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Edit: There was no mention of proof when I came across this post. I don't think it's inappropriate to ask about proof in that situation. I'm leaving my original question below, because it was a valid question to ask at the time.

Do you have proof that you are actually a Fireman for the City of New York?

Usually people post proof or say if they've messaged the moderators with proof.

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One time, I was talking to a UPS driver. In addition to driving for UPS, he also had an ice cream stand that he owned and ran during the summer months.

He had ordered supplies for the ice cream stand using UPS as the carrier. His supplies showed up damaged and he knows it happened in a hub/sort facility because he was the driver who delivered his own packages.

He wasn't pleased, but there wasn't much he could do other than file a claim.

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Did you ever come across anyone suffering PTSD effects in the heat of battle? For example, did anyone ever freeze-up and not perform when they needed to?