Hello Reddit. You may have seen my picture on this site from time to time. In addition to playing the Most Interesting Man in the World I have also been in 350 movies and television series including: Dallas, Adam-12, Knight Rider, CHiPs, Eight Is Enough, The Rockford Files, Hawaii Five-O, Barnaby Jones, MacGyver, Murder, She Wrote, Charlie's Angels, Manimal, The Fall Guy, Dynasty, T.J. Hooker, Hardcastle and McCormick, Magnum, P.I., Knots Landing, and The A-Team,

I am doing this AMA in support of the work of a group I just joined, Clear Path International and our partner Mines Advisory Group. Here in Vietnam men, women and children are still being injured by landmines and bombs left over from the Vietnam War. I have spent the last few days touring CPI and MAG projects, visiting clearance sites and learning a lot about the people here and the hardships they still face, 40 years after U.S. combat operations ceased in August of 1973.

Video Proof

It is very important to me that this AMA helps raise money for Clear Path and Mines Advisory Group. Make a donation to our efforts here.

This is the first part of a month-long AMA series to benefit Clear Path International and Mines Advisory Group's work in Vietnam. Fiuture AMA's will include John Densmore of the Doors, John Perry Barlow co-founder of the ELectronic Frontier Foundation and lyricist of the Grateful Dead, Ben Taylor, John Perkins and Tommy Tallarico.

All of us at Clear Path and MAG are thrilled to see that REDDITGIFTS is helping to sponsor our efforts! Click here and purchase a t-shirt. Five dollars for every shirt sold goes to assist landmine and bomb accident survivors.

OK Reddit... Ask Me Anything.

Goodnight Reddit, it's 1 o'clock in the morning here in Vietnam. Thank you so much. It's the end of a 20 hour day and the MAG and CPI team here with me needs to get to bed so we can do it all again tomorrow.. [Please donate to our efforts here: bitly.com/17lC6iZ

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tugg-speedman2434 karma

What is your favorite "Most interesting man in the world" fact?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama3868 karma

He once warned a psychic.

ssguy42422 karma

Samuel L. Jackson had a fundraising scheme where, if Reddit donated enough money (I think it was 100 grand), he'd say whatever the most upvoted post was. Max limit was 300 words.

Would you consider doing something similar? I don't remember how it turned out, but many donations were made due to it.

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama2772 karma

Sure. So long as it does not violate my morals contract and the money's in the bank.

te_pup2014 karma

Do you realize that you have INSANE sex appeal to women (and men) of all ages?

For example, I'm a 26 year old female and would readily... Ahem... Well you know.

I think you're great, keep doing what you do!

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama2905 karma

It has been rumored and I rather like it.

TheOakster1932 karma

Who do you think is the second most interesting man in the world?
How about the most interesting woman?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama3108 karma

Nelson Mandela is actually first, but don't blow my cover

captshady1853 karma

I was watching an episode of The Wild Wild West a week ago where the guys were protecting a king. I argued with my girlfriend that you were in it, she didn't think it was you. You didn't list it in your credits above ... who was right?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama2420 karma

You won the bet.

MBrandosHelperMonkey1847 karma

I had no idea about your efforts in Vietnam with Clear Path International. That's very admirable work you're doing to help and raise awareness.

Do you have a favorite moment with meeting a person or explosive victim in Vietnam so far?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama2101 karma

I was left with one strong impression, the Vietnamese people are incredibly humble and charming and hospitable. Gracious in every way.

BrinkMoney1818 karma

What are your feelings toward the Old Spice guy?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama2776 karma

Isiah is a friend and a charming gentleman.

mrcavooter1662 karma

What are the 7 words Eskimos use to call your beard?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama2658 karma

1) lovely 2)strong 3) ticklish 4) charming 5) mysterious 6) tasty 7) electric

DarthBrimmy1597 karma

I'll be in central Vietnam in 3 days. Can I buy you a beer?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama2232 karma

Leaving in two, but thanks.

OnlyDeathAwaits1566 karma

How many women have you dated since you are the Most Interesting Man in the World after all?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama2284 karma

You would be very surprised at the answer.

downvotesyouruglypet1387 karma

An AMA from officially the most interesting man in the world? This is going to be bigger than Obama. My question: who has been the most interesting person you've met on your travels?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama2607 karma

President Obama

Musichead24681303 karma

What is the most interesting fact you have learned this week?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama2388 karma

The women in Vietnam are absolutely exquisite and charming. The food is exceptional.

rageengineer1278 karma

Hello, Mr.Goldsmith and thank you for taking the time to do this AMA. My whole family absolutley loves your commercials! What I want to know is do you really prefer Dos Equis?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama2361 karma

But of course.

adnewr427 karma

Do you get free beer?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama1804 karma

There's nothing free in life, dont you know that?

somekindofbrett1230 karma

First off, my dad and I are very large fans of the commercials. So this is awesome. You never failed to make us laugh

  1. How did you get the part in this commercial ?
  2. Was this persona of "the most interesting man" something you or dos equis came up with ? 3.What is your favorite place to travel ?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama2080 karma

  1. The beginning was a cattle call of over 500 people. I didn't think I was what they wanted for the role and forgot about it. a month later... it was 200 people. Then 6 more weeks went by and they still had not found who they were looking for. They went on a casting mission both nationally and internationally. I screen tested with three other fellows and I was the lucky one. Listen closely and you wil hear the sound of knocking wood.

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama1316 karma

  1. A collaboration I think.They have the best writers in the world.

  2. My favorite places to travel are the Caribean, Rome, England, and now Vietnam

EstherHarshom1187 karma

The Most Interesting Man in the World seems like one of those jobs where no one has anything bad to say about it: granted, I'm in the UK, where it's not so big, but I've never heard it discussed in less than glorious terms.

Is there a downside to it, or is it pretty smooth sailing?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama2724 karma

I have recurring nightmares that my beard will catch fire.

McTino1042 karma

How often do you get recognized? What's your most memorable encounter with a fan?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama2121 karma

I get recognized very often. A set of twins jumped out of a Rolls Royce to meet me in Hollywood traffic.

littlemissmustache1002 karma

What event/moment made you realize that the commercial you made was something special?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama2344 karma

When I was recognized by a 7 year old in a Mexican restaurant as what he wanted to be when he grew up, and a week later in NYC being knighted with an old man's cane on a bus. He was in his eighties and he said "Sonny when I come back, I want to be you."

tjspeed942 karma

Do you get free Dos Equis for life?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama1775 karma

I hope so.

Canyoukoolaid898 karma

Hello sir, Thank you for doing this ama, my only question is....

What kind of ice cream is your favorite?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama2515 karma

I don't favor ice cream, but when I do it's coffee.

JackStalk865 karma

I stayed up an extra 3 hours later to make this. How do you feel about the level of popularity of your memes?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama1681 karma

I'm very honored and consider it a mantle of pride to live up to. For the most part the jokes are enjoyable and I am grateful that people take the time.

Scobeastie800 karma

what do you drink when you don't drink beer?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama1741 karma

A gin martini or almost anything from the Isle of Islay.

K-Dogggg759 karma

Teach me how to Beard like you! It's magnificently vigorous!

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama2122 karma

Anoint with stardust, rose petals, and weasel droppings.

iPotatoFry711 karma

How does it feel being the Most Interesting Man in the World?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama1572 karma

Everybody has to do something, this is quite a nice gig. My mother would have been very proud.

MadFry605 karma

As the most interesting man in the world.. Why Vietnam?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama1098 karma

My neighbor, James Hathaway, founded an extremely important organization and introduced me to the incredible work that Clear Path International and MAG are doing, and I wanted to help in any way I could

chrono1465601 karma

How would you say your life has changed since the campaign was launched several years back? Are you constantly recognized on the street? If so, does the attention get frustrating after a while?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama1440 karma

I get better tables at restaurants, but most importantly I am able to help important charities. I would be more bothered if the recognition stopped!

connerysbeard577 karma

I just wanted to say you recently moved to my area and all i've heard is how nice and approachable you are. Are you finding time to relax and enjoy this beautiful VT summer?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama952 karma

I moved to VT because I needed to find the time for serenity in a very special and beautiful area.

kunderthunt513 karma


Iam_jgoldsmith_ama1556 karma

Your free falling and butterfly swirls are fine, but need to be finessed.

UberWhale506 karma

First off, huge fan here and love your commercials. Second what kind of cars do you have?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama1336 karma

1994 Jeep

gjcbs475 karma

Hey Mr. Goldsmith, thanks for doing this AMA. I am just curious, having once been a red-shirted ensign on Star Trek (the Original Series), how does it feel to now be playing a cooler character than even James T. Kirk? Do you get stopped on the street often? Stay Thirsty My Friend!

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama1034 karma

Let me set the record straight... I have never appeared on Star Trek, if I remember correctly that is, which is always dubious.

jgrimm1158465 karma

What is your best pickup line?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama1732 karma

A line is not necessary, its in the eyes

HelixDnB444 karma

What is one piece of advice that you could give to someone to try to lead a life worth telling others about?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama1064 karma

Be truthful to yourself and others.

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama870 karma

Dont let anybody determine your worth, follow your dreams, and drive your own ship

greatvgnc1422 karma

Do you feel like you have to be interesting with people all the time? Do you regret doing the commercials?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama887 karma

No, I'm just myself. Of course not, I have no regrets about doing the commercials. Why would I?

franundrum411 karma

Sir, thanks for this AMA! Aside from your extensive acting career, what would you consider to be the most interesting thing about yourself?

edit: left a word out.

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama1338 karma

One can't be interesting unless they are interested. I have always thought out of the box. Never mind getting lost, and love the discovery of experience that comes with experiencing life.

TheOtherKav398 karma

Hello Mr. Goldsmith,

I lived in Afghanistan for a year. Land mines are such vile inventions. Thank you for bringing this up, I think more attention needs to be paid to this.

I hear you're a sailor, care to share any info on your boat or any sea stories? (I'm taking delivery of my 40 foot ketch after I come back from a short trip back to Afghanistan in about two months).

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama649 karma

Yes, it's for sale. Call Heritage Yachts in Long Beach and ask for Tony.

iAmIrv384 karma

Do cops let you off the hook when you get pulled over???

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama846 karma

I wouldn't want to get anyone in trouble, but it is helpful

speaker_monkey377 karma

I'll ask the obvious question, what's the most interesting thing you've ever done?

Sorry of someone else already asked.

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama1043 karma

Worked with handicapped children and taught in prison.

greybeck353 karma

are you prohibited from shaving your beard by any contract?(dos Equis) if you do shave it can you mail it to me for my famous guy beard collection?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama842 karma

No, I would feel lonely without it.

ChipSmash349 karma

Do you think you've taken on the persona in real life, or are you just naturally cool?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama1341 karma

I can't help who I am.

Benvincible335 karma

Was that a real jungle cat in that commercial? Was it terrifying?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama916 karma

It was a cougar, they don't live in the jungle and we seemed to get along but I didn;t like turning my back on him.

thefunivehad296 karma

i hear you speak fluent french, in russian. how is your vietnamese in spanish?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama553 karma

Takes a bit of work, but ive got a lot of help

ronswansonba291 karma

Can we expect any new Most Interesting Man in the World Commercials anytime soon?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama579 karma

I hope so, watch the Dos Equis site.

slipknot6477248 karma

booby or booty?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama1378 karma


rayphil333221 karma

What is your greatest fear ?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama692 karma

not leaving a legacy

keniluck111 karma

Do you like Pho?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama201 karma

I love it

ThaddeusJP78 karma

Of all your work in television and film:

  • What are you most proud of?

  • What did you have the most fun doing?

Thanks for your charity work.

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama158 karma

I am most proud of Go Tell the Spartans starring opposite Burt Lancaster. The most fun was one of the few chances I had to do comedy in a show called "Struck By Lightning"

between0and150 karma

Welcome to reddit! (as if you ever left)

What would you say is the most significant change in your life since you started working with Clear Path International? What is your average day like, working in Vietnam?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama92 karma

The ongoing rearranging of priorities and awareness of the fragility of life. My average day, it is a privilege to help those less fortunate and in danger

HalfKeg22033 karma

Do you have an apprentice, and if not, are you taking applications?

Iam_jgoldsmith_ama69 karma

Go to the Dos Equis site and take their challenges