I just relaunched my website, PedalsAndEffects, and I am currently in the middle of my band, ZAVALAZ's first tour ever. I will be here for a while, go ahead and ask me anything.

Proof: https://twitter.com/J_Alderete/status/347041841721528320/photo/1

EDIT: That's it for now. Thank you for all your questions. Be sure to check out www.ZAVALAZ.com for tour info and updates and www.pedalsandeffects.com and enter our giveaways we are doing throughout the month of June.

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Frajer29 karma

Why did the Mars Volta break up from your perspective?

JuanAlderete41 karma

Years of bad communication and resentment building.

trillbo14 karma

I love you man. Will you ever work with Jon Theodore again?

JuanAlderete30 karma

God, I hope so.

JacoVainglorious6 karma

Or Deantoni Parks?

JuanAlderete21 karma

I love D!

dlbogosian11 karma

Hey Juan. I did an interview with you last year for ultimate-guitar.com. Anyway, one or two nerdy questions and then for the popular world:

  1. When you learned De-loused tracks, did you go and learn the exact fills Flea did and such?

  2. Do you use the same setup you did with TMV with Zavalaz?

  3. Is the Zavalaz/Dot Hacker tour ever going to make its way to the eastern US? Dying to see both bands.

JuanAlderete11 karma

  1. yes
  2. no.
  3. if there is a demand, yes.

simon18218 karma

Hi Juan. I see online that you own a Squier Classic Vibe 60s precision. Care to talk to us about squiers and your experience with them? What strings do you use as well?

JuanAlderete5 karma

My main Racer X bass was an 80's Squire from Japan. They are great basses! Ernie Ball strings only!

ddude5108 karma

Hi Juan, longtime fan here... I was also one of the unfortunate fans that missed the Raleigh, NC show due to Thomas getting fired right before... Can you shed some light on exactly what happened? It really affected my view of Omar, and from an outsider's perspective it almost seemed to be one of the last straws for TMV as a whole.

JuanAlderete18 karma

Thomas got really drunk, did some bad things and did some real damage to the trust we all had w him. Sorry about the cancellation.

moonproxy7 karma

You are such an inspiration Juan! I just wanted to ask if everything is going well with your polycythemia vera? Hope you are doing well health-wise! ;) Can't wait to see Zavalez soon and talk with you in person again!

JuanAlderete10 karma

My counts are stable! On meds and feeling well!

nosremetnarg7 karma

How is the ZAVALAZ tour going? When is the record coming out?

JuanAlderete5 karma

Amazing and fun. All great vibes. We share a bus with Dot Hacker and they are the best! You must check them out.

Calvet7 karma

Hi Juan, really appreciate this opportunity. Cedric already mentioned something about a Zavalaz world tour before. Do you guys already know when you're hitting Europe? Lots of support and thanks!

JuanAlderete7 karma

We are sorting out details for the album...after that, a tour!

vincedbass7 karma

Pedalsandeffects is an awesome site! thanks for helping out the effects crazed bass players!

JuanAlderete7 karma

Thank you sir!

myles7497 karma

I saw somewhere that there are strict cell phone rules at Zavalaz shows, if this is true (which I hope it is) how have people been reacting to it?

JuanAlderete30 karma

I wish fans would watch the show with their eyes and not through their cell phones.

GoatBass7 karma

I don't have a question but I want to let you know that you are awesome and an inspiration. Such a chill person. More bassists should look up to you as a musician. Big Sir is amazing, by the way. I wrote a review for Big Sir in a Bangladeshi national daily. You guys have a budding fan base over here :)

JuanAlderete3 karma

I would love to read the review!

FlyingWhaleCar7 karma

Who do you hope to collaborate with in the future, whether it's someone you've already played with or not? Love your work by the way!

JuanAlderete19 karma

Jon Theodore, Deantoni Parks and Annie from St Vincent!

CCollapse6 karma

Are you aware of the Loudness War? If so, what are your thoughts on it? I ask it because all TMV albums (except maybe Octahedron) suffered from brickwalling and digital clipping, which unfortunately makes the otherwise brilliant music sound sometimes not too pleasant for the ears.

JuanAlderete5 karma

I have not. What is it?

ziggy83926 karma

Thank you so much for doing this! I was so excited to see your name in the AMA list

What made you change styles so much? Obviously there's a huge difference between Racer X and what you've been doing the last several years.

Also, that bass part in Scarified, how is that even possible?

JuanAlderete12 karma

I love all styles of music so it is easy to adapt to what you love. We used to play Scarified at rehearsal around 180bpm.

PantheraAzandica6 karma

Do you feel that your role In Zavalaz is bigger than it was in TMV? I heard some Zavalaz clips and it sounds much different than what I am used to hearing from you, what can you tell us about the sound of this new band?

JuanAlderete10 karma

Yes, it is. I have a say in my future! The new band's music reminds me of being in my family's station wagon, growing up and the AM radio was blasting all the hits!

RiverDeLaMorte5 karma

If you had to assemble a band of anybody, dead or alive, who would it be?

JuanAlderete32 karma

Bonham on drums, Hendrix on guitar, Jaco and me on bass and Cedric ripping vocals.

Magni725 karma

In crafting basslines or fills, what scales or chords do you find that you use the most?

JuanAlderete12 karma

I love the lydian mode.

bjclements5 karma

Have you spoken to Omar since the breakup?

JuanAlderete6 karma

no, I have not.

kkcreator5 karma

Hey Juan, nice to see you back. Since you've last been here, I've taken up bass playing and even wrote some songs and played in a battle of the band. That's in large part to the works of yourself and a few other bands, especially after watching your P&E vids. I know this part isn't really a question, but I'd thought you'd like to know the positive effect you're having on others.

Anyways, I have some questions.

  1. How is it reuniting with Cedric in Zavalaz? Has the dynamics changed now that you guys have moved on from The Mars Volta, and what makes this band so special to you personally?

  2. How do you come up with those great bass lines for Big Sir? Actually, how do you write all your music? I'm currently writing music for a show where I'll only have bass, drums, and keys, and I'm trying to make the bass the lead instrument.

  3. I've heard that people have been removed from Zavalaz shows for checking their phones. Is that from your requests (I know you guys don't want bootlegs), or is that the venue in question taking your polite requests too far?

  4. Do you think you could get Cedric to answer some questions, or at least do a shout out or something?

  5. How do you always stay so humble?

JuanAlderete7 karma

  1. Cedric asked me to participate over a year ago. We get along great and we have a no stress band. It is awesome.
  2. Drum beats/loops inspired me. I then add keys or guitar or whatever that compliment Lisa.
  3. I dont think anyone has been removed. We just want people to wait to hear it on a record as opposed to a bad clip from a phone.

Gnalmex5 karma

Juan, Omar has stated that Bosnian Rainbows feels like a real band to him (where Mars Volta was rather just his dictated project). Is this the case for ZAVALAZ as well? Do you have more creative input than in the Mars Volta?

JuanAlderete8 karma

ZAVALAZ is a band! We all have a say in our future. We get along extremely well and have so much fun laughing and creating. We are sharing a tour bus w Dot Hacker and they are as funny. We should turn our tour bus into a reality show and put that shit on Comedy Central...

lucifer-obgyn4 karma

Juan, I saw you play with The Mars Volta back in 2005 here in Boston. You guys were my first concert. Thank you for contributing to that monumental moment in my life, you're incredible.

JuanAlderete3 karma

Thank you...

rmcassady4 karma

Don't want to derail the topics, but I wanted to thank you for everything you do for us at Ampeg!

JuanAlderete6 karma

Thank you! Ampeg for life!

PantheraAtrox4 karma

-What was the extent of your influence, (if any hah), on TMV records? -How've you and Ced been since Zavalaz? I just listened to a live recording last night and it was great! -What do you recommend a really new bass player to learn as far as learning rhythm and harmony with other instruments? I am not formally trained by any means but I've played guitar for awhile now and I'm really lost. Would be really sweet to have your input on any beginner material! -Can I have free pedals?

Thanks for all the great music, looking forward to new Big Sir!

JuanAlderete3 karma

It is too long winded to put down here but I believe I had influence on TMV'S life. Cedric and I love how stress-less the band is. It is really really fun. Just play what inspires you.

Segmentum4 karma

Hey Juan! Love the Website and all the secrets you've shared over the years. When can we expect the next Vato negro album? Sidenote: I once shouted "Juan the mon!" at a show with ORLG in Atlanta. I got a smile out of you. Good times.

JuanAlderete12 karma

I am recording a new record in Nashville next month for Vato Negro. Matt Sherod and I are ready to hammer out another! I love when you all shout out at me at shows. Makes me feel like people acknowledge the bassist for once!

bjclements4 karma

Any plans to come to Houston soon???

JuanAlderete4 karma


simon18213 karma

Any tips on how to increase speed on a fretless?

JuanAlderete7 karma

metronome work

_godspeed_3 karma


JuanAlderete8 karma

Boss CS-2 or Sovtek fuzzes.

JuanAlderete5 karma

or... Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine!

NeutonikHarmonix3 karma

good morning bro! do you know if Zavalas will tour europe this year? cheer's, alex

JuanAlderete2 karma

I hope so!

vincedbass3 karma

What's your favourite King Crimson record?

JuanAlderete19 karma

Court of

davybunk3 karma

hey juan, what's the deal behind the Columbus, OH shows that got cancelled twice? Drove there three times to see one show..

JuanAlderete4 karma

I am so sorry. Cedric got sick. He lost his voice so instead of doing some subpar show, we chose to come back when he was healthy..

ouimet513 karma

Hey Juan, gigantic fan of PedalsAndEffects.com. What do you think would be the one pedal all Bass Players should own?

JuanAlderete6 karma

I would say a great fuzz. Check out Earthquaker Devices Hoof Reaper, Dwarfcraft's Eau Claire, the many Wren And Cuff make...

TheMarbleShrine3 karma

JUAN! I worked at Sargent House doing their website last year when you and Lisa were starting the Big Sir tour for Gardens. Saw you at Harvard and Stone on the first night (with Marcel/Eureka) and was really impressed with how great you guys sounded.

Now onto the question - How many songs on the Dr. Octagon album did you play on and how did that whole thing come about? Were you contacted by Keith or Dan or what? I know you did it for free but I have always been curious how that all came about. Blew my mind that my favorite bassist actually played on one of my favorite rap albums I had growing up (I'm 35 now)!

Can't wait to see you guys do a larger tour. Cheers :)

JuanAlderete2 karma

I knew Dan the Automater and he would have me play on stuff he was working on so I don't know where all that ended up. He is a crafty producer and would do all sorts of stuff with my bass contributions.

mantourniquet3 karma

I know you're a big hip-hop fan--who are you digging right now?

JuanAlderete16 karma

Kendrick Lamar. I like J Cole, and I do like Drake...shoot me now.

nickstachio3 karma

nothing but praise for you, looking forward to your new music.

JuanAlderete3 karma

thank you

Crying_Indian3 karma

What up brother, how have the fans that have seen the ZAVALAZ show reacted to the music live? Is it similar to the vibe at a big sir show? How does cedric think you guys have performed so far?

JuanAlderete3 karma

It has been great. We have been having a blast. Fans have been really nice to us and they dig it, from what I can tell. Cedric loves how things have been sounding. Thanks to my bandmates, Greg Rogove, Dan Elkan and Nate Walcott.

edgarivan3 karma

Hey Juan. We've met a couple times, at NAMM, Vato Negro shows. Always a pleasure.

My question for you: many years and many bass lines later, is there one that has stood out for you? A particular groove you tend to come back to?

JuanAlderete4 karma

Lisa's Theme by Big Sir, The Widow by The Mars Volta, and Crowd Control by Vato Negro. The new ZAVALAZ record has a bassline I am fond of ... Blue Rose Of Grand Street!

thanks_alot_big_benn3 karma

Hey Juan, you're hands down my favorite bassist. I play bass myself, but I've recently traded my Jaguar bass[:(] for a sweet telecaster[:)]. I'm trying to focus on my guitar playing more. My question: Being the proficient bassist you are, do you ever play guitar and how easily does it come for you? I feel like every time I write a lead guitar part, it's essentially a glorified bass line.

JuanAlderete5 karma

I do play guitar. It is easy since I just sound like me.

trevercj3 karma

Hey Juan, you are one of the most talented bassist I have ever seen live! Thanks for doing this AMA. Best wishes to ZAVALAZ, I look forward to diving into the album and contemplating life's big questions.


  1. This performance with Jon Theodore is still one of my favorite random live footage of you guys, were you both just jamming or was this something you guys had worked on for a while?

  2. Do you have any comments on the night Thomas Pridgen got fired from TMV? What happened? THE WORLD MUST KNOW!!!

  3. Do you have a favorite performance or concert that you were apart of that sticks out in your mind?

JuanAlderete2 karma

We wanted to do a Vato Negro show together so this is what we worked up. I love Jon.

  1. answered.

  2. first time in Mexico City!

Aurelios3 karma

I am only familiar with your work on The Mars Volta, so I have a question or two about that. 1. There was a lot of very strange sound and a lot of dischord in TMV albums, whose idea was that and do you believe it was necessary? 2. Do you sometimes wish TMV was smaller? (Had less members?)

JuanAlderete2 karma


I loved the 2003/4 lineup w Marcel, Jon, Ikey, O and C and the last lineup w Deantoni, Marcel, O and C. So yes, the smaller lineups are preferred.

cygnus3113 karma

I don't have a question, I just wanted to say that my girlfriend's first concert was TMV at First Ave and she caught one of your picks. So thanks for making her night and making me really jealous of her.

JuanAlderete6 karma

I am a pretty good pick thrower!

BouncyBouncyOohSuchA3 karma

I'm actually just playing around. I would like to ask a serious question though..When you worked with Omar, who is a self-confessed theoretically ignorant prehistoric Neanderthal with respect to music (I'm probably paraphrasing...); and you, who I believe have received formal training.....I don't know how to form this into a question....but basically I was wondering if you could give me some insight on that working relationship, i.e. between a musician who has no training albeit being mega-talented and musically intelligent and someone who's has had received that education in music? Thanks and I hope my previous comment didn't peeve you.

JuanAlderete5 karma

I don't read music but I have a decent understanding of harmony and theory. Music is a language and you don't need to know rules. Just expression.

iamguitarlegend3 karma

What's your viewpoint on At The Drive In?

JuanAlderete3 karma

My old band, Distortion Felix, opened for them and the Locust at the Troubadour back in the day. I am not familiar with their music except for the hit.

bjclements3 karma

What was your favorite TMV song to play live??

JuanAlderete5 karma


dmcsier3 karma

Best food truck in LA?

JuanAlderete3 karma

India Jones Chow truck. I like Kogi but it tends to be really greasy...

spaceodyssey013 karma

Juan. You have the most unique bass tone. One question, give me your best three pedals for a player on a budget.

JuanAlderete6 karma

Behringer Vibrato, MXR Octave, MXR Phase 90.

jonjon118822 karma

how do you like your coffee?

JuanAlderete10 karma


Daymion2 karma

Juan,although I am a guitar player,you are one of my main influences as a writer and as a player. My question is: What are you requirements on participating with another artists,what do you look in a collaboration? Are you always open for any collaboration or do you have certain standards? Another question:Apart from Jonathan Hinscke,in your opinion,what are the most promissing bassists out there,right now.

Greetings from Porto and I hope I'll se you perform in the future.

P.S:I didn't enjoyed the TMV show in Lisbon,but your performance,for me, made it all up.It rocked.

JuanAlderete3 karma

People who inspire each other. That is number one. Jonathan Hischke is number one. I really dig Jonathan Nuñez from Torche. Scott Shriner from Weezer.

snkzato12 karma

Do you miss working with Omar at all, or do you think that chapter has ended?

JuanAlderete7 karma

I love what I am doing now and content.

phil_172 karma

Hi Juan, which Mars Volta songs did you most enjoy playing live? Also, do you think The Mars Volta would have been more accessible or commercially successful if they had more typically structured songs like Cotopaxi or Molochwalker? Not that I'd change a thing about what's been produced, love your work.

JuanAlderete7 karma

Cygnus. Not sure if I would consider those songs commercially viable.

TallDarkSarcastic2 karma

Hello Juan, TMV was (and still is) one of the most influential bands of my musical career so for that I have to take a moment to thank you!

Why do you think that your not a household name when it comes to musicianship, creativity and vibe? To put it simply... Why do you think your music doesn't hit the mainstream as hard as some bands that sick to regular cord structures? Will ZAVALAZ hit harder?

JuanAlderete2 karma

Most music I have been a part of is an attempt to move music forward and that doesnt always go with the mainstream, I guess. ZAVALAZ is very catchy so I wouldnt be surprised if this pops in the mainstream.

ouimet512 karma

Hey Juan, Have you ever used the Mark Bass Synth Pedal? Could you share your thoughts on it and possibly share some fo your settings?

JuanAlderete2 karma

I want to get one after watching/hearing what Dennis from Free Moral Agents did with it!

JamSam952 karma

Which musician has inspired you the most? What was your first ever record that you bought? And where the hell do you get all those mexican flag stickers?!

JuanAlderete2 karma

Jaco, Jamerson and David Wm Sims for bass. Dr Dre and Primo for music. The guy on ebay who sold me them over the years dropped off. I a going to have to make my own.

emanuelde2 karma

saludos Juan!

how would you describe your own bass tone (your favorite one since i know you might change it as occasion arises), and besides your own, whose is your favorite bass tone?


JuanAlderete2 karma

I love my fretless bass sound on the first Big Sir record. I love Jaco's tone and I love David Wm Sims tone.

eddielac2 karma

Since you love TMV show at Mexico City, are there any plans for Zavalaz to come play here?

JuanAlderete4 karma

For sure. We will come through. Cedric and I, both being Chicanos, would love nothing more.

mrkrinkledude2 karma

Juan, you are a beast. Definitely one of my favorite bass players. So versatile! Is there any chance Racer X will be doing any upcoming tours/shows?

JuanAlderete4 karma

I never know. Paul is a busy guy, I am, Scott Travis is. I love those guys.

Calvet2 karma

This pre-show ritual with TMV still manages to give me goosebumps. Any other rituals you do before playing a show?

JuanAlderete2 karma

Shots And Go created by the great Lalo Medina!

AndreaFantomas2 karma

Hi Juan: how is your "approach" to ZavalaZ songs? do you use a lot of effects like in TMV, or your bass sound is more "natural"?

JuanAlderete2 karma

More natural but I do drop some wild stuff via the Particle by Red Panda. Josh Klinghoffer has one on his board too!

daisychan2 karma

Hello, love Big Sir and looking forward to ZAVALAZ! What is your favorite piece of music to play?

JuanAlderete3 karma

The end of Bottleneck!

Thereminz2 karma

hey juan, been watching your videos for pedalsandeffects, do you use any software effects (vst, rtas etc...) or think you'll cover that at all?

it would be cool if you could talk to some electrical engineers on how the effects work and stuff


JuanAlderete2 karma

I do. I use plugins and I do love the Arturia synth and Vintage Drum Machine stuff. You should have those in your computer for sure.

I plan to interview some for sure.

pacolovestacos2 karma

How has Cedric been since the whole twitter indecent? Will ZAVALAZ come to El Paso anytime soon? Thanks.

JuanAlderete3 karma

He is an amazing father. He is a natural. He really fell right into fatherhood.

christianbritt2 karma

First of all, this is pretty cool of you to let your fans ask you stuff. All I want to ask is if Zavalas is coming to San Antonio, Tx. And also, if you want to hear a new band would you youtube Hyperlight Driveship? Thanks!

JuanAlderete7 karma

Eventually, we will hit Texas.

athomasau2 karma

Hey Juan! Massive fan, you are a huge inspiration cosmically and playing wise.

A few questions I can only think of right now: -Did you ever jam with bosnian rainbows and do you dig them? Are you and Omar on speaking terms right now?

-Did you ever record the material you did with D and Omar for the ORLG stuff you guys did as a three piece...is that going to be vato negro material?

-What's the longterm plan with yourself musically?

-Do you dig Tame Impala?

-What is your relationship with Lakland and Fender currently?

I don't expect you to answer these all :P

love from Australia

JuanAlderete5 karma

I have not heard their record. Yes we recorded stuff. I plan on doing ZAVALAZ as long as possible. I love Tame Impala! I endorse Fender, I love Lakland when Dan owned it. I love Australia!

ReadMyPosts2 karma

Hey Juan, good afternoon! Who is the best musician that you've played with?

JuanAlderete7 karma

My bass teacher, Steve Evans.

oranjeguice2 karma

Just wanted to say thanks for the giveaways on PedalsAndEffects, really awesome of you to do!

Saw your Vato Negro show at the Echo a while back, and Big Sir at the Bootleg as well, TMV several times, and now ZAVALAZ in San Francisco on 6/21. You the man!

JuanAlderete2 karma

Thank you!

tom420024htx2 karma

hey just wanted to tell you day of the baphomets is one of my favorite songs how did you come up with that bass line

JuanAlderete10 karma

Solo was all mine, the bassline was Omar's.

crob32 karma

a while back you mentioned maybe doing some playing with St. Vincent, Deantoni & Kimbra... has anything / will anything ever come of this?

also, is Big Sir gonna be in Boston anytime soon? I have a high five with your name on it.

JuanAlderete2 karma

Kimbra hits me up about it every now and then. It would be tight!

I hope Big Sir comes to the East Coast!

Gnalmex2 karma

One more: If you had to pick three songs (not necessarily by one of your bands) to describe your music career so far, which would it be?

JuanAlderete3 karma

Lisa's Theme by Big Sir, The Widow or Cygnus by The Mars Volta, and Vato Negro's Bumpers.

universally_speaking2 karma

How was it like playing with John Frusciante? Any cool insights into the man that nobody knows anything about because he's so damn secretive and refuses to release all of his music?

Also - any advice for a new bass player? I've been playing bass for about a 1.5 years now, I try and put 4-5 hours in every day. My motto is just to keep practicing frankly. Anything you wish you knew when you were a newbie?

JuanAlderete4 karma

He has the best timing/rhythm of any guitarist I have ever been around. He is one giant musical dude.

Practice warming up and hydrate!

Slingin_Fish_Scale2 karma


Although it may have been in jest at the time Nick from Tera Melos tweeted something to the effect of making an album as his birthday gift. I know you have something substantial on your plate right now but the two of you could make some killer noise....is this something you've considered?

JuanAlderete7 karma

He and I have spoken about it. We wanted to do it when he was here, in LA, on tour but I never heard from him. I am headed to Sac this week so I will track him down, make him do a video of his pedalboard and then we will end it in a freak, free jazz jam.

Webbeh2 karma

Has your perspective changed for playing for Zavalaz versus how you played for The Mars Volta? I can only imagine the "dictatorship" to "democratic" move must have been a change of pace for your work.

JuanAlderete3 karma

I have been in bands all my life and only one band like The Mars Volta. It is easier for me to be in a democratic band, for sure.

PopAndSlap1252 karma

Do you ever get bored of all the fuzz/distortion pedals you review? There are so many different types.

JuanAlderete5 karma

There are too many bad fuzz pedals out there, so that bores me.

-JRMagnus2 karma

Question: If it were up to you where would you like to see music go. Genre wise, instrument wise. Answer however you wish.

Request: If you can please demo the Fairfield Circuitry Feedback loop AND the new ZVEX Seek's when they come out in August. You do very thorough reviews; i watch them all Juan. Keep it up!

JuanAlderete2 karma

A little more towards instruments and a little less off of programing. Some balance would be nice. I have used the Fairfield Circuitry Feedback loop on a video on PedalsAndEffects.

CCollapse2 karma

Do you play double bass? I think I've seen one on some of the photos from your studio.

JuanAlderete2 karma

No...I wish I had studied it.

AmeerJedi2 karma

  1. When writing a bass part to a piece that is already written, what are some notations that you consider that NEED to be there?

  2. Do you usually apply pedal effects pre or post writing/recording?

  3. Should pedals be used minimally or maximally?

JuanAlderete7 karma

  1. be musical and less is more.
  2. pre
  3. musically!

drumsguy2 karma

Do you enjoy bouncing around stylistically as much as you have? How taxing is that, to go from a group like Big Sir to ZAVALAZ?

JuanAlderete2 karma

Yes, I do! Actually, Big Sir and ZAVALAZ have more in common than any other music I have done.

pharmacybear2 karma

Long time fan of PedalsandEffects.com since day one. I've got a few questions: 1. Do you still practice? If so, what does a 'typical' routine look like? 2. How do you allow yourself to not overthink when you write music? I'm currently working on an album. I'm trying to sound like "me" but I end up overthinking everything wondering if that's something I would say/play. 3. What are you thoughts on Fulltone? Pedals and the owner. I hear he's a bit of a nazi.


JuanAlderete2 karma

I do practice but with sound design. I grab a pedal, see what it is capable of, combine it with other pedals and then record my results...all done at 5starr Sound Labs in Highland Park, CA.
What inspires me tells me what to play. Fulltone is ok. Not the most bass friendly pedals.

CCollapse1 karma

What's up with the Big Sir "digtal hardcore" remix album you mentioned a while ago? Also, when will you finish the new Vato Negro record?

JuanAlderete3 karma

Please re-read the reddit session.

bjclements1 karma

What's your favorite album your listening to now??

Favorite movie?

Lastly, can I open for you when/if you come to Houston? How do I make that happen??

JuanAlderete2 karma

I love Tame Impala's record, Kendrick's record and James Blake.

JacoVainglorious1 karma

Do you have any musical influences that might surprise some people?

JuanAlderete5 karma

Dr Dre, DJ Premier, Warren G, Timberland...

snkzato11 karma

what is the perfect sandwich?

JuanAlderete2 karma

My wife's tunafish... www.tunatoast.com for the recipe.

JamSam951 karma

What is the greatest moment for you of your musically career, as in a single experience?

JuanAlderete3 karma

Playing Mexico City for the first time with TMV and the most recent first shows with ZAVALAZ. Huge and profound experiences.

_godspeed_1 karma

What are the most influential albums to you?

JuanAlderete3 karma

Hip hop records... they were my punk rock. I loved NWA, Rodney O and Joe Cooley, early Public Enemy, UTFO, Beasties, Ultra Magnetic MC's, Eric B and Rakim

idrinkliquids1 karma

Excited for your first tour but you guys skipped AZ, is there any chance you will be adding more dates?

JuanAlderete2 karma

Yes. I want to go to Pizzeria Bianco again!

EdJim1 karma

Hey Juan, thanks for doing this.

What are your current 'always-on' effects?

JuanAlderete5 karma

Rainbow Machine by Earthquaker Devices, gojira's trembulator, which we are giving away today at PedalsEffects.com, and Red Panda's Particle! Also Dwarfcraft's Pitchgrinder!

thereturnfc1 karma

zup juan, love your playing,

what make u start playing music? and then how did bass happen?

what keep you going?

appriciate your contribution to the web!

JuanAlderete2 karma

My father and his love of jazz music. My friends needed a bass player so I started on bass. I love music. Thank you!

vincedbass1 karma

I've been transcribing alot of basslines and melodies lately for practice, what are some of your favorite practice routines?

JuanAlderete3 karma

Looping something and soloing over it.

oscillator_11 karma

how'd you get set up with henry (mylets) and what do you think about his music?

JuanAlderete3 karma

Cathy from Sargent House recommended him. He came to a Big Sir and we hit it off. He is a great dude and has a lot of talent.