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I'm running my #iGiveAFunk Campaign on Kickstarter to create a Tour/DVD/Album that isn't controlled by an industry but by the people.


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iownthepackers278 karma

Have you seen the video Old Gregg where you find "The Funk?" If so, how accurate is the depiction of you finding The Funk?

iGiveAFunk63 karma

I shared this information with him and he was supposed to keep it a secret!

TheEgosLastStand76 karma

How was playing with Buckethead? whats he like?

iGiveAFunk145 karma

He's a master of his craft and more down to earth than dirt! You'd have trouble find'n a gr8er guy!

Dr_Winston_O_Boogie74 karma


iGiveAFunk106 karma

Who DEY!

tbarvick70 karma


iGiveAFunk252 karma

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funktonaut71 karma

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iGiveAFunk134 karma

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imeddy7 karma

8 bit. Old school baby.

iGiveAFunk44 karma

my kinda language, keeps it on the One!

Weedophobes_are_mean64 karma

When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and thought to yourself, "Bootsy Collins, you could be funkier". Were you like, ten years old when that last happened? Because you seem to have perfected being funky.

iGiveAFunk85 karma

I work every day to get funkier! None of us our perfect so we have to keep working on ourselves or get left behind!

tinycat6962 karma

I grew up in Cincinnati. You have always seemed to maintain a connection with the local community. Why do you think that other artists seem to not see the importance of giving back to the community that molded them?

iGiveAFunk127 karma

I can't speak for the next man but me..I've been there, I know the pain and I know all these ppl need is a lil funk and love to get them going in the right of them cats cld be the next MJ or anything baba

ParityClarity6 karma

I also grew up in the Queen City and had friends who were absolutely dying to meet you (including going to your place of residence). They said that they finally managed to meet you and that instead of treating them like the annoying stalkers they were you acted like you had nothing better to do than talk to some teenagers!

I just wanted to share this anecdote to give validity to your immense appreciation of the fans and how down to earth you are!

iGiveAFunk17 karma

I appreciate it Funkateer...we're all in this together, not one person better than the next. Once we get that we'll all be On the One!

weghead59 karma

Hey Bootsy! Big fan here. I was wondering, what was the most important thing you learned from your time with James Brown?

iGiveAFunk124 karma

Discipline...he taught me how to slow it down and keep it On the One...without that I would've stayed wild and not found my groove

SammNStuff53 karma

You are actually my favourite musician in the world, Stay funky!

iGiveAFunk106 karma

uhhhh that's all I can do baba!

didntmemeto51 karma

What percent of your body would you say is pure funk?

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FrankNBerry46 karma

Bootsy, what do you think is the future of Funk?

iGiveAFunk85 karma

I think it's still being shaped...we got time to make sure that the mold ain't broke, just gotta care enough to do it

volundeit44 karma

Hi Bootsy, I don't have a particular question but I'm a huge fan of both your Solo and Funkadelic/Parliament work, and would just like to thank you for all the wonderful experiences your music has given me! Keep up the funk!

iGiveAFunk55 karma

Thank you! I do it for the funk of it!

LC_Music37 karma

I'm a fellow funk musician, and wanted to point out that I'm super proud of sharing a birthday with you!

iGiveAFunk99 karma

gimme ya link so I can check ya out

tekkentool33 karma

Hey bootsy, no questions really but just wanted to say when I'm plinking around writing a baseline on my computer I'm trying to make it sound like you. Cheers for all the music.

FankiJE59 karma

Make sure to follow this formula:

iGiveAFunk93 karma

On the One!

pompousplatypus28 karma

You headbutted me at a show while you were wearing a Carolina Panthers t shirt. It was awesome.

iGiveAFunk24 karma

my lawyers been look'n for ya baba! I still got that knot on my head from you!

lowspeedlowdrag25 karma

Bootsy, I have a big record collection but no funk. Get me started, whats one record I need to own?

iGiveAFunk73 karma

if you ain't got no funk you ain't got no true collection baba..get wit this #iGiveAFunk album I'm working on and you'll have ya first building block

Roflcopter7122 karma

What's up Bootzilla? Any plans for collaborating with any bassists in the future? You and Flea should funk it up sometime because that would pretty much be the best thing ever.

iGiveAFunk34 karma

I'm open to everything Funky right now baba...that's why I'm doing this campaign...I wanna put out something the ppl really need and want

Johnlordly19 karma

How many star shaped items do you currently own?

P.S. Do The Freak is my anthem, seriously it would be my intro song if I ever got the chance to use one.

iGiveAFunk32 karma

I lost count

LAuser19 karma

Hey Boots. I learned/studied from a recording engineer that used to work with you and George back in the day (His name is Jim Morgan). He's taught me a lot of great things from the experiences of working with you. I just want to say thanks for helping me learn and making my dream a reality!

iGiveAFunk37 karma

Thank you for being part of the Funk Groovement

jonlinger18 karma

I saw you play at Voodoo Fest in New Orleans this last year and got to dance with you with the you came down into the crowd! GREAT phenomenal show. What has been your favorite venue to play and why?

iGiveAFunk24 karma

Honestly it is hard to pick one...It's like a new experience at every gig!

bucketbread18 karma

All my music teachers said I was crazy for loving you and your sig bass but I'm hella close to being able to buy one and be the white Canadian Bootsy. Thanks for the inspiration!

iGiveAFunk37 karma

They call all of the geniuses crazy...don't mind em and keep funk'n away

pfunkallstar17 karma

Also Boots, how did you get into being a DJ in GTA V? Not gunna lie, that is a big reason I'm getting it!!

iGiveAFunk42 karma

They needed to borrow the computers from the FunkShip to process all the graphics in the game...everything just kinda happened after that!

joop232317 karma

Any tips for adding funk to a bass line?

iGiveAFunk46 karma

You gotta start with the basic funk formula..sum1 else just shared it..don't go nowhere play'n w/o it!

maess14 karma

What made you want to bring the funk?

iGiveAFunk40 karma

It just came over me, when you get this type of feel'n in ya you can't deny it..only thrive within it!

funktonaut17 karma

Bootsy!!! You are a true hero of mine. Thanks for alllll tha funk! Keep keepin' it on the one baba!

My question: My sister and I love playing music together, and are trying to build a career in the Music Industry. Any tips or advice?

iGiveAFunk37 karma

Find what you want to be and don't change for the industry...make the industry change for you!

opking16 karma

Bootsy, no question, I just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do. Years ago I saw you on the UK show "Rock School", and you talked about playing and how important it is to NOT play as a bassist. Your words have stayed with me ever since.

Thanks for keeping da funk goin'

iGiveAFunk21 karma

Gotta keep that funk alive!

PounderMcNasty16 karma

Sup, bro?

iGiveAFunk65 karma


FankiJE15 karma

How can I be as funky as you?

iGiveAFunk36 karma

It all starts with the One baba, find it and you'll find the funk!

kingdadrock13 karma

What albums have you been listening to recently?

iGiveAFunk40 karma

Lately I been recording nonstop...I get down in the BootCave with the Funk grooving and lose track of the outside world

jsav1210 karma

You're awesome, when are you touring in England?

iGiveAFunk23 karma

Working on international stops for next year

Csheroe7 karma


iGiveAFunk16 karma

No, Funk You!

Ickle_Test6 karma

What is the funniest thing you've seen Buckethead do?

MastaMp36 karma

Love the unity video so needed right now. What does boosty think of all the new technology is music?

iGiveAFunk41 karma

I don't have a problem with it but we got to learn how to keep real instruments in kids hands...ain't nothing like the power of creation baba and it just ain't the same when the computer does all the work for ya

TadMerriwether6 karma

Any long lost concert tapes collecting dust on the Mothership? Would love to see some more shows released.

iGiveAFunk23 karma

awww man, I been look'n thru my collections for this whole kickstarter thang and been finding cassettes and all from back in the day...imma see what I can do soon with all of it

weghead6 karma

Bootsy, have you ever worked with George Porter Jr.? If so, how did it go and what did ya'll do? The two of you are the greatest funk bassists out there, in my opinion; and if you ever got together, I think it might create singularity of funk that I'd never want to get out of.

iGiveAFunk10 karma

No I haven't

beaverteeth926 karma

What's Buckethead like?

iGiveAFunk9 karma

One of a Kind

runtime365 karma

Why would you say there are no more bands like P-Funk these days? I'm hurtin for some more of that uncut funk, nah mean?

iGiveAFunk29 karma

this #iGiveAFunk Groovement is a part of bringing that days I think a lot of ppl are too involved with the computer side of things and losing touch with the instruments...the real creating side of it so when they go out on tour you don't have the same vibe

banjoman745 karma

Okay, likely a long story. Growing up as white kid in Canada playing banjo, I wasn't exactly introduced to many genres of music until we got satellite TV. I can remember the first time I saw you on TV and thought "Who in the hell is this guy?" Of course your look caught my attention, but it was your playing that gripped me, introducing me to not only your music, but James Brown, George Clinton and then to the world of funk and motown.

Your groove is amazing, and something I strangely think about when playing banjo. I had the opportunity to jam with Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir at an after party one time, and they were doing funk music and motown. And, thanks to you, I was able to play my banjo along with them (which they found EXTREMELY amusing). I owe that experience to you.

In short, I love your stuff, and thank you for introducing me to funk and motown at a very early age.

iGiveAFunk3 karma

Thank you for keep'n the Funk alive, its all of you Funkateers that help keep me going

TheProudBrit5 karma

I have no idea who you are but just from reading this I want to change that.

iGiveAFunk14 karma

prepare to get Funked up

AthleticTypist5 karma

Come to Athens, GA.

iGiveAFunk4 karma

working on ATL I believe, one this campaign is funded we'll be headed to a lot more places

blawkhawk4 karma

When will tickets for the tour go on sale?

iGiveAFunk7 karma

some dates already started but you can get exclusive stuff from the kickstarter campaign

Huckleberryd00n4 karma

Hi Bootsy. I just started listening to your music a few weeks ago, and the Energizer Bunny ain't got nothing on your energy. I play bass myself and you're a total inspiration. I just wanted to thank you.

iGiveAFunk8 karma

I let energizer borrow one of the old batteries from the FunkShip

snap_wilson4 karma

I'm sure I was conceived to your bassline. What songs are you particularly proud of? Keep it funky, baba!

iGiveAFunk10 karma

you must be one Funky mug then

derpaherpa4 karma

Have you ever played a ToeJam & Earl game?

iGiveAFunk6 karma

That was one Funky pair

somebodyjones23 karma

I know this is over now, but I had to say it: YOU taught me what "laying back" on the beat actually means. Mothership connection is a case study.

thank you

iGiveAFunk4 karma

it's only just begun!

AuthenticHuman3 karma

If you somehow became the owner of an unfunky kind of UFO from the sun, what's the first thing you would do to it to make it yours?

iGiveAFunk2 karma

Shoot em wit my bop gun and take it

VicYesterday3 karma

Wait, what's going on?

iGiveAFunk8 karma


mmp313 karma

Bootsy, NONE of my friends got the funk. I don't have a BOP GUN so how can I help them find the funk!

iGiveAFunk3 karma

might be time to get new friends baba

paidinboredom3 karma

Any tips for an aspiring amateur bassist?

iGiveAFunk3 karma

Find the One and go from there

mushroomrevolution3 karma

I can't believe I missed this. Bootsy fucking Collins. I'm a huge funk fan.

iGiveAFunk7 karma

I'm back baba!

hwman2 karma

Pfft. iss ain't no bootsy mf Collins.

iss mf bootsy Collins?

iGiveAFunk5 karma

nobelaner2 karma

Probably too late to be noticed, but I'm a big fan of yours, and would love to see you appear somewhere in Belgium! People love you here

iGiveAFunk4 karma

We're working on international gigs with this campaign...check out the link above!

GMCooper842 karma

So my friend Dustin works and the Congress in Chicago and he claims that he took you and your wife out to dinner? is that true or is he taking a piss?

iGiveAFunk10 karma

pics or it didn't happen

Adventurerrr2 karma

Would you like to jam with the Chili Peppers? Do you like their kind of funk?

monocoque2 karma

iGiveAFunk6 karma

yeah he meant like that

Paw02272 karma

Bootsy, what is the future of funk as we know it? And, who's going to take it to the next level?

iGiveAFunk4 karma

We're shaping the future right now: I got some Funky talent in my band and wanna start put'n them out there more

championkid2 karma

you the man. I'm just visiting.

iGiveAFunk5 karma

hang around baba, this might get crazy