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Do you play any musical instruments other than bass?

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Also, I know you're probably not in charge of it but is there any specific reason that of all the old songs TMV have only played The Widow and Goliath on the latest tour? Nothing against them but there are lots of other great songs in TMV's vast catalogue.

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Hello Juan! Thank for finding time to do this AMA! First I'd like to ask you, when are you going to release the new Vato Negro album, and is it going to include all those jams you were playing live with Omar and D (for example, "Uno")? I think these tunes are fantastic and should definitely be released.

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Thomas Pridgen once said in an interview that he thought he was recording for a new TMV album when in reality it was for Omar's album Xenophanes. How often had it happened to you that you were recording with Omar, not aware where you part would actually be used?

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Are you aware of the Loudness War? If so, what are your thoughts on it? I ask it because all TMV albums (except maybe Octahedron) suffered from brickwalling and digital clipping, which unfortunately makes the otherwise brilliant music sound sometimes not too pleasant for the ears.