Constructive* surgeries.

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Is it really reconstructive surgery if you never had them to begin with? Wouldn't it just be constructive surgery?

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Wolverine action:

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You ever fisted someone?

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As often as I possibly can.

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If you have the chance to get robotic fingers would you?

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I wouldn't even question it. Luke Skywalker is a personal hero.

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How has the surgery helped your hand? Can we see proof?

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Edit: This is me now gripping a decent size book, thank you George R.R. Martin.

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Thank you. What is the hardest thing to do for you because of the hand?

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Well, I love basketball, I played in high school, but developing my left hand when it came to dribbling was very difficult. It took roughly 3x as much practice as my right hand and still wasn't close to as good. But other than that, clipping my fingernails on my right hand is always rough.

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This is before my first surgery, pretty innovative surgery in 1991. Those are three of my toe bones in front of my fingers.

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but... what about your toes?

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This is me bending my toe back. I can do this with three of my toes due to lack of bone:

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How does it affect your standing, walking, general balance?

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I don't feel like it affects any of the three, but I also don't know anything different.

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Has the desire to 'fit in functionally' been the driving force behind getting your fingers constructed? Looking at people and working with some who have had birth defects and amputations that have chosen not to have any surgical procedures done, and live life to the full, what has been behind your decision?

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Well I was super young when I first started getting surgeries. It is an easier process when you are in your childhood. Once I reached puberty, they decided to stop due to the fact that the recovery process would have been more like 10 months rather than 6 or 7. So fitting in didn't really play a role. My parents wanted me to have as much function as possible. I thank them for it a lot.

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Are you a righty or a lefty?

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Righty. It would only be impossible the other way, unfortunately...

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Could you explain the surgeries that you've gone through to recreate fingers? I see mention of the bones in the photo being from your toes?

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Yes. Well, I have had three different lengthening surgeries. My first surgery they took 3 bones from my toes (the knuckle bone), and essentially pinned them to the bones in my hand to fuse together. With the other lengthening surgeries they took bone from my pelvis. I have also had two webbing surgeries to remove the excess skin, and also a surgery because a couple of my fingers couldn't bend properly. I had to have some physical therapy for those. I will put another picture up to make it a little more clear.

SchuylerL1 karma

What has motivated you to undergo these surgeries to look like other people? Is your hand not functional to grasp? Why not work on finding comfort in the fact that everyone is different and this is your thing? Thank you for doing this AMA and answering my questions.

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Good question. I did not have a lot of say in the surgeries because I was so young. BUT, I thank my parents for doing it a lot now-a-days because the level of functioning has improved about 200% they said. I played high school basketball. I am not sure that would have happened otherwise.

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Any more surgeries on the horizon?

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I have actually thought about getting reconstructive surgery on my toes. I am 23 now and more finger lengthening surgeries just seem like a hassle now.

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How old were you when they did the original surgeries? Did your toes develop at all after removing the knuckle bones?

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I just put up a picture near the top of the page.

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My best bud from college has the same condition on his left hand as well. From what I can tell he has had no surgeries, the "nubs" are very short and still near to the wrist.

My question is, would it be too late for him to have a surgery such as this being 20 years old and 21 in Dec?

landocalrission2 karma

I actually don't think it is ever too late, but I think the recovery process might be a little more difficult. BUT, I also think that going from no bone in his nubs to have some there and having more function will honestly change his life.

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It might sound insensitive but honestly, any awkward "Hey, nice to meet you NoobInArms!" extends arms. No offense.

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I only get offended when people who don't know me make fun of the deformity. My close friend and I all have running jokes with it.

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Are you left or right handed?

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I am right-handed. My parents think I was suppose to be a left because as a baby I tried to always pick things up with my left, but that obviously didn't work out super well.

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When you dream, have you ever used your hand with all 5 fingers?

There have been studies stating that the "human form" is engrained in the psyche and can over-ride the outer form..referenced before on reddit (

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I think because it has been such a part of who I am, that the idea of dreaming with 5 normal fingers hasn't even occurred. But I am working on lucid dreaming so I will make this a priority.

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Sorry to ask you something so strange or maybe even rude, but how was life in your childhood? Any advantages or disadvantages?

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I got made fun of for sure, but I also had people who stuck up for me a lot. I had a great childhood, except for the surgeries.

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you are talking about more surgeries. so it's a work in progress? when will you be done? will you always be striving to attain something closer to a perceived perfection, or are there diminishing returns that make further operations less and less appealing?

landocalrission1 karma

I have been done for 10 years...

SunilClark1 karma

Interesting. I was born with one (technically 2) fingers on my left hand.

landocalrission1 karma

Do an AMA.

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I worked with a doctor for 2 summers and did research on this! Very interesting stuff, and looks like you are doing great with your fingers. I'm curious, what city did you get the surgeries done in? I don't believe that too many doctors do this kind of stuff.

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Indianapolis Hand Center under Dr. William Klineman. He was an incredible doctor.