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First of all I'd like to thank you for doing an AMA. Hopefully you'll have fun and enjoy sharing your experiences. I am a photographer moving to video with DSLR. I've always been fascinated with time lapse. It is similar to stop motion in that the film is played at a faster rate for presentation. I've always struggled with capture speed. Can you explain how I would figure out what frame rate to film at to make movement believable when the film is played at normal speed? Hopefully this makes sense. I'm having a hard time wording my question!

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Thank you for doing this AMA, I'm sure many people are envious of your position! My question is how many pictures do you take for every photo that gets printed?

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Hello, thank you for educating the us. My fiancee and I are looking at buying a house and would like to know as much about problems a house could have before we buy it. I thought I knew about radon, but now that I recall it's all hearsay. Would you be able to correct what I think I know about radon and please teach me where my understanding is not complete?
Here's what I think I know: Radon is naturally occurring radiation from the earth. It seeps into basements and is undetectable with our senses. A simple system of fans or constant airflow through the basement can move the radiation outside making the basement of your house safe. Am I on track?

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What do you carry in terms of medical supplies? And how do you carry everything you need to help? What additional resources do you have if you need backup? And how do you protect yourself?

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What has motivated you to undergo these surgeries to look like other people? Is your hand not functional to grasp? Why not work on finding comfort in the fact that everyone is different and this is your thing? Thank you for doing this AMA and answering my questions.