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IKingJeremy6 karma

Do you have any proof of this at all?

pdx_girl-5 karma

No, I only have proof that I am a med student which is very unfortunate.

allenahansen2 karma

Epidemiology is where people go when they can't get into dental school. Your skepticism will stand you in good stead as you continue your practice of medicine.

Good luck to you!

pdx_girl9 karma

Thank you :) Unless you are obese, then f*ck you. Seriously, though, since I entered medical school I've gained a new appreciation for how carefully you need to look at studies before believing them.

captain_obvious_scum-11 karma

so it was the most biased study/test made to make med students look really bad?

Yeah WTF indeed. Shitty company, place but hey, they did pay you though.

Anyway my question,


pdx_girl-1 karma

I have never seen it.

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pdx_girl-4 karma

No thank you. I'm not sure that would put me on God's good side.