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Edit: There was no mention of proof when I came across this post. I don't think it's inappropriate to ask about proof in that situation. I'm leaving my original question below, because it was a valid question to ask at the time.

Do you have proof that you are actually a Fireman for the City of New York?

Usually people post proof or say if they've messaged the moderators with proof.

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I'm new to reddit and didn't initially provide proof.. I have sent proof to the moderator..

keepin_ur_lights_on11 karma

How can I get an official FDNY t-shirt?

Wrinks1815 karma

Many firehouses have online sites you can order shirts from.. Or stop by any firehouse if your ever in NYC and say you would like to purchase a shirt

GaryNOVA10 karma

Does it ever get boring eating, washing your cars and watching soap operas?

Wrinks1839 karma

Well played sir. I would argue with you but these are... "The Days of Our Lives."

TheThirdStrike9 karma

Why is it F.D.N.Y. instead of N.Y.F.D.?

N.Y.F.D. already taken?

Wrinks1839 karma

We were already nifty enough. Not sure why they put the fire department in front of New York.

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What do you think about Building 7?

Wrinks187 karma

Somebody's familiar with the rock...

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Do you know Paul T? Dude is the shit. Best mustache.

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I don't know him but I'm sure I know his awesome mustache.

Overcriticalengineer4 karma

Has the relationship between FDNY and NYPD gotten any better?

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Yeah. It was never really horrible. If your a cop and hate firemen or vice versa there are more deep seeded problems. We all generally get along.

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Much Love Brother! Stay safe! From your friends in Detroit!

Wrinks185 karma

Detroit. You guys have a bad ass department. Keep safe "STRETCHING"

KSteeze4 karma

What would be my first step towards becoming a fireman?

Wrinks187 karma

Start getting in shape and sign up to take the FDNY exam next time it is given. You must be 21 at the time of hire. 18 to take the exam.

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Do you think fireman should be considered heroes when it's part of their job to put their lives on the line, which they volunteered for in the first place? Also, if you have a family at home, meaning wife and a child, do you think fireman should be risking their lives in very risky, life threatening situations? Care to explain your answers?

Wrinks1824 karma

No they shouldn't. I didn't do this to be a hero, I wanted to do it for a living. The only heros in my eyes are the Navy, Marines, Army, and Air Force.

The way I look at it is that I'm not always with my family, and I hope that there is someone out there who would risk their lives to save my family if I'm not there to do it. This is why I take whatever risk neccessary to help the families of others.

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Hi, thanks for doing this AMA. I was wondering if you knew either of the Langone brothers?

Wrinks188 karma

Can't say I do off the top of my head. I'm sure I've seen them if they work in Brooklyn but I'm bad with names.

myhousesmells4 karma

Firefighting seems like a fairly low-tech situation. Is there any high-tech equipment you guys use?

Wrinks189 karma

GPS, Thermal imagers, chemical radiological and biological meters. The list can go on for a while.

the_hardest_part3 karma

I was in NYC in March 2002 and visited Ladder 1 - the one that was featured in a documentary about 9/11. Nothing but respect for you all!

That year it felt like every firefighter in New York walked in the St Paddy's Day parade - were you one of them? It was very emotional and a beautiful tribute to the fallen.

Wrinks187 karma

Yeah I was one of them. I march every year but that was only a small portion of firemen on the job.

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What is your opinion on raiders

Wrinks1821 karma

The football team?? I'm a Giants fan my man

PostPostPostIronic3 karma

Is there any pressure to reduce the amount of time your vehicles spend idling? It seems like both the FDNY and NYPD never turn a car off, even when no one is in them. I understand that equipment needs to charge sometimes, but it always struck me as fairly excessive.

Wrinks1813 karma

We never turn off the truck because our MDT and computer systems run off of the electricity the engine provides. We turn the rigs off and we would be calling for jump starts in no time. Not only that but we have battery chargers and flashlight chargers and meter chargers also running off of the rig.

legendz4113 karma

Whats the correct path for becoming a fireman? Do I have to goto school? Can I apprentice? Is it worth it?


Wrinks185 karma

It's worth what you make of it. You need to hold a steady job for 6 months or have 40 college credits to be hired after taking the exam.

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My father was a firefighter in the FDNY (off the top of my head I don't remember specifically where but I know he used to be on Ladder 110) and several years after 9/11 he had to retire due to lung problems from being at Ground Zero. Along with that, my grandfather who passed away a few years ago was a lower-level chief back when he was in the FDNY. I just wanted to say/ask a few minor things.

First off I just wanna say thank you for helping serve the city and protect/save people, I don't always see firefighters get the respect they deserve but you guys are heroes. Not many other people would be willing to run into burning buildings to save folks, so thank you.

Secondly, my dad and grandfather always shared with me funny stories from around the firehouse, of either funny stuff that happened around the precinct with other guys or with new rookies, or of funny things that happened while out responding to an emergency. Do you have any funny or interesting stories you'd be willing to share?

Wrinks184 karma

It's always funny getting new guys. Having them go do something while a guy waits above with a 5 gallon bucket of water etc. I've told a few stories for other people asking similar questions in the thread.

jakegunst3 karma

How much do you make?

Wrinks189 karma

A comfortable living.

sneubs1232 karma

How old are your house's trucks, and how often do trucks get replaced?

Wrinks184 karma

They're supposed to be replaced every ten years, we're well over ten.

CecilTunt1 karma

I am a superhero.. AMA


Wrinks181 karma

Thanks for the confidence boost. Just a job I love to do though, far from a superhero.

IcelandicOrangutan1 karma

Do you guys bond?

Wrinks184 karma

For sure.. We do alot together.. We go out for beers after a 24 hour shift all the time..


What's your favourite beer?

Wrinks1810 karma

I'm easy, I like the ol red white and blues.. Budweiser.. If I'm feeling fancy I will go for a magic hat 9