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How should I respond if they ask me about job jumping (I.e. Switching jobs every few years)? Companies aren't loyal to you anymore but expect you to be, and the only way to move up is by leveraging your current position to land a better one elsewhere.

Is it appropriate to ask an interviewer for feedback to improve myself for the future?

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Wow, I would love to have you inspect the restaurant I work at. The other day we a surprise inspection when it was really busy. We didn't have time to make everything was clean and in place then he failed us. I feel like some inspectors pick on restaurants inside gas stations (dunkin donuts). Is that true?

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Multi part question here. What do the people who you inspect think of you? Do they fear you or hate you? Do you let minor things slide? Can they negotiate their way out of a fail to a close pass?

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How do you get these people to let you take a picture of them? Do you just PM them something like "hey, can we meet up sometime and let me take pictures of you?"

Also how do you select who to take pictures of?

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What's the coolest project you've worked on?