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make it vintage, just after she got crowned no need for grandma

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Could they mount one to an artillery as that would be the range of Seoul?

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Rockstar is never giving you rights to it.

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I used to have a teacher who was a genius in maths and chess. Bad thing was he couldn't transfer his knowledge into us. He was most socially separated person ever, would randomly start staring outside window for 10min before he snapped out, talking about astrophysics way outside scope of our course and we pretty much played cards most lessons as his mind was away (once someone threw a rugby ball and hit him in the face he didn't notice). I personally love trying imagine 4th dimension and many beyond simply because our brains aren't made to be able to see it. I know vectors will work if you add extra dimensions but i want to visualise it in my head goddammit!

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Is there many non-Muslim fighters involved?