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Hey Mark!

I've always wondered, how close is Entourage to your life? I know some things are obviously made up but I've always wondered where that line is.

Thanks in advance!

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Supposedly only about 5-10% of the attendants to flight school get to flight jets, let alone fighter jets.

What would you say the porcentage of somebody actually making it to thunderbirds really is? (1 in 10,000?)

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Thanks for the response Cpt.

I really do hope you get to keep flying, love your attitude/enthusiasm and congrats on a GREAT AMA!

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Hi Trent!

I've always wondered do you still own the 10050 Cielo Drive mansion?

and if so, why?


EDIT--- For those who don't know, that's where de Manson murders took place.

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What is your secret to maintain such a glorious mustache?