I would like to say a special thanks to /u/StickleyMan for making the suggestion.

Now, I will start off by saying that I have been around fireworks all my life. I do know other stuff but in light of the 4th of July or any other holiday in the world that fireworks are used to celebrate, I will be here to answer questions as well as any other questions you can throw at me. I only have one request and that is....

Please don't ask how to make bombs or what not. I WILL NOT ANSWER. The internet is a big world. Some stuff out there is very dangerous to handle.

I have provided proof to the mods. I will try to answer as many questions as possible. I have literally set the rest of my day to be dedicated to your questions.

Well what are we waiting for, Ask away!

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geoffgrindd18 karma

I think it was two years ago, in San Diego, I went to their annual 'Fourth of July fireworks show' and I was dumbfounded as to how all the fireworks were accidentally ignited at once at the beginning of the show!

The city put it on, with what I'm guessing were professionals. How does something like that happen?

TheOnlyb0x19 karma

Usually shows for a city these days are run by a computer system. Either there was a glitch in the system that caused the system to fire the shells off all at once or in rapid succession. Unfortunately, things like that happen. I remember it made national news too.

geoffgrindd15 karma

So basically, computers are terrible pyro technicians..

TheOnlyb0x20 karma

They can be, yes. lol

ubomw7 karma

It's not the computer, it's the developer.

Source: I'm a developer in a boring field.

Is it PCs or some old computer?

TheOnlyb0x5 karma

I'm pretty sure it's a computer. I have yet to be involved in shows that require a sychronisation.

ubomw1 karma

Hardware is far more stable than software (well software depends on hardware), but sometimes there is glitch in the matrix.

You didn't answer to the question, is it PC. I've seen some old computer (ST, Amiga, DOS) to stick around far more than they should.

TheOnlyb0x6 karma

I'm pretty sure it is a pc, yes.


Do you look at explosions?

TheOnlyb0x13 karma

Of course I do. What self respecting man on this planet wouldn't? lol

TheOnlyb0x7 karma

hahaha I was wondering if someone would bring that up.

thatsup7 karma

What is the biggest firework you have ever created and the highest you have ever had a firework go before exploding, any videos of something different that you think people might not have seen.I remember seeing some firework that looked like it took of spinning and then exploded in many colors once it had gone up rather high, cant remember it's name right now but am sure you know what i am talking about. Also finally, what is the most amazing firework you have seen go off and do you have a video of the same.

Thanks for the ama.

TheOnlyb0x8 karma

I do not create fireworks...yet. I would love to learn how to but that is a little out of my expertise. I know what they look like inside and it's more complicated than you would think. The highest I have ever seen a shell go was roughly 500ft in the air before detonating. It was a waterfall effect. The one you are talking about though, I'm actually not sure. They all have cool names. I'll certainly try to find it though.

FentanylFreak6 karma

Why do all firework displays claim to be the biggest show? I think there can only be one right? But really you have a amazing job, I wish your post great success.

TheOnlyb0x7 karma

It's a little gimmick people use to advertise their show. The more people come to visit, the more likely the company is going to be asked to return, probably with an even larger budget.

Dok16 karma

please come up with some new fireworks, i feel like it's almost the same every time I see some fireworks :D There's always that "wow" moment when I see some fireworks that I haven't seen before.

TheOnlyb0x8 karma

I'll leave the Chinese up to that task. They are ridiculously good at it.

peregrine_mendicant4 karma

What kind of chemistry is involved in making fireworks?

TheOnlyb0x7 karma

Pretty basic really. Just gunpowder, chemicals that turn a color when burned and more gunpowder. It is a lot more involved than that. In fact I believe the show Dirty Jobs did a segment on making fireworks.

UrbanRich3 karma

What is the biggest disaster you have encountered at a fireworks display?

TheOnlyb0x9 karma

I've been lucky enough not to see anything too crazy. The biggest thing I've seen is a 5in shell come about 2 feet out of the morder tube and explode. Scares the crap out of you though.

misterdoctor5133 karma

As someone who works in the fireworks industry do you find it strange at all that you have no idea how to spell mortar?

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

Yeah, I can be an idiot sometimes. Once I saw my mistake I quickly changed over.

Go-For-A-Run3 karma

Do you think people should be allowed to have their own fireworks? Or should they be illegal like they are in my state?

TheOnlyb0x6 karma

That's really a tough one to answer. Fountains, yes. there is nothing wrong with having a fountain. I'd say yes to mini bottle rockets and small caliber fire crackers. Everything else though I would wish they made illegal. I've seen too many people hold morder cannons and point roman candles at each other for fun. People don't realise that even though the shells are small, if they went off in your hand...you will probably make it to the front page of some of the gore subreddits here. People don't respect the potential power these.

firefighter36993 karma

Very cool job you have man. I have always loved fires, explosions, and which chemicals and metals do what when heated. My job mostly involves putting out fires though. No questions for you, just wanted to say hi.

TheOnlyb0x4 karma

Thanks! Hello! :D

IAMA_Kal_El_AMA2 karma

Well it looks like this ama bombed

TheOnlyb0x2 karma

And it's a shame it did. I was really looking forward to a hectic couple of days.

IAMA_Kal_El_AMA2 karma

It's slowly adding comments, it has stayed on the front page since you posted it.

TheOnlyb0x3 karma

That's perfectly fine by me as well. At least I can keep the carpal tunnel to a minimum.

TingDodge2 karma

Question 1: What's your favorite thing about pyrotechnics?

Anecdote: From 5th-8th grade I went to a school that had uniforms and the day after I graduated 8th grade I set my uniforms on fire. Ever since then, I've been interested in pyrotechnics.

Question 2: What different jobs can one get in pyrotechnics and what kind of schooling (if any) do they require?

To clarify, I'm a 16 year old about to go into my junior year of high school.

TheOnlyb0x8 karma

My favorite thing is when the finale ends, and you hear the concussions echo away, everything stops, your hearing goes, and you it hits you that the show is over and you hear the overwhelmingly loud roar of applause. I can't explain in any better way just how much of a rush it is to hear that.

everythingisopposite2 karma

How do they make happy face or dice shaped fireworks?

TheOnlyb0x3 karma

It's cool that someone would bring this up. It literally is a square in a circle type configuration. The stars (what ignites into different colors), are arranged in the shell to blow out and ignite at a specific time. It's pretty cool and I would love to shake the hand of the person that figured it out.

Electroces2 karma

It must be a funny and dangerous work. What is your favorite kind of Firework? How the show works when it needs to be synchronized like music for example? You need the help from engineers? And have you refused a work because of safety conditions?

TheOnlyb0x7 karma

My favorite firework is called a Titanium Salute. It's what makes the very loud BANG! with little to no visual effect. When it is synchronised to music, they hook everything up to a computer and when the show is set to run, they hit a button and someone physically holds a dead man switch just in case the show needs to stop for any reason. I have yet to need any help from engineers. No I have not. We serious pyrotechnicians are very safe and will NOT allow unsafe conditions. Ever.

Giwtem2 karma

I don't want to sound boring, but isn't the main point of fireworks the visual explosion? The noise is great but without the visuals as well I imagine it would be a bit crap.

TheOnlyb0x3 karma

That is true, and they all may be pretty but it's what makes the finale so awesome. There is just something about that bang that makes it so awesome.

TheOnlyb0x3 karma

If I had to pick one that was visually stimulating, I'd pick waterfalls.

DesertTripper1 karma

Shows synced to music don't necessarily need a computer. Many prepackaged shows have a two-track tape device, with one track having the music the audience hears, and the other a cue track having numbers being read off in a sequence. The rack of shells is connected to a board a couple hundred feet away with a series of metal circles that connect to each shell. The operator listens to the cue track with headphones and simply touches a wired stylus to each circle in sequence, firing the shells. I once went to a show where they accidentally piped the cue track through to the audience. It was kind of funny, and also interesting to see how it all synced together.

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

That's how my first few shows were fired off.

Sapper6662 karma

Hey Hey Hey Blaster,

Where are you licensed out of? I think about getting into Pyrotechnics again. I used to be a Marine Combat Engineer dealing with a wide verity of demo and now miss blowing things up "Safely of course lol". Also is the pay good for techs?

Semper Fidelis 3rd Mar Div CAB/CEC

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

Oh and I will tell you that I am licensed somewhere in the southeast. I don't know how my job would enjoy me talking fireworks on a forum so I want to keep anonymity.

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

The low end of the totem poll, from my experience pays decently (I think 10 dollars an hour). It goes up from there. People that run the stunts at Hollywood live very comfortably. The more dangerous the explosive though, the higher the pay. I would look into mining or construction if you are used to stuff 1.3 or lower. From what it sounds like, you dealt with things probably within 0.6-0.8. Lucky you. :D

Sapper6661 karma

Ive used C-4, DetCord, Shape Charges, Cratering Charges, Dynamite, TNT, Time Fuse, Blasting Caps, Claymore Mines, and various other mines. Either way, I had a BLAST doing it. I can tell you my largest shot of demo though, while we hooked up with an EOD unit in Iraq was just over 100 tons of explosives going off at once. That was fun. Honestly the one thing I think I miss the most with demo, C4 makes a dull day fun. I also miss the smell of the burnt demo, just something about it if someone hasn't been around it they cant understand that one.

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

If it smells anything like burning paper and spent gunpowder, I know exactly what it feels like.

Kiwi-Lord1 karma

While travelling SEAsia I just arrived in Vang Vieng when they were having a rocket festival. Pretty much everybody makes home made rockets and ignites them. Few exploded and everybody laughed it off but most went off and flew off, few badboys going pretty far. Thought you might like that shit as you said you want to get into it.

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

Thank you for the info. I just hope the people weren't around when they exploded.

ComboBreakerrr1 karma


TheOnlyb0x2 karma

I've got a few burns on my hands, some splinters and I've hit my hand with a hammer a few times setting up racks but other than that, nothing serious. My family inspired me. My father and grandfather both were pyrotechnicians and have taught me everything I know, mostly. I did play with fire as a kid. I will admit that.

Lord_Osis_B_Havior1 karma

I knew a fireworks guy and his arms looked like Freddy Krueger. I guess he wasn't a very good one!

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

Or he was unlucky once. Honestly it takes one mistake and you can be seriously injured or killed. Especially when you get into the bigger fireworks.

endre4201 karma

as a Seattleite i was wondering what you think of the firework shows at the Space needle? is it a very complicated show? it seems every year something will go wrong

TheOnlyb0x2 karma

I actually had to look up what you were talking about. That is really cool. No doubt they had the cannons set up so that they would clear the area. That's not only complicated but time consuming. I would not be surprised if it took them a few days to set up a show like that.

rocketman5001 karma

Are you looking into going into like WWE or the movie business with your experience?

TheOnlyb0x2 karma

I'm not sure to be completely honest. The pay would be great and I'm sure I'd have a blast. Time will tell. For now, I'm happy with what I have. Always looking towards the future though!

ddude281 karma

Hey there! I'm trying to get my pyrotechnician license and trying to find work! Any tips on how to find a job and move up?

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

Just apply. You are hopefully not too late for this year but apply to different companies and try to explain to them that it's what you want to do and hope they will take you under their wing. If they do, they will certify you under their company. Don't try to get your license just yet. It's expensive and you only really need one if you plan on running a company or store fireworks for the company you work for.

OhighOpyro1 karma

Depends on the state he is in. Some states require an individual to pass a written test to become an "exhibitor", or have background test requirements to become an assistant (under a licenced exhibitor), before they are permitted to handle/discharge 1.3G in that state. Unless he is going for his Federal Explosives License, it should cost less than $100 to become an exhibitor and less than $50 to become an assistant. Just check with your local Office of the State Fire Marshall to find out the requirements.

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

That is true. The state I work in only requires employees (I believe) to hold certification under the company they work for by the ATF via background check. That's basically what happened to me.

pushit_pushit_realgd1 karma

hey I'm glad you were able to do this I appreciate your time. What kind of work does your kind skills bring you? Are you big in Construction? Or Mining? Hollywood?

TheOnlyb0x2 karma

Just fireworks and I'm getting into some special effects as of late. It's going to be pretty awesome.

Mrlegitislegit1 karma

You don't happen to wear a gas mask 24/7 and are undecided about your sex?

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

It would be your dream come true wouldn't it. :D

Mrlegitislegit1 karma

Knowing your sex would be.

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

I am a male.

Mrlegitislegit1 karma

The Pyro is a male, that's all I wanted to know.

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

I'm glad I could put your mind at ease.

DerekWildstar1 karma

Do you travel a lot in your profession? If so what are some of the unique locations you've had the pleasure (or displeasure) of visiting?

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

I personally haven't but they hold competitions around the world and there are teams in companies that go and try to win. It's pretty awesome stuff.

Gaelin11 karma

How do you eat Oreos?

TheOnlyb0x2 karma

Like a savage. All in one bite.

gainesvillain1 karma

Are you Todd from south Florida? edit: never mind, I see you don't work for musicians...try it, it's a fun way to go

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

If I ever got the chance, I certainly would try it.

kampfy31 karma

What are a few firework product names that could also be the product names of industrial-strength vibrators?

TheOnlyb0x3 karma

"screaming dragon" "Titanium salute" "sizzling waterfall" are just to name a few. :D Interesting question!

AFROninjaPOTATO1 karma

Are you going to the PGI?

TheOnlyb0x1 karma


AFROninjaPOTATO1 karma

My uncle is a pyrotechnician. He also creates his own fire works. Have you ever made a giorondola?

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

I have not. Pretty cool though.

BTD_F_OFF1 karma

I was interested in that career path for a while.. What's needed?

TheOnlyb0x2 karma

For my state, it was just finding a company willing to train you then certify you under their company to hand and transport fireworks. Every state/country has their own laws.

BTD_F_OFF1 karma

Ever get any dodgy wankers who try to steal your fireworks?

TheOnlyb0x2 karma

No, everyone that works with fireworks usually knows someone there and if they tried to steal, both would never work on a show again. We have had people "jokingly" ask for one while they were drunk off their ass. Needless to say we just laughed and kept walking.

td271 karma

What's the best way to spend $50 at a fireworks stand?

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

Fireworks stands are very expensive depending on the state you live in but I would buy fountains, bottle rockets, and roman candles. Mortars are expensive and usually about 50 dollars+ a package

KennyMcCormick3151 karma

How many times have you leaned back and thought to yourself "I get paid to quite literally blow shit up. Is there any way life could get more badass for me?"

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

That's happened a few times. Quite an awesome feeling.

BeyondAddiction1 karma

Hi TheOnlyb0x, thanks for doing this AMA! Here are my questions:

  • What made you decide to get into pyrotechnics?

  • Have you ever done any work for concerts?

  • what are your thoughts on the safety of firework festivals like Thunder in the Valley? Do you think they were wise to cancel it? Do you think something like that is safe? (honestly wondering from a technical standpoint rather than political or fiduciary)

TheOnlyb0x3 karma

For me it runs in my family. I knew I loved fireworks when I was a child and literally got a job doing shows when I was 18.

One of these days I might do work for concerts but for now, I like the job I have. It's a little more secure of a position but in the future, I would certainly love putting on shows all over the country or even the world!

Fireworks festivals, from my experience, abide to safety. These people that put on shows for the public usually like to keep their fans alive. I certainly can't speak for all shows and from the youtube videos I was able too look up about Thunder in the Valley, the crowd was far enough away. From the little bit of reading I did on the internet as well, that show was cancelled due to costs. It's really a shame when money stops things from happening but unfortunately it's the world we live in.

SteveRudzinski1 karma

Do you ever shout "BIG ASS TITTIES" when you blow stuff up?

TheOnlyb0x3 karma

Possibly.... :|

Heycallme1 karma

Most of us watch fireworks on the 4th of July here in the USA. What are some interesting things you could tell us about the preparation and execution that goes into the show?

TheOnlyb0x2 karma

Well, one thing I think people don't realise is that to prepare a fireworks show it is an all day event. Someone will go to the site and have a look around to make sure that it's even feasible before anything before the show is booked. Once that happens, workers generally get up before the sun is up to make it to the truck and load it up (I've also been part of a preloading team so that people just pick up the trucks and go) with cannon racks, wood, nails, shrink wrap and other miscellaneous items needed to successfully put on the show. Fireworks are usually on another truck from my experience. When getting to the site, you have to set up the cannon racks based off what the lead tech wants. Then load the show and if rain is in the forecast (and usually even if it's going to be sunny) we will wrap the tops of the cannons with a couple of layers of shrink wrap to keep the mortars from getting wet. Then it's the waiting game. Someone has to stay on site from the time the fireworks show up until you leave. The execution, depending on how the show is set to go off can happen any way the lead decides it to be done. A few people will be ready with water fire extinguishers. Then it all has to be broken down and back onto the truck after the cannons have been inspected to ensure all fireworks did in fact go off.

This is within a span of 12-18 hours.

It's quite a lot of work but the reward is more than worth it.

Heycallme1 karma

That's badass and it sounds like a lot of work. Is the timing done all by computers?

Also, are there any pyrotechnics that simply cannot be accomplish through the use of a computer (in terms of timing etc.)

Thanks for responding to my question even though it wasn't even upvoted once.

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

Not all shows. Generally the ones done by computers are ones that are set to go off with music.

Computers are much much more precise with timing. Hand lighting is fun but very inaccurate.

I have had a lot of fun answering questions these past couple days. I'm trying to answer most, if not all, questions.

ManWithYourPlan1 karma

A friend of mine has is a licensed Welder.

His father was an international pilot. He once came back from India with balloons that could be filled to preposterous sizes.

My friend once filled said balloon with Oxygen and Acetylene, put it in under some pumpkins, tied a fuse of a random length to it, lit it, and ~5 minutes or so later we were witness to one of the most ridiculously loud/maddening/hilarious/terrifying things we had ever seen.

So that was fun...

my question is, if you were not working in pyrotechnics, what would you be doing?

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

My grandfather's neighbor used to do something like that as well. Shook the windows at my house about a mile away. It's a miracle he didn't break any windows doing that.

nimr0d1 karma

Small town fireworks show, are these controlled by computers? I would say it was on the larger end of a local fireworks show, over a field. There were a bunch of guys walking around the field with lights, I'm pretty sure they were flares or some kind of ignition device. They kept walking towards and away from the mortars. Were they actually lighting off the fireworks or are all shows computer controlled now?

Also in the situation above if they're lit by hand, how do they control the timing of everything? Is it a sheet saying "At 1 minute and 30 seconds light fuse 8A"

TheOnlyb0x2 karma

Small local shows are run electronically but it's a box with either switches or buttons. You plug the mortars in a rack that looks like a speaker connector and then that gets connected into a box which when connected to a power source, you press a button and the firework that coincides with the button you pushed goes off.

With hand light it is completely different and probably one of the times I've had the most fun. You don't have 1 minute and 30 seconds, you have about 1 1/2 seconds from touch of flare to end to ignition. There is a technique you use to protect you and everyone around.

nimr0d1 karma

Thanks for the response!

What i was trying to say was ... With the hand lit shows, how do they time it so that say they want 2 different shells to go off at the same time, but they would be lit by 2 different guys. Is there some sort of timer that they go off of like "Light Fuse A at 22 seconds into the show" .... and the 2nd guy ... "Light fuse 1 at 22 seconds into the show" so that both of those go off at the same time?

TheOnlyb0x2 karma

With hand lit shows, it's literally the most creative ones. Usually it's two guys and they time it so that a mortar goes off a second or two after the other lights. Sometimes they will shake it up. The finally is usually rigged in a chain so that they only have to light once and they go off in sequence.

Orange_Jewce1 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA!

Couple of questions: 1. Can you talk about the design process a bit (especially if it isn't by computer cause I imagine the software takes care of it for you). Like who designs a new show, how is it designed? 2. Is there a rehearsal you guys go through before the show? (Again if it isn't by computer).

Much respect for you guys doing awesome, safe shows!

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

When it comes to design it's usually a guy that sits back and thinks about the types of mortars he can get his hands on, usually there is a book with the different explosions and he pieces it together. The shows I shot off they make and mp3 of someone going "cue, light off warning shot.....1....2, 3, 4...5......6.7...8 etc etc" until it's over. I have yet to create one but major props to the people that have.

ClaudioRules1 karma

what is the best thing to do when you get a blister?

TheOnlyb0x3 karma

Band-aid and some masking tape.

ClaudioRules1 karma

So dont pop it?

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

You can but you get dirt and grime in the wound it you do. I would pop mine just before a shower.

dougfunnie021 karma


TheOnlyb0x3 karma

I don't blow things up in personal time. I don't live in an area with enough clearance to do so.

CanadianVelociraptor1 karma

What sort of computer systems do you use to run the shows, and how much electrical/computer knowledge do pyrotechnicians have?

What's the most useful advice you could give to an average joe about to ignite some fireworks in his back yard?

How often do "civilians" ask to get involved with the show somehow? ("Can I come on the barge?" "Can I press the big red button?") And how do you respond?

TheOnlyb0x5 karma

To be honest, I have never been in a show where that was the set-up. I will be soon though. Electrical knowledge is sort of a must. There are A LOT of wires that deal with a fireworks show, unless it's handlit.

Use your brain, fireworks are...fire. Also, Always have a water source available, whether it be a bucket or a hose, just in case.

With company shows, unless you are a family member, you will not be able to come anywhere near the fireworks. I don't even think family is allowed to come around anymore. Funny enough, the first shell to go off still makes me jump.

MostlyBullshit1 karma


TheOnlyb0x3 karma

Not yet. I will get that chance hopefully in the near future.

DerekWildstar2 karma

If so you should hook up with the folks from Rammstein, they do some serious pyrotechnics during their performance and the lead singer is know to help with the setup.

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

That's awesome. I think that would be a lot of fun to do.

Brett_Favre_41 karma

How did you get into this field of work?

TheOnlyb0x2 karma

It's always been a family thing to be in fireworks. My father worked as one for almost 15 years, my grandfather about 10 years. I was thinking about doing it when a friend came up to me asking if I needed a job and if I'd like to go help with fireworks shows. Of course I said yes. I did it for a year or so and I guess I feel away from it but just recently got another job as a pyro and I don't ever plan on letting this job go. I missed it far too much. It runs in my blood.

pinkbehemoth1 karma

did you go to college, and if you did, what did you major in? Also, what has been your favorite job so far?

TheOnlyb0x2 karma

I tried going to college and just wasn't ready. I wasn't wise enough to actually listen to my professors or parents so I flunked out. My favorite job so far would be working on the east coast at daytona beach. They used to, I don't know if they still do, have a fireworks show every friday night. Best crowd so far.

edubinthehills1 karma

How does one generally get into a field like this? Is there an apprenticeship like other off the beaten path carreers or can you actually go to school for it? How did you get involved? Generally where I live its a family buisness that goes on for generations.

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

You have to find a company willing to take on someone new. They are a liability but if you do, stay with them until you have learned everything possible. There are no schools that I am aware of. It was family that got me interested but mostly I had a friend that was lucky enough where they needed a few extra hands for July 4th.

OhChatChugar1 karma

Have you ever seen anyone die in your profession? Like a huge explosion or something like that?

TheOnlyb0x2 karma

No, thankfully and I hope I never have to. To put into perspective as to how dangerous this job is, if you are unlucky enough to fall on a 3in cannon as the shell goes off, it will shatter your rib cage. If you fall on a 4in, it will go right through you without hesitation. Fireworks are no joke.

OhChatChugar2 karma

Yea I made the mistake of dropping an artillery shell in backwards. I was like five feet away when it exploded, and that scared the fuck out of me. I have not messed with them since.

TheOnlyb0x2 karma

I had my cousins idiot ex girlfriend light a mortar on the ground without putting it into the cannon. I didn't notice until the BANG came. I had to time it right and jump to not get hit by any stars.

OhighOpyro2 karma

During a firework safety seminar that I attended, the instructor placed a whole raw chicken on a 3" gun. It blew the fucker apart and made a nice mist of chicken parts. I'm pretty sure a 3" shell would do a little more damage than just shatter some ribs. Just my personal experience/opinion.

Thanks for doing the AMA.

TheOnlyb0x0 karma

Hmmm I'm only telling you what my lead told me years ago. I could be mistyping and talking about 2" that would break bones. Thank you for your input though!

kampfy31 karma

Are there fireworks manufacturers engaged in an arms race to build the new biggest and best, like in roller coasters? Also, do guys in your profession catalog shows the way a sports fan would remember epic matches?

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

I've never ordered though I'd imagine they do send out catalogs of the year's new stuff.

pumpkinrum1 karma

Have you ever been tasked with putting fireworks and the likes on living targets? Like "I want a peacock tail of fireworks that'll fly away when I press a button" Or something like that..

TheOnlyb0x2 karma

No and I don't think I would feel comfortable doing something like that. Winds can change really quickly and how I would imagine it, it sounds incredibly unsafe. In a world with no wind though? That might actually look pretty cool.

The_Greetest1 karma


TheOnlyb0x1 karma

I have about a year and a half experience now and just got a job where I will be getting lots more and also in other aspects of pyrotechnics so I'm excited about that.

I have done a few pier shows, those were about 200 shells, largest They shot was 4in. Before I fell out of the business I did 4th of july. The company I worked for didn't really do any shows down here for new years. Biggest show I was a part of was about 600 shells going all the way up to 6in.

You are much more thorough that I have been so far. That's really good information in there.

This new job should allow me to do much bigger and better things.

Kasual_Krusader1 karma

How does one "control" an explosion?

TheOnlyb0x2 karma

It's a little out of my league here. My experience doesn't come from quarries or mines that would require controlled explosions. To be completely honest I believe that you can't completely control an explosion. You have to respect the beast and even then you might not get the same respect back.

Kasual_Krusader1 karma

Do you actually build and shape your own charges or is just more of a logistical role?

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

I've only worked with fireworks. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to work with something more powerful than 1.3g.

TR1V1UM0 karma

What is your all-time favorite movie?

TheOnlyb0x4 karma

LOTR series. Hands down.

Fleckenwhatever1 karma

I am sad that the answer to this is not the collected works of Michael Bay.

TheOnlyb0x1 karma

I'm sorry I let you down.