Juan Alderete

known as the longtime bassist of Racer X and The Mars Volta.

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It was my first take so I guess a lot. Omar only asked me to fix one part but that was it. It is 98% first take.

I love Cygnus. I could just play that and Roulette.

Hendrix...hip hop...80's new wave.

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I get monitored every 3 months for my blood counts. Been good so far. Anyone w cancer knows you never know when things are gonna turn but I thank all Gods that I have been healthy so far.

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I would love to record with that lineup. 3 are on board. Bomb St Vincent twitter and let's see if she will agree. I think D is recording with her and David Byrne. Maybe that will start it.

Kimbra is the coolest. She is going for it, musically. I bet a lot of industry execs want her to go more pop but she is legit. She wants to stretch stuff. She is a true artist.

Omar wrote those basslines so it was more, getting used to playing what Omar intended, as opposed to what Flea played. I learned Mother's Milk when I was younger. Flea destroyed it on that record.

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I trip on fools that act a fool. Just be cool.

TMV A-Team consists of Matty Bitt on the panels, BobbyBadSeed on the logistics, Deezel on the kit, Chase $ running shit, Chino Weeeno on the keys, Juaneezy on the bass, O and C. A Team can never be faded. We barely rehearse and rock it as if it were our last day on earth.

I saw Snoop Lion's instagram that morning and they were all smoking...Daz, Snoop, Kurupt, Soupafly. I said to myself, "their room looks like my room...they must be here"... a couple of hours later the fire alarm goes off, here come fire trucks and I am outside telling people it had to me the blunt smoke... and it was.

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Cygnus FTM hasnt started yet. Cedric and I get along great! He makes me laugh more than anyone else I know. He should be a comedy writer. He could write for George Lopez for sure. Cedric gets along with everyone. f&$* what you heard! Always start with the first record! Sovtek fuzz Maestro ring modulator and a Boss VB-2 I want Fender to make me a P-J that is 32", in all Dodger blue with my JA logo. That would be tight. You are welcome!

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D is one of the most dedicated musicians I have been around. For example, I asked him for some music for our Vato Negro record we were doing and he handed me a drive and said "take all the songs off this drive." I thought there would be 30-40 songs but, I kid you not, there were over 300 songs on there. Mostly complete arranged songs. He makes anyone feel like a half stepper. He is one of my closest homies. He has my back. We are in this together and we will always remain friends.

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Paul has Mr Big, Scott is touring with Judas Priest and I am in The Mars Volta.

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Years of bad communication and resentment building.

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I would watch videos of your favorite players. See how they approach playing live. Also, there are some great instructional videos too.

I would get a Macbook and start with Garage Band and write songs in there. It will inspire you and it will sound pretty tight!

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Cedric does. I believe Jeremy wrote some when he was alive too.