I recently ended a 'Long Distance Pushing' trip along with a few of my best friends here over the summer. We started out the 8th of July and finished on August 3rd. The route was 1500 kilometers +.



https://www.facebook.com/DKlongboardtrip - Sorry for the page being all danish.. Google translate is your weapon !

Edit: Thanks for all the questions, but it's time for me to hit the hay... Feel free to keep them coming though, and I'll answer in the morning !

Edit: 2 Didn't expect this much buzz, thanks to everyone who's left a comment, I'll try to get them all answered !

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ajay0070019 karma

Landyachtz so I assume you did it on a longboard

Gingerhairbutblonde12 karma

A lowered Switchblade 38 with 50' Calibers, 76mm raceforms and Zealous bearings !

ajay0070013 karma

Nice did you take spare pArts like extra wheels, bearings, trucks, ect just incase something were to happen

Gingerhairbutblonde6 karma

We did, however we sadly lost most of it when some members couldn't ride any longer due to knee injuries/just being fed up with riding, and they left with our spare parts... At the very end, one of the guys was missing 3 bolts, and had no way of replacing them !

Kidtuf1 karma

That's actually pretty scary! I'm a terrible longboarder but I know enough to know that it helps to have confidence in your gear, especially in a tight spot. Missing bolts, especially three out of eight, would give me pause around every kick downhill turn. Impressed you guys stuck it out, congrats!

LeadingPretender2 karma

Not a lot of hills in Denmark to be honest.

Gingerhairbutblonde2 karma

There actually is a lot of really short, really steep ones, which can be quite scary. You just have to search far and wide to find them. But you're right, Denmark is quite flat :(

Bait_The_Sheep7 karma

was it just a straight wake and skate, or did you have other daily activities. oh and did you just try to skate or do any tricks?

Gingerhairbutblonde7 karma

We did try to get a few clips while on the road, but we were too exhausted to do anything after our treks.. We did get in a few sessions, but nothing big. (Which is really a shame, we came upon loads of amazing hills/great street spots.)

A normal day would pretty much just be us getting up, and just getting out there skating, then breaks for snacking/eating/resting would take up most of the time, and we'd usually arrive at our daily goals after the sun had gone down... But that's mostly because we love riding goldenhours !

Edit: I was also the only one in the group who actually skateboard, besides using it as a means of transportation. Most of the other guys in the group practise parkour!

Psylent_Shadow6 karma

How many triple Salchows did you do?

Gingerhairbutblonde10 karma

if this is a 'Salchow' then we did it as warmup, just before breakfast !

PretendImGoku5 karma

What was your set up?

Was it hard to balance with those big packs at first?

Gingerhairbutblonde5 karma

Actually, it's not that bad.. You have to use a differen't pushing techinque though, which takes a while to get used to, but once you get into it, pushing requires little to no effort, and you can push for hours without getting worn out !

  • As an added bonus, I now feel light as a feather when I skate, and can push way faster than before !

iAmKirillov5 karma

That's pretty cool, man! My question is: Chocolate or strawberry milk?

Gingerhairbutblonde12 karma

Can I get 'em mixed?

NoTimeForInfinity3 karma

I get a sense of freedom whenever I skate. One of the things that bothers me about it is how it develops muscle so asymmetrically. I've often wished I could skate ambidextrously or switch feet.

Did you have issues with this?

Do you walk funny now?

How bad was the chaffing?

Gingerhairbutblonde3 karma

Actually, I can comfortably push both regular and switch, so my muscles have been developing quite identically!

As to the walk funny part, during the trip, I tried running several times, and I'd end up tripping every time, because my legs didn't understand it anymore ! (One of the guys on the trip is now stuck with a massive right thigh though, poor guy...)

xronorx3 karma

When and why you started skating?

Gingerhairbutblonde4 karma

2(ish) years ago, my old roomie at a boarding school I was attending at the time, brought his longboard to school, for casual campus crusing. I was instantly hooked after trying it for the first time. Everything about standing on a skateboard is amazing, the f(r)eeling, the wind in your hair, the pain after falling... It's pure bliss to be on, and there hasn't been a day since trying a board for the first time, till now where i haven't thought about skating/have gone skating. There's just something about it, that you can't express with words !

xronorx2 karma

Sorry skating was an auto correct but another question is what was the funniest moment in the trip?

Gingerhairbutblonde6 karma

I don't remember why, but one of the guys vomited of sheer laughter. That has to be the funniest thing I've ever witnessed!

chaseoes1 karma

Why skate instead of longboard?

Gingerhairbutblonde1 karma

Oh we did travel by longboard, I just call everything that's a board with 4 wheels and 2 trucks a 'skateboard' :)

Physicxj2 karma

Do you and your friends plan to skate across any other countries?

Gingerhairbutblonde3 karma

No, however we do plan to rent an RV for 2-3 weeks next year, and roadtrip across Europe !

Bk02112 karma

Are you tired?

Gingerhairbutblonde4 karma

Yes ! Went skating the day I got home, and have been at a festival since then and until yesterday.. It's not that easy to be young !

Penismassage2 karma

What inspired you to do it?

Gingerhairbutblonde3 karma

Last year, a few buddies of mine skated across most of the danish mainland called 'Jylland', which was about 600 kilometers. I took part in the last 100, and was thrilled with how long distance skateboarding felt. I've also been a huge fan of a youtube series called 'Long Treks on Skate Decks', and found the series around October 2012, It's really worth checking out !

miloais2 karma

How many times did you get laid while in denmark?

Gingerhairbutblonde4 karma

I'm from Denmark, so danish girls are.. Well yeah easy to come by here. (It's true, I know.)

However it's pretty hard to get any action when your shirts are dirty, you reek of atleast 7 days of sweat and you live in a 1man tent !

Bllets10 karma

Not at Roskilde Festival...

Gingerhairbutblonde4 karma

Touché !

013141502 karma

What's the most underrated danish city? Did you do any kickflips just for the heck of it?

Gingerhairbutblonde3 karma

Yeah, I did a few kickflips.. actually ended out with kickflipping every board we had with us,

with the exception of This one

The most underrated city will have to be a place kalled Skive. It's such beautiful scenery out there, amazing hills, amazing people aswell and there is such a great atmosphere when you're just walking around !

archon792 karma

That country is pretty tiny. Took you 26 days?

Gingerhairbutblonde2 karma

We did end up taking 6 days where we weren't skating, because we felt like we weren't experiencing the country enough by constantly being on the move. We had 3 days in Copenhagen, and 1 in Skagen, Skive and Århus.

But I'd love to see you skate 1500km+ in that period of time ! :)

Horstt2 karma

Since Copenhagen and Odense are on islands and then Aalborg is on the peninsula, did you stay on one island or go to different ones?

Gingerhairbutblonde3 karma

We went to every major part of Denmark, North, South, East and West, starting off at Jylland, going to the tip, then down and through Fyn and Sjælland, then down to Falster and Lolland, then to Ærø and to Møn an then back to our starting point in Esbjerg.

lejsen3 karma

Follow-up to that one: How did you travel between them? You didn't skate on the bridges I presume, on account of them being highways.

Gingerhairbutblonde1 karma

We had to take a train between Fyn and Sjælland, because we couldn't get permission to skate on the big bridge, and we had to take a few ferry's to get to various islands !

mystery_redditor0072 karma

Did you fall? How many times?

Gingerhairbutblonde1 karma

Yes ! Pretty much anythung can toss you off with that much extra weight, and once you do fall, you had no choice but to just hope for the best, as you couldn't run it off due to tje extra weight aswell !

I was quite lucky with my falls though, as i most og the times landed on my bag and slid on that... Some of the others weren't that lucky..!

ELBandid02 karma

Regular or goofy?

Gingerhairbutblonde1 karma

Regular !

1-900-USA-NAILS2 karma

As an American, 26 days sounds like a really long time to me, as I imagine Denmark being about the size on New Jersey.

Gingerhairbutblonde2 karma

Denmark is by no means a big country, but our route was around 1000 miles long. we tried not to rush it too hard, so we didn't skate it as fast as we could, we just tried to have as much fun as we could while doing it !

zombiekillerxo2 karma

did you skate really hard?

Gingerhairbutblonde2 karma

Isn't that the only way to skate?

boegildk1 karma

sov du ved en bartender i nærheden af odder?:D

Gingerhairbutblonde1 karma

Så hyggeligt som det lyder, må jeg desværre sige nej :(

thedem1 karma

Respect man. Do you actually skate? Like street skateboarding?

Gingerhairbutblonde1 karma

Sure do, started this Christmas, and can allready do 3flips, heelflips to 50-50 and crooked grinds !

thebluecrab1 karma

Were there any unknown complications that arose?

Gingerhairbutblonde1 karma

We were heading back from a night out in 'Skagen', and didn't bring our boards so we had to walk 10km back to where we were sleeping. We were trying to hitch a ride, but with no luck, so me and another guy chose to walk a more astethicly pleasing road, and left one guy who insisted on hitching a ride.

10 minutes pass and I get a phone call.. "'Mads'(that's my name)... I just got hit by a car.." I nearly dropped my phone as I sprinted towards the place where we left the guy, I've never heard him that scared in my life. Luckily he was somewhat fine when we found him, but his hip was messed up. Some guy in a red car had sped up behind him, and he managed to jump at the very last second. He could still skate afte the accident, but he was scared of being hit again... This whole trip was pretty much his brain-child, and me and him were the only guys who had been training to skate it.. I really thought we were done for when he left !

Also, towards the end, most of the guys had no money at all. One guy in particular had forgotten to save money, and he was dead broke the last 4 days of the trip. The last day he even refused to burrow money, and was so hungry he fell asleep standing on the board !

albatrawesome1 karma

Were there any injuries on the trip? If so, how did they happen and what was the aftermath?

Gingerhairbutblonde1 karma

There was this one

And then a lot of bruises, and smaller roadrash from just stepping on our wheels/hitting big cracks. Some of the guys also had major crashes on some of the hills, because they couldn't get the weight destribution right/got leg cramps. Luckily though we allways skated with our helmets on, so nothing more than something than scars everywhere !

But we also had a guy who got quite sick. He'd been having headaches for like 3 days, when he had had enough and went home. He found out his whole throat was severely infected, and he now has to take 3 pills 3 times a day to fight it back.

fuckujoffery1 karma

You should skate Australia.

Gingerhairbutblonde1 karma

That would be way too warm !

SirFancyMcFancePants1 karma

In one comment you said you spent a day in Skagen. Is the 'joining' of the two seas as impressive as they make it look in pictures? Also what other places should I visit in Denmark? I'm thinking about hitchhiking there (so big cities are off limits)

Gingerhairbutblonde1 karma

Definately visit Ærø, that place is absolutely stunning !

We unfortunately didn't have the means to go see the two oceans meet, however from what it can be either a really impressive sight, or a real bummer. It all depends on the weather/wind and all that.

Also, the area around 'Skive' is amazing, as well as the city, the people there are so hospitable and friendly ! Actually, northern 'Jylland' in general is just about the most beautiful place I've ever seen here in Denmark, because not a lot of people actually live there !

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Gingerhairbutblonde1 karma

How'd you guess :(