Currently a gif of this trick shot is on the front page ( and somebody asked if I could do one of these so here it is. Not sure how to verify its me, but this is my twitter

EDIT: Just uploaded the Greatest Game of HORESE Ever!

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wakawalka349 karma

Brodie - you may remember a year or two ago when you made a poll on Facebook and agreed to give a free clinic to whoever won the most votes. The winner was Needham High School in Massachusetts. Any plans to give that clinic in the future?

We made this trickshot video in your honor!

GBtwin21102 karma

Not sure why my comment isn't showing up but shoot me a tweet and we will get something setup. Look forward to it

GBtwin2120 karma

Hey guys. Not sure I remember this, but I did do a throwing clinic a couple months back in Boston which is about 20 mins from your high school. Don't quite recall any Needham players being there, but maybe next time I'm in Boston we can try to set up another one.

hemmicw918 karma

Still no response.

GBtwin2121 karma

Just responded...sorry I was sleeping

ItsNickyjBaby9 karma

He's too busy being a tool to follow through

GBtwin213 karma

At 2 in the morning? I was sleeping

RocTheBuzz53 karma

Do you play disc golf ever and if so how often/when did you start and why?

GBtwin2117 karma

Haha I actually play a decent amount in the off season. You can check out my trick shot video with World Champion Avery Jenkins here:

HipsterBlisters24 karma

Is there a story behind your using the word "Darkhorse"? If so, is said story in question in fact darkhorse?

GBtwin2128 karma the word has been around for years (meaning underdog) but me and my buddy (chris gibson) started using it for almost everything. Example. You go to take a test that you didn't study for. When you get back and your roommates ask you how you did you can just say you straight darkhorsed it. Meaning you might have aced it or you might have failed it. Be careful though. Once you start using it, its very addictive.

GVLaker18 karma

Hey Brodie, I've got a couple questions for ya.

First, how many takes does it take for your videos to get a shot just right? I mean, some of those most people say are photoshopped they're so good.

Second, what was your favorite trick to do? What made it so?

GBtwin2125 karma

Hey! Thanks for the questions. Well the # of tries really depend on the shot itself and the elements involved. The speed boat catch was on the third attempt. My favorite trick shot is the one I just did. The Bat Shot! Check it out!

MistoFisto16 karma

Hey Brodie, what was it that got you into playing Pro Frisbee and into doing your trick shot videos?

GBtwin2117 karma

I started playing occasionally back in high school with my cross country team and basically worked my way up to the pro leagues. I started doing the trick shots to try and get more people interested in throwing the frisbee.

DJ_Flapjack47 karma

For some reason cross country runners are the majority of ultimate players... Must be all the cardio? I'm not sure.

GBtwin2123 karma

Yup. We love to run haha

falendevil1310 karma

Best 5k?

GBtwin2116 karma

I think it was sub 20...not too fast

hawks1915 karma

Would you rather fight one Darkhorse sized duck, or 100 duck sized Darkhorses?

GBtwin2110 karma

One Darkhorse sized duck just to say I did

markanderson9715 karma

Just a couple questions, (kinda personal and you don't have to answer) how well does a professional ultimate frisbee player make? And how did you go about joining a college team? Is there recruiting or did you just try-out?

Just curious about how professional players are discovered.

GBtwin2123 karma

No problem. Most pro ultimate players make about 25-50 dollars per game. But everything is paid for. So when looking at it, you go away with about $500 in your pocket compared to spending about $2500 to play club ultimate. College teams do recruit, but I wanted to go to UF so I just tried out for the team.


What do you think needs to happen before Ultimate becomes on par with other major sports like basketball, football, and baseball?

GBtwin2189 karma

To be honest I don't think it will ever be and thats ok. Look at sports like Golf and Tennis and they don't have nearly the following as the top 4, but they are still amazing sports. I think if we can get to where Lacrosse is that would be a huge accomplishment.

Wutabeast3214 karma

Do you have any regrets? Where do you practice your throws mostly? Are you in florida? & do u visit UF alot?

GBtwin2171 karma

Biggest regret is how I acted in college from 2006-2009 mostly 2009. I was an arrogant cocky kid that would end up leading my team to lose at regionals that year. There were a lot of great seniors on that team that had to go out the wrong way. If I would have been a better person back then I could have maybe changed the outcome. I will never forget that.

I usually practice my throws on the golf course. Its right out back so I just go out after the golfers are done.

I live in florida and I need to visit UF more than I do.

zeWoah14 karma

Hey Brodie, It's awesome that you're doing an AMA; it'll definitely help get more exposure out for the best sport in the world!

Anyways, I've got a couple questions:

1) When you were at UF, trying out for the Ultimate team, did you feel like you stacked up to the other people on the team/trying out since you only played occasionally in high school?

2) Any tips for someone who's going to be trying out college Ultimate team?

GBtwin2115 karma

1) No! I was way out of my league. I could barely throw a forehand and had no touch on my throws. I was completely lost when it came to defense. I was extremely lucky that my captains saw something in me, but I had to work my tail off. 2) Intense defense and ask a lot of questions. Also, if you are told to do something figure out what they are asking and do it.

b3tzy14 karma

Why did you decide not to play on Doublewide this year? Do you feel pro leagues are replacing the club series?

GBtwin2118 karma

I need to rest. I haven't played in the pro leagues in about 7 weeks because my leg is so messed up. I'm hoping to be 100% sometime soon.

Newo9213 karma

Why Frisbee? I imagine that you were relatively athletic as a child, what made you pursue frisbee when, to be frank, there wasn't (and arguably still isn't) a huge following of the sport?
P.S. Recently started playing myself with some friends. Any tips for mastering the flick? When I'm stall-counted and can't make my backhand out, I end up looking to a crumby hammer or dragon to get out of the thick of things.

GBtwin2114 karma

I just love throwing and catching the frisbee. Not sure why, but I feel in love with it just like most people fall in love with their sport. How to throw a Forehand video:

eragondaparagon13 karma

I said hi to you at Madison when you guys were against the Radicals and you ignored me :(

EDIT 11 MONTHS LATER: Brodie came to Madison. I got my disc.

GBtwin2129 karma

What! Oh no! Sorry about that. I'm sure I didn't see/hear ya. Hopefully you can make it to the championship weekend where we might play the radicals again in Chicago. I will give you a free disc. My bad.

Blastoise_Squad13 karma

Hey Brodie, huge fan here! What advice do you have for a high school student that's looking to get better and play college ultimate?

GBtwin2123 karma

Work on your weaknesses. If thats a poor flick than practice that. Also learn how to play hard man defense. I look for intensity on defense.

-JayBird12 karma

I don't know if you're single, but do your trick shots, and minor youtube fame help you out with the ladies?

GBtwin2184 karma


sundayultimate11 karma

Who skies who, you or Beau?

GBtwin215 karma

right now Beau. I'm injured haha

homeschooled8 karma

Do you have a girlfriend?

..............................I'm asking for a friend

GBtwin2110 karma


balllord8 karma

What do you think about the MLU championship game? what do you think about the MLU in general? do you think it will last?

GBtwin219 karma

I'm pro ultimate so I thought it was a pretty good game. Sad to see Graham and Neff get hurt and also Dogfish not having Beau and Mac hurt them, but it was a pretty good game.

Electrix177 karma

If a Cross country player and a Track Player start playing Ultimate. Who would do better in their career?

GBtwin2113 karma

Well that all depends really. Who can pick up on throwing the best. Who can understand the strategy of offense and defense. One of my favorite things about Ultimate is that you have to be good at everything to be a great player. There is always something to get better at.

holyfuckingtits7 karma

Does anyone only play professional ultimate for their living? or is that not possible

GBtwin218 karma


laurazor3 karma

We heard you used to be a teacher. Is that true and what did you teach?

GBtwin215 karma

9th grade algebra

markanderson977 karma

What does your reddit username stand for?

GBtwin2121 karma

Gareth Bale haha

GBtwin216 karma

Latest trick shot...The Bat Shot!

cinapism6 karma

Why did you decide to play with the Alleycats? Did you fly in for practices or just games?

GBtwin215 karma

I actually moved up there for the season and I just really liked the organization.

Oregon-ducks5 karma

Hey Brodie, big fan! Will there be another dude perfect collab?

GBtwin218 karma

Yup!!! We have already got one planned. Should be awesome!

bigdaveyj3 karma

Any plans for a wildfire trick shot video? I mean, I could see that being good marketing for your team, the sport, and even just the AUDL.

GBtwin212 karma

YuChoy4 karma

Hey Brodie, is there any chance you'll come to Canada (esp. Vancouver :3) for an ultimate clinic in the future?

GBtwin216 karma

Absolutely if you guys want me there!

crichmond773 karma

I'm really poor at flicking the Frisbee. What advice do you have for technique or improvement?

GBtwin212 karma

scottsaho3 karma

Not including ultimate, what's your favorite sport?

GBtwin213 karma

Golf, Tennis, Basketball

ilikechiken173 karma

Brodie is a redditor?!? You just keep going up on the awesome scale do you know my friend tom from new orleans? he's been to cut camp a couple times . i play ultimate with him every now and then and says yall are pretty cool with each other

GBtwin212 karma

Yea Tom is legit!

keepthetip3 karma

What is your favorite way to throw? And your vertical?

GBtwin215 karma

Favorite throw is definitely the hammer ( My vertical was 38" now its probably just over 12" (currently injured haha)

WhirlingDeath3 karma

Can shorter players (like 5'8) compete with the best or is it just not plausible?

GBtwin213 karma

There are a lot of great ultimate players under 5'10. Granted you have to have a really great skill set, but it is possible

lcurole2 karma


GBtwin212 karma

who is this? haha

condronk2 karma

Which level of competition has been the most fun for you?

GBtwin218 karma

College. there is nothing like it. You are playing with your best friends and brothers.

layout4202 karma

Who in your opinion is the best player you've ever played with as a teammate and as an opponent who do you feel has been a force to be reckoned with?

GBtwin212 karma

Kurt Gibson hands down

johndon702 karma

How many Frisbees would you say you own?

GBtwin212 karma

Tough question. Probably close to 100

ChairmanLi2 karma

Youre amazing. That is all.

GBtwin211 karma


DJMixwell2 karma

I never thought I'd see the day Brodie Smith does an AMA! You essentially taught me how to play ultimate through watching your tutorials and footage of games. So thanks for that! Question though : Is there a trick to getting the handblock? Like it seems my only option is to force a side and hope someone out behind me nabs it. Is there any kind of trick that might help me grab the dream handblock callahan?

GBtwin213 karma

Hmm. I think getting handblocks require knowing what the throwing is looking for and being in the right place at the right time. The mark is one of my weaker parts of my game, so I'm not the best to answer that, but I would say to try not to lean and shuffle your feet to stay in front of the thrower.