hi reddit, Ellen Page here. I'm an actress. I'm also Canadian. My most recent film is THE EAST. Looking forward to answering your questions.

proof: https://twitter.com/EllenPage/status/348913069625327616

Thank you so much for your questions. This was fun and I would love to come back and do it again! Bye for now...

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Crumbedsausage2626 karma

Have you ever considered launching a perfume range called "Smellen Page"?

edit: Spelling

iamatinycanadian2593 karma

It is coming, will be arriving just in time for the holidays.

TheDuskDragon2551 karma

How was it like to kiss Joseph Gordon Levitt in Inception? I'm just a curious straight male.

iamatinycanadian2898 karma

I don't kiss and tell.

Griftr2200 karma

Hi Ellen, big fan! I'm wondering, what is your favorite kind of juice?

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awesomeman4622173 karma

How do you feel about people who say that Juno "promoted teen pregnancy"?

iamatinycanadian3197 karma

I think they need to calm down. It is a comedy. It is fiction.

mustachewhip2127 karma

How close is real-life Michael Cera to his persona in This is the End?

iamatinycanadian2928 karma

I haven't seen the movie yet. I hear he plays a coke head and sex addict???

All I can say is Michael Cera is one of the funniest and sweetest people I know. Down to earth, super intelligent and I loved working with him. No signs of coke or sex addict activity.

seamachine2054 karma

Hey you. You're pretty good at juggling a lot of things. What else can you juggle?


I mean, besides hearts

iamatinycanadian2457 karma

I can juggle all kinds of things, mostly just things that are ball-like though. I don't juggle fire or knives or anything :(

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iamatinycanadian2615 karma

Most important thing was to not judge Hayley and completely understand her anger and her mission. Obviously there is an incredible amount of sexual violence aimed at young women and it was not hard to harness the anger that that invokes and unleash it.

LowRoadRose1902 karma

As a former derby girl, I love "Whip it!". If you had a real life derby name, what would it be?

iamatinycanadian3321 karma

Hate Winslet.

The_Iceman22881633 karma

What was it like going back to the X-Men in Days of Future Past?

iamatinycanadian2165 karma

Amazing! Obviously I cannot talk about any details ;) but just know that it is going to be pretty darn epic!

tobyALIVE1601 karma

How uncomfortable was it to film the sex scene in "SUPER" with Rainn Wilson? I've always wondered how actors shoot those scenes without feeling awkward since the entire crew is watching.

iamatinycanadian2068 karma

Shooting scenes like that are always awkward, but Rainn is one of the nicest people and a friend, so we just tried to make it feel safe and fun and....not sexual, even though that was sort of impossible. :)

IUpVoteYourMum1427 karma

If you were asked to star in any reboot of any movie that you may have seen as a kid, what would you want it to be and why?

iamatinycanadian2665 karma


But I would want to be the Sean Astin role.

NoddingPenguin1025 karma

Based on your experience working on Beyond would you be up for making more video games? Has your perception of video games changed at all since doing Beyond?

iamatinycanadian1208 karma

Making Beyond was an incredible experience. I think what David Cage is doing is really remarkable, the first of its kind and I feel grateful to be involved.

dispatcher_83914 karma

Ms. Page, welcome to reddit!

  • you describe yourself as a feminist, and for a very attractive actor you've made a career that focuses more on the characters you play and their struggles rather than sexual appeal...was choosing these roles deliberate? For someone your age, has this been difficult for you to avoid a romantic comedy role or a typical love story type film?

  • You played the audience role initally in Inception - understanding a world the rest of the characters grew into and were expected to take adapt and understand what was common place for them. How was it working with Mr. Nolan? Would you work with him or any of the cast members again?

  • What has been your challenges as an actor balancing a normal set film, a film with green screen and a set, and a video game role?

  • Are you a wine person, a whiskey person, a water person or a beer person?

Thank you for your time!!!

iamatinycanadian1710 karma

Considering there are so few roles for women and the roles that do exist can be so narrow in their idea of what a woman can be, it is extremely important to me to be involved with projects where the girl is in charge of her own destiny and is honest and well written.

Inception was an incredible experience. I am grateful to Chris for writing such a great role for a young woman and for letting me be involved. I would LOVE to work with him again.

Tequila and water :)

ArthurDigbyS902 karma

How the hell is Steve Agee friends with everyone in Hollywood?

iamatinycanadian1245 karma

Because he is awesome! He is kind, sweet and funny as hell.

FrailSnail1757 karma

Ellen, me and my friend Ellis have a band called Ellen Page and the Argonauts and it would make sense if you were in it. Band practice is at my house every Saturday.

iamatinycanadian1596 karma

My guitar skills are lacking...I think you are better off without me. :)

zombarista875 karma

Hi, Ellen--I'm a huge fan!

What is it that helps you keep your focus? You always seem so down-to-earth and approachable in interviews, etc. What's your secret?

iamatinycanadian1777 karma

I always just remind myself that I am talking to another human being. I focus on the person I am talking to and am interested in having a conversation with them.

rockpark868 karma

I live in the "haunted ex-brothel" in Halifax that you have talked about on talk shows. I've researched it a little bit and haven't found anything supporting that. What happened that made you think it was haunted?

iamatinycanadian1408 karma

Just a vibe. Things going missing then finding them in weird places, lights going on and off...the microwave randomly going on...stuff like that.

Maybe they moved on????

Jdmnd784 karma

How will you celebrate Canada Day ?

iamatinycanadian2107 karma

Not sure. Probably just bug my American friends all day about it being Canada day :)

Warlaw762 karma

Do you play video games? If so, what is your favorite one?

iamatinycanadian1807 karma

I played video games more when I was a kid. I had Sega Genesis and was a HUGE Sonic fan. I also love the NHL games and played them with my brother all time. Then I was super into Playstation and loved the FIFA games. I recently played my first video game in a while. I played the latest Tomb Raider and really enjoyed it, finished in about 12 hours.

TheNoobScoperz761 karma

Monopoly or Clue?

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HannahsaurusRex742 karma

What was your experience like living in the eco village in Oregon?

iamatinycanadian1464 karma

Leaving in an intentional community where there is no waste created and you live in a way that mirrors the cyclical nature of the Earth is a beautiful and eye opening experience.

DrDerpberg713 karma

What do you remember about appearing in season 2 of the Trailer Park Boys? Were you aware of the plot (I.e.: drugs and everyone's a terrible human being) or did they shield you from it?

iamatinycanadian1160 karma

I had such a great time. Everyone was so kind to me. I was aware. The director (Mike) asked me if I knew what satire was...I said no :) he explained....that was about it.

DragonPup657 karma

Hello Ellen.

For Beyond, did you and William Dafoe do your own motion capture, and if so are those suits as uncomfortable as they look? What was it like working with Dafoe?

iamatinycanadian1371 karma

We did do our own motion capture. The suits are not that bad actually...it is sort of nice to not sorry about wardrobe.

Willem is an incredible actor and I loved working with him.

sadsadhair577 karma

Hi Ellen, BIG FAN! If you didn't pursue acting or get into the film business, what other job do you think you would be doing right now?

iamatinycanadian1301 karma

Organic farmer.

Caldris530 karma

On your twitter, you mention Sigur Ros a few times. I love them as well....Are there any other bands that you recently got into?

iamatinycanadian1178 karma

Recently? ummm.... Youth Lagoon Twin Shadow the tallest man on earth

selecao-dima493 karma

What is your favorite book?

iamatinycanadian788 karma

Deep Economy by Bill McKibben

7412147896327412462 karma

What is your favorite band?

iamatinycanadian1401 karma

I mean I have many...but when I am really quiet with myself, my favourite musician is probably Cat Power.

Prozn439 karma

Hi Ellen! Two questions...

1 - What was it like working with Alexander in The East?

2 - What was your favourite film to work on? Inception must have been epic.

iamatinycanadian820 karma

Alexander is awesome. He is an extremely kind and generous actor and so lovely to work with. I can't pick one movie, so many have been wonderful to do for different reasons. Inception indeed was epic to shoot, Chris Nolan is a genius (obviously) and awesome to work with. Along with that cast...OMG

Big_Grizz428 karma

Did you ever get a chance to meet Kimya Dawson?

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supercel397 karma


iamatinycanadian689 karma

Steve Agee and my manager Kelly Bush (black belt in karate)

Shazzar378 karma

Hey Ellen! If you got hit by amnesia which film would you like to watch the most like it was your first ever time watching it?

iamatinycanadian906 karma

Harold and Maude

goodnightlight304 karma

What was your favorite tv show growing up?

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gibblez98265 karma

Who was the most interesting co-star or director you've worked with?

iamatinycanadian486 karma

No one has been the most interesting. Honestly, I have been so fortunate to work with many talented people. It is pretty impossible to choose one or even two or three. Been inspired by many.

karlyko254 karma

Do you have an update on Freeheld? And you and Alia Shawkat should make another movie together! Or something...

Oh, and obvs I'm a huge fan

iamatinycanadian414 karma

I hope to make Freeheld in the spring of 2014 there is an offer going out to an Academy Award Nominated actress next week to play Laurel.

Obviously Alia and I should make another movie together :) She is one of my favourite people on the planet. She is so talented!

gen_reynolds227 karma

You've worked with some amazing directors over the years, Woody Allen, Christopher Nolan, Lynn Shelton, to name a few. What director would you love to work with, but haven't had the opportunity to yet?

iamatinycanadian482 karma

Ang Lee

Youlookcold221 karma

Who was the funniest TPB cast member off camera?

iamatinycanadian337 karma

Lucy and she is one of my best friends.

ellenfan92 karma

1) Hey Ellen, how did the experience of making The East compare to Mouth to Mouth? as they're both similar thematically.

2) What do you think of Evan Rachel Wood's work, would you be interested in working with her?

iamatinycanadian129 karma

The East and Mouth to Mouth were similar because on both sets the cast really bonded...both were really incredible experiences. Two of my favorites.

I think Evan Rachel Wood is awesome. I would love to work with her!