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You saved jesus.

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No Country for Old Tabbies

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Have all Embassies been upgraded since the infamous Jason Bourne incident in 2002 when he scaled the walls and escaped?

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History in the past was based on studying classical books like the Illiad, Odyssey, etc in Grecian and Roman times. History back in lets say the year 200 a.d was not well established as a discipline as it became in the last 200 years or so of the modern era. Modern historiography has a lot to work off of due to research of " lost" books and accounts from contemporaries. Archaeology as a discipline has helped a lot as well. As a historian, we can discern trends in their society that brought about cause and effect relationships that someone living in the time may not discern. Of course they had historical writers in the past like Thucydides, but the art of history was not firmly established as an academic discipline. People in 1450 knew about other cultures and societies through trade and the introduction of the printing press in the 16th century. European proto-states interacted and they certainly knew about the egyptian, grecian, and roman past.

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You have to go through Jaden first.