Hello. I am youtuber Boogie2988. Though I am mostly known throughout the internet as my character "Francis." Here's proof: http://youtu.be/mh0Bn8JtpQ8

I am a 'moderately successful youtuber' with about 500,000 subscribers and about 100,000 video views so feel free to ask about that. I have spent the entirety of my life overweight, so feel free to ask about that. I am also an abuse survivor who has severe anxiety and depression issues, so feel free to ask about that! Or really just ask me anything about anything. I'll answer questions for the next 2 hours or so!

In addition, here's some of the things you may have seen me do:

My Draw My Life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZ1cUup0ATg

My Xbox One Rant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyD1VlQdj2s

I destroyed an Xbox once: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG4StOKFw7M

You might have seen my superbowl commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfCm9P8naDQ

So go ahead and ask me anything!

EDIT: OK GUYS I'm out of here for now. fiance's home and I'm going to spend a little time with her. Know I really appreciate all of the kindness, the attention, and the love. this was awesome. I plan to swing back by here and answer some more of these questions later so if I missed you, you may just get an answer yet. <3

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Spagster35 karma

Boogie! I have a sad confession. When I first saw your stuff on the internet, I hated you. I hated you for a lot of reasons - a lot of reasons I'm not proud of. I watched some more of your stuff and quickly discovered that you're an incredibly talented, insightful, intelligent, and genuine person. You're also pretty damn hilarious. So forgive me, oh King of the Web, for my shallow and quick judgement. I was wrong.

I have a couple of questions for you!

  • Which of your videos is your all time favorite?
  • What upcoming game are you most excited about?
  • What are you into right now? Anything in particular?
  • What's your favorite movie?
  • Bees?

Thanks Boogie! You rock!

uberwolf037 karma

Spagster, that is not sad at all! That is wonderful! I create a character that is DESIGNED to be hated. I want people to start off hating the character and then eventually do a 180 and change their mind entirely. You did this and that makes me feel like I've done my job well :)

My favorite video I've made is the Francis Documentary "A day with francis". I hope to make a sequel. The game I'm most excited about right now is Watch Dogs! and... maybe GTA5 if they manage to release a pc version on time.

Right now I'm into making youtube videos, spending time with the fiance, playing a nightly game of League of Legends, and fiddling around with 3ds titles :)

Favorite movie: Fight club. I watched it at a time in my life where "get busy living or get busy dying" really meant something to me. I am a cliche, I guess.

Bees: Allergic. NO.

Fitzyz6 karma

I read 3DS titties. Damn I could really do with some 3DS titties

uberwolf09 karma

why are there not 3ds TITTIES??/

Spagster3 karma

Thanks for your response! You have great taste in your videos, because "A Day with Francis" is my favorite one, too. Absolutely hilarious.

uberwolf09 karma

that is an example of what I would do if I were healthier, had more time, and was more talented :P

illmnre31 karma

I remember the first video I watched of you was you ranting about getting hacked in WoW. Back then, you were my inspiration for quitting MMO games for good. I've always wanted to say thank you for that; because I was in high school and I ended up joining the swim team to lose over 50 lbs and make varsity by my senior year. Like dominoes, things just fell in place for me and now I'm at a good college about to graduate with a good job.

But now I got to know... Was it all acting?

uberwolf041 karma

It was really all acting. I've never been hacked, actually. My roomate was.

I've played wow and I've been DEEPLY into it. Just not THAT into it.

But I'm very glad i could be your inspiration to get off your butt and make something great of yourself. I promised myself when I started this whole youtube thing that at the very least, I wanted to serve as a BAD EXAMPLE. it sounds like you learned from MY mistakes, and that makes me really, really happy.

Keep kicking life's ass!

justacyrus13 karma

Whats the best and worst thing to happen since gaining fame?

uberwolf065 karma

Best: I got a free trip to LA to star in a commercial that aired 15 minutes before the super bowl. Crazy super fun.

Worst: I have made some very personal videos, including talking about my struggles with depression. A lot of people reach out to me for help because of this and there just isnt enough time in a day to answer all of the emails, messages, tweets. Sometimes people fall through the cracks and sometime not so long ago I got a suicide letter and I've never heard from that person since. I read that letter 2 months after it was sent due to my backlog. This shit keeps me awake at night. :(

Toonboo13 karma

How was the mountain dew stew?

And my friend asks:

Why do you keep the dew in the microwave?

uberwolf022 karma

it was absolutely disgusting. I'd been wanting to do an "epic meal time' parody for quite some time, for two reasons. First, I love doing parodies and secondly I'd love to get their attention for about 30 seconds. I dont really like the content they make that much but i love the way they do it and I'm so happy for their success.

I designed a meal no one could POSSIBLY believe we would eat, so people would know we're not THAT stupid. Turns out people believed we ate it. who knew?

uberwolf017 karma

oh as for the microwave question: That was a throwback to "angry grandpa" a fellow youtuber. that video started out as a parody of an angry grandpa rage about "pecan pinwheels' :)

gichumz10 karma

Bro I am from South Africa

Your videos are the best honestly

Me and my mate has a Francis day dedicated just to you where he comes over and we watch your videos and kill ourselves laughing!!

YOu are the man!!

Keep it up bro!!!

uberwolf011 karma

Hello my south african friend. thanks for watching! I'm so glad to hear that I have fans in that part of the world!

Bumdaaa10 karma

Red ring of death on the one that got destroyed...

nice job, i just threw mine out the window.

how many weird looks on the street did you get during that?

uberwolf034 karma

Fortunately my neighbors know who I am and what I do for a living so they're used to me acting like a fool. My landlord is really happy that he has a 'celebrity' living in his place and my next door neighbor is his soon who watches my stuff. Its really surreal to be allowed to get away with that kind of insanity.

islanders88810 karma

Hey boogie! My name is Kenny an I just wanted to thank you. I am a bigger guy and have looked down on myself for a while. It is people like you that give me the confidence to act like myself and not be afraid how I look. Your videos always put me in a good mood and I have and always will be a subscriber! EDIT: I might as well ask a question since it is an AMA. Since game season is coming up with the new consoles and everything, what are you most looking forward to?

uberwolf06 karma

thank you kenny. I'm glad I'm able to help you find confidence in yourself.

What am i looking forward to mostly in this years game releases? a wii U zelda title... and/or the new smashbrothers. what can I say, I do love me some nintendo.

I'm also looking forward to the potential news that we've been HAD when it comes to this xbox/ps4 release and they werent really serious.

Jakeyyz9 karma

Hey Boogie!

How's your channel strike drama going? I saw you tweeting about it but haven't heard anything since.

uberwolf012 karma

it has been fully resolved. Youtube rocks!

Fitzyz7 karma

Hey Boogie,

I don't know if you're still online, but just in case you are here's my question: If money did not exist and was no issue, but everything else about today's society remained the same, what would you do and how would you spend your life?

Much love,

Sam F

PS You're probably my favourite youtuber, you have such a fantastic personality and possess a seemingly infinite pool of knowledge and humour.

PPS You rock

PPPS Love you

uberwolf05 karma

I genuinely would love to be doing exactly what I'm doing now, just on a much larger scale because I could afford to do it :)

Bigirishjuggalo17 karma

Boogie I don't really have a question as I watch your videos religiously and any questions I may have had you already answered with your open and straight forward way of seeing things. I mostly just wanted to thank you for being there at a time in my life where I was very down and feeling like no one could understand where I was in my head. Our lives have run more parallel than you can imagine, right down to losing our Mothers at almost the same time. Watching you speak out on things that I speak out against as well always makes me feel like what I think, and feel is being spread not only to my own 1500 or so subscribers but to the half million people who subscribe to you. Your words have given me strength at times when I thought I had none left, and you have helped me more than I could ever explain. You sir, deserve every good thing that you have found and everything good coming your way in the future. Thank you Boogie, from the bottom of my heart... Thank you.

TL;DR You are one of my heroes Boogie. Keep being you and never let the haters get the best of you!

uberwolf08 karma

wow. thanks big man, you are awesome. You just made my day :) <3

Szarkan-7 karma

No real question to ask, I just <3 your videos, please carry on. :D

uberwolf011 karma

<3 that you watch them :)

MrGreenMan-5 karma


Who are your favorite youtubers other than yourself?

uberwolf012 karma

The people I watch most regularly HowToBasic, Ashens, EpicRapBattles, Dan Bull (douglby), College Humor, The Onion, Rhett and Link, Froggy Fresh (formerly Krispy Kreme)

Favorite youtubers I don't watch a lot of NerdCubed, Jayztwocents, Wowhobbs, 2daywithpatrickJ, Tradechat, Angry Grandpa, KidbehindtheCamera. Though you could really call this the 'friends' category because they are people I have an emotional relationship with rather than a entertainment relationship with :D

MushMutt5 karma

Hey Boogie, a while ago I saw your video on youtube, Jessy Weighs In on National Coming Out Day. I have to ask, was there anything related to that happening, or was that just amazing acting? Because god damn, that was beautiful. I honestly think you could make it on the big screen, going by that video. Beautiful. Thank you for making these videos and giving me something to do with my time!

uberwolf010 karma

I am VERY pro equal rights. I am always trying to fit that message into the channel in a natural way. I felt like Jesse was a natural fit for that and boy did it work :)

as for motivation, I just tapped into knowing what its like to be mocked and made fun of for something that you can't change, or WOULDNT change if you could. It was easy from there.

QuDubz5 karma

Which is the best and the worst games that you have ever played?

uberwolf015 karma

I hate to sound cliche but the worst RECENT game was simcity. Just embarassingly bad. Worst game overall must have been ET for Atari 2600. I remember getting that game for a dollar and feeling ripped off.

best recent game was Borderlands 2. still one of my favorites and probably always will be. Best game of a lifetime? The original zelda for the NES. Turned my world upside down.

ohnodmo755 karma

Do you plan on creating any other characters in the future? I will always love Francis, but you are too funny not to try more

uberwolf010 karma

I have several other characters rattling around in my head, some of which have made live streams and their own videos. None have 'crossed over' like francis has. I hope one day to meet up with a local animator who can help give these characters the range and depth that they need to succeed. Being the way I am and looking the way I am, once I became 'typecast' with francis its hard for people to see past it.

But the videos I upload with my other characters: Jessy, the Russian, pastor Jacob, etc... they do well, just in the limited ecosphere of 'my followers' :)

jesusghandi5 karma

How were you exactly abused and by who? (don't go for too personal details if you don't feel like it)

uberwolf033 karma

I was abused for the first 18 years of my life (and my therapist will tell you 35 years) by family members... most notably my mother. It was a mental/physical abuse structure that took a lot of different angles.

The physical abuse was nearly daily. Highlights include trying to claw my eyes out, burning me, whipping me, punching me, hitting me in the head with a hammer, cutting me with glass, etc, etc.

The mental abuse ranges from Munchhausen syndrome to purposely teaching me wrong habits to keep me from being able to excel in life. The most obvious one being feeding me wrong in the hopes I'd be too fat to leave the house... which was nearly successful because I was almost 350 pounds by the time I left high school and had "No clue" why I was so much bigger than everyone else.

I'm still in recovery but thanks to youtube, I've been recovering nicely. :)

jesusghandi14 karma

That's horrible, thanks for answering though. You certainly made me feel a lot better about my own family, even though it's far from perfect.

uberwolf039 karma

one of the coolest things i've ever learned is this:

Pain is relative. Whatever you're going through is just as bad as I went through. I have nothing but sympathy for you dude, no matter what it is, because your worst is your worst. I'm glad I could make you feel better, but just because I've dealt with a lot of shit doesnt invalidate your shit. Feel free to remain pissed off about it. :)

HoboWithAGlock4 karma

How's the weight loss going at the moment?

uberwolf011 karma

A year ago I weighed 367. Today I weigh 505ish. That's pretty great, as far as I'm concerned. I havent put up the big numbers a lot of people do on reddit, but for the first time in my life i'm not GAINING... I'm losing. I feel very accomplished.

Most people are disapointed because they want me to be doing so much better, but its still a struggle. However I feel like every day I learn a little more about my eating disorder and come out a little further ahead. :)

I am getting married on september 28th 2013 and hope to be around 450 by then. In the event that I am, or close to it, I am heavily considering weight loss surgery as a wedding present to my fiance.

B4RRY_12 karma


I think he means 567 :D

Keep up the weight loss, man. You've got almost half a million people behind you!

uberwolf016 karma

haha yes, 567. I wish I was 367 :(

thedrunkirishguy3 karma

My hubby got the gastric sleeve a couple years ago. He started out 565 and is down to about 360 or so. I totally recommend that surgery : )

uberwolf03 karma

congratulate him for me and give him a big hug!

Verkato4 karma

What's it like being the best gamer? What games do you game?

uberwolf09 karma

I am actually quite terrible at gaming and so is francis. I tried a "lets play" channel and it failed because people thought I wasnt even trying. I was. I just suck.

Recently playing a lot of League of Legends and various 3ds titles. Hard to find time for gaming so my 3ds is nice for picking up and putting back down 5 minutes later. :)

I'm also a HUGE fan of "magic the gathering" and play it in real life. Its one of the few games I'm actually good at.

NaClx2 karma

I thought the Magic: The Gathering videos on your gaming channel were worth watching. I don't really have the time/money to get involved in something that all-consuming, but it is nice to listen to someone do commentary.

You don't have to be skillful to get people to watch. Informative is just as interesting.

uberwolf03 karma

<3 :)

Verkato2 karma

League of Legends is definitely a worthwhile timesink, especially if you have friends who you can play with! I just recently unlocked every champion after playing too long to want to admit... But anyway the League of Legends community here on reddit is HUGE and is really big about funny videos, so if you're into that you can definitely reach the community here. They wouldn't kick you out if you're not great, they would love some kind of "Francis reacts to League of Legends" or something like that.

uberwolf04 karma

I will put this on the "list of things to film soon" :)

aSmoothCriminalx3 karma

Me and my friend are planning on sending you a package from Scotland, and we were just wondering if there is anything specific you would like from Scotland?

P.S We both think you are a fantastic guy thanks for the videos.

uberwolf07 karma

I'd love a post card, and a personal letter and that would be awesome enough! anything else you put in there would be fine but please dont spend a lot of money! I know how hard we all have to work to get paid and I dont' like it when people squander their money on me!

Draklems3 karma

When you and Dez are married, do you think you'll put out some different kind of colab type content?

uberwolf018 karma

september 28th, I can't wait :D

Dez will NEVER be in a video online. we're probably not even going to upload any wedding footage. I simply cannot trust the youtube audience to treat her with the kind of respect she deserves; therefore I'll never risk it. I love her too much.

ZeroRhapsody2 karma

Understandable, knowing the anonymous creeps there are on the internet, but I am a little sad as my friend and I thought it'd be amazing if you live-streamed your wedding... we could totally see you doing that. Or even post a fake wedding video as Francis and then the bride doesn't show up or something... or, better yet, the bride is there, and it turns out... IT'S THE FURBY.

Why did you get rid of the Furby Boogie?! He could have been a running joke for the Francis videos. Oh well. Much love Boogie.

uberwolf02 karma

I gave the furby to my nephew who has given it a much better home than I could :)

RJBlarmo3 karma

Boogie, what is the circumference of your left nipple?

uberwolf03 karma

.8 inch. tiny nipples :(

Natatan3 karma

Hello Boogie! This is a question I've wanted to ask you for a while but you're quite a busy guy, hopefully signing up to Reddit and asking will be fruitful.

I'm addicted to the Monday Mailbag and I love how helping and caring you are. However, I'm not going to lie, it makes me worried every week. Boogie, how's your own mental health? Reading all of those letters must be emotionally draining for you and I'm worried you may be spreading yourself quite thin.

Please take care of yourself buddy, you're a great entertainer and a great person.

uberwolf08 karma

I wont lie, Natatan, it has been very difficult for me. Those letters have brought me to tears and some have sent me into depression. It has been very difficult to do those monday mail bag videos.

But I love doing them. I Love connecting with people who need that connection. I love giving them a chance to reach out and I love returning that love. I am so very glad we started this and I'm so very glad that I've been given this opportunity to help people.

Yes it is hard, but I think that's also what makes it worth doing. I am hoping that in trying to help other people I am also finding ways to heal myself.


Nsayne383 karma

Who was you're biggest influence when you first started making videos?

uberwolf02 karma

You'd never believe it, but the other youtubers that inspired me "Fatman" aka christopher whitney "Christian W Chandler" "Supered86" "Makemebad"

I wanted to blend that kind of awkwardness, pitiful, weirdness, and hilarity. I think I managed to come close.

Recbhunk3 karma

Boogie have you ever tried Dungeons and Dragons NeverWinter?.

uberwolf03 karma

I have not. is it any good?

RobinotX3 karma

I am going to honest. I haven't seen anything of you yet. But heck, why not just ask a question about something that peeks my interest.

I am a gamer. And because of my study I am following now I am also quite interested in the commercial ways of all the company's.

My question to you is:

What is going to be the greatest surprise this generation? How do you think the game industry is going on right now and if so, what should change to make it better again?

(Going to watch the Xbox Rant now)

uberwolf010 karma

I think that the gaming console companies are heavily dropping the ball here. I think all of these "additional services" should be ADD ONS, not premium features. I think their only approach should have been "here's the games, buy the games." then reveal that "you can also do all of this other neat stuff."

It only makes sense that they try to beat apple to the livingroom and I'm glad they're trying to make my livingroom a cooler, nicer place. It just really sucks the way that they are doing it turns out to be pretty anit-consumer. My job as a youtube comedian has somehow thrust me into 'consumer advocate' style position. So when these companies screw up, I make sure that people know.

I think both Sony and Microsoft are making some major flaws this generation but only time will tell.

I was alive back when Atari nearly destroyed the console market and we pulled through that so I imagine we'll pull through this one too.

RobinotX2 karma

Awesome. Thanks for the answer. Though I do see you didn't put Nintendo with them. Do you regard Nintendo for example not one of the company's who made some flaws?

And in my opinion Oculus and Ouya are also gadget/systems we should keep in mind. They can also shape a new kind of gaming market at some point.

uberwolf07 karma

Nintendo has made some very major flaws, but it did what I feel a company should do: make a gaming console with add ons that do other stuff.

Their mistakes are different; mostly in terms of marketing. They tried to get out of their niche and i think that was a huge mistake. It was a wonderful niche to serve and now no one is serving it, leaving a lof gamers unhappy :/

natethed3 karma

Say you do lose a lot of weight, how do you feel it will impact your youtube career?
Your weight is a huge part of your characters. Please don't take that the wrong way.

Also, just want to let you know I have been watching you since 6k subs! Keep it up, makes me happy to see you live your dream.

uberwolf05 karma

I would hope that I can still be funny and skinny. I'd like to see if I can rise to that challenge.

if I were able to lose the weight but have to sacrifice my youtube channel, I'd be more than glad to do it. I need to be healthier if I want to live longer :/

and thanks for being such a long time fan!

claudius7532 karma

Dammit, I'm always late to these things. You sonsabitches. Anyway, if you do read this, boogie, I really enjoy your videos. I haven't had the time to watch as much youtube lately, so I might be off on this, but is your boogiedown550 channel still on hiatus/terminated?

As a fellow big dude trying to shed the weight, I really enjoyed the videos on that channel. I once even tweeted you about how I liked the feeling of not being alone in this and you favorited my tweet! I feel like I know a celebrity!

Anyway, good luck on life and I look forward to more great content from you, both the funny stuff and the more serious stuff. You rock!

uberwolf02 karma

I havent posted to the weight loss channel because most of the feedback I got was not constructive. People were expecting me to put up 'shay carl' or 'biggest loser' style numbers and content. I just can't really do that.

I'm trying to overcome a lifelong eating disorder and tis a slow long process, but its one that I'm getting through slowly. While I feel like that would make good tv, the negative responses to it simply made the struggle even harder.

But I love you for your support and thanks so much for watching! <3

MrsVentura832 karma

I have shown your Mountain Dew video to tons of people and now regularly call people a "mountain dew drinking bitch" ..I thank you

uberwolf03 karma


Slydotcom2 karma

You're a youtube master and in this realm we bow to our masters. bow

uberwolf06 karma

haha I don't know about all that, but I try my best! I'm always very suprised by my success there.

mariokart4prez2 karma

Have you ever been to PAX Prime or similar conventions? You should go this year!

uberwolf04 karma

I have not, and I desperately want to!

mariokart4prez2 karma

You would be a hit at PAX. We need to get you in as a media guest. :D

uberwolf04 karma

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be a media guest at pax. you got no idea.

LionOrder19302 karma

Boogie!!!! Well I just wanna say we love you bro keep up the good work.

uberwolf02 karma

love you too!

CommanderEOH2 karma


uberwolf02 karma

I did a video about the ending of ME3 though I didnt really know why I was so upset. People still liked it :)

its a series that I missed somehow and want to go back to play, but lack the time to do so :(

mcderpyz2 karma

Hey boogie have you played dayz yet?

uberwolf02 karma

I have not. is it any good?

jfant7202 karma

hey boogie did u see ur video made the smosh web page?


uberwolf04 karma

whoa. WHOA. NO i did not see this. THIS IS AWESOME.

Skelliwig2 karma

What did your brother say to a video of him being poked in the penis by a lightsaber being uploaded?

uberwolf03 karma

he loved it!


What do you think is your worst video, maybe in terms of controversy or just outright not funny?

uberwolf08 karma

I was having a 'moment' in which i thought that it would be funny to eat a 'jar of mayo' shirtless on camera. I did this for noble reasons, I was trying to help a fellow youtuber win a contest so that he could donate 7500 dollars to water.org. Long story short, it wasnt that funny, kind of demeaning, and pretty sad to go back and watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Slaov-G2H20

SECRET HINT: we replaced the mayo with pudding.

PsychoOsiris2 karma

Boogie, huge fan here, been watching for a while! I have one question for you:

What video of yours was the most fun to make?

uberwolf06 karma

"wheres my mountain dew". I like breaking stuff ;)

Darwindeeznuts2 karma

Do you play a lot of retro games??

uberwolf04 karma

No, unfortunately... I played MOST of those games when they were new. I'm actually turning 39 in july... so a lot of these games I played when they were 'current'. I never go back to play them because I want the new stuff!

ZeroRhapsody2 karma

  • How does it feel to be YouTube famous and have fans all over the world?
  • What does it feel like when people online make reference to you, or draw you fan art/etc? (Yeah I recently posted a picture on your subreddit of a picture I drew of Francis raging... I have also drew one in Flash which I'll show you soon enough!)
  • How many postcards have you received so far? I WILL SEND YOU MINE WHEN I THINK OF SOMETHING WITTY TO WRITE ON IT.
  • Ever considered donning a red cap, fake moustache and blue overalls and making a 'real life Mario' series of videos? You're pretty good with accents...

Your videos make me happy and I enjoy watching them. Much love.

uberwolf07 karma

It feels VERY weird having fans all over the world and even weirder since I started getting letters from all kinds of different countries.

Its bizzare when people want to draw me or create art of me. One person even made a 1/6th scale bust of me.. THEN SENT IT TO ME. If you could tell 14 year old me that one day people would make statues of me, I'd have laughed hysterically at you for being crazy. Then I would have probably masturbated because I did that a lot back then. and also now.

I just broke the 100 postcard mark. ITS AWESOME. :)

Mario series would be hilarious. I HAVE considered dressing up as Cartman tho. ;)

StefanMusic1012 karma

Not so much a question, but I just want to say thank you for helping me get through some tough times. Thanks a lot man, in more ways than you could imagine.

uberwolf04 karma

you are very welcome and I'm very glad I was able to help.

NightO_Owl2 karma

I always seem to miss these, but if you're still answering questions, what advice would you give to another big guy like me who has aspirations of starting a YouTube channel?

uberwolf05 karma

Keep trying, don't give up.

The way I see it either youtube is going to be fun for you, or it wont. Being succesful is beside the point. It took me 2 years to get my first paycheck of 100 dollars. But I had a lot of fun making videos in those 2 years.

You just keep up the hard work and if its fun for you, the viewers will come. :)

GOMLbro2 karma

What is your LoL IGN? Do you play on NA?

uberwolf03 karma

I play NA, but i keep my summoner name a secret cause I really dont have time to converse with folks in the game. here's a hint: its not boogie2988

baconsundae2 karma

Hey boogie! If you put out some gaming content from maybe League of Legends or something, that would be awesome! You could just ask your twitter followers for feedback before you release it too. What do you think? (Ps: I have seen almost all of your videos)

uberwolf03 karma

there are some lol games on my boogieplays channel!

Vallataa2 karma

Boogie, what have been your top 5 favourite games of the past year?

uberwolf03 karma

past 365 days? league of legends Bioshock Infinite Far Cry 3 Borderlands 2 Skyrim (was that too long ago?) Tomb Raider

lloydholden92 karma

What is your favourite MMORPG?

uberwolf02 karma

it was and remains the orignal everquest!

endoflevelbaddy2 karma

No question, just thank you.

You're awesome.

uberwolf03 karma

you too :D

FaygoMayhem2 karma

Hello Boogie! I don't really have any questions for you, but I wanted to drop in and give you an additional thank you for being such an inspiration to us all. I mailed you a letter yesterday (which I hope reaches you in time for this Monday's mailbag) that has a poem I wrote for you inside it. I really hope you like it, I consider it to be one of the best I've ever written. I also wanted to thank you for pointing me in the direction of the Magic the Gathering game. My boyfriend and I have been playing it non stop for about a week (I got all the trophies for the regular game last night and purchased the expansion to get the rest). We also invested in paper cards which are coming in the mail thisweekend, I can't wait to build my own deck. Thank you for being you, and for taking the time to talk to us this evening

uberwolf02 karma

I can't wait to read it!

Frankotah2 karma

Has anyone ever told you, you look like peter griffin? you should wear his signature white collar shirt and green pants one day.. and make francis impersonate Peter griffin.. it would be legen-wait-for-it-dary!

uberwolf03 karma

I get that, and cartman, and chum-lee. :)

BigAndyOx2 karma

At first I thought, woah, who the hell is this guy?! But instead of closing the video, I gave it a chance and it eventually put a smile on my face. I wish I could remember which video it was.

I don't catch all of your videos, but when I do they're a welcome break in my day. I was just listening to music, but put it on pause to watch your 'draw my life' video... and woah was it deep, but I'm happy for you on how you've turned your life around. But keep going on your quest to happiness!

Since you're aiming to lose weight for your wedding, what does your diet usually consist of? Have you thought of trying keto/paleo?

How about giving up mountain dew? or swapping to just water for 30 days and see what a different it makes?

Will you be sharing some of your wedding photos? :)

uberwolf04 karma

Most people don't really follow you on youtube but I'm so glad that I get viral breakouts that people DO see. that makes me very happy :D

My diet right now is a mix between /r/keto and /r/Paleo. I'll bounce back and forth between them. My doctor just calls it 'eating right'.

I have all but given up mountain dew and 'regular sodas' but still allow myself 2 cans of diet a day. My nutritionist seems to think that's ok and I tend to agree, because, yum.

wedding photos? YOU BET!

Boomhauerr2 karma

Hi Boogie! I am a long time fan and it's great to see your videos.

I was watching your videos while I was in Germany and thinking, MAN, Boogie should totally go to Germany. Germany is great, and currently one of the most popular places to visit. Next year, Germany is going to be my new home! You should totally come to Germany one day. It is great!

As far as my question. If Youtube ever shuts down, what will you do? Will you go on a similar website and continue from there? Will you continue with education, etc?

It's sort of a personal question if you have never really put thought into it so it's ok if you don't answer it!

uberwolf03 karma

I have a lot of fans in germany and hope to visit there one day.

if youtube stopped their partner program tomorrow, I'm not sure what I'd do. I'd probably try to find another way to stay in the public eye. If that failed, I'd love to do motivational speaking. Beyond that I'd also like to open my own gaming store one day. :)

frankicool42 karma

Hey boogie, im the one who sent you the ganondorf toy and i just want you to know that it is actually phantom gannon. I lost the mask and if i find it im gonna send it to you. By the way, i think the POV videos are legend.....wait for it......dary XD

uberwolf02 karma

well man thanks so much for the gift. I freaking love it! he's on top of my youtube studio pc right now. IT ROCKS SO HARD :D

Chats19972 karma

Hey Boogie! I am a fan from the UK and you are huge here! You've appeared on national television on Russell Howard's Good News, which is where I heard of you first. My questions are: 1) Did Russell Howard contact you for permission and if so, do you frequently contact him, because he has used your videos a couple of times? 2) Are you a fan of his show? 3) Do you plan or wish to come to the UK? 4) If you could visit any country in the world, where would it be? I love your videos, keep up the good work!

uberwolf02 karma

Russel howard did NOT contact me for the first video but did for the second. I don't care I like having it on the show anyways.

2) I'd never heard of his show until I was on it. I've seen 1 full episode and its pretty good :)

3) I would LOVE to come to the UK but I need to lose some weight first :)

4) any country in the world? I'd love to see the pyramids of egypt if I could.

eric002 karma

Hey Boogie i love your videos and i have one question, will you have children after you get married?

uberwolf02 karma

We have talked about this and I think the answer is: I think we'd like to have 1, if we're able to save up enough money to where whether or not something bad happens to me he/she will be taken care of.

So I'm working very, very hard every day to save up as much money as I can so that I can provide for a child a life that I could have only ever dreamed about.

Mr_Gentoo2 karma

Hey, Boogie! Who are your favorite YouTubers?

uberwolf02 karma

I answered this question elsewhere but will cut and paste it! The people I watch most regularly HowToBasic, Ashens, EpicRapBattles, Dan Bull (douglby), College Humor, The Onion, Rhett and Link, Froggy Fresh (formerly Krispy Kreme) Favorite youtubers I don't watch a lot of NerdCubed, Jayztwocents, Wowhobbs, 2daywithpatrickJ, Tradechat, Angry Grandpa, KidbehindtheCamera. Though you could really call this the 'friends' category because they are people I have an emotional relationship with rather than a entertainment relationship with :D

MastaGlazy2 karma

I don't have time to think about the question's i want to ask you, i know there are alot of them but its so late at night. But what i do want to say is that you are truly amazing. I have watched your videos since you just started out and i have watched them every since, you are a very big inspiration for me and your videos always cheer me up alot :)

I don't really have words to describe how awesome you are :) Your serious videos are really intelligent and deep. But yeah, keep doing what you're doing, your fans love you! Ultra awesome internet bro hug

uberwolf02 karma

thank you so much!

facewook2 karma

If you could go back 5 years and change anything about yourself (knowing what would be to come), what would it be?

uberwolf03 karma

I would love to have known about /r/keto and known that it was possible to gain control of my eating and to have started 5 years ago rather than 1 year ago :)

Basically, I'd like to be healthier. :)

DrOctagon_MD2 karma


Recently I finished playing Bioshock Infinite and had a blast playing through it. Whats are your favorite(s) video game stories as of late?

Also, thanks for the videos and all the inspiration. If I ever saw you somewhere in public be warned as I may give you a manly hug.

uberwolf03 karma

Bioshock Infinte takes the cake. No game can compare to that storyline. the gameplay was OK, the graphics were fine... but that story man... wow.

also i'm all for hugs!

Maverick33502 karma

Boogie, would you ever like to travel outside of the United States and see the rest of the world? You could see other cultures and it will truly broaden your mind. I, as a well-travelled person would know. I understand that there could be difficulties due to your weight but that could be a weight loss motivation! Good luck on the weight loss and thank you for the amazng videos.

uberwolf04 karma

I am hoping to be fit and healthy enough to do something exactly like this one day. That would be awesome!

pvtnick992 karma

Boogie! what is your "least favorite" game you have ever had the displeasure of playing?

uberwolf02 karma

Sim City 5. Good lord. broke my heart that it was that awful.

me_rock2702 karma

Hey Boogie thanks for doing an AMA! Just wanted to say thanks for making your videos, the funny ones, and especially the serious ones. They really help me and a lot of people get through life, which you know already. You're my favorite Youtuber just because of how open you are to us. Hopefully you keep making videos for years cause idk what we'd do without you :)

uberwolf03 karma

thanks a lot. I try really hard and I'm glad you're njoying it!

allhaillordreddit2 karma

Boogie! Hey I love your videos, subscribed, and have like all of them. You're an inspiration to me because I've been heavy like you and you have been a helluva help. I have a question, what would you consider better, cool ranch or nacho cheese Doritos Locos Tacos?

uberwolf02 karma

thank you!

I love that cool ranch man... yum.

chrXgh2 karma

Boogie, I'm off to Holland and Poland this summer, would you like any postcards for your 'Monday Mailbag' series? If so, what kind of postcards do you like?

-Animals? -Scenery?

Can't wait to send them to you! ~Callum

uberwolf02 karma

I would LOVE post cards from either or both countries. Your pick, but I'd love to see local landmarks on them!

The_Pale_Blue_Dot2 karma

Boogie, if you had to pick a single MTG card as your all-time favourite, what would it be?

uberwolf03 karma

Hymn to Tourach

SPM022 karma

Boogie, what kind of music do you like?

uberwolf02 karma

I like a lot of different types of music, based on the lyrics. I dont much care for pop, I care for emotion. if the song is emotional it doesnt matter whether its country or rap. I can get into it :)

reuben_duncan2 karma

I'm an indie game developer, and I'd like to ask you a quick question if I may.

I'm currently planning a small RPG which will hopefully be released for the iPad and Android tablets, as it seems to be a market not touched upon too greatly so far.

As a gamer yourself, what do look for most in a game and what do you find sets a game above it's competitors in the same genre?

Thanks a lot, I'm a huge fan :)

uberwolf05 karma

let me answer like this: What would I want in an ipad/phone tablet market?

Final Fantasy 1. Play it, take its best elements, and get rich IMHO.

As for what makes a game great? Emotion. People don't realize that, for some reason, but emotion is what makes you connect with a game, remember it, and celebrate its existance. If you don't have an emotional hook you have a flat one dimensional product no one can love.

Miguel85NYC2 karma

Boogie, watch this trailer.. you are missing out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h542YbZuwkQ

uberwolf03 karma

ok NOW i'm interested.

sky11932 karma

How's the weight loss coming haven't heard much? This may have been asked before, sorry if it has. Just want to let you know you inspired me to start losing weight. I figured if you had the courage to overcome the eating problems and turn your weight problem around then there is no excuse for me. I'm the same height as you 20 years old, and found out that I was around 275 and was not happy with the way I was living eating way too much and not exercising and gained much weight over the last few years. You bring me much happiness when I watch your videos and are truly inspiring. I found out yesterday I've lost 50 lbs since the beginning of February :) thanks for inspiring me and hope all is well my favorite YouTuber!

uberwolf06 karma

I'm sitting right around 505 this morning. its going way too slow so I dont do a lot of updates. I am just super grateful to know I'm not gaining for the first time in my life!

Draklems2 karma

Second question, I really enjoyed seeing you destroy that console with a bat. Will you please destroy something again? Please :)

uberwolf03 karma

I did a colaberation with "zombiegoboomtv" on youtube that goes live on sunday. you're going to get to see plenty of destruction, I promise.

Kao_2 karma

Hey Boogie, as a fan of your youtube work, finding you to be a true inspiration I have a couple questions.

  1. Will you ever start posting more on your gaming channel and possibly run gaming events in the distant, but maybe foreseeable future to get some fan involvement?

  2. Will you ever make a seperate channel, or post on your own channel maybe some monthly videos to see your weight loss progress! We'd love to see how you're doing and we as the fans would love to see your progress and push you towards your weight loss goals.

We love you boogie, stay strong, keep on helping people in need. You've done more with your life than most will ever hope to do, you've been a true inspiration to me, and all of your fans... you son of a bitch.

uberwolf03 karma

1) if I ever get more free time I want to do more gameplay and fan involvement would be awesome.

2) I have a weight loss channel the problem is the feedback on it has been very negative so I dont really post there any more :(

I love you too dude and I appreciate your kind words!

SanguineHaze2 karma

Boogie! I've been a longtime fan, and you probably don't remember, but a year or two ago I had posted a vid of you to LoseIt, which garnered some decent attention and you tossed me a personal "thank you" for sharing your video. It made my freaking month. I just wanted to say I'm still here, still supporting you, and loving your videos. You're the best, dude! No questions, just keep on doing what you do best! :)

uberwolf03 karma

I DO remember it and I've got you friended here on reddit and I recognized you immediately. You still rock hard :D

7seven21 karma

What would your number one tip be for someone trying to lose weight? P.S. I've formed a habit of cussing with a Francis voice now! Love your videos!!

Edit: Life goal #226.. Talk to Boogie! Check Hell Yeah!!

uberwolf03 karma

Eat less, move more, try /r/keto or /r/Paleo Seriously though eat less junk, eat more healthy food, and move more.

It actually works. Its crazy.

Also francis is trying to swear LESS now. you should join him on his crusade to clean up his speech!

kbwarriors1 karma

Hey Boogie/Francis.

Now, I'm not one of those "PLEASE BRING WOW BACK TO VANILLA" because quite frankly.. in my own humble opinion, Vanilla WoW was a nightmare to play on anything less than a super-hardcore schedule.

However, as you probably may have heard, Project Titan has been re-started and the majority of the developers have been shifted to WoW/D3... (I still rage a little inside when I hear the name D3) and the likes.

Do you think.. maybe it's possible that we might see WoW return to that "epic" feeling once again? Perhaps even a tiny fraction of its former glory?

uberwolf02 karma

I would really like to see world of warcraft go back to its original fame, but I feel that people have moved on. Titan was a big hope of mine and to hear it delayed at least 2 more years breaks my heart :(

I guess they COULD knock it out of the park with a new xpack, but they're definitely fighting a losing battle with that one.

JamesMadeMe1 karma

Boogie, I've said it before and I'll say it again. You are an inspiration to so many people! You have made me a better person, you have helped me deal with shit that I couldn't deal with. It's funny in a way, people come to laugh at you vindictively, but leave admiring you. You are an idol to so many people, myself included. And I couldn't be more grateful to you.

As for an actual question, are you ever going to make a new Francis and Furby video? I loved that!

Edit: As I know you also deal with your own problems sometimes, just know that even if you help only one person then you have made all the difference in the world to that person. That alone is enough to make anyone feel good in life.

uberwolf02 karma

thank you! I try!

As for the furby video; the only joke left there is for him to kill his furby; we decided against that as it would ruin some kids dreams/hearts.

engulfedhydra1 karma

Hey Boogie. Just like to say I'm a great fan, all my friends and I here in Ireland love your channel as it is a haven for us nerds. You also made me feel good about myself that it is ok to be different and incredibly skinny. A couple of questions to ask: 1. What is your favourite video game of all time. 2. What other profession would you have like to become other than a Youtube Commentator. Again thanks for the inspiration and if you stop making Youtube videos, I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you continue to make videos , that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will beg you to make more.

uberwolf02 karma

favorite game of all time is definitely the original zelda! maybe tied with the original everquest ;)

if I was not a youtube commentator I would love to have been able to act. I dont even care about the roles, I just wanted to be in front of a camera and I am so grateful youtube has given me this opportunity.

Fireworrks1 karma

I remember I was watching a video of yours a while back about your weight loss and the fact that most people put weight back on. It really touched me and I lost 30kgs, thanks to you! Love you man and keep going!

uberwolf02 karma

that's quite a success story! Keep the weight off and keep kicking ass!

Zarknord1 karma

Hey Boogie! Do you know where your internet fame came from? When did the view start to pour in?

I remember years ago RayWJ had your video and I found you. Your WOW account was hacked and francis was angry :). I saw your other videos and I have never stopped watching them since.

uberwolf02 karma

RayWJ pushed me in the right direction and got it started. I managed to have a few more viral breakouts and they pushed it. Wow account hack, the 'early christmas presents', the xbox smash, etc. each one is a stepping stone to where I am now.

thatguylester1 karma

Francis did you ever listen to K-pop?

uberwolf03 karma

I have and francis has. its entirely possible francis COULD be obsessed with it if we chose to write it in. It would be a natural fit.

punchki1 karma

What are your thoughts on the gaming industry becoming more and more focused on the visuals instead of story telling and gameplay?

uberwolf02 karma

Its depressing. But its kind of always been that way. The "big guys" can bring in BOTH to the table. Big graphics, big emotion (think GTAIV).

The middle ranged guys focus on the graphics most of the time and miss the chance for emotion.

But I love that we're living in the age of "indie gaming" and indie developers who couldnt draw a straight line are able to tell amazing stories that will break your heart. :)

erxkeel1 karma

Steven, Long time watcher erm, listner? First time Reddit'er?

Love your stuff man. Watch you all the time!

uberwolf02 karma

thank you!

jaythejayjay1 karma

Hey Boogie. I was wondering what to do if you are bullied in high school.

uberwolf010 karma

I have made a lot of videos on the topic and you're welcome to find them on my channel but here's a quick summary

1) Endure it. I know how hard this is, but just know that it will stop one day. Its awful, its hard to survive, but survive it. There is no easy way out. Suicide doesnt fix anything. You have to live through this awful part of your life. 2) Stand up for yourself. That doesnt mean hitting the guy, but it does mean telling him you dont want it, like it, or want to deal with it. Let the authorities know. If you dont get what you want out of the first authority go to the next. Keep climbing the scale until you find help. 3) remember that what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. If you can survive this, then the next bad thing in your life will probably be all that easier. 4) Be the BEST you that you can be. It doesnt matter what they dont like about you; Own who you are and what you are. Be confident in that. Love what you are. Be the BEST version of yourself that you can be.

Best of luck.

facedefacer1 karma

are there any/many videos that you decide not to put up after making them?

uberwolf02 karma

IN fact, quite a few. either I didnt feel like the jokes or content landed. I once made a 15 minute long video describing the abuse I endured that never made it. but for the most part, by the time the camera is rolling, I know whether or not it feels right ;)

PaulPaulPaul1 karma

Did you ever find your sister who ran away?

uberwolf06 karma

Well, that storyline for the character i've not fully developed yet. We've written a "francis vlog" where the sister comes over to visit to find the place in shambles (and on fire) and decides to move back in. We hope to film it in the next couple weeks :)

shaken_martini1 karma

Hi there! Came here to say that I really like your channel. I subscribed after I watched your "Draw my life" video, which helped me deal with some issues of my own.

Please, do more videos as yourself - I, for one, wouldn't mind seeing less of Francis and more you.

uberwolf02 karma

I will try!

Trollmunchx1 karma

Another question. I'm really interested in magic the gathering. How do I get started playing and finding people to play with?

uberwolf03 karma

Get started with the app "Duels of the planeswalker" on XBLA, ps3, steam, ipad. It'll teach you everything you know. Beyond that find your local gaming store and they'll take care of you, I promise!

iheartgold261 karma

You mentioned that you were a shut-in for I think you said 7 years. Can you tell me what it was like? Was it enjoyable? I am intrigued and wish to know more about this kind of lifestyle.

uberwolf03 karma

I would leave the house about twice a week. I'd goto lunch 1 day a week with some of my friends. I'd go grocery shopping with my roomate at around 2:00am once a week as well.

Other than that, I sat in front of my computer, afraid to deal with other people, and waited to die. Death never came and eventually I decided I needed more in my life.

It was exactly as you'd imagine; predictable, boring, awful. I'd want more and I'd never get it. I'd play everquest (or world of warcraft) all day and try to stave off the boredom and loneliness. It worked most days. some days it failed. Some days I would have internal struggles that demanded I get off my ass and do something, but I'd have no idea where to start.

Eventually I decided to put myself back out there. I got on OkCupid and myspace and started talking to people. I lept on the first opportunities I got and though most of those attempts failed miserably I kept at it. Eventually I got to where I am now, which is pretty great :)

ReverendOWillard1 karma

Can you tell us anything about your Fiance or roommate? You've mentioned him in a few of your videos

uberwolf02 karma

Lets see;

My fiance; 27 years old. Redheaded. Very cute. She's got a writing degree, is an office professional, loves music, loves her family, loves me. She grew up in a small town, has a wonderful family who I love, and has an affinity for broken people like me. I am also head over heels in love with her, which is strange, because I dont think I'd ever loved anything before I met her.

My roomate: 38, best friend of 18 years, saved my life. He's an introvert, fun to talk to if you can get him to talk, works at the local university and loves anime, video games, and hanging out w/me :)

Jeansybaby1 karma

How do you feel about the "big brother" direction Microsoft is going with it's visual DRM and other creepy stuff

uberwolf02 karma

Terrible. heartbreaking. I despise anti-consumer practices and this next generation of consoles across the board is built on those principals.