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He said AMA. He never said he'd answer.

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He did. Just here... to be fair this isn't the most intuitive system to throw yourself into, lots of great IAmA are thwarted by confusion at how Reddit works.

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As a person who too wants to be an Adventurer, how do I get started?

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My main advice is to begin by taking a journey / expedition that excites you and challenges you. That is the best start point for generating good stories which are the key to eventually earning a living from your adventures.

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As an adventurer, how do you make a living ?

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I make my living from writing books and magazine articles and also by giving talks.

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3 hours and not a single question answered, not even a comment unrelated to a question.

You're doing it wrong, Alastair.

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How do you get the money if you want to adventure like?

How do you get a job as an adventurer? Is there a school of adventuring?

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I earn my money from writing, speaking and photography.

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What does your business card say?

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Adventurer, Author, Motivational Speaker

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How was it like rowing with Marin Medak? can you describe how you passed your time during your trip across the Atlantic?

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It was great - we got on very well. The life on a rowing boat is monotonous but also passes quite quickly as every two hours you change shift. We laughed a lot and had a good time.

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As someone on a budget, is there anywhere in North America you feel is worth checking out above other options?

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I'd suggest setting off from your front door on a bicycle and exploring from there.

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What do you look for every time you head out on a new adventure? Is there something you're trying to get out of everything you're doing?

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I like new style of journeys in new places.

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Hello, Mr. Humphreys, thanks for this AMA! First of all, you have a majestic name. Secondly, you've got a very nice website and I really like your Ted talk. link for the lazy

As for the question, what place in the world would you say that you can live forever?

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Other than breaking your foot, what were the worst things that happened to you during the Marathon des Sables?

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Everything else was great! I loved it.

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What adventurers from history inspire you? Do you enjoy your work? Favorite country? Favorite "ethnic food"?

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Captain Scott. Yes! Iceland Georgian