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is a Canadian actress known for her role as Kate Austen in one of ABC's most successful programs of all time, Lost, a role for which she won multiple Saturn Awards and Teen Choice Awards and a Golden Globe nomination.

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Hey! Just wrote this answer out and when I pressed save, the question was gone! In case you're still wondering...I have to admit that my favourite season of Lost was season 1 and then season 3..BUT that's because I loved the character stories and really didn't care much about the mythology. The latter seasons became entirely about the mythology and that's how and when they lost me as a viewer. I can't make a big enough commitment to my TV watching to really absorb a show like LOST! I applaud everyone who could and did!

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Yes! I want to play Princess Leia!

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Hahaha! YES.

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It was not what I expected at the beginning. My Lost theory was that the dead bodies we found at the beginning (Adam and Eve) were Kate and Jack and that THEIR baby was the original "first child" of the island. Wrong again. ;-) Or was I................

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The people. Kiwis are SO cool about celebs. They treat you like anybody else.

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Aaron. xo

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Yes!!! It was as awesome as you'd think. I had an incredible experience on that film. Being an elf was a dream come true...a GINGER elf that can kick orc ass...forget about it.

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Elizabeth Mitchell and Jeremy Davies. Love.

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I think it's amazing. I've had films impact me in profound ways...Chocolat, The Fountain, Adaptation...

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hey guys! so sorry I'm late. comic con madness!