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I've been a fan for nearly eight years. I still have my original cd copy of the first Vyncent Flaw album that you burned for me back when you were in high school. The ringtone from your "Cell Phone" video has been on every phone I've owned in the last six years, as well as many I've gotten a hold of at parties that I've snuck it onto as the main ringer. I remember when your lip sync contest videos still had the copywritten music on them, before YouTube went insane with that stuff.

It has been an insane pleasure to be on this ride with you for the better part of the last decade. The fame you are finally amassing is well deserved, as your talent easily exceeds your tiny Asian frame.

Now that we have my fanboy tirade out of the way, I wanted to know if and when a full Vyncent Flaw album might be available for public consumption.

As well, I'm sure the offers are there, but do you have any tentative plans on directing a full length feature any time soon, or do you plan to stick to more personal jobs and BAMMO related projects for the time being?

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My level of arousal is immeasurable by current scientific means.

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I would buy enough copies of a full length MC Confusing album to give to everyone I know. So four copies.

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I should be able to upvote both of these comments more than once. Like, at least ten thousand times each.

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If you're ever in Florida, drinks are on you.