I have someone typing out my responses to help save time, meaning I can answer more of your questions. I will be reading and choosing the questions I want to answer, and the responses being given are 100% my words.

Proof: http://bit.ly/Markproof

Update: Thanks for all the questions, everyone! Go see 2 Guns on August 2nd!

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Hoopsta62103 karma

Mark, would you say hi to my mother for me?

Mark-Wahlberg2390 karma

Done. Hi Mom!

billskelton2085 karma

Hey Mark, is it fun when you, Seth MacFarlane and Matt Damon all get together and do Boston accents?

Mark-Wahlberg2396 karma

Haha, we haven't done that but I imagine it would be fun.

SparkyJones41746 karma

How often do you flex in the mirror? C'mon dont lie..

Mark-Wahlberg1727 karma

Haha, well I don't really look in the mirror except when I'm in my gym...

direwolf081563 karma

Mark, my favorite movie of yours is The Departed. Can you describe what making that movie was like?

Mark-Wahlberg2191 karma

It was a lot of fun, I loved going off on Leo and Matt. Bill Monahan is my favorite writer. I liked the spirit of that character because he didn't give a shit about anything and anyone. I was always in character and that would annoy Martin Scorsese, which I had fun with.

jenniferjuniper1500 karma

Best thing about being Mark Wahlberg?

Worst thing about being Mark Wahlberg?

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Mark-Wahlberg2550 karma

Best thing: beautiful wife and kids, a job that I love, I have no real complaints. Worst thing: my gastrointestinal issues. Most embarrassing moment: I just passed gas in front of the hotel housekeeper.

BravoAlpha1493 karma

I love you, man. In a bromance kind of way.

Mark-Wahlberg2088 karma

I appreciate that and respect that. I feel like when I have guys that respect my work, it's a nice compliment.

gagaggag21292 karma

when will u start rapping again?

Mark-Wahlberg2128 karma

I still freestyle a little every day. :) But no plans to do it professionally again. I wrote a rap called Pepe LePew about one of the guys in my entourage that I sing to him all the time.

oddylan1217 karma

hi mark whats the news on making a ted 2?

Mark-Wahlberg2081 karma

We're waiting on the script! Supposed to start shooting in May.

xane171169 karma

Do you still have the cardboard cutout drawing of yourself that you got from me backstage in columbia south carolina in february of 92? i also made sylvester and tweety.

Mark-Wahlberg1390 karma

I don't know if I still have it, I've moved quite a few times. I have a storage space with a bunch of stuff that I plan to put in my new house.

ThunderSnow131127 karma

First off, you're amazing -- I loved you in I <3 Huckabees.

I just watched "Shooter" -- I know you aren't probably sharpshooter status, but do you think all these action movies have made you a better shot? Have you ever actually shot a real gun with live ammo?

Mark-Wahlberg1997 karma

Thank you! When I was training for SHOOTER, I hit a target at 1000 yards.

CrashCrazy931118 karma

Was keeping a straight face hard when on set of Ted?

Mark-Wahlberg1682 karma

It was really hard, Seth is so funny and the situations were so crazy.

fstache1065 karma

Did you smoke hella weed while filming TED?

Mark-Wahlberg2353 karma

The weed in TED was not real. It's an herbal thing they use for movies. Back in the day, I probably would have insisted it be real.

tehsuper919 karma

Hey Mark!

I've always wondered, how close is Entourage to your life? I know some things are obviously made up but I've always wondered where that line is.

Thanks in advance!

Mark-Wahlberg1363 karma

It's similar to my life when I was much younger, although my entourage now is my family. I do have a bunch of guys with me when I work. They look NOTHING like the TV version.

Martytiptoes817 karma

Why did you stand me up for our date last night?

Mark-Wahlberg2502 karma

I think you must have me confused with Matt Damon. :)

DaltonE749 karma

If you weren't a legendary actor/musician/model, what would you be doing?

Mark-Wahlberg1512 karma

Construction worker? Teamster? My dad was a teamster. I worked as a tow truck driver before I started my career.

mrobinson835733 karma

Hey Mark! I'm a great fan of your work and my question is about your body-building work. I was wondering what type of program you used for getting ready for "Pain and Gain". Also, what did you bench lol. Thanks, Michael.

Mark-Wahlberg1363 karma

Max bench 335, squatting 405. Lots of traditional weightlifting, 80% of it was eating. I went from 165 to 212 in 12 weeks. And then went to 180 in 30 days for 2 Guns.

Number1TomCruiseFan369 karma

Jesus tittyfucking christ can you tell us about that cut and how you did it?

Mark-Wahlberg639 karma

By completely changing my workout, doing mostly cardio, playing a lot of basketball...and a lot of dynamic movement stuff.

LosSanchez84710 karma

Yo Mark, have you ever done a movie because the story or script was right but final cut was shit and you couldn't hate it publicly? If so, which movies?

Mark-Wahlberg1088 karma

Yes, on more than one occasion. But we always set out to make the best possible version of the movie, it just doesn't always turn out that way.

Kerianne117636 karma

Will you ever do another film with Martin Scorsese?

Mark-Wahlberg1168 karma

I hope so! He's one of the most talented directors of all time and I learned so much from him on THE DEPARTED.

FitzNuggets620 karma

Do people who recognize you when you're out casually ever quote lines or song lyrics you're famous for at you? If so, what are the funniest/ most annoying ones to hear?

Mark-Wahlberg1255 karma

They do, sometimes...the line from FEAR. "It all could've been different, Mr. Walker. You should have allowed nature to take its course. So let me in the fucking house." Another one is from THE DEPARTED: "I'm the guy who's doing his job, you must be the other guy."

ninelives1603 karma

Marky Mark! Boxers or briefs?

Mark-Wahlberg1353 karma

Neither! I wear Lulu Lemon boxer-brief-bike-short-type things. They are very comfortable.

Mark-Wahlberg566 karma

Thanks for all the questions, everyone! Go see 2 Guns on August 2nd!

evantwalsh555 karma

Mark, I'm 20, and I just moved from Boston to LA... Any advice?

Mark-Wahlberg1278 karma

Stay in it for the long haul. And take Fountain. :)

Coffeh507 karma

What's it like being a catholic in hollywood?

Mark-Wahlberg928 karma

It's great!

caitap327 karma

If you could work with any actor/actress dead or alive (with whom you have not yet worked), who would it be and why?

Mark-Wahlberg661 karma

That's a tough one. James Cagney, Steve McQueen and John Garfield. They all remind me of my dad and inspire me.

samm823305 karma

i live in lowell what was it like being able to work with micky ward. also how is it to work with christian Bale

Mark-Wahlberg447 karma

I love Lowell! Loved working with Micky and Christian. I loved being the guy who was able to bring Micky's story to the big screen.

mishmoigon283 karma

What's your favourite band/musician? favourite movie?

Mark-Wahlberg854 karma

I haven't bought music in a while. Probably U2. I live Mumford and Sons too. The best record I heard in a long time was Adele's 21. I also like The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. I like some of the new Jay-Z and Kanye too. One of the coolest movies that I've seen was HEADHUNTERS, a Norwegian movie that came out last year I think.

EternalRaptureX210 karma


Mark-Wahlberg601 karma

Love them.


Will you sign my copy of The Fighter using maple syrup?

Mark-Wahlberg550 karma

I guess so. Sounds messy though.

str8axle55181 karma

Will you be opening 2 Guns in Hingham... I live in Weymouth and would love to sit there and wait just to see you just walk by again!!

Mark-Wahlberg348 karma

We are doing a screening in Hingham this coming Tuesday!

[deleted]98 karma


Mark-Wahlberg1171 karma

Um...it's just normal size.