, but to let people know around the world who are oppressed and ashamed about not having faith that there is nothing wrong with it.

icameforthemusic60 karma

Ricky, I'm a twitter follower and have no idea how twonks came to be. Can you give us the story?

_RickyGervais164 karma

It's a cross between "Twitter" and "gonks." It's a term of affection. I promise. You twonk.

autoanorak57 karma

Why don't you use standard tuning in your "Learn Guitar With David Brent" segments?

_RickyGervais166 karma

I'm a maverick, baby.

Asherhul42 karma

What is your favorite kind of soap?

_RickyGervais165 karma

I honestly can't remember the last time I used soap. I use shampoo, shower gels, facial scrubs, exfoliants, and bath bombs. The only reason I ever undo a packet of soap is in a hotel, and that's to use a little bit of the packaging to black out my teeth for a bath pic.

Jooniper29 karma

Where is the greatest place you've ever traveled? Would you live there?

_RickyGervais77 karma

That would be London and New York. And I do.

xXTheDaymanXx23 karma

Mr. Gervais, I'm a huge fan and your one of the people who has made it easier for me to be confident in my choice not to believe in religion or faith (the invention of lying was brilliant as is all your stand up.).

So, from one heathen to another, what was it like working with the muppets?

_RickyGervais55 karma

I was like a kid in a sweet shoppe. I've loved the Muppets for thirty-five years. I watch A Muppet Christmas Carol every year, and was always jealous of Michael Caine. And I still can't quite believe that I'm the lead in a Muppet movie. Well, the human lead anyway. The frog's got top billing.

Theory124 karma

Hey Ricky! My Mom and I love all the movies and shows that you've done. We especially like you in 'Ghost Town'! If you could respond to this saying hi to my Mom I'd be eternally indebted to you!

_RickyGervais9 karma

Hi Mom!