Ricky Gervais

is an English comedian, actor, director, producer, musician, writer, and former radio presenter. Gervais achieved mainstream fame with his television series The Office

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_RickyGervais3230 karma

I saw Louie CK naked.

_RickyGervais3227 karma

I prefer "God of the Atheists."

_RickyGervais3207 karma

What a disgusting question! How dare you ask what I've splurged on!

Oh sorry... I see what you mean.

I donated my money to an orphanage. (Only joking - I bought a mansion in the country. I must go there someday.)

_RickyGervais2618 karma

I guess winning the Golden Globes for The Office in 2004 against all odds started it all. When I went up to collect the first award, Clint Eastwood was overheard to say "Who the fuck is that?"

(*Haha, I so hope that's true).

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That is where I first heard the word, yes. I used to catch the bus there to my dentist when I was little.

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Brent lasts longest. Because he begs for his life, and then stabs Michael when he lets him up.

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It was amazing fun. I discovered Louie online and cast him in The Invention of Lying. We became great friends and he returned the favour by letting me work on his first series of Louie. He said I could ad lib , so what was I meant to do but insult the big, fat, sweaty, bald, ginger slob?

[I love him]

_RickyGervais1530 karma

You should never take your manager seriously anyway. Not yours, I mean managers in general.

I feel sorry for him now.

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_RickyGervais1388 karma

Daniel Day-Lewis would play me as a baby. He can do anything. Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt are fighting out for me now. And Meryl Streep will play me after the sex change. I haven't told you about that have I?