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Yeah but Victoria's pretty good at typing the way the interviewee talks.

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LA represent.

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There's a smallish record label here is Southern California called Burger Records that's putting out some really great new bands on cassette.

It's about half the cost to do a run of cassettes as it is to do CDs (and way cheaper than vinyl), so the band is out of pocket for less, and they can sell them for cheaper - the record store by my house has used cassettes for $1.99 and brand new cassettes for $3.99. Cheap means people may impulse buy your tape, even if they've never heard of you, which is good for a new band.

There's also the retro-cool factor. Plastic's fun to hold, it reminds us of our younger years (people ~30 who we're getting into music right around the time of the death of the cassette tape, anyway). Lots of younger kids drive beater cars with cassette decks.

It's a funny medium, but it makes sense.