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phearmymind1859 karma

Has "Show Me Your Genitals" gotten you laid? (My mom doesn't count)

Jonlajoiecomedy2783 karma

Yes, your mom counts.

Jonlajoiecomedy1244 karma

Alright, I'm going to take off now. I have lots of billionaire type stuff to do, like drinking champagne, purchasing yachts, and evading taxes. Thanks for hanging out, and a big thank you for all of your loving support over the years. I really appreciate it. I especially appreciate you giving me your money and making me a billionaire. If you haven't already donated hypothetical money to my totally real kickstarter, you can do it here: Let's do this again sometime soon.

Gravee1178 karma

If you are allowed to say, who's fault was it exactly that Tennis Ball was removed from YouTube?

Jonlajoiecomedy1729 karma

It's no mystery... Wal-Mart asked YouTube to take it down. I don't know why, I was just trying to help them sell tennis balls.

Jonlajoiecomedy565 karma

It's no mystery... Wal-Mart asked Youtube to take it down. I don't know why, I was just trying to help them sell tennis balls.

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Jonlajoiecomedy2931 karma

Life is like watching Fast and the Furious 6. It's not easy, most of the time it's just dumb and pointless, everything is fake, there is a lot of noise, but if you close your eyes and picture yourself in an open field or a quiet forest, you can maybe make it to the end without killing yourself.

PlayboyXYZ529 karma

How do you actually know Steve?

Jonlajoiecomedy928 karma

He's been a friend of my family since I was a tiny little Lajoie. I went to church a lot when I was younger (I promise that is not a joke) and he attended the same church. As my brothers and I got older, he started hanging with us. Yes, he's a little... different. But that doesn't mean he's not a HUGE asshole. Kidding, he's a great dude, a little rough around the edges... Don't let his looks fool you, he'll fuck you up.

Zidane8998516 karma

How the fuck do you pronounce your last name?

Jonlajoiecomedy1523 karma

However you want to pronounce it, really. In French it's Laa-jwaa. In English, some people say LaJoy, or Lajoey. I go with a combination "Luh-jwah". If this is too difficult, just pronounce it "Awe-Some."

lemmeatit466 karma

Which kicker is Taco planning to take this year with his first round draft pick?

Jonlajoiecomedy1568 karma

Jean-Claude Van Damm. His kicks are the strongest.

princewill77453 karma

Who is your favorite real life eskimo brother?

Jonlajoiecomedy1257 karma

My dad.

TheMightyHirou414 karma

What is it like to be a billionaire?

Jonlajoiecomedy1675 karma

The same as being a gross poor person, only the opposite. One of the big advantages is that all of a sudden your elected representatives listen to what you have to say.

waddupworld396 karma

Be honest here, how many people have you really killed?

Jonlajoiecomedy1131 karma

I can't remember. But if I had to guess... Over ten thousand. And that doesn't include old people.

mane2390 karma

Hey Jon, will you make a new WTF Collective video? Are you a rap fan and if so, what are your favorite hip hop artists?

Jonlajoiecomedy932 karma

Yes! I'm a huge rap fan. I grew up on Nas, Wu-Tang, Cypress Hill, Gravediggaz, Goodie Mob, Mobb Deep, Biggie, Dr.Dre, Onyx, Beastie Boys, Eminem... I love all that old school shit. I'm old as fuck now, so I'm not really sure about the shit the kids are listening to today... But I'm just a little out of the loop. Even the expression "out of the loop" is out of the loop... And I have no plans to release a new WTF, but MC Confusing is doing push ups faster than a rain whistle's arms. So who knows...

giggsy664374 karma

What inspired you to think up MC Vagina? Seriously how do you create a character that ridiculous?

Jonlajoiecomedy1132 karma

Well, he's not necessarily that ridiculous COMPARED to what's out there in pop culture, really. He just says it a little more bluntly. He's just trying to fit in. "Show me your Genitals" is what you hear on the radio ALL THE TIME. He just doesn't have the money to make it sound and look more appealing. Also, it's just fun to say silly things like "My dick is like an airplane, it gives girls orgasms..."

Jonlajoiecomedy146 karma

Well, he's not that ridiculous COMPARED to what's out there in pop culture. "Show me Your Genitals" is what you hear on commercial radio all day long. He just doesn't have the money to make it look and sound more appealing.

THES8N340 karma

After "Show Me Your Genitals", did you get a lot of backlash from feminist groups or any other organizations?

Jonlajoiecomedy1425 karma

No, most of them understood what I was doing. However, I did get a lot of unfortunate support from douches who did not.

CoolCheech332 karma

Now, thanks to your Kickstarter, you're not a regular, everyday, normal guy. Has the fallout from this hampered your spaghetti sauce making skills in anyway?

Jonlajoiecomedy667 karma

No, I'm still pretty good at it. I just make it in gold pots.

kickster777304 karma

What is it like to know that your better than me in every way? also will you send me a picture of yourself burning a 50 dollar bill?

Jonlajoiecomedy668 karma

Being better than you in every way is quite fulfilling. It's MUCH better than being you. So much better. I uploaded a pic of me burning a 50 while on a jet ski here, just for you:

imgettinpitted246 karma

Between Taco and the characters you play on youtube; What role is your favorite to act as?

Jonlajoiecomedy541 karma

Taco is really fun to play. I just put on a blank stare, empty my mind, and say the first thing that pops in to my head. I love being the angry "rapper" character like in my "Fuck Everything" video, or more recently in this one I'm a REALLY laid back dude, so it's fun to get a little aggression out. It's also fun to wave a chainsaw in the air...

captainrex244 karma

I'm donating thousands upon thousands of dollars to your Kickstarter. How many days can I stay in your mansion's guest room and how many parties will I be entitled to?

Jonlajoiecomedy268 karma

Refer to the reward system at the end of the video.

Actuallly238 karma

I can't think of anything to ask, I just want you to recognise me Jon!

Jonlajoiecomedy883 karma

I refuse to recognize you, but nice try.

holycrapoli189 karma

Have you ever tasted semen?

Jonlajoiecomedy995 karma

Human semen? No.

madviking185 karma

What's your favorite comedy on television (besides The League)?

Jonlajoiecomedy494 karma

Hmmm... I love Children's Hospital, NTSF:SD:SUV, Arrested Development (is back!!!), Curb, Tim and Eric... And anything starring Jim Belushi.

Llama_Operation174 karma

You ever manage to find those porcupines on ebay?

Jonlajoiecomedy516 karma

Shopping online is so complicated when you're high... Unfortunately for me, that's the only time I feel inclined to purchase a porcupine...

waddupworld152 karma

Which of your songs have you enjoyed making the most?

Jonlajoiecomedy376 karma

Hmmm... The Normal guy ones were really fun to write and record. 80% of what I rap about in those songs is taken from my actual life. Well, what WAS my life until I became a very super famous billionaire. The "Fuck Everything" song was fun as well. I especially love making the beats. When I was a teenager I made beats with a shitty Casio keyboard, an old 4 track mixer, and a drum machine from the early 80s. Now with my Macbook, Protools, and Reason I can make just about anything... And I don't need to record on cassettes anymore!

hoobaSKANK152 karma

are fearboners real? and should I be afraid?

Jonlajoiecomedy343 karma

You sound like you have fear erectile dysfunction, which is totally a real thing. Most men experience it at least once in their lifetime.

SherlockBrolmes123 karma

Sir Lajoie,

Hypothetically, what will you do with all your hypothetical money that you get from your hypothetical Kickstarter?

Jonlajoiecomedy412 karma

I'm going to start my own bank, so that if I'm reckless and lose all of my money, you guys are going to be forced to dish out your hard earned money so that I can be SUPER rich again. I just won't have to ask this time. But for now, please voluntarily donate your hypothetical money here:

Apeman711111 karma

  1. How'd you go about getting yourself in the Nekrogoblikon video? Huge fan of it and your music btw.
  2. Did you or any of the band members get with Kayden Kross in between shots?
  3. WTF Collective 4?? Thanks for doing the AMA, and congratulations on your new-found wealth!

Jonlajoiecomedy153 karma

My good friend and collaborator Brandon Dermer shot that video, and he asked me to make a small guest appearance. Well, the truth is, I owed him some money, and he forced me to do it. I really LOVE Nekro, they're awesome.
WTF 4? I just don't know if I have any more rapper voices/flows left in me... I may do an MC Confusing solo track. Maybe break it up, like Wu-Tang did.

niandra_lades99 karma

If you could collaborate with any artist on a track who would it be?

Jonlajoiecomedy375 karma

3 words: Ace of Base

Jon_Cake97 karma

If you could write and/or star in any show at all after The League (with full creative control), what would it be about? Who would be in it?

Jonlajoiecomedy611 karma

It would be about a serial killer who only kills people who deserve it. I think Michael C. Hall would be great as the lead. I would call it "Family Matters."

androidchrist69 karma

Thanks for taking the time to likely type obscenities at us and make poop jokes. I was wondering what, if anything, is going to be changing on The League once it moves to FXX for it's upcoming season. Are they going to allow the writers and cast to get away with even more?

What is the single most offensive or disgusting thing you've done on The League that has been left on the cutting room floor? Or if you can't talk about the single worst (as I've heard of the fabled original lyrics to the "My Naginta" song), what would be the the second worst?

I also wanted to thank you for giving my genetically predisposed style of facial hair a proper name. Now, everywhere I go, I can proudly proclaim that I have a pedophile beard.

Jonlajoiecomedy141 karma

PB, the crazy thing is that most of the crazy shit that happens on set makes the cut. Everything from Andre loving S.P.U.N.K and cleaning everyones cobs, to pretty much EVERYTHING Raffi says is improvised on set. I don't think FXX will change the content of the show really. There will just be WAY more fucking.

IKissedAMagikarp52 karma

Hi Jon! It's so cool you're doing this AMA. I always wanted to know, what is your favourite genre of music to parody and why?

Jonlajoiecomedy221 karma

Well, I guess hip hop, just because I love rapping, and I can't exactly just release "real" rap songs, knowwhatI'msayin? So it's a chance for me to sort of do what I secretly always wanted to do. Also, there is lots of GREAT hip hop out there, but unfortunately, the opposite is true. "Yeah, I like to fuck, I've got a fucking problem..." Really? THAT's your chorus? So it's fun to poke fun sometimes...