We're live from Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre for the #KickinUpDust Summer Tour with Atmosphere, Tribal Seeds, & The Grouch & Eligh. We'll be answering questions throughout the day. Soundcheck starts at 1pm so start asking questions and we'll get start answering shortly!

For all tour dates & info visit http://smarturl.it/SS_KUD_2013

And for your listening pleasure http://soundcloud.com/slightlystoopid

PROOF: http://instagram.com/p/brakLQRR_3/

***UPDATE: It's starting to get crazy here and friends/fam showing up. Will get to answers here and there. Kyle definitely wants to answer as many (if not all) questions as possible. We love doing this

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SlightlyStoopid61990 karma

This is what we've been messing with. We just came up with this hit... It's Tokyo OG foundation... With tokyo OG kief on top... Then Tokyo OG dabs.

It's called the "Captain Kirk" because it takes you a while to come back

jaytee18244 karma

Hi i dont have a question but you guys killed it last night and smoking out of the apple topped it all off

SlightlyStoopid61964 karma

Hahahahahhahsfdgslhfg. Awesome. Amazing.

sdude934 karma

who's been your favorite band/person to smoke with backstage or wherever you were when you were on tour with them?

SlightlyStoopid61994 karma

Snoop Dogg.

cacotn42033 karma

How do I get the job of being y'alls permanent joint roller/guitar tech? I feel I could fit the bill...

SlightlyStoopid61949 karma

Say when... message us.

squigglebee14 karma

Can we have a duel over this position? The Dank Dope Duel for the Cannabis Cup.

NotAnExpertWitness23 karma

This could be a basis for an internet TV show, like Top Chef but with weed.

SlightlyStoopid61939 karma

We need this to happen right now...We're in Irvine now and we need them.

BestTortillias31 karma

When are we going to get another tailgate 2008 tour with pepper and the expendables???

SlightlyStoopid61936 karma

Pepper and Expendies are all our brothers Anytime we can be on the road together is fucking awesome

vinuash30 karma

All time favorite jam?

SlightlyStoopid619182 karma


SlightlyStoopid61916 karma

Running late for soundcheck... back soon

therealpaulyd15 karma

Who was your favorite artist growing up? How about now?

SlightlyStoopid61943 karma

Motley Crue, Willie Nelson, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Vincente Fernandes, James Brown, John Coltrane, Michael Jackson, Johnny Clash, Wu Tang Clan, Eazy-E, NWA, Metallica, Hall & Oates

We've been soundtracking lately too https://soundtracking.com/slightlystoopid

ewwiee14 karma

Favorite taco shop in SD?

SlightlyStoopid61937 karma

Nico's and Roberto's

yogaboya14 karma

What is your favorite band that has opened for you?

SlightlyStoopid61943 karma

Oh fuck... There's been a lot of them.

Bad Brains Fishbone Don Carlos The Aggrolites The Expendables Pepper Marlon Asher Tomorrows Bad Seeds Tribal Seeds

Too many more to list

allidoiswork14 karma

If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?

SlightlyStoopid61989 karma

That's a great one. metalocalypse

Or the Victoria's Secret show.

Billdawgg13 karma

Do anyone of you ever go on /r/trees?

MackaRoney12 karma

Fuccckkk I missed it!

Slight chance you're reading this, I'd like to let you know, you guys are the reason I lost my virginity freshman year.

SlightlyStoopid61917 karma

We're here... Atmosphere on stage now

gcar101310 karma

Good afternoon gents: What cities do you like to play in the most?

SlightlyStoopid61933 karma

Off the top of our heads... New York, Chicago, San Francisco, AUSTIN, BOSTON, Boulder, Eugene

Oh, and San Diego.

fonkychire10 karma

i saw you guys in knoxville at the valarium last year, dope show. what did you think of knoxvegas?

SlightlyStoopid61914 karma

Nice people. Wasn't there that gnarly storm?

bossanova3529 karma

I just discovered Karl Denson when I saw his band Tiny Universe at a blues festival last week. I was very impressed by their performance, and checked him out on Wikipedia. I was pleasantly surprised to see he's collaborated with you guys! Just curious, how did you guys first start working together, and how often do you play with him? I imagine a jam sesh between you guys would be just mind-blowing!

SlightlyStoopid61910 karma

Uncle Karl! He's in the Stoopid fam. On stage now for soundcheck. When it works out, he's out on all our shows.



SlightlyStoopid61925 karma

Which version/tour papers do you have?

We're gonna have to file a TPS report

thenpetersaid8 karma

What inspired the song, "Jedi"? My friends and I have been jamming on that song forever!

SlightlyStoopid61919 karma

What is the recipe for chocolate cake?

FIFAENT8 karma

Do y'all just get free bud? Or do y'all actually have to pay for it. I feel like y'all just get free hook ups.

SlightlyStoopid61941 karma

We literally just got 4 ounces along with shirts that say "You don't mess with another man's garden!" from Otherside Farms

totes-muh-gotes7 karma

Hey guys, love your stuff! Simple question: when are you coming back to Ak?

SlightlyStoopid61912 karma

Hopefully soon! Mooses Tooth was fun. Summer in Alaska...

We miss those king crab

tyler15227 karma

Doing any exploring when you come to the zoo in a few weeks?

SlightlyStoopid61912 karma

Maybe a hike or two. Take the dirt bikes out. OG might be taking a trip up to the beaver trail.

VoxPopuli0077 karma

Are you going to have more of Karl Denson on your future albums? Dude has got soul.

SlightlyStoopid6195 karma

YES! Uncle Karl! He's on Top of the World and will be on future records.

Dylstork5 karma

Favorite strain, favorite smoke spot!

SlightlyStoopid6199 karma

tokyo OG, wet dream, cactus cooler, grapefruit, tahoe OG,

jbev255 karma

High! I'm a HUGE fan and have seen you twice at Britt in Southern Oregon! Sad to not have you this year, but looking forward to your Eugene show with Atmosphere! How do you guys deal with traveling from state to state with variying laws regarding MJ? Are there states you just avoid?

SlightlyStoopid61911 karma

high is right! thanks for comin out to the Britt shows! We try to keep it in the back of our mind and try to use good judgment - In Example _ Alabama cops will take you to jail for a seed, same with alot of other zero tolerance states gotta chill in those states and know when to use discretion see you in Eugene!

Scubasteve4215 karma

What is your favorite go-to munchie food guys?

SlightlyStoopid61917 karma

Ranch doritos. Heath klondike bars this tour. They come in a bunch of diferent flavors these days.

flukz4 karma

Q: If you're at all Stoopid then how were you able to use the correct form of "we're" twice?

SlightlyStoopid61925 karma

Damn autocorrect

snickersbaconburger4 karma

How is it playing with Atmosphere on tour?

SlightlyStoopid6197 karma

its killer we are big fans of his and he is really down to earth, soo it is a pleasure and an honor to be on the road with him

heycmonnow3 karma

When you play the cosmopolitan tomorrow. Be sure to make your way up to the third floor and grab a slice from the hidden pizza place. (Look for the album-lined wall)

I will gladly take a backstage pass as remuneration for my troubles :)

Oh, and their buffet should be illegal it's so good

SlightlyStoopid6198 karma

Hidden pizza? Love it.

Soiledmahpants3 karma

First off, I love your music, and you're a big inspiration to my musical styles. I just wanted to know, how much time you guys dedicated to practice/personal life.

SlightlyStoopid6194 karma

thank you! stoked to help inspire you - practice makes perfect but everything in moderation so you can fit everything in

dragonrose3 karma

First things, you are all awesome, thank you for rocking my world!! My question:

What song has the deepest meaning that is misunderstood, or that listeners would be surprised to find out.

Edit: trying to make more sense :)

SlightlyStoopid6196 karma

Thank you, glad to be able to help rock it. Hard to say, think the lyrics kina speak for themselves, and if you dont hear it in the lyrics then its prolly not that deep of a meaning but hmmmm.....lemme see.... drink professionally talks about drinking kina responsibly, but has deep meaning in the fact that shit can kill you if you dont use it in moderation. kina tongue in cheek as well as meaningful damn that one made me have to think boo thinking

nateyouitb3 karma

What lyrics from what song describe you guys and you can relate to the most?

Edit: a word. I can no has spell

SlightlyStoopid61953 karma

Doesn't really matter as long as the music goes on...

gr1nb0552 karma

SD native here. What's your favorite classic car to cruise OB with!?

SlightlyStoopid6195 karma

The hoopty! Anyone that will start and get you down to the beach...

Miles has a badass 1942 Ford Pickup http://www.motortrend.com/features/consumer/1208_celebrity_drive_miles_doughty_lead_singer_of_slightly_stoopid/viewall.html

allidoiswork2 karma

If you wanted to look very sexy, how would you dress?

SlightlyStoopid61912 karma

With good confidence and hygiene

sourdsmokin2 karma

How much weed would you say is put in to the air at any given venue?

TerragNeptunia1 karma

Hey guys, big fan. You guys should come to Edmonton, Canada. Lots of stoopidheads up here who would love to see you. Also you guys kick so much ass hahaha. And why dont you guys play canada much? Just a pain with the border im guessing?

Stay high

SlightlyStoopid6196 karma

Damn right. We do hit Canada once a year... We played Vancouver and Toronto in the last year or so.

The border comes with the package... It's expected.

We love Canadians... Mike Myers!

If it weren't for curling... We wouldn't be back!

chickenwaffles1 karma

Who's got the best carne asada in sd?

SlightlyStoopid6193 karma

We love Nico's and Roberto's

creativebic1 karma

What's the craziest thing you've seen at one of your shows?

SlightlyStoopid6197 karma

Having a goat walk across the stage at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit. It was a service animal. It was a tiny little billy goat with a diaper walking up and down the stage.

It was one of those singing goats http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEdqn-Gtg-s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6TCnh5B8-w

furhatesyou1 karma

So last year i saw you at the mgm pool in Vegas, and you only played like 4 songs after it started to thunder,and lightning. why are you guys so scared of lightning?

SlightlyStoopid61911 karma

That and our Thunder Buddy couldn't make it. Thunder Buddies for life!~

dfort19863 karma

Forecast is looking perfect for tomorrow night's show at the Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan in Vegas!

SlightlyStoopid61913 karma

Well thank you weatherman... And back to you Veronica Corningstone

allidoiswork1 karma

If you could have any feature from an animal what would you want?

SlightlyStoopid6192 karma

It's not about the ones I want, it's about the features I don't want.

jahumaca0 karma

Saw you guys in Gainesville about 2 years back. The cops called the show off after 30 minutes or so because people kept passing out. It was still one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Cheers!

SlightlyStoopid6192 karma

Yeah, that was when like 40K students rushed the free show. Security was like holy shit, way too many people. They were not prepared for the Stoopid Horde.