I was born with scoliosis and the curvature has become so large that my doctor has told me its unfixable(Its fixable but the risks are so high that it is not worth chancing). I am 19 and 4'10", AmA!

Pictures of me: http://i.imgur.com/tIihl6B.jpg

EDIT1: This is my first Reddit post and my first AmA! I have never heard from so many other people with scoliosis! Throughout my 19 year life career ive only met 2 other people with scoliosis. My grandpa and some random kid at a park that was a spitting mirror image of me. Like I mean twins.

EDIT2: Its been 4 hours and Im still trying to answer everyones comments!

EDIT3: 6 hours in and ive commented back to about 90% of peoples comments!

EDIT4: 8 Hours in and comments are still coming in. Still trying to answer all of them. Ill be up for another 2 hours!

EDIT5: OK so its been a really long 10 hours! For the whole 10 hours of this post ive been sitting at my laptop, reading, commenting, answering EVERY SINGLE COMMENT. If I didn't reply to you, then I read what you had to say. I kept refreshing my unread messages making sure that the people with late comments got a response. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories and giving your advise. I did not expect this to get so big. When I get home I have a few things to do, thank you again for everyones comments and advise, I am off to bed, so If you are reading this update then I have gone to bed!

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spine_md1775 karma


I am a spine surgeon specializing in scoliosis. I created an account just to tell you that you are definitely not out of the range of correctable. Technology has advanced dramatically in the past 10 years or so and it is possible to correct curves even much more severe than yours. Make sure you see a doctor who is a member of the Scoliosis Research Society (www.srs.org). There are many spine surgeons out there, but 96% don't do much scoliosis and may tell you a curve can not be improved when it in fact, can. While it is true that scoliosis of even 85 degrees is not immediately dangerous, curves greater than the 70-80 range lead to long term congestive heart failure and a condition called cor pulmonale. This ultimately will shorten your life expectancy significantly and for that reason, we like to intervene while you are still young and can handle the larger surgery. All the best

tkfx232 karma

I must have missed this in the staggering amount of comments. This was my surgeon when I was in childrens hospital. http://www.chla.org/site/apps/kb/cs/contactdisplay.asp?c=ipINKTOAJsG&b=3832751&sid=5nJDJTMpFbIILNPvGqE&r=1

I will look into it when I get home, as it is very true that technology advances very very fast. I hope I was not too late to respond.

darderp15 karma

Good luck, man! If it does get corrected one day that'd be fantastic! :)

tkfx16 karma

It would!

HellaKilo6 karma

I really really want this to work for you. As a personal trainer I've had clients with much milder degrees of scoliosis and understand how significant it's impact can be.

tkfx9 karma

I really wanted it to work for me couple years back but I sort of lost hope and accepted the way I am, but after this AMA it seems like there still is a chance something can be done as long as risks arent severe.

Sharris31339 karma

I work for a Johnson&Johnson company that can 3D print a bone model of your spine. This helps surgeons in pre operative planning for many scoliosis surgeries. If your interested in having this done PM me.

Edit: For anyone who PM'd me, I will get back to you by tonight with the proper contact information.
Edit 2: Thanks for the Gold! Super shiny!

tkfx569 karma

I don't think i'll be having a surgery anytime in the near future, but thanks for the offer!

gem58461 karma


tkfx664 karma

Stated in a previous comment, my body is so twisted and bent that any surgery to straighten my back would throw my whole bodies system into a mess. I don't feel much pain now, but after the surgery I might have more pain because of the fact that my body wont be used to the new way. All my organs are adapted to fit my body. For example, one of my lungs is smaller then the other because of the room in my chest.

doombunny0609 karma

That's actually pretty cool how our bodies do that, if you don't mind me saying.

tkfx527 karma

I know its pretty amazing!

thrashfan70 karma

I wish i could be ok with myself 1/5th as much as you are.

tkfx222 karma

You can be! Just look at the good things in your life and ignore the haters!

DouggiePhresh47 karma


tkfx103 karma

You can't really have rods placed in your spine while you are growing, because the rods don't grow. My doctor said that we should wait until my growth has stopped before we make any decisions

Krstnstar58 karma

I know you have a different story than the usual scoliosis case but whatever doctor told you that you couldn't get surgery while you were still growing was a jerk. They so spinal fusions for pediatrics all the time and they use special rods that expand with growth of the person. I have scoliosis and had a 75 degree curve up top and a 55 degree one at the lower curve. You definitely need some second opinions! Either way, good luck to you and kudos for the AMA!

tkfx25 karma

There was surgery but with a high chance of paralysis so we didnt do it.

AlexBrallex41 karma

Like gem58 said Why not?? I had scoliossis (32 degree). Used a corsett for 4+ years. An old classmate of mine, did the surgery. Which he is happy about. I think he had ~60 degrees..

tkfx227 karma

Everyone's body is different, something that works for someone might not work for someone else. Id gladly have surgery to straighten my spine, but if it involves risks greater then how I am now then i'll just live my life like this. I just want to live a happy life.

jenz_zen545 karma

I had a double curvature of 72 degrees in the lumbar region & 48 degrees in the thoracic region and I had spinal fusion at 14 yrs of age. It helped tremendously and even though my organs had already adjusted to accommodate the curving it worked itself out post-surgery. My point is that don't give up on correcting the issue. It's very much worth looking at ALL the options. It's been 25 years since my surgery and I'm glad every single day that I did it. Good luck!!

tkfx272 karma

Point taken, and i'm glad you are better now! Good luck to you as well!

Flashorama262 karma

Hello I have 110 degree curve with my scoliosis so thanks for doing the AMA! My condition is also unfixable and plus I have a crushed lung due to my spine so it's nice to hear from a person who has dealt with it :). Anyways I just wanted to know what your ambitions are when you grow up?

tkfx227 karma

Wow 110! I hope you are doing well, it is a hard life to live with scoliosis! My ambitions is to get better at my 3D art, that is basically all I do when Im not with friends or playing games. I want to become a 3D environmental artist. Good luck to you bro!

pepino-76 karma

Would you be willing to post any of your designs? My sister went to school for 3D animation and I'm a designer, so I would love to see/critique your work! (:

tkfx403 karma

These two scenes are my latest done in a month. http://imgur.com/a/XvKnO

ForHomeUseOnly119 karma

I've seen your stuff on polycount.com great work.

tkfx116 karma

Now you know who I am!

ashdoodles59 karma

I recognize that challenge from Polycount! I'm actually working as a 3D prop/environment artist and I can tell you you're doing a great job--definitely on the right track. If you ever want some portfolio advice or advice about getting into the industry send me a pm! Good luck and keep at it.

tkfx40 karma

I somehow had a thought it my head that someone form polycount would notice my work and remember who I am :D

donutreply8 karma

Your 3D work is pretty impressive. A damn sight better than what I can do!

tkfx19 karma

Thank you! All self taught!

soccergirl13250 karma

What has been the toughest thing about living with scoliosis?

tkfx868 karma

The toughest thing for me was accepting the fact that I will never be "normal." Many times in the past I've cried myself to sleep wondering, why me, why did I have to be born this way. Sometimes I forget that I have scoliosis when I go out, but when everyone is taking glances at I and staring at I, it quickly reminds me the sad reality.

AlexBrallex153 karma

Damn man, im sorry. But dont let that stop you from appreciating life!!

tkfx193 karma

Live life have fun!

sweYoda102 karma

My life for Aiur!

tkfx95 karma

Aiur!!! wait... whats Aiur?

nasghili90 karma

Aiur is the homeworld of the Protoss. A race from Starcraft. You should check it out. You might never be a quarterback in the NFL, but you could be a pro Starcraft player.

tkfx102 karma

Ive played quite a lot of starcraft 2, now I moved onto Dota 2!

AugustBurning27 karma

It's times like these that I feel sad that the phrase "you only live once" has been so crushingly sullied.

tkfx137 karma


TheAntiHick85 karma

As someone who occasionally makes glances and possibly gives the impression of staring sometimes when things are out of the ordinary, I just wanted to say...well, I'm not really sure what to be honest. I don't do this with the intention of making someone uncomfortable, I was raised by a RN and I have a very clinical way of looking at things. It's genuine curiosity, no hostility or weirdness or judgement involved. Still, I can see how it would bother people. I almost want to make a general apology for being the type of person who has possibly caused you grief, but at the same time I feel like that would be apologizing for basic human curiosity, and somehow that seems wrong.

At any rate, great AMA. Your attitude is both pleasant and infectious.

tkfx100 karma

Yes, throughout the years I have learned to accept that fact that humans are curious and you cant stop people from staring. People will stare, all you can do is find a way to make it fun for yourself... like stare back and make them feel awkward :)

mishichai43 karma

No one is "normal." We're all weird in our own ways. Some are more obvious than others. I'd rather be "weird" than "boring", which you don't seem to be!

tkfx30 karma

True, no one is normal, and thank you!

keball35 karma

I have both rheumatoid arthritis and a brain disease at only 19 and I know exactly what you mean. For the longest time I never asked why me and then last summer I started asking it and became severely depressed. I've learned to keep my head up and that even though I have these, my intellect will keep my afloat. Best of luck sir.

tkfx40 karma

Just focus on the happy things in life. Do things that you won't regret in the future, live life to the fullest! Good luck to you bro, I know its hard, stay strong!

Lecides20 karma

tkfx17 karma

Great video, you need to look beyond the haters and live your life.

shinydonii10 karma

That's what I think about some things in my life. Sometimes, things are really unfair. And totally beyond our control. If only it would be easy not to compare myself with other, more successful, more beautiful people. Alas, this is a difficult thing you're going through, my friend! But you're doing it well! Good job!

tkfx10 karma

Thank you!

goshie44177 karma

Don't wish to be rude and sound like a dick but...

In the event that your condition becomes too unbearable to live would you consider euthanasia?

tkfx425 karma


jacobo13 karma

Glad to hear that you love your life, and you have the control and strength. Op is badass.

tkfx10 karma

You are badass as well!

Lokaltog173 karma

Did the doctor tell you why it's too late to get it fixed?

tkfx237 karma

When I was 7 I had surgery to fuse my lower back so that my spine would not get worse as I grew. Well it turned out that it didn't help very much. At this point my ribs and organs have adapted to the curvature of the spine. Surgery would cause a lot more problems as it would throw my bodies natural adaptations out of whack. Also my rib cage is tiled so any major surgery would have a High risk of nerve damage.

Lokaltog63 karma

That sucks. Do you know if it will continue to get worse, or is it about as bad as it can get now? Also, do you know how it will affect your health as you grow older?

tkfx117 karma

From what I know is that when my puberty stops, I should stop growing, thus stopping my spine from getting worse. I think the only major thing that will affect my health as I grow older is my lung capacity. When you have such large curvature your lungs have a smaller area to grow. As of now, my lungs are at 45% capacity compared to someone my age and size.

mstwizted81 karma

Also, pro tip: don't ever let yourself get overweight. Makes any back problem worse, but scoliosis times a million!

tkfx64 karma

I have this thing where I can eat anything I want and I won't gain one pound. Its weird.

valiyum88 karma

How does your scoliosis effect your self esteem? Do you feel self conscious when you're walking down the street?

tkfx194 karma

Im VERY self conscious when going about my business in public. When people are constantly looking at you, its hard not to think what others are thinking. Scoliosis affects my self esteem greatly. When I have little pain, I sometimes forget I have scoliosis, and usually that is when my self esteem is high, but then something will make me remember and i'll feel low.

Stresserella94 karma

I'm so sorry, that you feel this way :( I'm sure you have heard that a thousand times but I guess people are just surprised or curious or even impressed in which ways you are participating in everyday life (school for example).

I have to admit that I often don't know how to act around people with disabilities. I find myself looking straight at them, then I'm ashamed because I think they think I'm staring at them in an insulting way, then I pull of a shy smile and think they think I'm now making fun of them. Then I think about this the whole day, hoping that I didn't fuck up a persons day who is having it bad enough.

So, how do you wish people would act around you? Is it this moment where you realise, that they are not looking at random people like it just happens all the time but explicitly are aware of you? (Sorry, I don't really know how to word this and hope I am not sounding offensive)

tkfx110 karma

Not offending at all. I hate to say it but I can find my self looking at others with disabilites out of curiosity. I understand that people are naturally curious, its hard for people not to look.

If you notice someone and are curious, then don't look at them for long. I notice people looking at me from the corner of my eye, but what bugs me is when they don't stop looking. Don't look long enough for me to turn around and look back at you. I find myself having a stare deathmatch with little kids as they are the ones to stare even when you are staring back.

Also what bugs me, is when people talk to me like I'm someone special. All I ask of people is to not treat someone special just because they have a disorder. Talk to them like a normal person

TLDR: Don't stare long enough for a stare back from me, and treat people with disabilites like nothing is wrong.

anonymous12342186 karma

I cannot fathom what it's like to have to deal with those looks every day. But while it will affect your mood and your self esteem, you just have to remember that your self esteem needs to be based on your character.

People are assholes. Judgmental, arrogant assholes. That's the fact of the matter. Your back fuckin' sucks. But you seem to me like a good person. Have confidence in what you can and do control, not in the (rather shitty) cards you've been dealt with regards to physical appearance. Your confidence should come from the fact that you are a good person. I don't know you. Maybe you're hilarious. Maybe you have some unique skill. Maybe you have a passion for something unique. I don't know. But there's definitely something. And your character. That's where the self esteem really lies.

Almost everyone, regardless of the curvature of their spine, struggles with this issue of self esteem. It's better than overconfidence, trust me. Just focus on what is in your power, all of those positives, and know that what other people think about how you look really doesn't matter. If those people are going to judge you for something like that that you obviously cannot control, they are not worth the marginal amount of energy it takes to think about them, let alone such a strong influence on your emotional well-being.

tkfx79 karma

I love you.

anonymous12342140 karma

Love you too. Now go out and get some poon.

tkfx156 karma

I shall not go for poon, poon shall come for me.

reallifedog39 karma

dude you are fucking awesome.

tkfx36 karma

No, you're awesome!

Brewza80 karma

Does it hurt that your spine is curved?

tkfx176 karma

Miraculously I have very little pain. My doctor has told me that I am VERY lucky, because with a curve this large most people have tremendous amounts of pain.

batfiend79 karma

That's remarkable! I have (much less severe) scoliosis, and I'm in varying degrees of constant pain.

Your body is so clever.

tkfx44 karma

Everyone's body is different, good luck to you!

Brewza22 karma

That's awesome! Best of luck to you!

tkfx31 karma

Thank you sir! Its the only way I can consider myself "lucky"!

trisha_ann15 karma


tkfx18 karma

Thank you and good luck to you too, take care!

StayinYummy77 karma

At first glance it looked like you had hella swag

tkfx85 karma


Pa551ve76 karma

Hi, If I would get a second opinion from an Orthopaedic Surgeon. I work for a practice that has a spinal surgeon and I've seen the results of his fusions to correct scoliosis. Given your age, health and such would be factors in whether or not to operate, but it never hurts just to get another specialist to have a look.

tkfx97 karma

My current doctor was one of the top guys from Childrens Hospital, and I have a appointment with my current hospital to see their specialist. I still remain very skeptical.

YOU_ARE_A_FUCK41 karma

Best of luck!

tkfx21 karma

Thank you!

patchworkfuckface55 karma

what's your favourite slingshot ammunition?

is masturbation uncomfortable for you?

tkfx164 karma


Want to help my find out?

doombunny024 karma

Ummm wut.... dude... umm... why would you waste watermelon like that?

tkfx51 karma

I hate watermelon. Every bite I get a mouthful of seeds I have to spit out.

shinydonii34 karma

I chew the seeds. (I figured it's safe, since no watermelons have yet grown in my stomach.)

tkfx42 karma

I hate seeds.

CapWasRight23 karma

You know seedless watermelons are a thing, right?

tkfx57 karma

I do. But.... I don't like watermelons?

Cristal133750 karma

I had a 90 degrees scoliosis. This is a picture after my Spinal Fusion...I'd be dead without it. Now my scoliosis is only, roughly, 45 degrees.

tkfx27 karma

Wow, impressive, glad you were able to make yours better! Stay strong and good luck to you!

Wilcows46 karma

I was feeling shitty yesterday and now I feel like an asshole for every time I felt shitty.

tkfx77 karma

You asshole you!

Wilcows33 karma

I will try not to feel shitty anymore! Ever!

tkfx28 karma


Groovyguy39 karma

Do you have a girlfriend?

tkfx90 karma

Never had a girlfriend. My generations is based off of first impressions, and generally I don't have the best first impression. I think to myself "would this girl like to see me with her in public." At this point I don't really care for a girlfriend or not, I just live my life and try to have fun.

motorcityvicki94 karma

When you're 19, it's harder. People haven't had enough life experience to know what they truly value in a partner. I promise you, be a man of good character and a good woman will see value in it.

I very briefly dated a guy with cerebral palsy that affected his gait pretty significantly; it was obvious to anyone who saw him that something was not normal. But he was a hell of a guy, and I'm still sad that he moved away for work because I promise you his character outweighed any worry I might have had about being seen with him in public. From talking to him as friends after the move, let me just say... he doesn't have any problems in the dating department. Being a damn good man will make up for just about any physical shortcoming.

tkfx84 karma

Thats what i've learned. When you are young people don't look at your character as much as look. That is why I don't worry myself about finding a girlfriend as much as my peers do. My principle is, live life happy, whatever happens, happens for a reason.

Groovyguy26 karma

You'd be surprised what a girl will overlook. Just talk and let them get to know you. Let your personality come through.

tkfx39 karma

After much peer pressure from my awesome friends, I've learned that you need to have balls. Before I would be too shy to say anything because of the constant thought of scoliosis on my mind. Now I just be me, try to make people laugh as much as I can.

koryisma14 karma

Screw that. We all have our problems. If your biggest handicap is that you don't look n"normal" but you have a great personality and treat people well? I'd consider you a catch.

If you have the confidence and believe you are worthy of a partner, you may be surprised.

Good luck, man.

tkfx8 karma

Thank you, means a lot!

IvyLeagueBro38 karma

Does just standing hurt or get uncomfortable after a while due to the angular effect of gravity?

tkfx64 karma

Standing for more then 10-20 minutes at a time will make me feel very uncomfortable. My hips are not even so, if I were to stand straight, the sole of my right foot would not touch the ground. So in order to balance myself out a little, my right foot is on its tiptoes, while my left foot is firm on the ground. This causes all my weight to transfer to my left leg causing fatigue after a while.

serriberr85 karma

have you considered custom shoes with one sole built a little higher than other? might balance the weight better. a girl I knew in dance class about 124615+ years ago had shoes like that.

tkfx53 karma

not a bad idea, never thought of that!

doombunny032 karma

What's the most dangerous thing you are physically capable of doing?

tkfx101 karma

I drive a lifted Jeep Wrangler, don't get in my way!

SoupandToast28 karma

I have an uncle who was also born with scoliosis, his was so bad that the doctors told my grandma that he wouldn't live longer than 8 years. She had them put my uncle into a full body cast (this was more than 40 years ago) and he did more then survive. He wore the cast for more than 15 years. He is short but alive and the only time you can really tell there is a problem is when he stretches or bends. Were your parents ever told that you wouldn't make it? Is it genetic? When both my kids were born their spines were the first thing my grandma looked at.

tkfx25 karma

My doctors have said that with the way things are now I will be fine, I've had heart, and lung tests I have nothing that is physically life threatening.

tahitiisnotineurope20 karma

How's your pimp walk?

tkfx107 karma

I don't need a pimp walk, the second I enter a room everyone knows who I am and I'm there to fuck shit up!

mrjables101426 karma

I can hear the panties dropping now.

tkfx47 karma

Panty Dropper Reciepe:

Get a blender, fill 1/3 with vodka of choice. Fill 1/2 with minute maid lemon aid. Squeeze a bunch of lemons into the blender. Add Ice. Serve to ladies.

SmiggBallss18 karma

Do you have special assistance throughout your daily routine?

tkfx27 karma

Since I have very little pain, I have not needed special assistance. I can basically do anything that any "normal" person can do.

YOU_ARE_A_FUCK15 karma

Does this include physical activities as well? Like, do you have any trouble playing different sports, biking, or even running? Or would there be no problem if you just decided you wanted to learn to surf?

NINJAEDIT: just read a reply further down how you played basketball/soccer but had to quit due to the lung capacity.

tkfx8 karma

Because of my lungs being smaller and having 45% lung capacity, I get tired really quick when it comes to physical activites. I can run, bike, and play sports, but I will get out of breath really quickly. Going up 4 flights of stairs has me panting like a dog after running for an hour in 100 degree weather.

shinydonii18 karma

What's an activity/place that makes you feel most "normal"?

tkfx93 karma

Being on the internet/computer. No one can judge you from your looks over the internet or when you are chatting with people in games.

emmerin11 karma


tkfx14 karma

Call of Duty ended when MW2 came out. COD4 (MW1) was the best. Everything after became the same bullshit.

superatheist9515 karma

I also have scoiliosis, though nowhere near as severe. Its only just noticeable If im wearing a shirt, my right shoulder sits about 2cm lower and the left side of my hip about 2cm higher.

My belly button is inline with my left eye as a result.

tkfx17 karma

Don't think too much about it and enjoy life! Good luck to you!

wallz13 karma

When I was your age, I had a girlfriend who had severe scoliosis; two curves around 40 and 60 degrees. She had to get the surgery because they said if she didn't, the curves would get to the point in her life where they would literally kill her.

Is this an issue with having two curves? I was under the impression all scoliosis sufferers would need surgery.

tkfx11 karma

I had one surgery to fuse my spine at 7, that probably helped my spine from getting worse.

BunkerGrenader12 karma

I had a friend with a bad case of scoliosis like you. I'm not sure of the exact degree, but he's the same way. Very risky to have surgery done. If it's too risky to have it done, don't worry because you can still live a happy life. Good luck

tkfx7 karma

Thank you!

Peepz7 karma

My brother had 100degree curvature of the spine which meant his ribs were touching his hip bones, and it couldn't get any further. He had the spinal rods done, as it would help his lung function (he also has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) so this was a big thing for us. 8 Days in hospital and he grew 6 inches in height, and had to have a new wheelchair built.

Its different for everyone but as long as you don't let it get to you :)

tkfx7 karma

Holy.... 6 Inches..... WOW! I can't imagine how it would feel to be 6 inches taller! Give your brother a pat on the back, hes been through a lot!

Justpickanything4 karma

Have you tried strech/strength thearapy, pilates that kind of thing? I also have scoliosis (mines minor) and have noticed a massive difference since starting. However as I said mine is not so bad, good luck

tkfx6 karma

When I was a baby I used to wear a full body brace, after I hit middle school I wore a strap brace, while doing stretching exercises. After awhile it felt like a lost cause so I stopped. I just accepted that there isn't much that can be done. My parents basically tried everything.

Hooch-is-not-crazy4 karma

Did your spine grow at an average rate? Could you measure your spine and see how tall you would be if not for the scoliosis?

tkfx8 karma

They say the span of your arms spread out is usually how tall you are, maybe a little shorter. If we take that into account, I should be 5'6" - 5'4". I am 4-10.

flyingscotsman924 karma

No real question here. Just wanted to commend you on your bravery. My little sister had pretty severe scoliosis including a hard brace for about two years until she eventually got metal rods in her back which have, to the eye, corrected the 50 degree curve. I have seen how people, especially teenagers, can make this disease so difficult as they always stare or comment. Anyways your really positive attitude will certainly help you in life, and it seems to me that you are a really strong individual.

tkfx5 karma

Thank you! Good luck to your little sister! Im sure scoliosis is more tough on women then men!

Hrsnn4 karma

I have Structual scoliosis under 45 degrees. I feel for you man. Are you gunna get it straightened through op? And what physio do you have to do?

tkfx3 karma

I am going to leave it as it is. I've exhausted all possible ways to fix it, almost every single one involves more risk then I have now. I don't really have any physio to do.

riotgirlckb4 karma

when you were a baby how prominent was the curvature? when did it really start to get bad?

tkfx16 karma

When I was a baby it was noticeable, it started to get worse when I hit 12-18. As soon as I started to grow was when it got worse. Around 6th grade I was the same height as everyone else, by senior year I only grew couple inches and was almost the shortest person in school.

patadapatata3 karma

Hello! I am starting grad school in the fall to get my masters in prosthetics and orthotics, and I am very excited to work with patients who have scoliosis. I don't yet know much about the process of correcting scoliosis with a brace, and I just wanted to ask you if you have had one and what your experience was with it if you did? Also, you're awesome for doing this AMA. Keep on being a champ!

tkfx4 karma

Ive had two types of braces. One was a hard cast. Basically all they had me do was twist my body so my spine was straighter, then they would start making the cast off the straightened form. Im not sure how much that helped. This brace I hated the most because it made me feel so uncomfortable. It was hard to breath and it just felt like your body was trapped in a box.

Second brace was a strap brace. The strap brace basically had different strength straps wrapping around my hips, ribs, and shoulders to try and straighten my form as I went about daily activites. Again im not sure if that helped. This brace was more bearable then the last.

Thirstbusta3 karma

I had scoliosis. It was diagnosed when I was fifteen and I had surgery that same winter. I had a 48 degree curvature and I got it fixed and I've never been happier. I do get random spurts of pain and there is a part of my back on the surface of the skin where it is numb and I don't feel anything. And sometimes it's hard to sleep in certain positions. If you ever have the chance to undergo surgery, you won't regret it.

tkfx3 karma

I as well have numbness is small parts of my body, and unable to sleep in certain positions because pain will start to erupt from those spots, but Id rather live my life like how I am now, rather then take the risk of surgery. Im happy for you that you got it fixed! Many people are not so lucky! Good luck to you!

Darkhero50502 karma

Do you smoke a lot of weed?

tkfx3 karma

Smoked probably 5-6 times.

RobBobGlove2 karma

I got only one question.Are you happy?

tkfx3 karma

I am happy.

kuffara2 karma

You sound like a funny, genuinely great guy! I agree with what the other commenters are saying, as you get older, people get less superficial. Same with college. Are you in college now or planning to go?

tkfx2 karma

I am in community college atm


"has become so large that my doctor has told me its unfixable" So were there any point in your life you could have done surgery with success? If so, that really sucks. Not that it doesn't suck if that's not the case.

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Im not sure. My doctor was considering a surgery for awhile, but he needed more information to make sure it was the right thing. After having a CAT scan of my back, and x-rays of various sorts, my doctor forwarded the info to a neurologist doctor, after they came to a conclusion that the risks would be greater and there was a high chance of paralysis, and I might feel a lot more pain after. So we went ahead and said screw that. My doctor said that they can do a surgery to remove the hump on the side of my neck if I wanted. That hump is my rib.

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At what point in your life did it appear? I remember being given spine curvature tests in grade school, at what point were you diagnosed?

My dad has a pretty bad hump in his back that appeared when he was about 10.

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I was born with it so they found out when I was still developing.

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Shit man. I have kyphosis and scoliosis but only a very small curvature. Just enough to make sitting in normal chairs uncomfortable and give me constant back pain. I'm going to start going to the gym to hopefully fix the muscle imbalance it has caused...after seeing this thread I think I'm thankful that it's not so bad :\

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Everyone should be thankful for how they are, you can always have it worse, just be happy for how you are! Good luck to you!