I am SO sad this had to be so quick! Comic Con has me running my tail off AND has TERRIBLE internet reception! Too many tweets and instopics being sent out by the 150,000 con geeks! Thank you so much for your questions! Let's do this again when it's less crazy for me!

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Hey! Just wrote this answer out and when I pressed save, the question was gone! In case you're still wondering...I have to admit that my favourite season of Lost was season 1 and then season 3..BUT that's because I loved the character stories and really didn't care much about the mythology. The latter seasons became entirely about the mythology and that's how and when they lost me as a viewer. I can't make a big enough commitment to my TV watching to really absorb a show like LOST! I applaud everyone who could and did!

girafa1004 karma

While you were working on Lost, were there times when you guys would all go out drinking, then say out loud - "Okay, I need a taxi or they'll write me out of the show"?

evangeline_lilly1195 karma

Hahaha! YES.

quod_erat_demonstran639 karma

We have to go back Kate!

Thanks for your great work on lost :) Is there a classic film that you would love to have played a role in and if so which role?

evangeline_lilly1663 karma

Yes! I want to play Princess Leia!

CreepyOctopus538 karma

Who was the best looking guy among your LOST co-stars, and why is it Josh Holloway?

Thanks for Redditing :)

evangeline_lilly817 karma

Aaron. xo

evangeline_lilly534 karma

hey guys! so sorry I'm late. comic con madness!

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Evangeline, thank you for doing this! Big Lost and LOTR/The Hobbit fan. What were the best things about being involved with The Hobbit and filming in New Zealand?

evangeline_lilly860 karma

The people. Kiwis are SO cool about celebs. They treat you like anybody else.

merper439 karma

Did you like the ending of Lost? Was it what you expected at the beginning?

evangeline_lilly1192 karma

It was not what I expected at the beginning. My Lost theory was that the dead bodies we found at the beginning (Adam and Eve) were Kate and Jack and that THEIR baby was the original "first child" of the island. Wrong again. ;-) Or was I................

keleyeemoh303 karma

Who were you closest with on the set of LOST?

evangeline_lilly544 karma

Elizabeth Mitchell and Jeremy Davies. Love.

OldMonet272 karma

A lot of fans of LOST say it changed their life in one way or another. Do you and the other cast members find this ridiculous and extreme, or do you understand?

evangeline_lilly542 karma

I think it's amazing. I've had films impact me in profound ways...Chocolat, The Fountain, Adaptation...

Muppetmeister262 karma

I love your work as a social activist. I really think you're making a difference.

But, what made you interested in energy and climate questions?

EDIT: Thank you also for being my celebrity crush during the Lost era.

evangeline_lilly518 karma

I LOVE trees. They make me happy. I have a passion for clean air. It keeps me alive. I need serenity. It keeps me sane. I can only hope that I can encourage others to help me have these things to pass on to my children. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

whosline07212 karma

How was being on The Hobbit set/working with Peter Jackson? Is it as awesome as it sounds hanging out with dwarves, hobbits, elves, and wizards or do people generally act like themselves in costume off the camera?

evangeline_lilly554 karma

Yes!!! It was as awesome as you'd think. I had an incredible experience on that film. Being an elf was a dream come true...a GINGER elf that can kick orc ass...forget about it.

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Hello Evangeline! First of all, I think you are a FANTASTIC actress. My questions... 1.) Have you watched LOST all the way through? 2.) What is your favorite episode 3.) What would you have changed about the story if you had a chance?

Thank you!

evangeline_lilly358 karma

Watched it all the way through but not in one sitting like some of your Losties! ONE of my fav episodes was the one where Boone died and Aaron was born??? Which one was that?

treefiddy502160 karma

Is Jeremy Renner as awesome as he looks?

evangeline_lilly217 karma

Truly and really.

clarezza146 karma

What was your favorite season to film regarding all of the different actors in each season?

evangeline_lilly338 karma

Season 3. I loved filming the cages.

crayonflop136 karma

Wow! Kate was my favorite character on Lost, she had so much depth and so many things going on with her that I was always drawn to her struggles. You really brought an amazing character life, and Lost would not have been nearly as good without you. What was your favorite/least favorite moment playing Kate?

evangeline_lilly217 karma

I loved doing my stunts. They were such a release after all the torturous emotional scenes!!!

boyerman98 karma

Who is the best director you've worked with? Any good tips from him/her?

Thanks for doing this AMA!!

evangeline_lilly161 karma

I can't choose a best, but I learned a LOT from Shawn Levy. He taught me how effective being organized is on a film set!


How was comic con?

evangeline_lilly138 karma

Still going! It's been AMAZING. The reception to my book, The Squickerwonkers has really blown me away. #bestweekend

simaje62 karma

Hey, Do you read your PMs at your facebook page? Keep up the great work!

evangeline_lilly139 karma

I do! But not all. There's too many to keep up with. :-(

Rob_Saget42 karma

Evangeline, thank you for this AMA and all your many great roles!

  • What got you into acting?
  • Moment in your career that made you go "Wow, I never would have dreamed I'd get to do this"
  • What is something that you nerd out about?
  • I know this a long shot but I would love to have you be a guest on an episode of my podcast to geek out about tv, film, etc. Can we make this happen?

Thank you again for this AMA and look forward to your responses!

evangeline_lilly99 karma

Wow, I never would have dreamed I'd get to do this: This weekend at Comic Con promoting my first children's book. #surreal.

blubberoddment32 karma

Hey, Evangeline! I'd just like to say that I've been a big fan of yours since I started watching Lost in 2006. Kate was always my favorite character, even though some people didn't like her (I could list the reasons and why I think they're stupid and baseless but I'm sure you've heard it all before). The more my friends made fun of me for it, the more I found myself clinging to this character who was trying so hard to not run away from her problems and do what she thought was right. I found her flaws incredibly relatable and it helped me a lot to see a woman struggle with her internal stuff and eventually have a happy-ish ending. I want to thank you for bringing Kate to life and helping people like me feel a little less alone and a little less unredeemable.

I have two questions:

  1. Can you tell us anything about Tauriel? I don't know how much you're allowed to reveal or how much has been said already. LotR/The Hobbit is notoriously lacking in female characters, so it's nice to see any women in the movies. (Also, what was it like working with Lee Pace? Because I love him.)
  2. I was looking at your wikipedia entry, and I cannot believe your son is two already. Were you interested in writing a children's book before or were you inspired by him?

(On a totally shallow note, I love your new-ish haircut! Ok. I'm done now.)

evangeline_lilly71 karma

Lee Pace is amazing. Class act. Thank you so much for the love!