I've actually done an AMA about this in the past, but it was requested again. So, why not?

Here's a link to the request thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1jn3iy/ama_request_redditor_who_has_been_in_solitary/

I will be submitting proof to the mods.

A few FAQ's answered: In 2006 I was arrested for cocaine trafficking and sentenced to probation, after violating I spent 8 months in the county jail. This is when I severed 2 month in "the box" from 12/24/08-02/22/09

No, rape is not common

No, I was not in a gang

Anyways, ask away

Edit: sorry guys, I fell asleep. I'll answer the rest of these questions today

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jezzuzz32 karma

Lets be real, how often did you masturbate?

Dunkcity23960 karma

All the fucking time. I beat the cartilage out of my meat

jezzuzz13 karma

Was it awkward?

Dunkcity23978 karma

Man, after being in these exposed situations so many times, I could jack my dick in front of a live studio audience without a problem

Edit: spelling

Chucklesthe323 karma

Hey man thanks for doing this. Did they even give you a special Christmas dinner or was it normal?

Dunkcity23925 karma

It was different from the normal menu, but nothing special. A couple pieces of turkey an bologna, some mashed potatoes an veggies with some cookies

Super_Svenny16 karma

Were the cookies good?

Dunkcity23915 karma

Actually, yeah

Dunkcity2398 karma

No frosting

medeeswee23 karma

have you seen Orange is the new Black? if so, how similar is "SHU" to "the box"

also, was the food worse in the box than what you were served in the normal jail?

Dunkcity23920 karma

I've seen a couple episodes. SHU=special housing unit. Every jail has one. It's where they keep snitches an problematic inmates. I haven't seen the episode where someone was in the SHU, so I can't comment. It's a 7x9 room with a bed and a toilet sink. They feed you threw times a day, and turn the lights off at 11pm. Some people get medication. Twice a week you're allowed to leave for 30 minutes, you have the option of taking a shower, or making a phone call

waiting_for_rain8 karma

In Orange is the New Black, that described it perfectly except they didn't turn the lights off and the main character went kind of nuts.

Dunkcity2398 karma

Where I was at, they dimmed the lights between 11pm-5am

misophone921 karma

Is the phrase "snitches get stitches" true in the jail you were in?

Dunkcity23928 karma

Hell yeah. You snitch once and people know about it, you might as well check in and spend your whole time by yourself

misophone915 karma

So do you know if the guy who snitched on you have to be put in protective custody or something similar?

Dunkcity23926 karma

By the time I got out of the hole I had less than a week on my sentence. I let go of my anger and looked forward to going home. Sleeping well at night knowing he had a long trip ahead of him

Edit: to add to that, I personally may have not retaliated, but now everyone knows that this person can't be trusted. Who knows what ended up happening

Jcizzl21 karma

Did it get progressively worse as the days went on or was it pretty much the same after the initial adjustment?

Dunkcity23960 karma

The first week and the last week were the worst. There was a month or so when I was just numb,sleeping like 18 hours a day. I got really good at lucid dreaming

BettyTheBoop17 karma

Good tip, if I ever go to jail

Dunkcity239142 karma

Here's a better tip, don't

OrganicCertified3 karma


Dunkcity2393 karma

No techniques. I subscribe to /r/luciddreaming and I think a lot of the stuff they say works is just silly. It's always came Natural to me

nightxwatch20 karma


Dunkcity23927 karma

I knew what times meals were served and what time the lights went out. Also, nurses came around to pass out medication at certain times. You always had a decent guess of the time

Goran16931 karma

Was it prescribed medication or was it something everyone had to take?

Dunkcity2392 karma

Only certain people were prescribed. There's always at least one guy on the block with diabetes or high blood pressure

bitizenbon17 karma

What did you do to end up in the box?

Dunkcity23926 karma

Someone snitched on me for getting OxyContin because I wouldn't break them off. When they searched my shit they found gambling materials and other contraband. So they hit me with two DRs (disciplinary reports) and gave me two months in the box

Jcizzl23 karma

That sounds kind of extreme for a non-violent offense...? Is that a pretty typical response?

Dunkcity23924 karma

They'll lock you up over anything. I was part of a trustee program. So I had a job in the jail and had better living conditions. Some of the COs in that area make it their mission to rope people off

hashtagmadi16 karma

Did you make any friends while in prison that you're still in contact with?

Dunkcity23920 karma

Plenty of them! At first there was a group of guys I would party with. Most of us sold dope and that's how we got to talking in there. We helped each other network, make money, and introduce each other to girls. It worked out really well for a while

AlexKliegman12 karma

I always hear about ppl dealing drugs in prison but have always wondered how they smuggle the stuff in. Care to enlighten me?

Dunkcity23915 karma

There's lots of ways. Through dirty officers or people visiting. I had mine mailed to me

patienttapping3 karma

they don't search mail?

Dunkcity2398 karma

Two post cards glues together with crushed up pills hidden in between. You would never notice it's there

allenahansen14 karma

Given the general caliber of one's fellow inmates, is solitary confinement preferable to dealing with an obnoxious/psychotic roommate and/or a dangerous social dynamic? Seriously asking here.

Secondly, were you at least allowed pencil and paper, or were you literally confined with zero sensory escape for the entire time? If so, what is the "official" reasoning behind intentionally zombifying an inmate-- perhaps permanently? Seems horribly counter-productive to me...but then so does locking people up for using the "wrong" drugs.

Thanks for the AMA

Dunkcity23919 karma

I preferred to be in population. It was easier to pass time. I like hanging out with people, talking shit and betting on the sporting events, playing cards and shit. I love playing risk! But yeah, there wasn't shit to be scared of, just do you. As far as the box, they legally have to give you pen and paper so you can write letters to lawyers and families and all that. And they have to give you a bible If you request it. Other than that, they pass out a kit with basic hygiene products once a month

Wanderous17 karma

Risk in a prison? That's a recipe for disaster, I can barely walk out of a Risk session with my friends in one piece..

Dunkcity23914 karma

Yeah, shit gets intense. I liked playing because a game can last all day

NoamEinstein13 karma

Serious question: what happens if you run out of toilet paper? Did that ever happen

Dunkcity23925 karma

It happened one time. There was this one asshole officer. Young Puerto Rican guy with a lot of tattoos, he hated the white boys. His shift lasted a whole weekend. When I asked for toilet paper, he told me to wipe my ass with the bread I get with my dinner. I ended up tearing a shirt into pieces and using that.

NoamEinstein6 karma

Wow that sucks man.

Dunkcity23913 karma

It was really fucked up. Imagine a grown man begging for toilet paper, I mean begging and he just gets laughed at and left in his cage

jminds7 karma

I got 5 soups for your state pack...

Dunkcity2397 karma

We didn't get soups. But I'll take 2 big bags for it

metropolitan_mad14 karma

How did you feel after they told you you'd be spending two months in solitary? Was it horrifying or did you not realize at the time how mind-numbing it was?

Dunkcity23915 karma

I was in denial. I filed appeals and asked family members to call the jail. I freaked out. Then eventually I realized there was nothing I could do and just tried to deal with it

IFearNoPotato13 karma

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions! Would you consider solitary confinement a form of torture?

Dunkcity23926 karma

Abso-fucking-lutely. But other than corporal punishment idk what the officers should do

cloudhorn3012 karma

What is the longest time anyone has spent time in solitary where you're at?

Also, how long do you estimate you could handle being in the box?

Forgive me if this is a sensitive question.

EDIT: formatting.

Dunkcity23915 karma

I mentioned in the title I was in solitary for two months. I don't know how long I could take. After a month or some was used to it, but I assume after a while I would snap

Ilikefrogs12 karma

What is your favorite crime, and why?

Dunkcity239144 karma

Possession of marijuana. Because 420blazeitfaggot #yolo

EatingSandwiches111 karma

Did you find Jesus in Jail...and if so in which cell block was he in?

Dunkcity23937 karma

He was there. He hooked me up with a fade and a neck tattoo for like 5 snickers bars

BattlingMink283 karma

Was it worth it?

Dunkcity2395 karma

I think so

springek11 karma

How did you violate probation?

Dunkcity23918 karma

Failed a drug test for smoking marijuana

waiting_for_rain10 karma

What was the last day in prison like for you? How does it work?

Dunkcity23951 karma

My last day was pretty sweet. They gave me the day off work, and the pod I was in was really small. So after everyone left for work, I was by myself all day. I just watched tv and paced around. They call you around midnight to do your paper work and give you your street clothes back. Around 3am you walk out the door a free man. My mom and my cousin picked me up. They brought me a quarter oz of weed and a bottle of Hennessy and we went out to Denny's for breakfast. It was overwhelming. Going from living in a cage to being stoned and having some hot chick serve you pancakes (after being inside so long, I thought every woman was beautiful lol)

waiting_for_rain14 karma

That was beautiful. You're beautiful. I always imagined there was some fanfar or maybe a CO gives you shit on the way out or something. Things like weed and Denny's, those are usually considered lesser things, but you make it sound like bread from Heaven.

Did your street clothes still fit? What would happen if they didn't? lol, not that I'm saying you're fat

Dunkcity23914 karma

I've always been skinny. I actually bulked up in there so I had to get some new clothes. My mom took me out and got me some stuff, she was really nice and understanding about the whole thing.

chocotofu37 karma


Dunkcity23928 karma

Yeah, she did. I'm sure there's lots of people on here who smoke weed with their parents. We're all adults

chocotofu38 karma

I mean, isn't it some sort of violation to take drugs after being released from prison?

Dunkcity23925 karma

If you're in probation or parole. I did my time and was a free man

cnh2n2homosapien3 karma

Why the hell do they let you out at 3 am?

Dunkcity23922 karma

Because If you're there at 5am, they have to feed you

rkeyes4710 karma

Is it easy to become a boss of sorts in prison. I feel like if you have smarts and people skills you could easily start running your own operation. I have a feeling this is not accurate though.

Dunkcity2395 karma

I just did my own thing

Bethesda_10 karma

Is there really a guy in every prison like Red from Shawshank?

Dunkcity23912 karma

You meet all sorts of characters

cwlosek11 karma

what is one of your favorite characters your met?

Dunkcity23919 karma

In jail? Probably my boy Brad. We were about the same age and had a lot in common. We did a lot of time together and even hung out on the outside, it was always a party when he was around.

Outside of jail: Son Goku

DarkHumorAnimation7 karma

What! That clown?!!!

Dunkcity23921 karma

Watch it vegeta, Goku is our only hope right now

Mr_Propane8 karma

Did you have enough room to workout in your room? I always imagined if I was put in solitary confinement I would just do workout and punch the walls like Oldboy. It's not like there's anything better to do so you might as well do it while there's no distractions.

Dunkcity23912 karma

After you do calisthenics enough you'll find all types of ways to maneuver your body to work out. Obviously it wasn't the best option, but I made due

Sharkace8 karma

Do you feel that the prison system was effective in rehabilitating you to become a contributing member of society? How do you think your life would be different had you not been arrested and prosecuted?

Dunkcity23913 karma

I think there are better options than prison, or maybe there's a lot more things they could change about prison that could actually help people. I just got tired of the lifestyle. I was fortunate enough to have family and friends, I relocated for a while, got a lot of job experience and learned some skills. Jail definitely motivated me to stop fucking around, I can say that much

__mrtr8 karma

Because of your user name, I am going on a hunch your from Lee County, Florida. Am I right?

Dunkcity23912 karma

Did you make an account just to ask this question?

__mrtr5 karma

Yes. I am more of a creep on this website but you sounded JUST like a person I know so I had to ask. But they got arrested in the Cape.

Dunkcity23910 karma

Lehigh cuh

Dunkcity2396 karma


highlander246 karma

What were some activities you did to pass the time?

Dunkcity23915 karma

I would write a lot, mostly song lyrics. Sometimes I would just make plans for what I was gonna do when I got home. Male all kinds of lists of things to do. Work out, play solitare. Stand by the door and yell to the other inmates in the block. But mostly I tried to sleep as much as possible

flybutterthing12 karma

Why did they allow solitaire and paper/writing utensils, but not books?

Dunkcity2399 karma

Legally you need paper and pen to correspond with your attorney and family. The cards can be taken at any officers jurisdiction

bblazer246 karma

Do you think you "learned your lesson"?

Dunkcity23932 karma

From the box? No. But that wasn't the only time I've been locked up. I caught a gun charge after that and was released in 2012. Since then I've stopped dealing drugs, worked full time ever since, got married and had children. I like to think of it as, "I did some dumb shit when I was younger"

Shodokan5 karma

Just curious... I have heard several people say solitary confinement changes a man... well in your own experience what was it like spending 8 months without human contact? I mean I have heard that it makes me people go nuts and starting compulsive cleaning of their cell... assuming they see things not there like bugs.. talking to themself to pass time.. and that when they get out they have a hard time adjusting to life outside the walls... I guess I am asking did any of this happen to you or do you have anything else you experience?

Dunkcity2397 karma

  1. I was locked up for 8 months in the time I mentioned, only 2 of them were spent in the box.

  2. No, I didn't go crazy. I would write songs and stories and practice my lucid dreaming. There were times it was overwhelming, but I had friends who were doing life sentences, it made me feel good that I was still going home relatively soon

Shodokan3 karma

Thanks for the reply and that it was a lengthy reply! Most of the AMA's I join the person replies with like a one liner lol but what do you think was the worst experience about solitaire was it the no contact with other people or losing more rights or something totally different?

Dunkcity2399 karma

You're treated worse than I would treat my pets. They have a team of inmates who hand out meals, they steal from everyone's tray so one of their friends on the same block can get extra. If you complain, you will be pepper sprayed, tazed and sometimes even beaten. They wouldn't give us toilet paper for like a week one time. They would randomly bring us out of our cells at 3am, handcuff us and search us. Sticking a flashlight between my balls and shit. It was so dehumanizing.

Shodokan6 karma

Damn man I hate hearing that.. I mean for no reason at all a 3 am search and the flash light ordeal.. that's ridiculous and uncalled for unless they had a legit reason to assume something was wrong. But in all fairness another thing that is retarded is to allow an inmate to hand out the food... I mean if they are not supervised the guards should expect the inmates to play favorites.. our jail systems are screwed up.

Dunkcity2396 karma

They really just don't give a fuck. And this was in a county jail. Not a state prison with convicted killers and rapists. This was guys with weed and DUI charges and other petty shit who were waiting for trial or already sentenced to less than a year

Mattsterman2 karma

What do you think would have happened if you cockslapped the CO when he stuck the flashlight between your balls? Did you ever think about doing that?

Dunkcity2394 karma

I was handcuffed and naked, didn't have many options. One time I made a remark like, "I bet this is your favorite part of the job"

Drift-Bus5 karma

Don't you hate pants?

Dunkcity23919 karma

I live in Florida, so I prefer to wear shorts. They're comfy and easy to wear!

Asevio5 karma

Wow, I sure didn't expect to see that reference here.

Dunkcity23912 karma

Even criminals play Pokemon

br00dle5 karma

so here is a different kind of question, whats your favorite book/ author?

Dunkcity2399 karma

I really like James pattersons stuff. It's quick,simple and entertaining. "The alchemist" by Paulo coelo is one of my favorites. I also enjoy anime, hip-hop and alternative rock

br00dle4 karma

i know its nothing in comparison to what you did but i got sent to beta as a kid "pretty much kid jail in the states" and i spend a couple weeks in solitary and i got addicted to michael crichton. i was just wondering if it was the same for everyone.

Dunkcity2394 karma

What is Michael Crichton? Where are you from?

br00dle4 karma

he's the guy who wrote sphere and congo and most famously jurassic park, and im from minnesota

Dunkcity2394 karma

When you said "in the states" I assumed you were from another country. They were dicks about us getting books. And you only got what another inmate had to trade or a trustee could bring. For a few weeks all I could get was westerns or John Grisham books. I'd rather stare at the wall than read that shit

br00dle7 karma

oh sorry about that, but yeah im shocked they gave you a pen and paper. we could only have 1 book at a time and if they felt you didnt deserve that book they took it. i knew a kid who spent 2 months in solitary with no books, no paper or pen, and no bedding. i have no idea what he did i just remember talking to him through a vent and feeling like shit for having a book so i read to him most nights unless he was too depressed and didnt want to hear it.

Dunkcity2393 karma

Well I believe you said you were Ina. Juvenile facility. As adults we have rights to correspondence with our lawyers

br00dle3 karma

kids dont get those rights, because people know now one will believe what a kid says about what happens. so guards took advantage of alot of us both sexual and mental. dispite what people say it happens.

Dunkcity2393 karma

Damn bro that's fucked I'm. I'm really sorry you had to go through that and I hope your life is better now

Goran16934 karma

Hey man, glad you did the AMA. Since you were in the hole for two months, what did you do to keep your sanity on key?

Dunkcity2395 karma

I didn't ;)

Catwagons4 karma

I'm sure this has probably already been asked, but did you feel like your intelligence deteriorated at all? Did you lose certain abilities or skills?

Dunkcity2399 karma

Absolutely not. I came out better. I used to have a drug problem. I had plenty of time to clear my head and put things in perspective. When I wasn't in the box I was working or enrolled in some kind of education program. I earned two high school diplomas lol

InfamousBLT2 karma

How do you earn 2 high school diplomas??

Dunkcity2397 karma

I graduated in 2006 and earned a real diploma. I took GED classes in jail because I was bored, I passed the test and they mailed me a diploma. So I physically have two high school diplomas at my house

Samemsley4 karma

How did you pass the time

Dunkcity2399 karma

In county jail, time passes you!

godofcats3 karma

Did you have internet there? and if not how did you survive

Dunkcity2397 karma


OnlyDeathAwaits2 karma

Did your prison have a library?

If it did, how many often did you read?

Dunkcity2392 karma

Yes, there was a library. But you couldn't just go there and check out a book. You had to fill out a request to the librarian and if she had it, she would bring it to. She had a weekly route and each block had a library day. If you didn't fill out a request, you had to pick whatever was on the cart, or trade with other inmates.

I got really into the Harry Potter series in there. I had only seen one or two of the movies and thought it was stupid, but a friend of mine convinced me to read "sorcerers stone" and I was hooked! I read the whole series within a few months. Other than that I read a lot of James Patterson and Nora Roberts (they're chick books, but had good sex scenes, closest thing to porn you can get lol)

Rmplstltskn2 karma

Hey were you off of Chiquita and Pine Island? Was it CCPD that roped you?

Dunkcity2390 karma

Nah, LCSO in Lehigh

Hbdarkman2 karma

Did you hallucinate or hear things you aren't sure were real when you were in solitary?

And how did going into solitary change you as a person if at all?

Dunkcity2393 karma

No hallucinations, that woulda been cool though. I would say it change my outlook on things temporarily. Where as before I wouldn't give a fuck about the rules, now I didn't wanna step anywhere near out of bounds. I barely left my cell after I got out the hole

Dexanemus2 karma


Dunkcity2393 karma

I never really had any techniques, it just kind of comes naturally to me. The hard part was not overwhelming myself and waking myself up

SerSamwell2 karma

Honestly it doesn't sound half bad. How did it compare to normal jail life?

Dunkcity23921 karma

Dude it fucking sucked!!! In normal jail we have television,books,board games, a Rec yard with workout equipment. You get to eat better food and interact with people. In the box it's just you, a toilet/sink combo and a bed. That shits for the birds

mondeca7 karma

Not even books in solitary?

Dunkcity23913 karma

You're allowed to have a bible. Some people sneak books in

springek9 karma

Holy crap I was under the impression you could have books in solitary- isn't that sometimes the case? Or are they never allowed?

Dunkcity2398 karma

Each facility has their own rules

silvertone621 karma

Why do they use solitary confinement? Is there any reason you would endorse it as a measure?

Dunkcity2391 karma

Only if I thought an inmate was a threat to himself or others. But they'll throw you in there over the pettiest shit

Dunkcity2391 karma

I don't know. What do you think they should do?

FrankenZilla1 karma

I know it must've been extremely lonely and unbearable to have almost no human interaction for such a long period, so how did you cope with it?

Dunkcity2391 karma

You just do it, don't think about it

razoRamone311 karma

Can you give a list of the stuff you did while in solitary? Work out? Write? Etc...

Dunkcity2390 karma

I already did

Tishian1 karma

What was your cell like? What was in it?

Dunkcity2391 karma

7x9 room, a bed and a toilet/sink combo

spyt1 karma

How much interaction with other humans did you get per day?

Dunkcity2392 karma

3 meals, mail, head count, and the nurses came around, but I don't need meds

Meorew1 karma


Dunkcity2391 karma

I can't really remember my first lucid one. I've always been able to control my dreams. I remember telling my mom about it as a kid, she says she can do it too. I usually just fly around and have dragonball z style fights, or I fuck bitches. One time I was fuckin this bitch and I actually busted a nut. Had to go clean myself up at like 3am

lynxtheclown1 karma


Dunkcity2392 karma

I had pen, paper and a bible, soap and toothpaste and other hygiene products. And I was fortunate enough to sneak a few snacks and books in with me. We would trade with other people on the block by tying threads from our bed sheets on to combs, sliding the combs under the door so they connect with each other, and dragging them from cell to cell, transporting items. I never went crazy or heard things. But i do have a vivid imagination, I'm pretty creative and perfected my lucid dreaming

tophat_jones1 karma

Is there such a thing as a cool CO, and what do you really want to do with your life?

Dunkcity2392 karma

There's plenty of them. They're people just like us, they have good and bad days. Some are really cool but have to do their job, some go to extra mile to fuck with you.

I'm pretty happy with my current job. I'd love to be a rapper or a movie star, but realistically I'd just like to get more skilled at my current job and make more money

xblend-1 karma

So based on your comments. You screwed up, got jailed, went out and started screwing around again? shame shame

Dunkcity2390 karma

Yeah it took me a while to learn my lesson. I'm pretty stubborn

PounderMcNasty-8 karma

Hey! I just have two questions.

1) Is rape common in prison?

2) Were you in a prison gang?

Dunkcity2392 karma

No problem bro!